Days Off

A/N: Had the day off from work and after doing a boatload of errands that could only be done on a weekday I retreated to the inner sanctum of my tiny apartment. This would be result. I do want to mention that while this is taking on some sembalance of a plot please don't expect anything far too deep and introspective. Maybe later on I'll revise everything to fit into something a bit cohesive but for now I still like doing drabbles, quick one shots, and the occasional 'huh?!' pieces that makes a reader wonder how much sugar I injested. As such then, go and enjoy and thank you for all the review and favs on this!
Rating: PG
Summary: Powerglide was wondering why he had so many days off all of a sudden.
Disclaimers: Transformers is the property of Hasbro and any canon characters included in this work are not mine. This piece was made only for enjoyment, not for credit or monetary gain.


"Oh come on, it'll be fun."



"Gah! No means no! I've gotta…"

"Do nothing. I know you have the next week off."


A smile was flashed his way, all sweet and innocent. "It's amazing just how nice some of your friends are, especially that red one with the nice smile; Sideswipe."

I have to remember to push him into an incoming missile during the next battle with the Decepti-creeps. "Did he say anything else?" Powerglide muttered. Currently he was sitting on a windowsill that had probably never been intended as a seat for a large mechanical alien. Fortunately it was holding up fairly well and it helped that he could fly so the thirty-two story drop meant nothing to him.

What did mean something to him at the moment was the fact that a small human femme was trying to exploit him. And he was letting her with barely a fight.

"Just that you would love it. But…"

"But what?"

"Well…you remember when those Decept-creeps kidnapped me?"

Powerglide a sound Astoria equated to a snort, his optics narrowing in memory. In hindsight he had to admit that it had been the worst/best day of his life. "How could I forget it?" It was hard to forget a day when his processor had been stalling every other earth-standardized hour because of the antics of one human femme. From that day that on he had become a common presence seen at Hybrid Technologies. One could sometimes see him patrolling the building if only to make sure that all was well before heading off again. Other times he would be walking through the main lobby (which was actually large enough for him to walk through the doors without too much trouble) as he waited for Astoria to finish a meeting before stealing her away for a day of flying. And then there were the other times when he was simply playing Russian roulette with a concrete windowsill, talking with Astoria over all the little details of the day.

Astoria smiled sheepishly at him. "Well, Harrison found out from some contacts that it wasn't just the Decepticons; someone told them about Daddy's formula."

"Who did it?" Powerglide rumbled. Quickly Astoria moved to closer to his side, reaching up to take one of his fisted hands in both of her own. Her smile became spark-clenching gentle and had he been thinking clearly, Powerglide would have run. That smile was worse then when Ratchet successfully managed to corner the Dinobots for their annual checkup. As it was though, all Powerglide was thinking about was seeing just how easy a treacherous human could go 'splat'.

"It's alright Powerglide. Stop planning to maim him; Harrison's already on the job and he even asked Optimus Prime for some help. I think someone named…Prowl?" he nodded slowly and she brightened. "He's helping out in the investigation. But right now I don't need you to go out there with guns blazing and turn the jerk into a grease spot. But it is cute when you get all macho."


She stuck out a tongue at his tone of voice. "I know I know, don't say the 'c' word 'cause you're anything but."

"Right, and don't you forget it." Powerglide sighed and though Astoria couldn't see most of his face she knew he was obviously disappointed at not being able to find the traitor. A thought struck him with the force of a lightning bolt and he grinned behind his mask. He crouched down, slipping his head through the window entirely until his optics were level with his narrowed optics.

"I think I'm getting this now; you're going on some business gig and Prime wanted someone watching you just for safety's sake…" he said slyly and relished the way her smile finally seemed to lose a bit of its strength. Sensing her weakness he went in for the kill. "Astoria, why are you blushing?"

"I am not!" Her hands left his in a flurry and she tried to cover her flushed cheeks, glaring at him even as she did so. They both knew however that he wasn't too impressed by the look though she still tried to ignore how flustered he had gotten her.

"Yes you are! Your neck gets red and you can't even look me in the optic. You asked for me specifically didn't you?" He couldn't help but feel smug; of course she had asked just for him, only he could stand her prolonged amounts of time. Besides, he would have annoyed Prowl into a glitch-fit if he hadn't been picked for this anyway.

"No. Optimus just said that you were the only one available."

"For someone in business you're a horrible liar."

Her organic nose wrinkled minutely in distaste at his statement as she continued to rub her cheeks. "I wasn't exactly thrilled with being tossed into the business world you know so you can't blame me for lying like some sleeze-ball. And if I admit that I did ask for you will you stop looking at me like the cat that ate the entire flock of canaries?"

"I knew it. You did ask for me."

"Yeah. Yeah. Whatever. But I've got some meetings I had Harrison arrange with friends of my father so I also thought it would be nice to have a vacation."

