Mystic Saga

"Those who are ignorant tend to judge and persecute those

who are not in order to hide their own faults" - DragonMaster

Chapter 7

Out of Control

Three weeks had passed since the incident in the Academy dinning hall. The shattered, burnt and destroyed remains of the Snare Spider and Femora Scorpion had long since been disposed of. Ron however had gotten a bit of a reputation from the event. The more sensible people looked upon him as a hero, completely ignoring the fact that his transformed state made him look like a monster. The majority however, mostly being humans, either looked at him in fear or pure hate. Some even went so far as to call him a demon. Ron ignored the ignorant ones as best he could but they were beginning to grind on his nerves.

A few things had changed for Ron since then. He had gone to check on the old Stoppable Clan keep and while it was fit to live in it was in need of some repairs and allot of modernization. He had found a set of his clans ceremonial armor along with various sets of clothes that his ancestors wore, the magic they had been imbued with had kept them in very good shape and with a simple matter manipulation spell he could resize them to meet his needs. He also discovered that his clan had a sizable amount of funds in a rather large treasure vault. He was mildly surprised to see that the people of this world hadn't changed their money type in all these centuries.

The currency consisted of Platinum, Gold, Silver and Copper coins that were referred to as crests. Platinum was worth 100 crests, Gold was 50 crests, Silver was 10 crests and Copper was worth one crest. For those that were truly rich they could carry things called Crest notes, which was the equivalent of paper money from his old world, Crest notes were equal to 500 to 1,000 crests and printed on expensive parchment made from a silk wood tree.

Ron didn't really have any use for such a large amount of money but it was nice to know that he had it if it was needed. He didn't want to have to travel back to the keep every time he needed to refill his money pouch though so he sealed off the vault so that no one could get into it and then made the first part of a sub-space connection to it. This had taken a fairly large amount of magical power to do and left him a bit winded.

He eventually found his way to a smaller ranch style home built near a small river close to where his land and the Possible clan land met. While it was much smaller than Stoppable Keep, it was much larger than your usual house...a little smaller than a mansion and thankfully all one floor with a cellar. According to clan documents some of his ancestors, his father of this world included, preferred to live in this home, Stoppable Manor, rather than live in the Keep. The Keep's primary purpose was to be a meeting place for various clans to talk of treaties and other business concerning the clans and valley.

After about of week of work, Ron had the home fully fixed and furnished. The girls had been excited and wanted to help out so he let them handle the d├ę wasn't his thing really and they were sensible with it. It was clearly a mans home but still held a woman's touch. Ironically it had six bedrooms in it so Ron gave each of the girls their own room to stay in if they so chose to, all five girls were quite happy about this...though Ron sometimes wondered about his sanity.

He did like the girls, they were nice to be around and he didn't feel so lonely but he quickly learned that each had their own unique ways of doing things. Apparently their clan customs were different than what he was used to as well. He had told them to ask their parents if it was alright for them to stay with him, he wanted no unneeded problems. He was surprised to find out that each of them was already considered an adult by law and clan...and that none of them were under 116 years old. He had forgotten that the people of this world aged at a rate below snails pace. So to that effect the girls switched between staying at his home and at their clan homes...though they spent more time at his home then their own.

The first week the girls began living with him was interesting. He had offered mainly so he could better protect them...they took it differently. Ron had choked on his tea when James asked when they planned on setting a date. Apparently in this world asking or letting a female or females live with you means you intend to marry them, Ron almost fainted when he found that out and saw five blushing girls and he could have sworn he heard Oracle laughing uproariously in his head.

Ron continued with his life as usual, keeping his emotionless, stoic facade well in place...though the girls were making it harder and harder to hold. Living with them he discovered each had interesting personality quirks. Kim was addicted to long baths and wearing...revealing clothes...she had said it was traditional Valkyrie garb but damn. Shayla had to drink tea with each meal and one cup before going to sleep at night. Bonnie, being an Elf, enjoyed spending her time in the small garden she and Ron put in and she was a bit of a book worm. Yori liked to train daily and keep matinence on her Razor fans and Kodachi. She was also fond of rain storms. Monique on the other hand hated storms, especially thunder storms, which happened frequently in the valley. She also had a bad habit of wearing little around the house...mostly due to her feral nature. Apparently those of the Felorne Clan rarely wore more than was needed when not in public as their branch of the species found clothes to be restrictive.

