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-Ten-Faced Paladin

Ancient Memories By Ten-Faced Paladin Chapter 1: Mars Meets AncientGreymon

It was total chaos. AncientGreymon allowed himself a moment to breath as he saw saw AncientTroiamon and AncientMermaimon distract Lucemon. All AncientGreymon could think about right now was how it had all come to this.

The digital world had been a world of chaos once. Back when he was a rookie on the continent of flame, the human/beast war was in full swing. There were battles breaking out everywhere. AncientGreymon was just an Agumon then. He had seen too many of those battles for his personal tastes. When he witnessed enough, he swore that when the war ended, he would ensure that it wouldn't happen again. By himself if he needed to.

It was a true blessing when Lucemon appeared and put an end to the fighting. AncientGreymon was truly happy when it did. No more lives would be lost with just over a squabble between different forms. This time of peace really allowed AncientGreymon to explore his world. He was newly digivolved then and no one was sure about it. They hadn't seen a Digimon like him before so he set out to try and find out if there were others like him. And found one, he did.

AncientGarurumon was a silent fellow. He was also very honorable and was also protective of his home on the continent of light. The people looked up to him and when they found that AncientGreymon and him were alike, they started looking up to the red dragon as well. AncientGreymon had stayed there for a while and enjoyed the peace. AncientGarurumon seemed ready to fight at a moments notice. He didn't trust Lucemon and his new rule over the digital world. He called it 'too perfect'. AncientGreymon just laughed and called him paranoid. The two had just defeated a horrible Digimon called Onismon at the time so AncientGreymon just wanted some time for peace to reign over the digital world for a change.

It soon turned out that the paranoia his friend showed was actually well founded. Lucemon had quickly grown corrupted and began exploiting his power. Enforcing an iron fist of rule over the other Digimon that served him. When he sent minions to take over the continent of light completely, AncientGreymon and AncientGarurumon fought back. They had won before the sun set.

Now knowing that Lucemon was truly gone in spirit, AncientGreymon and AncientGarurumon set out to find others who could help them defeat him and restore order to the digital world as it was meant to be. They knew that by themselves that they wouldn't be able to defeat him. One by one, they found warriors on each of the ten continents. AncientTroiamon, AncientMermaimon, AncientVolcamon, AncientIrismon, AncientWisemon, AncientBeetmon, AncientSphinxmon, and AncientMegatheriumon. Each of them personified the nature of their homes and each of them were willing to help bring down Lucemon once and for all.

That brought AncientGreymon back to the present. With the blindly loyal royal knights gone or come to their senses, the rest of the Ancient Warriors could concentrate on Lucemon himself. The child-like self proclaimed 'emperor' was fighting wildly against AncientMegatheriumon, having thrown the warriors of wood and water back. AncientGreymon began wondering when AncientGarurumon and AncientSphinxmon would activate their little plot. They said it had something to do with the Dark Star and the Silver Star that hung over Lucemon's palace.

Returning to the battle, AncientGreymon lunged forward with a beastly roar befitting his dragon-like appearance and attacked.

"Gaia Tornado!" he roared as he launched an intense stream of fire at Lucemon.

Lucemon watched the attack come and smirked, "Foolish warrior. You cannot defeat me. I am all-powerful!"

He held out his hands and the blast seemed to hit an invisible wall. AncientGreymon growled as he kept surging forward. He rammed his body against the small Digimon with all his might. Lucemon buckled slightly under the impact but continued with his superior smirk.

"Why do you think you can beat me?" a Lucemon asked, slightly bored. "I am the true master of this world. It is my right!"

"You lost that privelege when you began exploiting your power!" AncientGreymon bellowed as he pressed harder, trying to knock Lucemon off balance. "You brought this on yourself!"

Lucemon began to grimace as AncientGreymon continued the pressure. Soon, AncientMegitherumon and AncientTroiamon leaped into the fray with the other warriors following them. AncientSphinxmon and AncientGarurumon were still MIA. Lucemon growled and was slowly being forced to his knees by the eight warriors.

"You think you can force me to my knees?" he growled. "I bow to NO ONE!"

With a sheer blast of force, the eight warriors were scattered to all sides. Lucemon was breathing heavily while the eight warriors were struggling to get up.