Powerglide quirked an optic ridge. "Correct me if I'm wrong but how is escorting you around supposed to be a vacation? Unless that is you devised all of this up to runaway when Harrison's not looking. That isn't something I wouldn't put past you."

Again there was that damnable smile and he'd rip out his own optics before admitting to it, but she made his spark leap about like that with only a smile. Her tiny hands of flesh and blood reached out again so that fingertips grazed his mask. They were soft, warm, and the flesh had a springy give to it against his metal that was far from unpleasant. He didn't realize he had shuttered his optics until a soft voice made him open them to look her in the eyes.

"It'll be a vacation because you'll be with me Powerglide."

He was doomed. He knew it. And somewhere in the Matrix, Primus himself was laughing his aft off at the fact that one of the loosest Autobots had finally been caught by a tiny organic femme. The fact that she made entire mainframes inexplicably crash (except for his though Ratchet had yet to deduce the explanation despite extensive tests) was energon on the oil cake.

Admitting defeat wasn't always a bad thing though, it sometimes made life easier. "So...where exactly are we going then?"

"What's that?"

"Oh that? That's a replica of the plane flown by the Wright Brothers. Kind of flimsy isn't it?"

"No kidding. And look at the rocket, it's so primitive. How the heck did they even get it off the ground?"

"Lots of fuel and what they call 'dumb luck'."


"Look here, they've made a new exhibit about us."

"Really? Hand it over!"

"Hey Slingshot wait your turn!"

"Aww come on Fireflight, I wanna see!"

"Look at the others, there's a bunch of them." Silverbolt cut in before a two-way Aerialbot pile could occur, waving a hand to the pile of small pictures already on the table, compliments of Powerglide's trip in escorting Astoria around her nation's capital. As far as cities went it was quite pretty though with all of the political figures sizing them up Powerglide had been glad to get Astoria out of the city again. Had it been his idea he had would have left a day or so earlier but Astoria had been immersed in some heavy duty discussions not only with some large stockholders of the company but also with foreign dignitaries and a few senators to boot. She still had yet to give the reason for so many meetings and whenever he had asked her about it she had just given him a wink and smile.

Slingshot shot Fireflight a dirty look but didn't push it. "Fine." Grumbling at how unfair his life was, he skimmed through the pile before stopping at one, almost hidden from view. Looking up at Powerglide he grinned, watching as the red minibot regaled the others on the trip to the great capital city and the museums; complete with 'bot-sized doors. That fact alone was giving many ideas of traveling to the city and seeing some of the sights when next on leave. "Oh Powerglide…" Slingshot cut in, waving the photo pinched between his fingers.

Powerglide turned around, quirking an optic ridge as he did so. "Yeah?"

"Where was this taken?" He flipped it around, showing everyone the picture in question. For a moment there was only the sound of mechs focusing on the tiny photograph though silence didn't last too long however.

"Hah! Nice going Powerglide!" Jazz said over the catcalls and whistles in the rec room while Slingshot's grin just got bigger and bigger.

Astoria had most likely given the camera to a passerby before she had tackled the unsuspecting Powerglide, somehow having made him topple into a wading pool and sitting on his chest with a smug grin in jeans and a red tee shirt. But what was the most interesting was the fact that he didn't have his mask, thus making his frown completely visible though it wasn't very threatening with his blushing optics.

"And here I thought the short circuit in the vocal synthesizer was bad. You really are pathetic." Sunstreaker sneered however it was ignored by Powerglide.

"Give. That. Back. Now." Powerglide snarled at Slingshot.

"I don't think so 'Glide. Blackmail this good only comes once a lifetime! I'm thinking high-grade for the next year. I never knew how bad you had it for that human."


The Aerialbot was too lost in his teasing to take much notice of Powerglide's tone. "I mean come on, since when have you ever taken off that mask of yours? You won't even let Ratchet take it off and he's the medic." A quiver ran through Powerglide's body, his hands clenched tightly at his sides. Some of the others at the table quietly reached out to get energon cubes out of harm's way. "But I bet all she had to do was kiss you again and you were down for the count!" the lounge filled with laughter as Slingshot made the motions of an exaggerated kiss.

Finally Powerglide spoke—or rather bellowed—as he lunged for Slingshot's throat.

"I'm gonna rip out every one of your relays until not even Ratchet can figure out how to put you back together again!" Everyone would later claim that they had never seen Slingshot move that fast before with Powerglide hot on his thrusters, still bellowing about how painful Slingshot would be deactivated.

"Make sure to get some copies of that!" Sideswipe shouted after the Aerialbot. Sunstreaker smirked before holding up several thin black strips causing Sideswipe's grin to widen impossibly.

"Never mind, we've got the negatives!"