Ron found out the hard way that she slept sans night wear when he woke up to her cuddling up next to him during a nasty thunder storm. He didn't sleep well that night and suffered several nose bleeds when she would jump and cling to him due to a clap of thunder. He also discovered that she a was cute but weird. The next morning he woke to her opening the curtains in his room...still completely nude...yeah. He skipped the shower and just jumped into the ice cold river while idly wondering if the girls were trying to test the limits of his control...emotion problems or not...he was still a male and still had basic primal functions...most of which were screaming for some sort of release.

Ron also noticed that more often than not he woke with one or more of the girls sleeping in the same bed as him. At first it frustrated him and kind of ticked him off but he had grown used to it, he figured that the girls saw him as some kind of comfort source...why...he didn't know considering he suffered from chronic nightmares. Not a night went by that he didn't relive the horrors of his past. Though for some reason when one of the girls slept in bed with him the nightmares weren't as bad...sometimes he didn't have any at all, though that was rare.

All in all he was starting to get settled into his new home and new world. For all of its oddities and strange customs it felt more real to him than the previous world he had lived in...that world had been nothing but a nightmare. He still had to figure out something to do with the girls. He didn't mind protecting them or acting as one of their friends but for the past week they had been trying to, in Monique's words, crack his shell. He understood that they just wanted to help make him feel and be happy again, but they just didn't seem to understand the level of hell he went through, Kim maybe...and that was a stretch. It was one thing to be told something and it was another to be able to fully understand and comprehend it...something he would rather keep from them. His pain, his problems...they were his own and he didn't want to burden anyone with them.

Ron walked out of a large building near the outskirts of the castle town of Middleton. He had discovered that Lowerton and Upperton were more like large villages rather than cities and Middleton held the only castle of the three, the Tri-city Palace. The building he had just exited was known as the Hunter's Guild. A place for people like him to gain extra money or find things to do by hunting down criminals or monsters that have bounty's on their heads. Ron didn't need the money so he just gave his earnings to the king to use on making a better orphanage for Demi-kind. So far he had bagged two more Snare Spiders, one Femora Scorpion, six Slithering Ooze and three Displacer Beasts. He had also taken down a few criminals...err...well if you count two bandit camps destroyed a few.

Most of the residents of the valley had grown used to him, though he was still considered an enigma by almost all of them. He had gained a large amount of respect amongst the demi-races and even among some the humans...though he was sure that was more out of fear than anything else.

The King was going to announce his status in the kingdom within the next week or so as well. An event Ron was not looking forward to as he would be expected to attend a formal ball in his honor and he had to wear ceremonial armor, which he had found in his clan keep. Though he had to alter it to properly fit his proportions and wings. Apparently his ancestors weren't as tall or as built as he was, then again none of his ancestors had genetic manipulation done to them to the point that not even a god could restore them without destroying the original body...damn scientists.

Turning down a large, well worn, dirt path, Ron began making his way to the palace to meet up with the girls. Other people however, had something else in mind...

A group of thirty armed soldiers wearing unfamiliar garb and armor with an oddly familiar crest approached him as he neared the half way point in his trek to the palace. Ron's impassive features remained unchanged as his eyes looked over the group of humans. Judging from the crest on their armor and shields they were from another kingdom. It was a simple crest with two humans crossing a lance and a spear, each holding a sword upright.

His eyes narrowed slightly...where on Atlas Terra had he seen that crest before? Then it hit was that damn peddler a few weeks back, the one that had tried to hurt the little demi-girl Lilly! That same crest had been sewn onto his cloak on a shield shaped patch.

"I really need to start killing all of the arrogant pricks I come across and save myself later troubles; figures that little prick would hire a group of armed soldiers to do his dirty work." Ron thought as his hands twitched slightly, preparing to draw two of his swords.

"Are you by chance Ron Stoppable of Mystic Valley?" The lead guard asked in a highborn and pretentious tone of voice.

