Title: The Battle for Robin
Author: Jordan Herbert

Rating: T for suggestive issues
Genre: Angst/Slash/Action
Pairing: SladeRobinRedX, or what I like to call Sladin X. Oh yeah, I'm so creative lol!
Summary: Robin finds himself in a strange situation; Slade and Red X are fighting over him. But while he thinks they're fighting to see which villian will be allowed to kill him he doesn't realize that he was so wrong. Implied RedXRobin and SladeRobin.

Disclaimer: I don't own Slade, Robin, Red X, or any other characters mentioned during this fic. Some other lucky person does.

The Battle for Robin

Robin blinked and shook his head back and forth. He tried to move his hands to his aching head but he was confined. In fact he couldn't even moan because of a gag in his mouth. He blinked in confusion and looked at himself. Hands bond together at the wrists by rope that attached to his bond feet which were tied together at the ankles. He couldn't move his wrists or feet because the rope attaching them, he estimated, was only a foot long. He was practically leaning in on himself except he was placed in an odd position so that he actually leaned against the wall with his feet sort of hovering off the ground by a few inches.

Now how had all of this happened? And where was he? He glanced around the room and noticed a swinging light bulb and two doors. The walls had peeling wallpaper and the floor was dust covered wood. He guessed that he was in the slums of Jump City somewhere. But how did he get here and why was he in such a predicament as he was?

One of the doors banged open and, to Robin's surprise, Red X strode in. "Well, it looks like the little bird is finally awake." Red X chuckled as Robin fought against his gag to shoot a reply back. "I really didn't know it would be so easy to fill your room with knockout gas, if I had, I would have done this a long time ago. But I suppose now is a good enough time as any other; I only did recently come out after all."

Red X crossed the room after he closed the door behind him and kneeled in front of the struggling Robin. "I hope you're not planning on escaping anytime soon kid; it was hard stealing that gas and I'd rather not have to go through it again." Red X reached behind himself and held out Robin's belt. "The gas was worth it though and if all goes according to plan tonight I'll probably use it again. But really, how do you think to escape when you're still weak from that gas? Not to mention the side factor that you no longer have any of your gadgets."

Robin cursed but it was muffled and merely made him sound pathetic instead of having the tough affect Robin had wanted. A chuckle escaped from Red again as he ran his gloved hand through Robin's hand. "Yeah, yeah kid, I know. But relax; tonight's going to be fun, I promise. Then when we're done I'll return you to your room as if nothing happened."

"Quite cocky aren't you?" An all too familiar voice behind X made him turn and gasp as a new figure entered the room. "Really…Red X is it? You're very impatient. And full of yourself if you really thought you could get away with doing this to my bird."

"I'm guessing you're the Slade fellow that gets Robin worked up all the time." Slade nodded as he clasped his hands behind his back. X stood from his kneeling position and measured Slade up; he didn't like the results.

"So, Slade, what are you doing here ruining my fun before I even get it started?" Red X threw Robin's belt in a corner of the room. He had a feeling that he was going to need his hands soon enough.

"I'm afraid we both want the same thing; Robin." Slade looked past X at the widened eyed boy leaning against the wall. Slade thought the sight of Robin being gagged and bond was simply delicious. "But because I want him it means that you can't have him."

"Kind of selfish don't you think? And that's quite a surprise about you coming clean about your affections just like that." Red X crossed his hands over his chest.

"You're one to talk. You don't even wait for the boy to fall for some plan you simply go in and take him. Too impatient to just wait," Slade shook his head from side to side. "Quite a pity really, perhaps if you did have some plan that Robin fell for I would have let you enjoy your prize. But seeing as this is not the case, I'm going to have to take up this rare moment of Robin being helpless and claim him for myself."

"I did plan buddy," Red X's tone was low and dangerous but it would take a lot more than that to intimidate Slade. "I planned the whole robbery, the way into their Tower, I planned on how and when I would release the gas, and I plan on enjoying my reward for all my hard work. And I don't plan on letting you stop me." Red X pulled out an 'x' shaped disk and hurled it at Slade. Slade simply sidestepped it and clicked his tongue in disappointment.

"If I have to take him by force, I'll be more than happy to." Slade pulled out his bo-staff and waited for Red X to choose his weapon as well. He wasn't in any sort of rush and after all, Slade was a patient man. He had waited for a long time before he had finally come to terms about his feelings toward the boy. Now that he understood those feelings he was going to make sure that no one hurt the one responsible for them, meaning he wouldn't let anyone else touch his bird in any manner.

