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Chapter 7

Dean had no idea how much time had passed before he heard the sirens of the ambulance; the door opened and two paramedics burst inside, carrying a stretcher. Ever since Sam's last seizure he hadn't moved from his side and he'd been holding Sam's sweaty and warm hand in a feverish grip, not wanting to let go. With silent prayer Dean hoped that his brother would hold on and at the same time he'd been cursing himself for not noticing the signs of meningitis earlier. Mr. and Mrs. Larkin had been by his side on and off but he had really not taken any notice; being much too busy to calm down his feverish brother who moved restlessly in bed.

"That's it son, we'll take over from here," the older of the two paramedics said as they moved swiftly over to Sam's side and took a quick access of the situation. Dean, reluctant to let go of his tight grip on his brother's hand, felt a pat on his shoulder.

"Come on Dean, let the paramedics to their job," Mrs. Larkin said and with a sigh he moved out of the way so the two men could work on his brother. But not too far away in case Sam would call out for him.

The situation felt surreal and when the paramedics started to ask him questions about his brothers health Dean found himself going in autopilot. They asked about symptoms, when they first occurred and the more he answered the more he condemed himself for not noticing anything earlier on. He'd just thought that Sam had been tired from not sleeping and having nightmares and now he felt bad for not taking notice how sick his little brother must have felt.

"Has he been experiencing any back or neck pain?" the older man asked as he felt gently on Sam's neck only to notice the young hunter moving with discomfort.

Dean nodded. "Yeah, I think he said that his neck hurt, but he complained more about having a headache and feeling sick."

The other paramedic, the younger of the two, nodded and then picked up a syringe. "I'm going to set up an IV since the patient is dehydrated."

"Sam, his name is Sam," Dean mumbled, "and he's my brother."

"Sam what more than Sam?" the paramedics asked as they pushed the stretcher out to the waiting ambulance.

Dean hesistated. Crap. Was he going to reveal his own identity risking that Sam would be rejected since they had no insurance or would they go with the name they used for the moment? Noticing that they were all waiting for an answer he muttered, " Can you please hurry up. Can't you see that the guy is in pain?"

At that moment Sam moved restlessly on the stretcher letting out a low moan. That did it. The older paramedic decided. "All right we will take your brother in to the hospital but you will have to follow and do some paperwork. Okay?"

"Sure." Dean swallowed as they closed the door and the ambulance moved away. He didn't waste any minutes before he headed off to the Impala, ready to follow the ambulance.

"Dean?" Mrs. Larkin said as she opened the passanger door. "I will come with you. Make sure that you are okay."

The fog that seemed to have clouded his brain for the past hour lightened and Dean had to hide his annoyance that the woman didn't seem to get out of his hair. It wasn't that he disliked her, it was more that he wasn't used to having anyone else hanging around when it came to personal matters. Their dad had mostly been invisible during past years and Dean was used to taking care of crisis by himself. Not having to share his feelings with anyone else.

"Thank's. But I think I'll be fine." He started the car, hoping that she would take the hint and get out of the car but the middleaged woman was hard to get rid of.

"Honey I know that you are upset and worried over your brother and I don't think you should go to the hospital by yourself." As Dean opened his mouth to object she hushed him up. " Before you say no I think you would benefit that you had a local to come along with you." She looked at him, searchingly. "You know to vouch for that you are who you say that you are Mr. Green?" She hesitated as she said the last name and Dean bit his lip. Hard.

Crap. He could see in her eyes that she had seen through him and that their name was not Green. Grateful that she hadn't yet called him on it he nodded. "All right, come on then. But we better jet out of here fast." With that he put his foot on the pedal and speeded away, hoping to catch up with the ambulance.

As they arrived at the small county hospital Dean saw that Sam had already been whisked away inside. The ambulance being empty. With fast steps he ran inside the ER entrance and to the information desk. "Were did the guy go that was brought in here a few minutes ago? The dark haired guy on the stretcher? Dean found his tone being highpitched from impatience and if Sam had heard him he would have teased him for being a girl, even if that was usually Dean's own words.

The middleaged nurse looked at him with a sour face and then informed him that she wasn't allowed to give away any confidential information and it didn't help much that Dean stated that Sam was his brother.

The older hunter fought with his emotions but it proved to be to no use.

"Oh come on!" He yelled. "This can't be that big of a hospital that you didn't notice a guy coming in on a stretcher!"

