Mystic Saga


At the age of fourteen Ron Stoppable came in contact with four jade statues holding what his foe, Monkey Fist, referred to as Mystical Monkey Power. What the madman didn't know was that the power itself had nothing to do with monkey's, it was just placed in four statues resembling them to keep dangerous beings from obtaining it. The Power in essence is a key, a key that unlocks the binds that keeps humans from reaching their true or full potential. The actual effect will differ from person to person. Ron Stoppable was the exception to it all.

For you see, Ronald Adrian Stoppable was a unique being. The last of his line in his family and with already strange abilities. Human kind is an interesting creature, they are capable of great and wondrous things but also terrible and truly horrifying things as well. But once every millennium, a being comes to be that surpasses all others. They are the true fruit of human evolution and once known as a ancient race. They are the Mystic's. Humans with the ability to not only tap into their own full potential but tap into the very power that binds all life and matter…Power Adepts.

Countless millennia ago Mystic's were common place, their biggest and brightest achievement was the great city of Atlantis. However as with any being, there were those that strived to rule through their power and subjugate the weak. This caused a great war that claimed all but a scarce few men and women. With their technology lost and magical abilities weakened they could no longer travel to other worlds or dimensions. Trapped they settled among the native peoples of Earth and eventually with time their power diminished as human kind entered a state of Homeo Stasis. That is until the child of prophecy was born into the last of the Atlantian Clans…the Stoppable Clan.

What no one realized though was that the war so many centuries ago had created a rift and given birth to two parallel worlds. One that was governed by Homeo Stasis and the other that was not. The other world soon drifted away from its counterpart and eventually a new universe…another reality was born…one where the Stoppable Clan no longer existed and the peaceful peoples of the world lived in a world that could only be described as fantasy. However there was one thing missing…a artifact weapon of great power that had somehow been lost to their world, it was foretold a great warrior would one day come to their world from another with sword in hand as the guardian of their world.

"I am Oracle. I am an ancient dragon god that watches over the infinite realms and realities. It is my duty to watch over the magical realms and keep them from crossing over with the non-magical ones."

"Imagine my surprise to discover that one realm, a particularly unimpressive one with little life and decaying culture not only being the place that a lost artifact rests but to be in the possession of a Mystic."

"A Paradox had been created yet there was nothing I could do, even gods have limitations to their power at times. As fate would have it, the Mystic was a young man whom did not belong in the world he was in. Abused and betrayed by those he cared for he still strived to do what was right. In the end he sacrificed his life to save not only a woman that never returned his love for her but the lives of thousands of people…most who had treated him horribly."

"This gave me the chance I needed. As the young mans soul was ripped from his body I collected both from the fringes of the void. I replaced the young mans soul and repaired his shattered body. Now…I could send him where he truly belongs…but how he reacted and handled the situation was his own choice. This is his story…"

Chapter 1 : Sacrifice

"My Sacrifice"

By : Creed

Hello my friend we meet again

It's been a while where should we begin...feels like forever

Within my heart are memories

Of perfect love that you gave me

I remember

When you are with me

I'm Free...I'm Careless...I believe

Above all the others we'll fly

This brings tears to my eyes

My sacrifice

We've seen our share of ups and downs

Oh how quickly life can turn around in an instant

It feels so good to reunite

Within yourself and within your mind

Let's find peace there

When you are with me

I'm Free...I'm Careless...I believe

Above all the others we'll fly

This brings tears to my eyes

MY sacrifice

...I just want to say hello again...

It was late summer as a lone figure walked up the barely worn mountain trail of Mt Middleton. His long blonde hair had lost its luster from lack of cleaning and his clothes were old torn and tattered rags. His face was blank and devoid of emotion as he carried his dinner into a small cave just a few feet from the trail.

For Ron Stoppable life sucked. It all started the day he was hit with that accused Mystical Monkey Power eleven years ago. At first it wasn't so bad, only occasional odd things would happen. But ten years ago, on his fifteenth birthday all that changed when it finally manifested, giving him powers and abilities far beyond human capacity. But this came at a price…if he were to lose control of his emotions…he changed into a demonic looking alternate form, a far shot from the form he could take when he reached his full power.

