Title: Threesomy
Author: Jordan Herbert

Rating: Nc-17
Pairing: SladeRobinRed X
Summary: And the boys have a true threesome. Finally!


"Boys, I think you two should get up now before you waste all of our time sleeping it away." Slade startled Red X and Robin awake, ten minutes later, as his booming voice invaded their dreams.

Robin blinked as he looked at Slade, a confused expression on his face, and turned to look at Red X, who was still half lying on him since he had snuggled in his sleep. Robin blinked one last time and then jolted to an upright position as he realized who he was in the company of. "Slade! Red X!" Robin shouted as he fully woke up.

"Kid, don't yell when I'm waking up." Red X mumbled and continued to cling around Robin's waist, snuggling his red head of hair against Robin's hip and causing the boy to blush slightly. "Geeze, I really hope that's not how you always wake up or else I feel bad for your wife; she'd be deaf before she reaches forty."

"Oh, sorry, I forgot…everything for a moment. I was just going on defensive mode." Robin smiled sweetly and stroked his hand through Red's hair.

"That's to be expected, since this is a one night only sort of affair." Slade spoke up, causing Robin's smile to disappear for a moment.

"It…It doesn't have to be." Robin spoke quietly as he continued to stroke Red's messy locks. Red opened his eyes and glanced up at Robin, a smile crossing his lips and Robin copied the grin. "I mean, we can't possibly fit everything into one night, right? And it's not healthy for all of this emotion to continue being pent up and whatnot, so I was thinking that maybe we should do this again."

"Funny that you mention that," Red X sat up and grinned at Slade. "Before I fell asleep, I remember that Slade and I were talking about that as well. Also there was something about Slade wanting to keep me as a kept boy, making sure I always had a warm bed and all the food I could possibly want…?" Red looked hopefully at Slade and the man grinned and shook his head.

"I don't remember that, maybe I could offer you an apprenticeship, but no one stays with me without pulling their weight." Slade smirked as he noticed Robin tense immediately at the word 'apprenticeship.'

"A sexual apprenticeship, right? You can't really teach me much about breaking in and stealing stuff and I'm really not into fighting like I know you two are. Though I do think that--" Red X paused in mid-speech and looked from Robin to Slade and back and forth again. "Hey, you know what?"
"No, I don't, please inform us of this sudden thought that has plagued your mind." Slade answered the rhetorical question sarcastically.

"I was just thinking of how awesome it would be if we all worked together. We could be unstoppable." Red X commented as a hopeful expression crossed his features. "I mean, seriously, we would be one kick ass team together what with all of our different skills and what not."

Robin and Slade looked at each other for a moment, making eye contact, and then stared at Red X like the crazy person he was. "Are you sure you're not still dreaming, Red?" Robin asked.

"No, come on, kid, I'm serious. I mean, you're like one of the best fighters out there, Slade's a mastermind, and there isn't yet a safe I've met that I couldn't crack open. We could do anything together!" Red exclaimed happily.

"Right," Robin nodded his head. "Except for the fact that Slade's only interested in breaking the law, I enforce the law, and who knows what you think of the law."

Red X shrugged. "It's just kind of a guideline, really."

"So, like Robin suggested early before this idiotic idea popped up; this little affair of ours, how many more times should we meet? It was rather a bad idea to try and fit everything into one night." Slade mused aloud, "The time alone is insufficient not to mention the pain it would cause Robin if we were actually able to manage everything."

Robin frowned and crossed his arms over his chest. "If we're going to make this a regular event now then I hope you know that I will eventually be topping."

Slade snorted and rolled his eye. "That's what you think."

"I like the idea," Red X purred as he stroked Robin's chest. "Little leader wants a turn on top with me? That's totally fine," Red licked his lips. "It just better be by my guidelines."
"Oh?" Robin smirked, "And what would those be?"