The nurse pursed her lips and she was about to press the security button when Mrs. Larkin suddenly came up beside him.

"Doris, what seem to be the problem?"

"Oh Kathy!" The nurse changed her posture at once. "I didn't see you coming…this man is trying to get information and…." She didn't get to finish her sentence before she was being interrupted.

"Don't worry, he is with me." The words said everything.

"Oh." The nurse chin fell and Dean watched in amazement how the situation changed .

"Yes, he is a guest of mine and his brother; Sam got sick and was brought in her with the ambulance minutes ago. You know anything about this?"

Dean had no idea how this woman seemed to get most of the information out of everyone yet he didn't care as long as he got to be with his brother. To his relief he found the nurse looking through her papers and then she said, "Yes there has been a young patient called Sam wheeled in her recently. He is in room 3A and is being intended by the doctor in charge, Doctor Clarke."

"Well thank you," Mrs Larkin said with a smile but Dean didn't waste any time and he more or less ran towards the room. Knocking hastily, he pulled the door open only to see that Sam was indeed tended to by a doctor and a nurse.

"Excuse me young man," the middle aged doctor said as he turned around. "This room is private."

"Private my ass," Dean spat. "That's my brother," he pointed at Sam who lay shivering on the examination bed. "His name's Sam."

The Doctor, not liking to be disturbed during an examination, started to move towards the hunter. "You better leave before I call security." He started to push Dean towards the door but the younger man refused to leave.

"Didn't you hear..that's my brother."

At that moment a weak moan sounded through the room. "Dean?"

"Yes Sammy, yes it's me." Upon hearing his little brothers weak voice Dean ignored the doctors attempt to get him to leave and instead hunched down beside the sick man. The doctor and the nurse had left the room, no doubt getting security and he guessed that next time the door opened goons would take him with them, yet he didn't care. It was his little brother and he had every right to be with him. Besides this time he wouldn't leave him without a fight. No way!

Sam looked confused. p

"Where am I?" The voice was weak, barely audible.

"You're at a hospital,buddy…you got sick!" The tone was gentle, soothing.

Sam licked his parched lips, his glassy eyes searching Dean's. "You won't leave me again, will you?"

The words felt like a knife wound and Dean flinched at the pain it inflicted in his soul. Grabbing his little brother's sweaty hot hand he held it tight. "Don't worry Sammy, I won't go. I won't leave you."

Sam, struggling to holding his eyes open peered at him, "Promise?"

"Yeah bro, I promise." Dean grinned but the smile didn't reach his eyes. "Now try to rest." He stroke the sweaty bangs away from his brothers face, alarmed over the heat radiating from his body. To his relief Sam closed his eyes and seemed to drift off to a fevered sleep once again.

As the door opened Dean prepared himself for a fight but found to his surprise Mrs. Larkin was standing there, the doctor and nurse by her side. She winked and once again he felt confused over the way this woman, a bartender from nowhere, seemed to know everyone and how she seemed to be there with a helping hand.

The doctor looked at him; sternly. "Kathy told me that you two were her guests and so then I guess it's okay for you to be by your brother's side." There were a pause as the doctor boomed. "But don't you dare pull a stunt like that on me again, young man." The tone held a warning.

Surprised over how the situation changed once again Dean nodded. "I hear ya."

Sam's examination took long enough and throughout the procedure Sam seemed to be in extreme discomfort. He was moving in and out of consciousness and when he was awake he moaned that his head and neck hurts. The light bothered him too. Mrs. Larkin had left the room after a while and Dean had stayed by Sam's side all the time. He'd watched the examination in silence but when the doctor seemed to be finished and was scribbling something down on a pad he couldn't hold his mouth shut any more. "What's wrong with Sam? Will he be okay?"

The doctor looked up briefly, peering through his glasses. "I won't go around the bush mister? " When Dean failed to answer he went on, "Dean it was right?" The hunter nodded, waiting for the doctor to go on. "Your brother is very sick and I can't say an diagnosis without having to perform some tests first and then…"

Dean, patience never being his strong side, cut him short.

"So it doesn't have to be meningitis then?" He really had to know.

The doctor sighed heavily, running his hand through his hair in a tired gesture. "Like I said before Mr …Dean first I have to do the tests and then…"

Once again Dean broke the doctor off. "What kind of tests?" His brother hated all kinds of medical exercises and he thought it wouldn't be more than fare if he asked for Sammy even if he had no saying if the tests should be done or not. Besides patience had never been his strong side. Neither was waiting for his turn.

