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It had been the one week anniversary of the dearly departed one's death. And a giant step closer to his goal of becoming a true God. Surely life could not get any better then this.

"I should probably take a visit... it'll make things look more sincere if I do so."

It wouldn't be asking too much. To visit the late detectives grave site. Maybe pick up some flowers to show some sign of mourning. If any other members of the task force had mentioned about it, he can easily admit it was him who cleared away the grave and set the flowers as a token of sympathy.

"Then again... flowers? Really? They'll just die anyway."

Raito would think over his decision for a moment. Now standing in the aisle of a small gift shop. He was unable to chose from a variety of flowers, assortment of cards, and... candy.

"It's safe to say he'd appreciate this more then flowers..."

/Putting a little too much thought into something you're planning to give to a dead man, eh Raito?/

The Shinigami spoke. Now following his human around the shop and watching as he carefully tried to find something suitable.

"I can't just put down anything... I have to put some thought into it at least."

/Aah. I see./

"Is there something you'd like to suggest?"

/My opinion doesn't matter./

Ryuku never did serve a purpose other then to just annoy him from time to time. Raito would let out a sigh, now heading towards the candy aisle. At least it was cheaper then flowers. Crouching down a bit as he spotted the different assorted boxes of Pocky.

"Vanilla or strawberry... or maybe chocolate?"

/Hyuk Hyuk./

"Now what?"

/For someone you wanted dead so badly, you sure are putting a lot into picking out something nice for the guy./

Letting out a disgruntle sort of grunt, Raito reached over and picked up the first box he'd seen. A plain pack of vanilla pocky. Heading over to the counter as the purchase was made. After all, it really didn't matter. It wasn't like he'd be eating the junk anytime soon.

Heading out of the shop as Raito started up the side walk. Invisibly being shadowed by the Shinigami. Now going towards the cemetery with held the body of his latest victory. Probably the only thing, next to being God, that he could consider as his greatest accomplishment. Raito couldn't help but give a smirk.

/I would have picked the candy too./

"I thought you're opinion didn't matter...?"

/Still doesn't mean I can't express it./

Passing through the cemetery gates, there was a narrow stone path which lead a trail all the way around and in between different sections of plots. This particular plot was nothing special. It seemed to blend in fairly well. It was still fresh, even the old flowers left from the funeral still remained. Though they had already started to wither and wilt apart. The once colorful colors of the petal had ben reduced to darker brown colors.


"That's a little strange... coming from you Ryuku."

/It's just a thought./

"I guess. Now that I think of it, you're right... He really didn't have any friends or family, least not that I ever knew of. So I suppose no one will be around to take care of the grave.. It is depressing."

He would kneel down, taking the small brown paper bag from his coat pocket. Pulling out the little box of vanilla pocky. Now thinking that maybe he shouldn't have gone so cheap with his gift. But moved that thought away as he moved forward and leaned the tiny box against the tombstone.

"Next time I'll bring flowers..."

/Hyuk Hyuk./

"What is it now?"

Raito would turn his head, looking back to the Shinigami as he stood up. With a somewhat puzzled look on his face as he arched a brow and noticed the death god was actually pointed to something on the other side of him.


Surely there couldn't be nothing there one second, and then something there the next. By the time Raito turned his head back around again, he found that he was wrong. On top of the tombstone, sitting in that all too familiar position, was someone who should have been beneath the ground. Not sitting hunched over on top of it.

"Yagami-kun should have gotten strawberry instead."

Dissheveled dark hair would mask the face, but it wasn't needed to determine who the voice belonged to. With a gentle touch, the pocky box was opened, as two fingers would gently take a stick and bring the snack up to his lips.

"Yagami-kun looks as if he's seen a ghost..."