"It seems that you have some slight skill," Lucemon chickled. "It is a shame that you will not be my new royal knights."

"We would never serve someone as corrupted as thee!" AncientWisemon shouted.

"A pity then," Lucemon sighed. "Such power as yours being in the hands of fools like you. I shall just have to eliminate you eight and the remaining two immediately. Final Sacrifice!"

Two large orbs appeared in Lucemon's hands. One was the brightest light that had ever been witnessed by the warriors. The other was the deepest darkness that could ever be imagained. Lucemon smiled crazily as he anticipated his victory.

"Good bye Ancient Warriors," he chuckled in preparation to attack.

"Now!" a voice cried.

Hidden in the ruins of what was once Lucemon's castle, two beacons of darkness and light fired out of the ground and up into the sky. In that endless night sky two stars shone brighter than any of the others. A star of purple lighht and another of silver light. The two streams of energy collided with the two stars and the entire world seemed to become shades of black and light. The only color that could be seen were the glowing lights coming from the chests of the Ancient Warriors. From the source of the beacons, AncientGarurumon and AncientSphinxmon could be seen at the source of their respective beacons. They were slowly moving the two stars closer to each other.

"Everyone!" AncientGarurumon cried. "Combine your power with the stars! We have to combine our elements!"

The warriors understood as they pooled their energy reserves, the light coming from them growing stronger as they did so. With a mighty cry, they all shot their light into the sky straight at the two stars as they combined. The result was a massive pillar of silver light that engulfed the area of Lucemon's castle. Red rips in the dark sky appeared just above where the stars had combined. Massive earthquakes ripped through the ground as the warriors felt a massive pull on their bodies. One by one they were yanked into the light. Lucemon stood his ground, and was feeling a pressure on his body. He opened his eyes and found a black substance of some sort was encircling him. He fought it with all his might but he was engulfed by it as the soil swallowed him, sending him to the centre of the digital world. When the light had stopped, a new mountain had risen which would be one day made into a home for Cherubimon. At the base of the mountain, were twenty small idols, each of them depicting either a human or a beast. The battle was over, the Ancient Warriors had rid the world of Lucemon at the cost of their own lives.

At least, that's what it appeared to look like...


AncientGreymon opened his eyes slowly. He felt like he had been sent through a real ringer of fighting machines. That or ate that Deramon guy's awful cooking for two nights in a row.

He stood up on his four legs and scanned the view around him. The earth was red and rocky. No plants in sight. He thought he was still on the continent of darkness for a moment before he dismissed that thought. He looked into the sky and found that not only could he see the sky, but that the three moons were gone as well. Wherever he was, it surely wasn't the digital world. Shaking the fog from his head, he decided to carefully consider his next move.

"I'll go this way," he muttered to himself while looking to a light on the horizon. "Food might be that way anyway."

So, with that goal in mind, he started his trek. He could have easily have flown but he didn't know anything about this place and the natives might freak if they saw a dragon flying in the sky. As he walked he noticed a few more celestial bodies in the air. The constellations he knew weren't there and he could actually see another planet with a moon in the sky. Deciding to keep his head out of the clouds for a change, he looked to the ground and noticed that it wasn't as devoid of life as he first thought. There was plant life in abundace as he left the rocky areas. It wasn't long before he found himself in a forest filled with trees with various shades of red leaves.

"At least the color's nice," AncientGreymon sighed to himself.

Shrugging again, AncientGreymon set out for food. It wasn't long before he found it. A fruit tree with a weird looking fruit was growing in abundance. They looked like meat apples from back home but they were red rather than silver. He chomped on one and realised it didn't taste a thing like meat. It was a fruit all the way through. Resigning himslef, he went about eating as much as he could. He managed to eat his way through three trees. He didn't even leave the core since he ate the fruit the whole way through. He did find it odd that the trees were in such a nice order. They were all in rows too. He just thought it as convenient anyway.

