A Million and One Ways to Tick off Bloom

Yet another sign of boredom from Chibi Horsewoman

Summary: Exactly like the title says… except if we exceed a million and one I'm not going to complain. These are just suggestions on how to annoy Bloom. (Blodwyn if you watch the Welsh dub) I hope you like them

Disclaimer: One of the sure signs that you are indeed an obnoxious person is when you are tempted to throw yourself in front of a train for talking out loud.

Dedication: Anyone who really dislikes Bloom

Chapter One: Suggestions One through twelve

1.) Call Bloom up and tell her that you have Kiko hostage. Tell her that the only way she can get the bunny back is to denounce Alfea and attend Cloud Tower.

2.) Tell her that Sky is your boyfriend now. Then ask her if she and Diaspro are going to start a support group to get over him.

3.) Go up to Bloom and stare at her for a good five minutes. When she asks you why you're staring at her, freak out and start calling her a stalker.

4.) Hang around and ask Bloom every two minutes what it's like to be the princess of a dead frozen planet.

5.) Tell her that since her planet is named Domino and your cat is also named Domino she owes you royalties. (This only works for the Italian version, but who cares?)

6.) Go up to Bloom and start walking around going 'Hmm, I just don't get it. This is so confusing.' When she asks you what you're confused about say. "This is just odd, I thought princesses were supposed to be pretty."

7.) Take a good look at her hair then offer to help sue her stylist.

8.) Just flirt with Sky constantly in her presence. Yes it may churn your stomach, but it will definitely piss Bloom off.

9.) Take a good long look at her clothes then offer to find her a better personal shopper and burn that crap she's wearing now

10.) Give her a recipe book filled with methods on how to cook a rabbit

11.) Tell Bloom that the real reason Daphne shoved her into that fire is because she didn't like Bloom and thought that a four alarm fire was the perfect way to get rid of a pest like her.

12.) Make up some fake execution papers and hand them to her. Say that they're from Eraklion and have been issued by the King and Queen because she interfered with Royal business.

Down for the count

That girl is so homely, her mom had to tie a steak around her neck just so the dog would play with her.

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