"And if I am?" Ron's monotone voice asked.

The leader sneered. "We of the Arcadian Royal Guard have been ordered to arrest you on sight for inflicting bodily harm upon our majesties nephew, Augustus Thornelock, one of Arcadia's foremost prestigious merchants that had come to this land to oversee our wares being sold. He was attempting to punish a half-breed thief when you attack him without just cause or provocation. According to inter-kingdom by-laws he had immunity and as such, anyone attacking him for any reason since his status is that of a merchant ambassador is to be seen as an act of treason and proclamation of war against the noble peoples of Arcadia." The man stated.

"How typical..." Ron half growled. "The pompous little bastard could dish it out but he couldn't take it so he cried to his family because he was caught with his hand in the cookie jar. If you must know, I am Ron Stoppable."

"Then you, Ron Stoppable, are to be placed under arrest, in our custody, until your trial in three days time. Any actions taken against us will be seen as an act of war by the Tri-Kingdom and our country will react in the proper fashion and declare war. Come peacefully and no undue, unpleasantness will befall anyone else." The leader said glaring at Ron.

Ron met the glare with his own icy gaze. He didn't want to cause any kind of trouble or a war because of his own actions and these arrogant assholes were just looking for a reason. As it was he was stuck in between a rock and a hard place...for now though, he would go along with it.

Gesturing with his hand a small portal opened up and he quickly tossed his cloak, travel pouches and swords into the sub-space storage for later retrieval, no way in hell was he giving these pricks a chance to loot him. Once it was closed and the runic seal engaged he turned back to the group.

"Since I want to avoid any possible wars I will go along with this for now...but be warned, there is only so much bullshit I will tolerate." Ron stated.

"Restrain the demi-human properly and take him to the embassy dungeons, let no one visit or see him under any circumstances until the trial date." The leader ordered. "Use the Adamant shackles and nullifier." A sick grin crossed his features.

Ron gritted his teeth in anger as large chained shackles were placed on his wrists and ankles and a strange metal choker was placed on his neck and attached to the chains. As soon as the choker was placed on him he could feel his magic being sealed off, he tried to touch the choker but got a nasty shock for his effort.

The leader of the guard walked up to him with an arrogant smirk and then plowed his fist into Ron's gut knocking the wind out of him.

"Not so hot without your magic are you freak?" He sneered. "With those special shackles and that choker your no more powerful than a child."

Ron's eyes flickered crimson as he spat a bit of blood out. "Do not assume I am so easy to defeat. Underestimating me is a deadly mistake tin-man...remember that."

"I'll keep that in mind, this thing from my sight." The leader ordered his troops.

The armed guard knights gave a salute and half dragged Ron off towards the embassy. The leader chuckled darkly...if all went well...then a new king would be in power and Arcadia would gain more land and slaves.

"Enjoy your stay in the cells, Stoppable, they will not be pleasant." The man sneered and walked off.

The next day the girls gathered at the palace. Each of them was worried since no one has seen tail or hair of Ron since the previous day. It wasn't like Ron to just go out and not come back without leaving a message with Kim's parents or one of the other girls.

When they entered the throne room they saw an upset Shayla sitting next to an irritated King Andrew and a group of foreign soldiers...Arcadian's according to the crests on their cloaks.

"Sire, might I ask what is going on here?" Kim asked as she walked up with Bonnie, Monique and Yori. Each bowing in respect.

"Do you ladies remember the merchant that tried to attack little Lilly a while back?" The king asked and the girls nodded. "Well, apparently he was the nephew of the King of Arcadia and King Blackthorne was angry due to his nephew's injury because he was supposed to have immunity in our kingdom."

"As such these...gentlemen...sought Lord Stoppable and placed him under arrest. In two days time he is to face trial for crimes against Arcadian nobles and if we interfere it will be viewed as an incentive for war." King Andrew finished with a slight scowl on his features...they had been railroaded into this one.

"That is right; the half-breed will pay for his crimes against the nobles of Arcadia. I, Lance Blackthorne, son of King Thurston Blackthorne will see to it personally." Lance said in his usual highborn and better than thou tones.

