A Million and One Ways to Tick off Bloom

Yet another sign of boredom from Chibi Horsewoman

Summary: Exactly like the title says… except if we exceed a million and one I'm not going to complain. These are just suggestions on how to annoy Bloom. (Blodwyn if you watch the Welsh dub) I hope you like them

Disclaimer: Everyone is entitled to my opinion.

Dedication: Anyone who really dislikes Bloom and some of my reviewers for suggestions.

Chapter 10: Suggestions 155-

155.) Duct tape a few of Bloom's rabid fans to her. Bloom's regular fans are fine, a few of them have contributed or at least reviewed this story and a few others where I shamelessly bash Bloom. But her rabid fans are bloody insane! It's a cartoon people!

156.) Make her listen to the English 3D movie narrator's voice on repeat.

157.) Make her listen to the Chipmunk dance on eternal repeat.

158.) Write a badly written fanfic where you make her pregnant and give her bad morning sickness. Then go read it to her.

159.) Tell her that she must have some serious self esteem issues to agree to not only get engaged to, but marry a guy who was lying to her for the entire beginning of their relationship. If she starts pointing out that he never even agreed to the betrothal, shrug and say 'Hey I guess money does change everything.'

160.) Drawing from #159 Tell Bloom she must be desperate if she's actually marrying a guy who tried to kill her and her friends.

161.) Go up to her and yell 'I don't believe in fairies!' Then get really upset when she doesn't fall down dead.

And now some words from my sponsors (reviewers)

Rogue Scholar:

162.) Burn that overgrown Venus flytrap of Flora's and leave a note saying: I'm sick of that weed eating my rabbit. Bloom. Grab some popcorn and watch Flora beat Bloom stupid.

163.) Send her on a Snipe hunt. Then arrange for said Snipe to show up in Diaspro's grounds. (Again, bring popcorn)

164.) When she's powered up during class at Alfea, douse her with a fire extinguisher. (Public humiliation bonus if Sky is present)

Kikurukina Bal Des'cagel

165.) Ask if you could use her to flag down aircraft since her hair is so bright (AN: You can even do it like Santa Clause in Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer. Just go up to her and say: Bloom with your hair so bright, can you bring in some 747's tonight?)


166.) Send Bloom to a parallel universe where the Trix rule and she's Icy's personal slave.

167.) Tell Bloom the animation inkers, and writers messed up. The Great Dragon was blue and it's supposed to be Ice fire that is meant to be for Icy.
168.) Tell Bloom the only reason she's even a fairy and lived through the stuff on Domino is cause her parents pitied her for she really is the ugly child and they thought maybe through magic and living on earth somehow she'd go through a great transformation and no longer be ugly.

169.) She only has the friends she has 'cause they all lost the biggest bet they've ever made. Losers had to befriend a stupid earth kid and convince she's a fairy.

Dancing Writer 4Ever

170.) Tell everyone Bloom paid sky to be her boyfriend. (AN: I knew she had low standards!)

171.) Then tell everyone Bloom threatened sky to propose to her. (AN: Not just low standards but crazy as well, tsk)

Musa Lover

172.) Tell her "No wonder Daphne chucked her into the fire, 'cause who would want a sister hat makes even Sky cry. (If you don't get it, it's because he's so damn ugly, almost as ugly as her!)

And now back to the show

173.) Tell Bloom that Jem from Jem and the Holograms called and she wants her original girl band idea back (AN: Okay most of you are probably confused by the 80's cartoon reference. Go on Youtube and check it out)

174.) Somehow sneak into Alfea or the palace in Domino and do anything that's been mentioned here so far.

175.) When Bloom and her friends are all at the Frutti Music Bar get up on stage with some of your friends (Like say Mitzi and her cronies or some reviewers of this story) and start belting out 'Only Prettier' by Miranda Lambert. (Bonus if during the chorus you get in Bloom's face and sing it loud- We're just like you, only prettier!)

176.) Go up to Bloom and casually mention that your fiancé (Or husband or boyfriend) is on the creative design team for the next Winx Club video game for part of his course program and you found out that in the new game they kill her off. (AN: Total lie, but she doesn't need to know that)

Okay show is over.

I know it's short notice, but I want to do a Halloween themed chapter for this story and I need help. Suggestions appreciated.