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Brothers in arms - Chapter 1

Rain whipped against the windshield as the Winchester brothers drove through the midwestern landscape. They had been driving for hours and Dean was starting to look forward to getting to a motel to get a few hours of well needed rest before they were on their way again. This time their destination was Hutchinson Nebraska.

Three people had died an unexplainable death and their bodies had been found out burried in the cornfields. At the first look it appeared as this was the work of a serial killer but after doing the autopsies it showed that their hearts had been ripped out from their bodies in a brutal way and that without even a scar on their body. This could be a rite from a satanic cult but the brothers feared it was more sinister than this. It could be the work of an evil spirit or even a demon. Whatever it was the men were inclined to find out what it was and this was the reason why they were on the road past midnight.

Taking a quick glance at his little brother he saw that Sam had finally fallen asleep. He had been very quiet through out the evening and Dean suspected that the exhaustion they felt after the previous case had finally taken up on the young man. Sam had, as always, claimed that he was fine, just a bit tired and then he had leaned his head against the window just staring out into the darkness.

Dean didn't believe it one bit. The pale feature and the dark circles under his brothers eyes told him Sam needed a break and the way he held his arms wrapped around his body he guessed that he was cold despite the heater that was turned up to the max.

A small moan could be heard from his brother's side, which had Dean slowing down the car for a moment. The younger man moved restlessly in his sleep, sweat beaded on his forehead. Dean had seen this many times before, too many for him to count, and he guessed that Sam was in the claws of another grueling nightmare that would wake him up shaking with discomfort. There had been a lot of these nightmares lately and even if Dean suspected that it had something to do with Jessica he never got Sam to confirm it. Instead his little brother always joked it away or tried to change subject. Dean knew about those nights where nightmares were threatening to break his brother into pieces, he knew about those times when Sam would wake up wet from sweat, shivering and then unable to go to sleep again. Yet he couldn't find a way to confront the younger mans secret.

Letting out a frustrated sigh Dean could feel the fatigue starting to catch up with him and there was also the desperate need to stretch his legs. The Impala was not that big and sometimes he wondered how Sam could manage to sit hours and hours without getting a proper rest. Just when he feared that they would have to drive all night, since there hadn't been a motel sign for miles, he saw a sign that told him that there would be a motel three miles ahead.

Finally, not a minute too late.

The motel was small and looked as if it had seen better days. Dean had no idea where he was, except that he was somewhere in the rural of Kansas yet he didn't care. As long as the room provided a bed and a shower he was satisfied. Parking the car on an available spot Dean walked inside the sleazy motel.

If the outside looked bad it was nothing compared to the inside. A small electric light shone over a counter where a blonde woman - that looked like she'd seen better days - sat painting her toenails red. Cotton balls between her toes, chewing gum and headphones on her ears.

Dean cleared his voice; rough from not talking for so long since Sam hadn't been much company ever since they left Oklahoma. "Uh excuse me but I saw that there was available rooms…"

The woman made no sign of seeing that he was talking to her and it wasn't before Dean leaned over at the counter shouting "Hey!" that the woman acknowledged him.

Her first impression was to be pissed but then she changed her features as she was taking in Dean, drinking in his appearance.

"Hey there Hon," a smile lit up her red lips and Dean could see that a bit of lipstick color her front teeth. He backed away involuntary.

"I'm sorry to bother you but I saw that you had a vacancy sign up. Do you have any rooms?"

The woman, still smiling moved towards him. A hand touched his shoulder and she stroked him in a slow move. "My my what do we have here?" She leaned her mouth as close to his face as Dean felt trapped and made a move to get out of the place. "For handsome men like you we've always got rooms available." He could feel her hand move over his chest.

'Fuck it,' Dean thought, panic in his heart 'I ain't stayin' here'.

Then he remembered his little brother who was sleeping in the car. Sam really needed to be able to rest on a bed and this thought made him swallow down any sort of rude comment that was threatening to come over his lips.

"That's good. I want a double then."

The woman moved away her hand as if she'd been burned and Dean grinned.

"I see what I can do." Suddenly she didn't seem all that interested and as she handled him a sign in form she asked, "So where is Mrs. Blake then or should I say Miss?"

"Mrs.? Miss?" Dean frowned. Then he realized that the woman was upset because she thought he was bringing a girl over to the motel. "Oh," he said, "It's not a she, it's a he." He could've bit off his tongue when it dawned upon him what it sounded like. The woman's expression told him a lot of things too. "It's my brother. My younger brother," Dean clarified as he handed back the sign in form.