"Well, first of all, I'd want you in your costume still. And I'd want to be tied down on the floor, not a bed. You'd feed me some lines of how you finally caught me and before you haul me off to jail you take full advantage of me." Red grinned and ran his hands down Robin's sides, making him shiver a bit. "You make me suck you off a bit and then you shove your gloved fingers inside me, prepping me for your cock. You'd have to gag me at some point with my own mask, because of all the moaning I'd be doing. Then after you'd probably have to suck me off until I'm all weak-limbed and then take me again while the opportunity is there."

Robin groaned and Red X frowned. "What? My story wasn't that bad, right? I mean, sure, I probably can't sell any erotic books but I'd probably fare well with some fan fiction. I mean--" Red X stopped as he was muffled quickly by Robin's mouth over his own. Red grinned around the kiss and eagerly opened his mouth for Robin's tongue to explore. Red nipped at the tongue as Robin's hand gripped his cock and slowly pumped it, urging it to life.

"You talk too much." Robin panted as he broke away from the kiss. "Forget taking it slow for tonight, we'll do it all now." Robin glanced back at Slade. "Hands and knees?" he asked.
Slade nodded. "And have Red X underneath you; it works out rather nicely for everyone that way." Red X and Robin both raised a brow as they stared at Slade. Slade stared right on back. "I'm experienced, so sue me."

Robin just nodded and brought his hand up to Red X's chest, slowly pushed him onto his back. "Let me know if I do anything wrong." Robin remarked in all seriousness as he placed his hands flatly on the bed.

"Will do, kid," Red grinned as he watched Robin's mouth slowly move down his stomach his twitching organ. Red's body was just as impatient as Red himself was.

Robin trailed his tongue around Red's organ, purposefully tracing around it without touching it until he made it to Red's thighs. He sucked on the soft skin on the inside of the right thigh then moved to the left thigh to give it the same treatment until both thighs bore red marks from his mouth.

Tonguing the red marks for a bit, Robin smirked and placed a kiss on the head of Red's dick. He trailed his tongue down and then took Red's ball sack into his mouth at once. Red hissed in surprise then quickly moaned to show Robin that it wasn't a bad hiss.

Slade smiled behind the boys as he watched the show for a moment as he covered his finger in lube. He slowly traced his wet finger around Robin's opening. The boy was still stretched from their previous activities. Still, he slowly eased his finger inside and smirked as Robin moaned against Red's dick, causing Red to moan loudly too. It reminded Slade of the domino effect.

"Robin," Red X groaned out, gaining all of the attention in the room. "Would you stop being a goddamn tease already?"

Robin chuckled, "Blame Slade; I can't start sucking on you until he's in me or else I might bite down on you. I doubt you want that."

"Slade, please, fuck him already." Red begged the man as he threw his head back as Robin continued to lick up and down his cock like a Popsicle. "Or else I'm gonna get blue balls or something and have to sue you."

Slade snorted and rolled his eye. "I'd like to see you try," Slade smirked and lubed himself with his other hand while his finger slowly moved around inside Robin, further loosening him and stretching Robin to be able to bare his girth. "Ready, Robin?" Slade asked, always one to make sure consent was fully given.

"Yes," Robin purred as he smirked at Red's groan from the absence of everything from his cock.

"Right, yeah, we're all ready and I think we'd all appreciate some mouth on cock action. Or at least I would; in fact, I'd appreciate it very much. So, you know, you can—oh yes!" Red practically shouted as Robin finally took him in his mouth since Slade had encased himself within Robin while Red had been ranting.

Robin chuckled with Red's cock in his mouth, making Red moan loudly and squirm a bit. Slade finally began to thrust and Robin gasped as he was rocked further down on Red, his cock nudging Robin's throat. Robin breathed heavily through his nose and relaxed his throat so that on the next rock from Slade's powerful thrusts he was able to successfully deep throat Red.

"So good," Red closed his emerald eyes and ran his hand through Robin's black locks in a soothing motion. "Fuck, you can so use your mouth good, kid."