When his belly was full, he decided then it might be best to find a water source. He may be...wherever he was for a while. He also had to know where all the food sources were in case he had to leave or he collected enough to find the others. AncientGreymon just started sniffing when he caught a wiff of something weird. It was a sick smell that Lucemon would give off when he created the dark orb used in his Final Sacrifice attack. The only difference was that with this smell was that it was combined with flowers. The mix between sick and sweet almost made the Ancient Warrior of fire gag. He knew that anything smelling this sick was going to be trouble so he decided to follow it. He didn't get three steps when he heard a child scream.


(Minutes Earlier)

Princess Rei sighed happily as she felt the cool night air touch her skin. She was feeling cramped in the ballroom gown that her mother made her wear but she was happy for the freedom of the outdoors. She was like most eight-year olds. She never liked to hold still and would keep looking into everything. The only things she would really stand still for were her mothers lessons and when her grandfather would tell her stories about dragons and brave heroes. Her father was always too busy running the Martian Kingdom to pay much attention to her.

Rei did so enjoy the stories her mother and grandfather would tell her. How a brave and handsome warrior would always go out and resue the damsel in distress from the fearsome dragon. Rei would often play games where she would be the beautiful princess and a handsome knight would rescue her. Her mother thought it was cute while her grandafather would secretly watch to see if any of the boys she played with could be worthy of her hand in the future.

Tonight was a royal ball that a lot of Martion nobles had come to. Her father had set it up so to let Rei begin choosing a suitor. She really didn't like it, or even want to be there but her father insisted. He said that it was good to start early in trying to find a proper heir for the Martian throne. Most of the boys she met she hated instantly. They were stuck up snobs or just weak-willed and did whatever their parents told them to the letter. The few that she did like either weren't interested in her or were too old. After she met them all she snuck outside and went to the royal orchards. She had a 'secret place' there where she could be alone with her thoughts. There she could dream about her knight in shining armor in privacy.

She moved through a pair of trees when she heard a rustle of leaves. She stopped for a moment to see what it was but saw nothing unusual. Shrugging, she contnued on her merry way. After a few more steps she heard rustling again. She turned again to see what it was and found nothing. Deciding to get to her safe spot quickly she began to run for her destination. She didn't get two steps when she tripped and fell. Trying not to let tears come to her eyes from the pain in her face, she looked to see what she tripped on. Her eyes widened in fear as she saw coiling vines wrapping around her leg.

"Hellllloooooo," A voice snickered from the bushes.

A figure leaped from the bushes and landed in a crouched position just behind Rei. The monster was female, with limbs made of solid wood while wearing a one-piece that was composed of vines and thorns. The face was vieled except for greasy green hair. In it's right hand were the vinies coming out from it's skin. No doubt that this was a youma that her mother had taught her about.

"Lucky Vinella," the youma laughed. "Out here hunting when Mars princess comes out to play. Oh so lucky! Now I drain energy and end Mars royal line tonight!"

"Nooooooooo!" Rei screamed in terror, her short life flashing before her eyes.

The youma prepared to steal her energy when a large roar echoed through the night. Vinella stopped as she looked up to see where the roar had origionated from. As she gazed to her right, she instantly got her answer. A large dragon-like creature burst from the foliage and body slammed Vinella, sending her a few feet away from the princess. The sudden surge of force also snapped the vines holding the little girl down.

Rei stared open-eyed at the dragon that saved her. It stood on four feet and was covered in red and black armor. It boasted a large pair of orange feathery wings and it's head was white with spikey yellow hair. It also had three horns on it's head. Two on the sides with red stipes and one on the front.

Vinella stood up shakily and glared at the beast which attacked her.

"Stupid dragon!" she hissed. "Vinella going to kill little princess! Stay out of Vinella's way!"

"Get real,"the dragon growled, surprising Rei and Vinella. "Do you honestly think that I'm just going to sit by and let a monster like you kill an innocent child?"

"You no move?" Vinella snickered. "Then Vinella make you move!"

Vinella's arms shifted into points that looked razor sharp. With a hissing laugh she lunged at the dragon. She didn't see much of a threat from the 'beast'. She only assumed it was at the wrong place at the wrong time. It wouldn't last long.


AncientGreymon eyed the wierd monster coming at him. It came closer still before he flapped his wings and took to the sky. The monster ate dirt as it hit the ground.

"No fair!" it spat as it stood up. "You fly! Vinella no can do that!"