"Are you nuts!?" Monique exclaimed. "Ron is a Mystic! He holds the four legendary swords! You dare try to anger the Guardian Lord of Atlas Terra!? You could get us all killed!"

Lance snorted. "Such a pretentious title, the half-breed didn't even put up a fight when we arrested him yesterday, nor has he since we placed him in the embassy dungeons."

"That's probably because he's trying to keep war from breaking out between our kingdoms." Bonnie said glaring at the upstart. "But from what I can want war to and your men are just looking for an excuse!"

"I would have to agree with Lady Rockwaller." The King added. "To just come into my kingdom like this, arrest one of our most noble of peoples and then threaten us with war should we try to stop you." Andrew sighed. "I offer you one friendly piece of not provoke Lord Stoppable, to do so is not only utterly foolish but absolute suicide."

"Was that a threat, you highness?" Lance sneered.

" was a warning for your own safety. We cannot control Lord Stoppable, especially if he has been angered. I am fully aware of Arcadia's views on the Demi-races and how they are so loathed there. Lord Stoppable will not tolerate such things...if for nothing than your own not antagonize him." Andrew warned.

"I have witnessed his power first only a fraction of its full potential. Lord Stoppable makes the demon lords looks like kittens in comparison to what he can do, but only when a wrong is being committed. He is a just and honorable man...please do not push him to show his power." Shayla added.

Lance let out an arrogant chuckle. "His power as you call it was sealed by a special collar we placed on him. As of right now he is enjoying some of the many punishments for his crimes...whipping this time I believe." A sick grin crossed his features.

"Y-you bastards!" Kim snarled at them.

"You ignorant FOOLS!" Andrew paled. "You know not what you will unleash."

No sooner did the words leave the king's mouth did sirens and alarm horns sound off in the distance.

"Oh's begun." Kim muttered worriedly.

The head of the Tri-Kingdom Royal Guard, Junior Senior, ran into the room pale like he'd seen a ghost.

"You're highness, the Arcadian Embassy! It's being ripped apart from the inside...a monster...we heard the roar of some kind of horrible monster!" Junior exclaimed.

"Pull all our forces back to the palace and re-enforce our own security. There is nothing we can do now but watch and wait for this to blow over...send the orders now!" The King ordered.

Junior saluted and dashed off to relay the new orders with the Arcadian Knights hot on his trail.

"C'mon ladies, Ron might need our help." Kim said sternly.

Shayla looked at her father and he nodded. "Go to him daughter...perhaps you ladies can calm him somehow."

"Thank you daddy." She said and joined her friends.

Cracks blossomed on the exterior wall of the now smoking embassy. Another loud bang and the mangled corpse of several Arcadian guardsmen came tumbling out, their blood and various internal body parts flying in all directions. As the girls arrived they were shocked at the was a certifiable blood bath, mutilated corpses littered the area and the horrid sounds of terrified pain filled screams and cries echoed from within the burning building. The sound of an inhuman bestial roar following the crunch of bones and ripping of flesh sent chills down their spines.

Prince Lance and his remaining group stood waiting for the monster to show itself, the thundering sounds of footsteps alerting them of its approach from within the building.

As the footsteps grew louder an incredible bloodlust filled the area making it almost stifling followed by horrid murderous intent...the pressure filling the air from the excess power was staggering.

Within us all exists the potential for good or evil

It matters not the being, we are all the same

Only he who is in harmony with both can be Guardian

A Darkness Beyond Blackest Pitch

A Radiance Beyond Greatest Brilliance

But should the Darkness be woke

Should his heart become lost of its rage

A beast like no other shall rise

It will be beyond Monster or Demon

And utterly out of control

That was a clip from the Ancient Legend of the Guardian. The girls knew it well...just as well as they knew the power they could feel. It was Ron's, but the usual taint that was kept suppressed and controlled was now running rampant. Though none of them could see him yet, they could both feel and hear him...and it felt as if they made one wrong move, they would be dead before they knew it.

A stream of fire shot out of the hole in the wall followed by a low animalistic snarl and deep rumbling. A large sinisterly clawed hand grasped the broken wall, the claws effortlessly digging into the stone as it crumbled beneath the vice-like grip on it. A talon clawed foot followed cracking the ground as it hit with the force of a jackhammer.