"That's 'well,' Red X." Slade corrected automatically as he gripped Robin's hips and rubbed his thumb against the protruding hip bones.

"If you're brain is working so well that you can correct me, then you're not doing a good job fucking." Red X stated and Slade narrowed his eye.

"Are you challenging me?" Slade asked.

Red grinned, "Maybe,"

Slade smirked back and spread Robin's legs farther apart as he slammed into Robin with a full body thrust. Robin moaned around Red's dick and Slade did it again as his hands gripped Robin's hips almost painfully. The slight pain helped to add to the pleasure Robin was feeling.

A hot dick in his mouth that actually didn't taste as bad as one would assume a dick would, and a big cock ramming into him and hitting his pleasure spot over and over again. Life felt really good. His hands twitched with the urge to take care of himself and he leaned down on his elbows as he rolled his tongue around Red's dick. He moved slightly to balance himself on one elbow and reached down between himself.

Then his hand was slapped sharply and he groaned, vibrating Red enough to get him to start pre-weeping. Slade's hand took over for what Robin had started and Robin clenched his ass muscles around Slade as a way of verbalizing his thanks.

The three of them quickly fell into a pleasant pattern. Slade would thrust and pump down on Robin at one time, pushing Robin deep onto Red's cock. Then Slade would pull back, twisting his hand up on Robin's dick, and Robin would pull back as well, his tongue twirling around Red's dick, until he only had the tip in his mouth. Rinse, repeat, moans and groans.

"Shit," Red X hissed and his hand tightened in Robin's hair. "I think I'm gonna," his toes curled and he bit down on his bottom lip to stifle his scream as he came, shooting hot seed into Robin's mouth. Robin's eyes widened and he quickly tried to swallow the salty load. Unfortunately, some of it fell from the corner of Robin's mouth as Slade hit his prostrate and lightly squeezed his cock at the same time.

Robin came, yelling around Red's dick. He felt boneless but Slade continued to pound into him until he finally came as well. The three of them finally pulled apart and collapsed onto the bed in an odd pile. Slade grunted but didn't really mind that both of the boys were using him as a pillow.

Red was nuzzling his abs and Robin had tucked himself under Slade's arm as he laid his head on Slade's chest.

"Seriously, now that was threesomy." Red X grinned as he rested his hand flat on Slade's abs.

"Threesomy? That's not even a word, Red." Robin rolled his eyes but couldn't help but smile as well.

"Exactly, it was so hot; I had to make up my own word to describe it." Red explained, earning a soft chuckle from Slade that made his head shake while the large man's form shook lightly with the vibrations.

"So, um, not to kill the afterglow or anything," Robin started. "But, cou—could we do this again sometime?" He hesitated for only a moment.

"Hell yeah!" Red quickly agreed. "We have so many different kinks and what not to still try out."

"Then I believe it's settled." Slade closed his eye and rested his head on the mattress since they collapsed in the direction of the foot of the bed. "We'll all gather for this little rendezvous, hm, once every two weeks?"

"Once a week?" Robin suggested instead.

"How about once a day?" Red X rolled over and grinned at the two.

"Right then, once a week. How are Tuesdays for everyone?" Slade asked.

"Fine by me," Red closed his eyes as his exhaustion began to catch up with him.

"As long as no villains attack that day, I'll be fine too." Robin smiled and stroked Red's soft hair.

"I'll make sure to send out word that any villain who attacks on a Tuesday will have to deal with me before you and your Titans even reach them." Slade smirked. He loved knowing that he controlled all of the villains in the city easily.

"That sounds nice. And now I can rest knowing that Jump City is guaranteed one peaceful day a week." Robin smiled and nudged Red's head a bit. "Red, are you still awake?"

"Mmhm," Red hummed happily and Robin smirked.

"Then you're up for another round?"


"Slade said you could top him."