"Oh no?" AncientGreymon laughed. "Then I guess I'll have to come down!"

AncientGreymon dove down from the sky and in the blink of an eye, caught the monster in his front claws. It screeched and yelled, demanding to be let go. It really didn't help the situation for it. If anything, it only made AncientGreymon more determined to finish his ploy. He picked up speed with his wings as he eyes an upcoming tree. When he felt that the moment was right he released Vinella and sent her onto a one way collision with aforementioned tree.

Vinella smashed hard against the piece of foliage as AncientGreymon came down for a landing. He made a few tears in the ground from his talons but he managed to stop quickly.He quickly turned around to see Vinella pulling herself out of the groove she made.

"Urg," she groaned. "You think you tough now, but Vinella go to battle mode now!"

Vinella stuck her feet into the ground as she began to change her arms grew thicker as she began to sprout pods on her arms and legs. She laughed evilly as the pods opened to reveal flowers with razor sharp teeth.

"Now Vinella in battle mode!" Vinella laughed as she stood straight. "You not beat Vinella now!"

"Oh please," AncientGreymon growled. "You turned into a glorified Blossomon. I can cut them down like weeds. You won't be any different."

"Vinella not know what Blossomon are, but she stronger than that!" Vinella cried as she launched her carnivorous flowers at Ancientgreymon.

"Don't say I didn't warn you," Ancientgreymon smirked as the flowers drew closer. "Gaia Tornado!"

AncientGreymon fired a stream of flame from his mouth that reached temperatures unmeasurable. The flowers didn't have a chance as they were ruduced to piles of ash and charred teeth. Vinella didn't even have time to react as the attack came at her. She let loose a horrible screeching sound as her body was engulfed in flames. It didn't take long for her body to follow her flowers and turn to dust. When she did, AncientGreymon stopped his assault and clenched his mouth shut to stop the flames. He exhaled slightly to allow the smoke to be freed.

He was mildly surprised not to see any kind of fractal code appear, but it did confirm his suspicions about not being in the digital world anymore. He looked over and saw the child he had saved sitting on the ground, holding her knees and trembling. She looked to be in shock. Ancientgreymon slowly walked over to the small child and saw that she was crying too. Not knowing what else to do, he gently nuzzled her side with his nose. The little girl looked up with fearful eyes at AncientGreymon.

"Hi," the Warrior of Fire smiled. "Are you okay?"

"Wh-who are you," the girl trembled.

"My name's kind of long," AncientGreymon laughed. "My friends call me Grey."

"C-can I call you Grey?" asked the girl hopefully.

"Only if you'll be my friend," AncientGreymon replied.

"Okay!" the girl smiled as she wiped her eyes. "Thank you for saving me Grey."

"You're very welcome," AncientGreymon nodded. "What were you doing out here?"

"I was going to my secret place," the little girl whispered. "Do you wanna come with me?"

"Sure," AncientGreymon smiled.

He stepped closer to the little girl and gently bit down on the back of her dress. He then quickly hoisted her up onto his back at the base of his neck. The girl giggled the whole way. When she took her seat, she made herself comfortable as she snuggled into his hair.

"Hmm," she smiled. "Your hair is really soft and warm."

"Thanks," AncientGreymon smiled. "You know, I never caught your name."

"Oh," the girl replied. "You're right. My name's Rei. It's nice to meet you."

"Hiya Rei," AncientGreymon grinned. "So, where's this secret place of yours?"

Rei smiled as she began guiding her new friend. All the while she wondered where he came from. He had saved her from that youma and was really nice. What seemed a little odd was that he didn't know who she was. She thought everyone knew who she was. Every time she went out to the villages people would be nice to her and want to give her gifts when they wanted to get close to her family. Grey wasn't like that. He didn't seem to want anything but her company. It also made her wonder if he wasn't from any of the planets in the Moon Kingdom. That could mean he's from a new planet that no one's heard of. Rei didn't consider the potential politics or something anyone else in the royal family would think of. She just thought how cool it was to have a friend from outside the kingdom.

Rei pointed out which paths to take until they were at a denser part of the royal orchards. Rei said to just go through the hedges and go straight. AncientGreymon didn't hesitate as he did so. When they were both clear of the shrubbery, AncientGreymon was treated to a very beautiful view.