He was first labeled as a freak, then a monster when Duff Killigan forced his dark side to take over, this had been dubbed his Omega Form. He killed Duff, slaughtered him without mercy, and tore through his henchmen.

It was that day it all changed…the day he lost everything he ever held dear. Kim, scared of him, called him a monster out of pure fear. She did not understand that he only transformed to protect her. Then again how could she ever understand when she had a perfect life, beauty and the perfect boyfriend, Josh Mankey, to be at her side.

Ron, desperate for some measure of comfort, went to his parents. They brought him into the house and then, they did the unthinkable…they turned him over to a squad of forty GJ agents who were waiting for him. Their only words to him was that Dr Director promised them that they would cure his…abnormality.

The GJ scientists idea of a cure was three years of genetic and torturous experimentations. They would slash his flesh to observe how he healed and how quickly. They fed him poisons to see if he could survive them, they played around with and altered his DNA with the genes of various animals, they also put him in situations to see how far he could be pushed emotionally and physically before he lost control of his power…all this in the name of scientific betterment.

After some nasty electroshock therapy on the eve of his eighteenth birthday they made a mistake. Ron was placed in a large room and fifty agents were ordered to kill him, it was a test to see if he could survive overwhelming odds.

Ron lost control of his power once again. The experiments on him caused his alternate forms to change, his alpha form didn't change much…but his omega form was a drastic change due to all the predatory animal DNA fused into his own.

He grew in height and his muscle mass quadrupled, his skin turning charcoal gray and hard as stone. His eyes turned completely blood red save for the slit black pupils. Golden blond hair withered, and tuned into black fire, as two sinister looking demonic wings grew out of his back. His teeth sharpened and long fangs replaced his canines. His hands and feet transformed into claws, topped with razor sharp talons. His power growing to such levels that it burnt out every piece of technology within a two mile radius of him.

It was a blood bath, pure and simple. Ron slaughtered all fifty agents and then proceeded to attack anything that moved as his primal side sought an escape from the pain these "Humans" had wrought upon his body, mind and soul. In the end the body count was eighty-five people slain at his hand…some of them simple workers or civilians that were unfortunate to cross his path.

Ron was then declared an escaped murderer and to be considered armed and extremely dangerous. He only stuck around long enough to collect the Lotus Blade from his former home before fleeing to the wilderness.

For seven long years after Ron lived like a hunted beast in the woodlands and caves near Mt Middleton. Wearing nothing but a few rags he had managed to get and killing animals for food. This had become his life…even his once best friend Kim Possible had tried to hunt him down. Indeed they had had a few meetings over the past years while Ron was out trying to gather clothes or food. He had even continued to fight criminals to keep his skills sharp, more than once did he keep Kim from being killed…but in the end it didn't matter.

Though Ron still followed the Bushido as a way of life, he had lost all of what he used to be. No longer did he have a kind and gentle look on his features. Now his face was stoic as a statue. His innocence lost, he had long since lost the ability to feel many emotions…they were still there…but rarely seen by anything. All he knew now was cold lonely bitterness, and the knowledge that all that he cared for…even the woman he fell in love with, had betrayed him.

Tossing his kill, a raccoon on the floor next to his fire, Ron began rummaging around for his gutting and cleaning knives. They were sitting next to his bed which was a mixture of old weeds, hay and animal pelts he had gotten from previous kills.

"Not Bueno Nacho…but it works." Ron said to no one, in deadpan monotone. His once sparkling brown eyes now dull and almost gray from lack of emotion.

A sudden explosion sounded off from a few miles up the mountain. Ron frowned and grabbed the Lotus Blade, its soft glow lighting the area.

Ron stealthily and as silent as an assassin, made his way through the tree tops, only to find a much larger cave two miles up the trails from his…home.