"Whatever," the woman muttered as she handed him the key. "Just keep it quiet. We don't want the cops to come over here you know." With that she sat down on her chair, put her foot up and continued to paint her toenails as if nothing had happened. She had obviously lost her interest on him.

Dean mumbled a thank you before he was out of the door.

Once he was back at the Impala he found that his little brother was still asleep. Drool ran down his left cheek, which had Dean wincing in disgust. Sam always claimed that he never drooled but he had been witnessed to it way too many times and one day when he wasn't as tired as hell he would take a pic of the drool and prove to his little brother that he was right as always. But this was not the time.

He shook his little brother a couple of times before hitting him on the head. "Hey wake up lazy ass." Dean was too tired to be gentle and all he wanted was to crawl back into a warm bed, and sleep the night away.

"Ugh…what did you do that for?" Sam complained as he rubbed the sore spot on his head where Dean's knuckles had hit him.

"You were drooling on my car," Dean grinned as he took in Sam's confused expression. "Seriously we're at a motel and you gotta get your ass up so I can get the bags from the backseat."

Sam made no move. "Get them from your side," he mumbled as he shut his eyes, leaning his head against the headrest.

Dean frowned. This wasn't like his little brother to act this lethargic. "Didn't you hear what I said?" he asked as he shook Sam's shoulder a bit rough. "I've got us a room after encountering a real bitch and now we gotta get your ass to bed. So move."

The younger hunter opened one eye. "I'm so tired that I don't think I can move an inch." He groaned as he rubbed the back of his neck, trying to work out the kinks that his uncomfortable sleeping position left him with. "Ouch my back hurts."

"You're such a wuss," Dean said with a grin but he couldn't help to feel a bit concerned. Sam wasn't normally the one to complain.

"I'm not. You try sitting here in this cramped up space,not being able to move for hours and see how you feel." His brother rubbed his back with his hand as if it really hurt.

"For your information I'm the one driving this beauty." Dean glared at his brother. "and there is nothing wrong with this car. It's you that acts like a grouch." All he got back was a "yeah, yeah," that told him that it was the end of the conversation. With a sigh he tried to host Sam out of the car. "Come on Sammy, we can't sit out here all night." Moving Sam didn't prove to be an easy task especially since the 22 year old was so much taller than he was and he felt as heavy as a bag of bricks.

His little brother most have realized that he couldn't lean on Dean since he did his best to try and stand, failing miserably and then swaying a bit. The older man steadied him against the car door. "Stand still while I get the bags out of the car," he ordered.

Sam, still with his eyes closed, said nothing and waited while Dean got the bags out of the car. "Man these are heavy," he muttered. "What do you got in yours? A dead body?"

"You wish," Sam mumbled. The cold air seemed to have woken him up a bit and the rain drizzle made him scrunch up his face. "Oh god it's cold out here." He wrapped his jacket closer to his body as a shiver ran through his back.

"Yeah and it's raining too." Dean muttered. "When you're done moping, you can get your bag. I'm going inside." He gestured towards the sports bag before heading towards the motel. Sam, still woozy from the sleep, blinked several times before shouldering his bag, trudging after his big brother.

Mold and damp hit them in the face as they walked into the small room. With a sigh Dean sank down on the first bed. "Man, I'm totally zonked." Kicking off his shoes he picked up the remote controller, turning down the TV. The picture however proved to be so bad that one could barely figure out what the show was all about so he turned it off.

"Fuck!" This was really a low place.

Sam had disappeared into the bathroom and he all he could do was waiting for him to be done. Dean looked at the bathroom door with concern. Something was off with his brother but he didn't know what. Sam hadn't been all that talkative this evening which had him guessing that something was bothering him. The fact that he looked as pale as a ghost didn't help things either.

Suddenly the sound from a toilet flushing broke his train of thoughts and soon Sam appeared in the door opening. He rubbed his eyes tiredly before crawling under the covers. "G'night."

"'Night." Standing up Dean opted to grab the towel and get a quick shower but taking one look at his watch he saw that it was over two o clock and he decided that he could take that shower in the morning. A quick brush of his teeth before he was set to bed was all he could handle right now. They had to be on the road early and he needed all the z's he could get.