/He did say he might have to leave Raito./

"Yea but at least he could have said good bye!"

/You're being dramatic again./

The Shinigami shrugged. Raito was usually one to over react to things. It had only been a day since their little conversation out on the lawn. Which Ryuku was regretting that he missed. It seemed to have been important. Or amusing. One of the two.

/I thought you wanted him gone?/

"Maybe I changed my mind..."

/You like his cooking don't you?/

"Waffles have nothing to do with it!"

Despite having the house to himself for the weekend, Raito didn't seem to take advantage of it. Staying up in his room for the most part, only to rarely come out to use the bathroom. Or unless he heard a noise downstairs, thinking a certain long gone detective was making a snack.

/I bet it's the waffles.../

"Can you stop with the waffles?!"

/Y'know he made me waffles once too. With apple chunks in it and everything. They're pretty good./

"...Seriously, this isn't about the waffles."

/Whatever you say./

"Raito... I might have to go soon."

It seemed as if those would truly be the detective's last words to him. But in all truth, the dearly departed had not gone anywhere. Instead taking it into his own to steer clear of the young boy. Days went by and eventually turned to weeks.

/You're putting too much thought into it./

And now Raito would find himself accompanied by the Shinigami in that same little corner shop which was so conveniently located near a certain cemetery.

"Don't give me that Ryuku. This is a serious matter."

Reaching over as he picked up a box of strawberry pocky. After all, it was the detective's flavor of choice. The clerk would smile, commenting him about his weekly visits before Raito headed back out again.

/You've been going over this tradition for weeks now. The guy just ain't comin back./

"Unless there's something you know that I don't, I'd like it if you just kept shut."

/You don't have to be so mean about it./

Walking around the corner and past the cemetery gates. He began that short walk up the narrow stoned path leading to the solitary tombstone. Which had been taken care of by only him it seemed, leaning down as he brushed away the few dead leaves.

"I was wondering when Raito would finally pick out the right kind."

Sure enough, week after week Raito would select a different flavor and placed at on the grave. And each week he would check the box and found it empty, though the seal was untouched.

"It didn't stop you from eating them anyway."

Raito smiled some, standing up again as he looked to see the Tenshi who was missing in action for the past few weeks. Sitting perched on top of his tombstone, toes curled over the edge just as he had found him the first time.

"This is true."

". . ."

"So... what's new?"

"Don't give me that."

Ryuuzaki gave a shrug, running a hand through his hair a bit as he stared straight forward at his one worthy adversary.

"I thought you said you had to go."

"Raito wants me to go?"


". . ."

Without knowing it, the boy had actually come to realization. Watching as the Tenshi would step off his tombstone and reach down picking up the pocky box.

"Thanks for the pocky Raito."

"What are you doing...?"

Raito seemed to be the first to notice how Ryuuzaki kept oddly rolling his shoulders like that. Sort of tilting his head to one side. Almost like he had an itch he couldn't get at. Though it didn't stop him from nibbling at a pocky stick. Certainly not.

"Can I ask you something Raito."


"Just to be certain. Then I can go."

The two just stood there and stared for a moment. Raito would give a quick glance upwards toward the sky then back to Ryuuzaki. Who seemed to be suffering from a strange back ache, watching how he made a face and sort of reached a hand across to rub his shoulder a bit.

"What's the question..."

"Did you really like those waffles?"



"No. Not really."

"Can I ask you something else then?"


"Am I truly your friend Raito?"


Taking another bite of pocky, it would be the last stick in the box. Handing over the empty box back over to him and sort of pointing towards a trash can. At first, Raito would just look at the box before turning around to put it away into the trash.

/Eh. Raito. You're gonna miss it./

Turning back around again, it didn't matter. He was already too late. Finding something but a tombstone there now. Taking in a deep breath as he sighed.

"So that's it... That's what he left un done?"

/You don't catch on too quick for a smart kid Raito./

"No, I kinda knew... He knew I was Kira this whole time. So that wasn't it. He just wasn't sure if we we're truly friends or not. I guess he wanted to find that out for himself..."

/Tenshi are complicated like that./

"More so then humans?"

/Tenshi only show themselves to humans who they care for. Which should say something about you Raito./

"He did say I was his only friend... I thought it was just a scare tactic or something..."

/Nah. Only those pure hearted types become Tenshi. So that couldn't have been a lie./

Oddly, Ryuku seemed to be in one of his lesser known serious moods. At least he was finally serving a purpose. As Raito headed out of the cemetery and headed along the sidewalk.

"It's ironic... but I understand it now. I didn't want him around, but he needed to know I was friend. And once he found out and didn't need to know, that's when I wanted him to stay. So then he had to go I guess..."

/You're a little late Raito. But you have a point./

"You want to know something Ryuku..."

/What's that?/

"I'm in the mood for waffles..."

The end? Hm, probably not. Sorries for taking so long. College blows the big one xD


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