Red X pulled out a similar bo-staff and turned to look at the now screaming Robin. "Yeah kid, I hope you don't mind that I'm borrowing one of your little gadgets. But then again, I am borrowing this suit from you as well so you should be used to this sort of thing by now. Don't worry though, after I'm through with your buddy here, I'll reward you for being such a good sport about it." Red X laughed as his plans for tonight ran through his mind.

He was really mad that this Slade fellow had come waltzing in before he had a chance to say those three words to Robin. I love you. Red X had accepted them and he had practiced them over and over again so they sounded perfect because that's what Robin deserved because that's what Robin was; perfection.

Robin wasn't happy. Not happy at all. The only two villains he was never able to catch were staring each other down and ready to start a fight any minute now, all over Robin. Or more likely for the right to have Robin in a helpless state, so they could have the pleasure of killing him. Well, Robin Boy Wonder was not about to be killed and if they wanted him dead then they were going to have to fight him as well after they were through beating each other up. But first he had to get these darn ropes off.

He began to rub his wrists together and move them around to see how much slack could be obtained by the rope. Apparently not much, but Robin was just glad that he had been bond with his gloves on or else his wrists would have to bleed for this to work like he was planning.

Robin looked up at the sound of metal against metal as Slade and Red X started their battle for Robin. Red X had been the first one to strike but Slade had simply blocked it and counter attacked, aiming at the boy's legs.

X jumped to avoid the leg sweep and brought his staff down faster with the help of gravity. Slade easily blocked again then shoved the boy back. "I see you have some knowledge of the staff, not nearly as much as Robin though. Too bad, that only means that you don't stand a chance against me." Slade brought his staff back and swung it at Red's midsection. He was a bit impressed when it was blocked and when the boy counterattacked to his own midsection. But only a bit because Robin could have done it faster and better.

Normally, if he were fighting Robin, he would have let the attack hit him. But since this boy was indeed not Robin, he blocked it and quickly elbowed the boy in the chest. X stumbled back a few paces but then gained control of himself again as he lashed out again at Slade.

"Too bad you don't know anything about me Slade, or else you'd be aware that I'm simply warming up." X smirked behind his mask as he threw three perfectly aimed 'x' shaped weapons at Slade. All were blocked with a quick twirl of Slade's staff.

"Well, let's hope you can do better than that." Slade quipped as he decided to backfire with a blow to the head. X barely ducked in time and he was about to go for the larger man's feet when he stopped. What was that annoying sound?

Slade stopped his rising knee before it connected with Red's body. There was a distracting noise coming from somewhere in the room and it was aggravating him. He lowered his weapon and took a step back, away from X as he also lowered his weapon.

"What's that song?" X asked as he looked around the room. He finally recognized where he had heard that before and directed it to its source; Robin's communicator.

Slade and Red both looked at Robin and both found it rather amusing to see the boy grunting as he rubbed his wrists together frantically. Robin finally realized that the fight had been postponed and that he was hearing the Titan's tune from his communicator.

He looked at his discarded belt in the corner near him and then looked at the two villains staring at him. He was caught a bit off guard by their stares and he narrowed his eyes as he shrugged his shoulders, as if saying, "What do you expect me to do about it?"

Slade sighed and strode past X as he picked up the discarded belt. He quickly rummaged through the pockets until he came across the beeping communicator. He dropped the belt back to the ground and switched the buzzing thing off. He dropped that on the floor as well and turned back to face his opponent. At that moment Slade realized that he would have a limited amount of time tonight. That wasn't what he wanted.

Slade had decided that when the time came for him and the boy to chat, as well as do some other activities, that he wanted all the time in the world. A time limit didn't provide that so he inwardly sighed again as he knew he would have to continue waiting until his time with Robin came. Now he simply had to get Red X away from his bird.

"Seems like the Titans have noticed their missing leader," Slade concluded out loud. X nodded his head in agreement.

"Then that means we have about twenty minutes to finish this up before they find out our location." Red X shifted into a better stance and held his staff up, ready for another round. Slade was happy to oblige.

With the two starting their battle up again Robin took his moment and laughed inwardly at the mistake Slade had been so careless to make. Robin would be able to grab his communicator and contact the Titans. They could trace his call to his position and be there to rescue him in a fraction of the time predicted by X.