It was a rather large clearing with a large ancient tree in the very centre. Its leaves cascaded the night sky in various shades of red. The moonlight made them all shine like rubies. On the ground there was a small lagoon with a waterfall filling it.

"Wow," AncientGreymon gaped. "Reminds me of the Village of Beginnings."

"What's that?" asked Rei curiously.

"It's back on my world," AncientGreymon smiled. "It's where all the babies are born before they're sent to families."

"Did you come from there too?" wondered Rei.

"Of course I did," AncientGreymon smiled. "All of the people in my world come from there."

Rei slipped off AncientGreymon's back before she jogged up between him and the tree. She then held her hands behind her back. She took a deep breath before asking her question.

"Grey, what is your world like?" she asked. "Is it different from Mars?"

AncientGreymon smiled, "Well, if you tell me what this world is like then I'll tell you about the digital world."

Their friendship rose from there. AncientGreymon decided to stay in Rei's secret place. The lagoon offered a nice place to drink and cool off while the orchards allowed him lots of fresh fruit. Rei would come almost everyday with some snacks she snuck from the kitchen and more questions about the digital world.

He explained the ten continents and the people who lived in each of them. He also spoke more of the Village of Beginnings which led to the Trailmon. Rei thought that Digimon sounded like very nice people. She even suggested that the digital world could join the Moon Kingdom, at least, until AncientGreymon told her that he didn't know how he got to Mars in the first place. That led to a discussion about Lucemon and how he and the other warriors rose to stop him.

"You guys sound kinda like the Sailor Scouts," Rei replied to that explaination.

"Huh?" was all AncientGreymon could say.

"Oh, you don't know," Rei smiled. "Well, each planet in the Moon Kingdom has a guardian who embodies the power of each planet. I don't know what 'embodies' means but it's pretty important."

"It means they represent the planet's power," AncientGreymon snickered. Rei may have been well-read for one so young but some words still eluded her.

"Anyhow," Rei continued. "A Sailor Scout is there to protect the kingdoms from evil and those who wish to harm it. My mommy is Sailor Mars. She says when I get old enough then I'll be Sailor Mars. She's been training me since I was six to be a Sailor Scout."

"Well good for you," AncientGreymon smiled. "Maybe when you do become a Sailor Scout then we can work togther to punish evil."

"Yay!" Rei cheered as she hugged AncientGreymon's neck.


Queen Cassiopeia was somewhat concerned about her daughter at the moment. She had been acting a little different since her father had arranged the Martian nobles to visit the yearly ball. She had slipped off during the party which just proved that she was Cassiopeia's daughter.

People did say that Cassiopeia and Rei were incredibaly similar. They both had midnight black hair and were both very much in tune with their magic. The difference there was that Cassiopeia liked to wear her hair tied back while Rei would let hers flow freely. Their magics were slightly different too. Cassiopeia's was more tuned to the power of Mars while Rei's seemed more spiritual.

King Areis was not exactly thrilled to hear that Rei had rejected all the suitors that had come and then left the ball. Cassiopeia knew that he was a good man, but he was just too driven sometimes. He just wanted to secure a peaceful reign for his daughter and future son-in-law. Too bad he forgot quite often to deal with the present as much as the future.

Back to thinking of her daughter, Cassiopeia noticed that Rei seemed happier these days. She was smiling a lot more often as well. While it brought a smile to her face, Cassiopeia had to wonder just what brought up this change. Her suspicions were raised when she heard that Rei was sneaking snacks from the kitchens. Too much for just one eight year-old to eat by herself. It made Cassiopeia wonder if she was sharing the snacks with someone. Rei was also spending more time in the royal orchards than usual. Cassiopeia knew about the secret place her daughter liked to frequent. She herself had used it while she was growing up. Another problem was the orchards themselves. Some of the workers have been sending reports that entire trees have been robbed of fruit. Somedays there was something to salvage and others there was no fruit left on the brances. King Areis ordered more security but nothing seemed to make a difference. One frantic worker had said that a dragon-like youma was raiding the trees but Cassiopeia had dismissed that quickly. Youma took energy from people as sustinance. They didn't eat food like the rest of them did. While King Areis seemed satisifed, Cassiopeia was growing even more concerned when that news came. Her daughter frequented the orchard and may eventually have a run-in with this creature.