"How'd the hell did I miss this?" He asked himself when two more explosions sounded off. "What the hell is going on?"

Feeling the sudden need to check things out and an urge to fight, Ron walked into the cave. Once inside he quickly noticed it had a Mad-Scientist look about it.

"Figures…Drakken is up to his usual B.S. again." Ron grumbled.

He was about to turn around when he noticed the sounds of combat in the distance, namely Kim and Shego…someone else as well.

Ron's face grew harder. "She can handle those morons, I'm outta here."

He turned to leave and another loud explosion rang off along with some bangs and the screams of both Kim and Shego. His eyes widened as a rare display of emotion crossed his features. At that same moment a terrified Josh Mankey came roaring through the cave as fast as he could move.

"Move it or lose it freak!" Josh yelled and ran past Ron.

"What the hell are you doing!?" Ron yelled angrily. "Kim might need your help…she's your girlfriend!"

"To hell with that I'm out of here!" Josh yelled back and ran out of the cave like a coward.

"Why you yellow little….DAMMIT!" Ron exclaimed. "Damn saving people thing." He growled and dashed towards where Josh ran out.

He was greeted by the sight of Drakken standing over Kim and Shego's beaten, bruised, and bloody forms on the ground. Drakken had an insane glint in his eyes.

"DRAKKEN!!!!!" Ron roared as a sudden surge of protective rage shot through him.

"Well if it isn't the freakish beast…come to see the bitches last breathing moments?" Drakken asked with insane calm.

Both women looked up shocked, why would Ron of all people come? Was he here to help them…or…finish the job. No…they knew Ron wouldn't do that…not after what they discovered about GJ and their experiments or how Drakken and Dementor funded the project and bribed information from them.

"St…Stoppable…get out, Drakken's lost it…Pan-Dimensional Vortex Inducer…going critical." Shego wheezed in pain. Drakken had turned on them and sent his new battle drones to kill them both.

"R…Ron!?" Kim looked at him in fear and awe. "Ron run! This place is about to blow!"

"No." Ron said shortly glaring daggers at Drakken as he laughed. "You two get out of here, I'll take care of the Vortex Inducer after I take care of Insane Smurf." Ron growled as his eyes flashed bright crimson.

"Please…be my guest…we are all dead anyways!" Drakken laughed.

"Wrong!" Ron growled in a deep tone as his body starts shifting into his Omega Form. "This ends today…I will stop you and that damn device…perhaps then my sins can be forgiven." Ron snarled.

"Ron…no…please don't do this…I was wrong." Kim pleaded.

The two women stood but were rooted to their places as Ron's transformation completes. Both slack jawed and trembling from fear, pain and grief.

"You see what I have become!" Ron roared with barely restrained rage and grief. "You were right…I am a freak…I am a MONSTER!!!" The mountain shuddered under his power and Drakken stopped laughing long enough to let a look of fear appear on his face.

"Look at what those bastards did to me! I'm not even human anymore…maybe I never was…" Ron growled and looked at Drakken. "Tell me Drakken…did you enjoy it…watching them dissect me, torture me and mutate my body beyond repair? DID YOU, YOU SAWED-OFF, RAT-SUCKING SON-OF-A-BITCH!?!"

Drakken's fear melted as a evil sneer replaced it. "Yes, I did so enjoy watching those mindless buffoons tear your flesh to shreds while you screamed in pain. How does it feel to lose everything to your enemy Stoppable? Now you know how I have felt all these years…losing to a couple of hormone addled teenagers!"

"Tonight you die." Ron snarled and shot forward. His clawed hand impaling Drakken's torso as blood spurted all over them. "I'll see you in hell Lipsky." Ron snarled and then crushed his skull in with his other hand.

"Wh…what have I done…?" Kim mumbled as she looked at the gore before her.

"Death is a release Drakken…be thankful for it." Ron snapped and dropped the mauled body to the floor.

Several loud beeps sounded off as the PDVI began to reach terminal status. Ron's Demonic eyes locked with the two women in the room.