Robin slowly rocked from side to side before he finally fell to the ground and began rolling and inching toward his only chance of escape. It took some time for him to get moving without hands and feet down to a pattern but when he finally reached his goal he smirked around the tape that gagged his mouth.

He fumbled with it until he was able to open it. He was glad that he still had the ability to move his fingers. Ready to push the special emergency button when the communicator suddenly went flying out of his hands and crashing to the floor, a dagger, with a hard to miss 'S' insignia carved onto it's handle, was sticking out of the broken machine.

"We can't be having that Robin," Slade banged Red X into the wall as the boy kicked him in the chest using both feet and the angle of said wall. If he wasn't going to have the boy tonight he decided that he might as well make his time limit shorter so he would have less time to change his mind and do something that he might regret later.

"You idiot, do you have any idea what happens when one of their communicators is destroyed?" X shrieked as he glared at the man carelessly rubbing some invisible dirt off of his chest.

"Of course I do," Slade replied lazily. "It emits a powerful frequency in case of situations exactly like this when a Titan is in need to contact his friends but an enemy has destroyed his only means of communication."

"If you knew that then why did you destroy it and completely alert the Titans to our whereabouts? How dumb could you get? They'll be here any minute now so now we have to finish this and take Robin somewhere else." X growled as he lunged for Slade, completely being controlled by his frustration. Slade moved behind X and his stare was so intense that when Red X turned around, ready to attack again, he froze stiff in fear. It was as if the devil himself was glaring at him. Perhaps he shouldn't have called him dumb; that probably had made him pretty mad.

"I'm going to have to agree with you on this one Red X, we must finish this now." Slade's bo-staff shrank back down to pocket size and he returned it into his belt.

Red X's face contorted into one of confusion as he stared in wonder about what the madman was doing, besides contradicting himself by claiming to end the fight and put his weapon away. Of course no one could see X's face and no one saw his eyes widen in horror as Slade suddenly disappeared before his eyes. He didn't know Slade had the ability to become invisible also.

But Slade didn't, he simply was fast, very fast. The next thing X knew was that something very painful hit him in the neck and he slumped to the ground in unconsciousness. Slade smirked triumphantly and slowly moved his arm that had been in the same chopping position from the moment he had hit Red X's jugular, thus knocking the boy into the state he momentarily was in, to be clasped by his other hand behind his back.

Slade looked down at the stilled boy in front of him and sighed. "That really wasn't fair, but I am short on time I suppose. Besides," Slade turned and looked at Robin. "I wasn't about to loose with a prize so rare being up for grabs. Oh no, I mustn't let someone else claim something that can only be mine."

The boy wonder froze on the spot and his heart immediately began to beat faster. There was some sort of emotion in Slade's eye that Robin couldn't place and simply didn't want to anyway.

Slade walked across the room and kneeled in front of Robin. The boy's eyes were large and his breaths were unsteady as he tried to gasp for air. But the thought that he was about to die was coursing through his body and he began to see his entire life flash before his eyes. This was the end, he knew it. Slade wouldn't offer him an apprenticeship again; he would merely kill him for declining the first time.

"Don't worry Robin, I know I can be fast at times, but I'll make sure to go slow with you." Slade roughly cupped Robin's chin and forced the boy to strain his neck as he pulled his face closer to his mask. "You're mine now."

Slade chuckled to himself as he released his hold on the boy. "But we simply don't have enough time to do this the way I had planned to. Maybe another night then,"

Slade reached for the dagger lodged into the communicator and easily removed it. Robin clenched his eyes close and prepared himself for the, quite literally, stabbing pain he was about to feel. Instead he felt the stinginess of tape being ripped off of his mouth and the rough force of the cloth in his mouth being removed and tossed to the ground.

Robin panted and opened his eyes. He was thankful that he could breathe a lot better now but he couldn't help but think why Slade was doing this. Why was Slade removing his gag? Probably because he wanted to hear him scream in pain and agony as he slowly carved him up. Robin gulped and continued to stare in silence at Slade.

"Like I said before Robin, you should be taken by some carefully organized plan and by myself only, not some selfish, risky boy. So I'm going to leave you at peace tonight. But don't expect me to do this again if a moment in similarity pops up in the future." Slade licked his lips behind his mask.