"We will take blood tests and then do an cat scan on his brain to rule out any head damages but first of all we will do a spinal tap.."

"Spinal tap?" Dean had heard about those nasty tests. "Isn't that the test where you stick a long freaking needle into the back and then suck bone marrow for all of it's worth? " He winched, making a face. "And it hurts like a bitch!."

The doctor looked at him. Annoyed. "First of all I want to inform you that this is not an bone marrow test and that spinal tap or lumbar test as it's also called is a procedure that evaluate the cerebrospinal fluid that is surrounding the brain and spinal cord. This is a very necessary test to perform and I assure you that this test won't take too long and the procedure won't be all that painful either.

'Yeah sure,' He'd heard others talking about this kind of test and according to them it hurt like hell. "Will there be any side effects?" To his dismay he was told that a severe headache as well as nausea was to be expected.

The doctor made an attempt to leave the room when Dean stopped him. "Wait up doc. Will he be all right? I mean what will you do if it is meningitis?" He hated to ask those kinds of questions, yet he had to know how bad off Sam really was. If he could die!

For the first time ever since the hunter burst into the room there were compassion in the doctors eyes. "I know that you care for your brother and IF the tests would be positive for meningitis we will deal with it then…" He looked at Dean who looked both tired and weary. "I suggest that you take some rest while we perform the tests and then you can be by your brother side when he wakes up."

Upon hearing these words Dean nearly freaked out. There were no way in hell he would let his little brother go through getting a needle stuck in his back without him being there, comforting him. Even if that meant him passing out since Sam wasn't the only one who hated needles.

"I won't leave him." Dean's voice was firm.

"I can understand your concern but I promise that you will be with your brother the first time…." The doctor had only started to talk when Dean cut him off. He was being good at those things.

"I said; I will stay by his side." Dean gave the doctor a stern glare. "I promised my brother that I wouldn't leave him and then I won't!"

The doctor seemed to sense the seriousness behind the hunters words and he nodded solemnly. "All right, I see that you will be there during the lumbar procedure." The words were short and there was almost an defeated tone in his voice.

Okay." Dean stood up. "I just have to go and take care of some papers."

"No need," the doctor said as he prepared to wheel Sam inside the surgery room. "Kathy..I mean Mrs. Larkin has taken care of the paper work already."

"Huh?" Dean looked confused. How could this woman do such a thing? He didn't have time to ask before Doctor Clarke said, "Follow Nurse Patterson and she will help you with a surgical gown." With that the doctor left the room.

As Dean walked outside he saw Mrs. Larkin sitting on a chair outside the room, reading in some magazines and she smiled gently at him as he came out. "How is Sam doing?" she asked as she put down the magazine.

"Not so good." Dean looked down. It was something strange with this woman but he couldn't pin point it down. It almost seemed as she was too good, too nice and gentle to be true. Why was she taking care of him and their papers and helping them out all the time? Dean had no recollection of ever meeting this woman before and he was startled by the friendliness she showed to him. Especially since he wasn't exactly use meeting people that helped others out. He was more used to evil.

"Oh Dean I'm sorry to hear that." The woman's warm eyes looked at him. "Is there anything I can do?"

"No." He shook his head. "You've done enough already, thank you." He smiled gratefully at her. "Now if you excuse me I will have to follow the nurse to get a surgical robe since I have promised my brother to be by his side when he does the lumbar puncture." He shivered invouluntary... man that sounded nasty.

"Very well Dean," Mrs Larkin said. "I'll be waiting for you here then. Good luck." With those words the woman picked up the magazine again and continued reading.

Dean on the other hand had his eyes set on following the nurse and he jogged by her side as she walked with fast steps towards the surgical department.

"How well do you know Mrs. Larkin?" Dean asked as he jogged along.

The nurse seemed reluctant to answer. "Why?" she wanted to know when he pressed on.

"Oh I don't know," Dean chit chatted, "she just seems to know everyone."

"Well maybe she does." Nurse Patterson stopped in front of a room and then stepped inside. Picking up the surgical clothes she handed them to him but not before uttering the words that had Dean jerk back. "But don't let her fool you by her actions. She isn't all as she seems." With those words the nurse left the room, leaving a confused Dean pondering the words long after she was gone.