So this is the end of Don't Give Up. It's been a long way for me, completing my first story, like posting-wise. I hope you like the ending!

Chapter 7 Epilogue

Three years later, when Izzy and Anna were 21, Izzy proposed. Anna was visiting from Russia at the time and said yes. She never bothered to go back to Russia.

Izzy and Anna were married on November 29, 2012, and went on their honeymoon to Australia. They decided to move to Brooklyn, New York, close to home, but not too close.

After Anna and Izzy had their three daughters, Bella, Rosalie, and Lynna, and their two sons, Jacob and Evan, Anna got a job at a ballet studio, and ended up buying it from the owner.

Izzy still did double-dutching and all of their kids were interested in it, as well as the girls doing ballet. Izzy also became a successful boxer, and by the time he was 35, the family never had to worry about anything.

They were well-off and well-liked in their neighborhood. Their kids grew older and eventually all of them married, and moved around the Northeast part of the United States.

Izzy and Anna lived happily, until Anna died of leukemia in 2058. She was sixty-eight years old.

Exactly a month later, Izzy died of a broken heart.

Izzy and Anna's story is one I like to tell to my own kids, and grandkids, who still visit regularly. They never had to wonder whether Aunt Anna and Uncle Izzy were good people, because they were involved in their lives.

Some people called our family weird. I didn't. I called our family blessed.

After all, Izzy was the best brother a girl could ask for.


A/N: I hoped you liked this one, I finished a story, EEEE!! So this story was basically Karin telling it to her grandkids and children and so forth. About my naming choices for their kids. Bella (Isabella Swan) and Rosalie (Rosalie Hale, in the Cullen family, married to Emmett) are two of my favorite Twilight characters, so I put their names in. I want to name one of my own children Lynna (it means waterfall) one day. Jacob's (Jacob Black, major character in New Moon, the sequel to Twilight) another character from Twilight, and same story with Evan as with Lynna. I hope you enjoyed!