Her Fault

A/N: A drabble strictly from Powerglide's mood. Based on my favorite episode in G1 (or at least one of them). One final warning though, these drabbles are raw, as in no beta. I believe I'm still too new to fanfiction writing to qualify in asking another review simple drabbling. Enjoy.
Rating: G
Summary: Pointing the blame on others is a sign of immaturity…and denial. Obviously no one ever thought to tell Powerglide that.
Disclaimers: Transformers is the property of Hasbro and concept licensed through Takara Co. All original characters however are created by ciscogirl/ciscogoldengirl and protected by copyright laws. This work was created only for enjoyment, not with the goals of credit or monetary gain in any fashion.

He didn't understand her. And at times he didn't want to understand her because if he tried to he was sure he'd just get even more confused then he already was. It was easier at times to simply go with the fact that it was all her fault. All of it, including the part where he kept coming back for more.

One of her favorite pastimes it seemed was to push him into an argument until the both of them were face to face, shouting at each other like enemies. And whenever he knelt so he could look her straight in the eyes he knew he was just letting himself open to an attack but he never cared by that point. She'd then give him a smile in that oh-so-innocent way of hers (like he really believed she was that innocent) and then stand on tip-toe to kiss him right on an optic ridge. And with that one touch he always lost his train of thought, unable to form proper sentences, much less, audible words.

What was worse was that she always seemed to do it where a crowd was sure to form, some already knowing the outcome while others were simply curious about a 'bot arguing with a human female. It never ceased to amuse them to see such a tiny thing get the best over someone like Powerglide with his gung-ho attitude and dare devil stunts. The last time she had done that he had stumbled over his words so badly his vocal synthesizer had actually short circuited.

Later on First Aid had told Powerglide he had never seen Ratchet laugh so hard, and especially over a patient. Even Prowl had later commented with worry on the CMO's laughter…at least until he learned exactly why and then even he had been hard pressed to hold back a smirk at Powerglide's expense. It had taken everything in Powerglide to continue going into the common room with the others holding their throats as if unable to speak. Even now they still did that on occasion if there was nothing better to do.

Again, it was all her fault.

But then there were those other times where he'd just look down at her. Something in his spark would twitch like a bolt of static electricity and he couldn't think of a reason why not. Such instances would be followed by him suddenly diving at her, scooping her up and running to the nearest exit for some stunt flying, enjoying every shriek she emitted along the way. And if there were others who saw he didn't care because…because…

It was her fault! Every single, slagging emotion that made his spark twitch and his fuel pump beat just a bit quicker was all her fault!

Looking despondently at the black sky he sighed, happy for once that he had the midnight patrol. It gave him time to think and feel sorry for himself for having met such a glitch of a human.

He promised himself she'd pay for it on his next day off from duties. Preferably in a quick nose dive twenty thousand feet in the air.