"Leave." He said in a soft growl. "Run far away and to safety, I will remain here and stop the Vortex Inducer from destroying to much." Ron sighed and closed his eyes. "It is time to end my nightmare."

"What do you mean?" Shego asked suddenly feeling worried for her former foe.

Ron walked over to the PDVI and picked it up, wincing as it seared his hand. "It was fun…those years we spent together." Ron commented. "You too Shego, it was fun wasn't it? But now those times are gone, never to return. Ki…KP, Shego…just grant one last request for me…Live…live long happy lives with people you love and try to remember me sometimes." He said softly.

"No….no Ron please…I was wrong! Please don't do this." Kim pleaded as tears began falling down her cheeks.

"Don't do it Sto…Ron…if we work together we can stop it." Shego said not wanting this to happen…she was many things but never a killer.

Ron shook his head. "It's too late for me…my choice is made. Just please…remember me when I'm gone." Ron said, his voice returning to normal but his body remaining in Omega Form.

"Why are you doing this…?" Kim asked sadly.

Ron was silent for a moment and then looked at her. "Because it is what I deserve for all the death and pain I have caused everyone." Ron then locked eyes with her, letting his emotions show. "And…because I love you."

As soon as those words left his mouth he summoned his sword and created an indestructible barrier around himself and the terminal PDVI.

"RON! NOOOO!!!!" Kim screamed.

Shego could only stare in shock.

"Good bye KP, Good bye Shego…remember…live your lives and be happy." Ron's voice said as the orb shield surrounding him erupted in searing white light.

The entire mountain shook and trembled under the massive powers of Ron and the PDVI. Ron's screams and cries of pain pierced the air like shots from a gun until in one mighty flash all went silent and dim.

A loud clang broke the silence as the burnt out Vortex Inducer landed on the floor and then turned to ash. Two smaller noises were heard. Ron's jade dragon pendant fell next to the ashes along with his class ring…nothing else remained of Ron Stoppable but two pieces of jewelry and the memories of the past.

"NNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!" Both women cried out as they broke down in tears.

"Why!?!" Shego screamed as she slammed her fist on the floor as she dropped to her knees. "Why did he do it! I…I didn't deserve it!" She cried out as grief shot through her.

Kim shakily walked over and grabbed the pendant and ring. She clutched them to her chest as sobbing wails erupted from her. "He…he loved me…and I betrayed him…but…he…he…." She could no longer continue.

After a short time their sobs quieted and Kim placed the jade dragon around her neck. "I will remember…I will always remember you…Ron Stoppable…I…love you too." She said sadly.

She then gave Shego his ring. "He would have wanted something for you to remember him by." Kim said softly.

Shego nodded and placed the ring on a small silver chain she always wore. "I'm…I'm so sorry…" She said.

"Lets go Shego…we have got some work to do, we need to clear Ron's name and get you pardoned. Global Justice will answer for what they have done…then so will Dementor." Kim stated with determination.

Shego nodded sadly. "Yeah…for Ron." She looked around. "Lets go…there's nothing left here for us anymore."

Both women walked out of the room but not before looking back to the spot Ron had once been. They turned once again and left the cave…never looking back but both would forever remember the sacrifice Ron made for them…even when neither deserved such a priceless gift.

In the weeks to come Kim managed to clear Shego and then they worked together to clear Ron's name. They eventually caught Dementor and forced him to admit what he and Drakken had been doing. Global Justice was shut down and it's members imprisoned for their crimes. Both Kim and Shego were dubbed heroes but both insisted that the true hero was Ron. A month later a memorial statue of Ron Stoppable was placed in the center of Middleton Park and the truth behind everything that happened was revealed to all.

Kim and Shego went on to become freelance agents and eventually owned their own small organization just one year after Ron's death. Each felt a connection to the man that saved their life and together they mourned his loss. Kim broke up with Josh…and hasn't dated since.

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Authors : DragonMaster & Doug4422 aka Epic Quest INC