Robin chuckled. "Yeah, he stopped paying attention." Robin inhaled deeply and relaxed as he lounged on Slade. His smile slowly slipped away as he dared to ask, "Where do we all go from here?"

"We continue these nights on our weekly meetings, of course." Slade answered, ignoring what Robin was really asking.

"I mean," Robin sat up a little and turned to look at Slade. "The next time I fight you two, what will I do? I won't be trying my hardest because I'll have a reason for wanting to keep you both out of jail. But then I have to try my hardest because I can't let you both go on hurting people."

"Remember when you said you didn't want to ruin the afterglow?" Slade sighed while Robin frowned. "Robin, I'm honestly done with Jump City. My business is elsewhere now; even my headquarters is in a different country. I really have no other reason to be in Jump City except for these Tuesday meetings now."

"You've moved onto a different city?" Robin asked, his frown only deepening onto his face.

"No, I'm not terrorizing any other city or finding any other new leader to harass." Slade promised with a little smile. "And I always will be your arch nemesis. Just for now, I'll be sticking to assassinations only. But Red X, on the other hand, will no doubt be sticking around here for a long time. He'll break into places and try to steal stuff, you and your team will get whatever he's stolen back, then he'll openly flirt with you and somehow escape, leaving you blushing and angry with your confused team members."

"Oh," Robin shrugged his shoulders and relaxed once again. "Well then, I think I can live with that." He closed his eyes and felt sleep tugging at him.

"Good," Slade's hand ran through Robin's hair.

"Kid, hey, kid, come on. Wake up, Robin!" Red X shouted and shook the Boy Wonder. Robin jolted awake and rubbed at his eyes.

"Wha?" He mumbled incoherently as he looked around at his surroundings.

"Hey, Slade totally left in a mysterious fashion, or while we were sleeping, whatever." Red X shrugged his shoulders. "And then your little communicator thing has been going off for the last twenty minutes while I was getting dressed."

"What?!" Robin sat up quickly and sure enough he could hear his communicator ringing loudly from his pile of clothes. "What time is it?"

"Around eight," Red X smiled as he pulled his gloves on. "I would have woke you up when it first started ringing, but you looked so cute sleeping all naked like."

"Shit," Robin totally ignored Red X and started pulling on his clothes. Once his shirt, mask, and boxers were in place he answered his phone. "Titans, what's up?"

"Robin, yo, where are you? We've been worried sick. The Tower doesn't show any signs of you coming home last night." Cyborg frowned on the screen. "And you look horrible, man. Where are you? I'm not getting a read on your positioning."

"Sorry, Cyborg, I'm in Slade's old lairs right now and you know how there's no signaling there. I ran into an old Slade look-alike bot last night and it sprayed me with sleeping gas apparently. I'm fine though. I'll be home in twenty." Robin reassured.

"Okay," Cyborg nodded. "Hey, I'll make some waffles for you. That'll help jump start this day in a good way."

"Thanks, I appreciate it. Robin out," Robin smiled and closed the communicator.

"Smooth lie, kid." Red X grinned.

"Please, I learned how to lie to a human lie detector; my team mates are nothing compared to Batman." Robin smirked.

Red X chuckled and shook his head. "I knew there was some bad in you, kid." Red X leaned over and kissed Robin slowly, enticing his tongue a little before he pulled back. "Well, I'll see you next week then." He pulled his mask back on and left the room with a salute.

Robin quickly finished getting dressed. He looked around the room and smiled. He knew there was a lot in stored for him.

A.N. And this is the end! :O I know, I know! There was so much mentioned in here and what not but don't worry, I'll have continuations of this posted in my Sladin One Shots. I just saw this as a good ending and since this has become a secondary fandom I had to end this as I could. I'm sorry. But hey, now you guys don't have to wait forever for updates on this story! You just have to pray that there's an update in my Oneshots that is part of this. Oh wait, that's not better...