Next came the head...or what resembled the head of Ron's Omega form. This version was horribly twisted and demonic looking with rows of razor sharp teeth and flames huffing from his mouth and nose. The black-fire hair was now more like a mane of burning hell fire with jagged spines growing out from his neck and down his back. Two pairs of demonic burning wings followed him out along with his spined tail now split in six segments with black fire burning on the spined tips. His muscles were bulged out to sickening proportions with the usual charcoal grey color and jet black stone like growths littering his hunched over and distorted frame. Solid narrowed, pupil-less crimson glowing eyes glared about the area as they searched for new prey. The occasional bolt of electricity rippled across his over blown muscles lighting up the splatters of blood covering his body.

"Wh-what is that THING!?" Lance nearly screamed in terror but barely held his composure...barely.

Beast-Ron jerked his head towards the familiar and hated voice. His glowing eyes narrowing further until they were mere slits, his lips curling up in a snarl as his large fangs and razor sharp teeth were bared. He let out a freakishly animalistic roar, like a predator announcing it was on the hunt.

"Oh...Ron..." Kim whispered sadly. "Was this the result of all that experimenting on him in the other world? How could someone willingly do this to another could a human turn another human into a monster?"

"KILL IT! ATTACK MEN, FOR THE GLORY OF ARCADIA!!" Lance cried out drawing his sword.

There was a war cry from his men as they too drew their weapons and prepared to do battle with the beast.

Beast-Ron took another step towards them, crushing the skull of one of his victims under foot. A low rumbling growl vibrated up from his chest as he hunched down further and spread his burning wings as he prepared to attack that which unleashed the beast within...that which unleashed his fury and rage.

"Charge!" Lance bellowed and led the charge.

Two soldiers wielding spears thrust them at the beast only to have them break off on its stone-like skin. Neither had a chance to fall back as the beasts long claws came down on them splitting their bodies into several pieces in a shower of blood.

The girls nearly hurled as the beast pulled back its massive claws and licked the blood from them savoring the coppery taste of the fluid.

Several mage's tried to cast high level explosion spells with no effect; the payment they received for their troubles was a large surge of lightning fired off from the beast's mouth frying them to death.

The beast lunged at the remaining soldiers in a primal frenzy. The sounds of the battle were horrible. Flesh was ripped, torn and sliced. Bones were crush, shattered and broken. Screams and cries of terror, pain and suffering filled the air along with the primal roars of the beast that had been unleashed. The ground was stained red with the blood of the ignorant Arcadian soldiers mixed with chunks of flesh, the nerves in them causing the flesh to still quiver occasionally.

Now only Lance remained as he backed up from Ron's vengeful form, terror filled eyes and a horror stricken face looked into the unforgiving glowing slits of the beast, its face twisted in a predatory rictus...and a sickening feral grin as it closed in on its prey.

" away!" Lance cried out fearfully.

He screamed in terror as the beasts clawed hand shot out and grabbed him by the head. Beast-Ron lifted the vile creature before him up by his head, the human's arms and legs flailing about as his screams filled the air. The screams were cut off abruptly as the beast gave a savage jerk up and ripped the head and spine out of Lance's body with another spray of blood. The spine dangling limply from his neck, his dead face frozen forever in a horrified look and silent scream. The beast snarled and snatched up the remaining body squeezing it and popping it like a gigantic zit showering itself if blood once again. Beast-Ron reared back and bellowed a victorious roar into the angry mid-day sky as thunder clapped and lightning flashed.

Discarding the head the beast turned back on the building, it's chest puffing out before he let rip with a massive roar causing the air from his mouth to distort from a sonic burst. This followed with a flash of fire and lightning that impacted with the building. The embassy was further set ablaze with explosive results. Beast-Ron slammed his clawed fists down onto the earth causing a fissure to rip open and the ground to tremble violently. The remaining parts of the embassy caved in on itself still burning like a beacon...a testament to the power and the beast unleashed this day.