"I do deserve something though for saving you." He droned on as his hand reached for Robin's mask.

Robin was rather relieved that Slade didn't want to kill him tonight. "I didn't ask you to save me." Robin tried to sound in control but it sounded weak and frightened, not to mention he was still tied up and Slade could change his mind. Also, Slade now had his hand on Robin's mask and at any time Robin's identity could be revealed. Overall, Robin just really wished he could take his comment back.

"I see you're grateful as always." Slade chuckled at Robin's determination at remaining in control even though he most certainly wasn't. "Well either way, whether you asked or not, I did save you but I didn't do it for free. I do want something in return Robin." Slade's hand tugged lightly on Robin's mask and the boy visibly cringed. "I was thinking of your identity, but I think I have something different in mind now."

Slade's hand left Robin's mask and went to his belt. Robin didn't even want to know what he was planning now. But when Slade pulled out something that looked slightly like a camera he couldn't help but wonder where this was going. Blackmail material perhaps? Slade always did like blackmail.

"Is that a camera?" Robin dared to question.

"Yes," Slade replied as he placed the dagger back into his belt. He looked at Robin and smirked behind his mask. "Now smile and say cheese." Robin glared but suddenly Slade shoved his finger into Robin's mouth and a blinding flash took Robin off guard.

"Alright, that should be good enough." Slade placed the camera back into his belt and stood. "I'll be taking Red X back with me though. The boy and I need to discuss some matters."

"Until we meet again Robin," Slade walked across the room and picked up the fallen boy. He swung the unconscious body over his shoulder and left Robin's staff on the ground. "I'll be counting the minutes like always." With Robin in utter confusion about what had just happened, Slade left the room, taking Red X with him.

Moments later the door was shot open by a familiar green blast of energy. Starfire flew into the room followed by the others. They all gasped out their leader's name as they spotted him tied up in the corner.

"Robin," Starfire untied her leader and helped him to his feet. "What has happened here?"

"I was just in the weirdest battle ever Star," he paused. "And the worst thing is I was the prize instead of a contestant. But I'm so confused now because I have no idea what exactly they were fighting about."

"Who exactly is 'they'?" Raven asked as she picked up Robin's bo-staff and offered it to her leader.

"Red X and Slade," the group gasped and Robin shook his head in agreement. "And the confusing part is what Slade did after he won."

"Well spill what happened dude; we have the right to know after searching for you at three in the morning!" Beast Boy complained as he grumbled incoherently about sleep patterns and crazy insomniacs.

"Maybe it would help if you explained what happened. Then we could all figure out what exactly they wanted." Cyborg suggested. Robin nodded his head and retold the tale of that night's actions.

The Titans remained silent until finally Cyborg spoke up. "Wow, never knew so many villains wanted to tap you man."

"What?!" Robin shouted in disgust as he took a step back from his friend.

"Man they were totally fighting for the right of your virginity. Hate to tell you Robin, but you are jailbait." Cyborg rubbed his neck uncomfortably. He really hated being the oldest in the group sometimes.

"I have to agree with Cyborg, though he didn't have to be so blunt. It is quite surprising though to find out that not only does Red X like you but so does Slade." Raven paused and pulled her hood down as a smirk was shown on her face. "I guess we all know why he really took you in as an apprentice."

"Dude you guys are sick! I do not want to be hearing this! Please Cy, just drive us all home so I can get back to bed and just remember this night as a scary dream." Beast Boy shuddered to emphasize his discomfort of the situation.

"Friends," everyone turned to look at the confused Tamaranian. "This 'to tap Robin' and 'jailbait' considers poking Robin and being lead to jail?" They all stared at her wide eyed, none of them willing to explain to the alien.

"Just forget about it Star," Robin finally concluded. "In fact, we'll all forget about this night. I never want any of this mentioned again and the next time we fight Red X and Slade, just watch my back okay?"

"We won't be the only one." Cyborg snickered as he followed his disgruntled leader out of the haunted room.

A.N. I hoped you liked that. I decided that I liked Red X and Robin as a pair but not as much as I love Sladin, so of course Slade end up winning but seeing as he's some what of a romantic type, in my mind, he didn't calim his prize. Expect more from these pairings, in fact, expect more chapters to follow this one's situation.

A little information on what's to come in the next chapter is that a compromise takes place between Slade and X. They decided that they should work together and besides, a threesome never hurt anyone!