Cassiopeia decided that she would have to find out just what her daughter was bringing those snacks to. She waited for Rei to make one of her scheduled raids and she followed her. She didn't have to stay close, she still remembered the way to the clearing quite well. She waited for Rei to enter the clearing before waiting a moment and following her. She silently moved through the brush and peered through the opening. What she saw caused her to pale in fright. There, sleeping near a tree was perhaps the most intimidating, if not magnificent, dragon she had ever seen. Her fear grew as she saw her daughter walking right to it.

"No Rei," Cassiopeia whispered. "Don't wake it up."

Rei just continued on confidentaly and stood next to the dragon's head. She gently petted a section of it's armored head.

"Wake up sleepyhead," she giggled. "I brought snacks."

The dragon groaned before it opened it's eyes and yawned loudly. It looked towards Rei and Cassiopeia almost gasped when she saw it smile warmly. Cassiopeia assumed that her daughter had obviously found this creature and actually appeared to tame it. An impressive feat for someone so young. What came next shocked her even more.

"Hi Rei," the dragon laughed. "What's new today?"

Rei sighed as she handed a small cake to the dragon who gobbled it up, "Ooh the same things. Daddy still wants me to find a husband so the kingdom can be secured. He said it was my duty as his daughter and the princess of Mars."

Cassipoeia frowned deeply at hearing this. She and her husband were going to have words about that conversation later.

"That's just a sack of Numemon plops," the dragon growled. "The royalty has a duty to their people. The only thing they have to do is ensure the health and happiness of the people. Not to mention that love is something that cannot be forced. If you try then it will only lead to heartbreak or even worse, hate. Nothing good comes from that. You should listen to what your parents have to say, for they do have more experience than you, but in the end, the only voice you have to listen to is yours."

Cassiopeia found herself quite impressed. This dragon was remarkably well-spoken. It was true that she and her husband did have more experience in life, but Rei did not have to listen to them unless she wanted to. It was Rei's decisions that mattered most in her life, despite what her father wanted for her.

"You sound like you know what you're talking about," Rei smiled.

"If I listened to what others told me all the time," the dragon smiled. "I wouldn't have become one of the ten Ancient Warriors who stopped Lucemon."

Rei smiled as she wrapped her arms around the dragon's neck, "I'm happy I have a friend like you Grey."

"I'm happy I met you too Rei," the dragon, apparently named Grey, smiled. "I don't know what I'd do if you weren't there to help me."

Rei smiled brightly before AncientGreymon started sniffing. He seemed to have caught a wiff of somethig new, "What is it?"

"Someone's here," Grey replied. "It's weird though. This scent smells a little like you."

Cassiopeia decided that she was now officially caught and she stepped into the clearing. Grey stiffened while Rei gasped in surprise.

"Mommy!" Rei whispered in surprise.

"That's your mom?" asked Grey, slightly surprised. "I can see the resemblance."

"Thank you," Casseopia smiled. "Um, Grey, wasn't it?"

"My full name is AncientGreymon, but I go by Grey for short," AncientGreymon introduced.

"Very well AncientGreymon," Cassiopeia nodded. "It seems that you have made yourself comfortable here in the time you have spent among us. You have even befreinded my daughter."

"Heh," AncientGreymon smiled. "What can I say? Making friends is easy for me."

"I can see," Cassiopeia giggled. "I am curious though, how is it you came to Mars? I have never seen any kind of creature even similar to you."

"I guess not," Ancientgreymon sighed. "Well your majesty, if you don't mind taking a seat for a while, I'd be happy to explain."

Cassiopeia nodded as she sat down on the grass while Rei decided to take a seat in her lap, "I have nowhere to be right now."

To Be Continued.

A/N: Here it is folks. This is a kind of prequel to my Legendary Celestial Warriors story. You'll understand how it connects later in the story. As of right now, AncientGreymon has made contact with the Martian roayl family. So far he seems to be accepted. Just what happened to the other Ancient Warriors anyway?