The five girls could only watch...each of them too frightened to do anything more that stand there and watch in horror as the man they had grown to care deeply for became a true monster and savagely slaughtered and destroyed the Arcadian's and their embassy keep. they had a problem. The reason for Ron's ire was gone...but he was still lost to his dark side and his power. And now...his attention was on them.

The girls stiffened in fear as the nearly eleven foot tall Beast-Ron lumbered towards them. His head tilted slightly as if confused. Getting closer his face was now inches from Kim's, glowing crimson eyes locked with tearful emerald green eyes. Her hair and feathers fluttered a bit as he sniffed her like any other wild beast would to identify another creature.

Monique noticed the wild rage in Ron's eyes was slowly ebbing away as his feral eyes began gaining more of the human-like qualities they were used to seeing. In fact the crimson glow faded into blue before stopping and returning to his usual amber/chocolate brown color eyes. The bloodlust and killing intent filling the air faded with the pressure as his power levels stopped their erratic fluxuations. Ron let out a soft moaning growl as his eyes rolled up and he fell over in a heap, he body slowly reverting back to its Alpha form.

Excess energies still crackled along his muscles and a bit of steam rose off his body, his muscles twitching every now and then from the strain of the de-transformation. His eyes were now closed and he appeared to be in a deep sleep, his breathing steady and even. He was clad in only a pair of slightly shredded pants.

"Th-that was...most disturbing." Yori shuddered with a worried frown as she looked over Ron for any injuries.

Shayla looked at him sadly. "That must be why he refers to himself as a monster...because he turns into that...thing when he can't control his powers."

"When I first met him..." Kim trailed off for a moment. "He told me that...if he loses control of his emotions something terrible happens to him. He said that humans from his world locked him away in a lab...performed torturous experiments on him while they added the blood of other creatures...beasts into his own...using science to fuse them to his blood. It think I now understand...just why he suppresses his emotions like he does. It allows him to keep the beast within asleep."

"I think your right." Monique sighed.

Bonnie nodded. "Indeed, it would seem that a large influx of negative emotions causes his powers to spiral out of control."

"Then we must do what we can to help him." Yori added softly. "He protects us, even when we don't really need it. He's always trying to protect others...but never considers having someone protect him."

"I agree...between the five of us we can help keep any negative emotions away. Though it might be a little hard since he doesn't really open up much." Monique mused.

"He has his reasons." Kim said a bit sourly. "His old life in the other world was anything but nice. But we can try."

Shayla nodded. "He's worth it...even a hero needs someone to protect them when they are vulnerable." She smiled.

"Let's get him back to the palace and away from all of this." Bonnie said and performed a simple levitation spell causing his body to lift up and hover a few feet from the ground.

As the girls began towing him off, the glanced back at the scene once more. They hoped to never see that side of Ron ever just wasn't him. That primal blood lusting beast was nothing like the honorable, strong and sometimes gentle young Mystic they'd grown to care for so much. Though they did silently have to wonder...why did he not attack them? They weren't complaining but in such a feral state of being they had been sure he would have torn into them...instead he almost seemed tame, like he instinctually knew who they were and that they meant him no harm. It was a piece of information they would store away in their minds for later thought.

Oracle's Realm...

Oracle, a massive six winged serpentine dragon that looked to be a mixture of Chinese and European dragons, frowned as it peered through the viewing orb in its home realm. It had witnessed the events that had taken place mere hours before at the Arcadian Embassy...the torture they had tried to inflict on the Guardian. It had watched as Ron began having flashbacks of his previous life's tortures and then blacked out...lost to his own pain and rage.

" seems the Chosen One is beginning to reach the final level of his potential. But that clouds his soul and perverts his power in such a horrible manner."

"The taint...I can sense it desires to be free of the Guardian. Should it escape before the Chosen One can purge it a monster of untold power and evil will be born from it. Then...Ron will have to face yourself...your darkness and the evil lurking in your own heart."

"I only hope you are ready for such a there are many more to come. Embrace the Sacred Element, young Mystic...only that will allow you to embrace your power fully and reach beyond your limits and gain your full potential. Tread carefully, young Mystic...your trials are just beginning." Oracle muttered to itself as it continued to watch Ron's sleeping form in the glowing white orb floating before it.

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