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-Ten-Faced Paladin

Ancient Memories

By Ten-Faced Paladin

Chapter 3: AncientGarurumon Wakes

The plan was shakey at best. AncientGarurumon knew that. It was based on a single prophesy that he and AncientSphnxmon had found while digging for means of getting rid of Lucemon once and for all. AncientGarurumon was never one to believe in prophecy. It was like saying that the future was beyond your control.

"When the star of purest light and the star of deepest shadow combine their might, the forces of life will surrender their mracle. From their power, the great evil shall be sealed until all is consumed by him. The ten chosen will ascend to a celestial heaven while they leave totems for their descendants."

Again, AncientGarurumon thought it was shakey at best. Still, there wasn't much else to go on and the prophecy was strangely accurate about what was happening to the digital world. So with this goal in mind, the plan was set. While the Rayal Knights and Lucemon were distracted by the other eight warriors, AncientGarurumon and AncientSphinxmon would concentrate their power on the Dark Star and the Silver Star. It tore Ancientgarurumon up on the inside to leave hs comrades alone while he and AncientSphinxmon would be safe at a distance, but there wasn't much choice in the end. The sounds of battle were massive and the cires of pain that could be heard were just unbearable in some cases. AncientGarurumon had to force himself to stand still so he could collect enough energy to connect with the silver star. When that crowning moment did come, AncientGarurumon roared out to his comrades as he and AncientSphinxmon unleashed ther power to the stars.

When this power was unleashed, Ancentgarurumon could see everythng turn to black and white tones. The only thing that had any colour was the light coming rom his comrades.

"Everyone!" he bellowed to the warriors at the battlefield. "Combine your power with the stars! We have to combine your elements!"

The other warriors didn't need any other kind of encouragement. He could see the powers off his friends being sent towards the joining stars. When it all came together, that was when things really got wild. AncientGarurumon could see the sky erupting in red tears while Lucemon was being sucked into a quickly rising mountain. He could also see the other warriors being pulled into the sky along with him. The last thoughts AncientGarurumon could recall was, 'here comes heaven I suppose."

All went black for him ater that.


AncientGarurumon's eyes hurt as he regained his senses. He felt as if AncientGreymon and those kids had buried him in sand again. He was still sore about that and he always reminded AncientGreymon about that little stunt whenever he could. Checking his other senses, AncientGarurumon took stock of his surroundings. He could feel stone underneath him through his gloved fingers. The stones were rectangular and cold. he could hear people talking nearby and were sounding pretty happy. He could smell a mixture of various foods. Sweet candies to fresh bread was all there. The smells brought memories of his life on the continent of light back to him. Back before Lucemon and times he spent with AncientGreymon. AncientGarurumon opened his mouth to breathe and he could taste those scents. He idly wondered where he could get the food that those scents belong to.

Opening his eyes, AncientGarurumon's vision was blurry for a second beore it all cleared. Lookng around, he saw his two blades lying on the cobblestone in front of him. Seeing his other surroundings, he found that he was in an alley somewhere in what seemed to be a rather pleasant city. The streets were clean and there didn't seem to be anyone who was poor or desolated. AncientGarurumon dared to look at the end of the alley and saw all sorts of humans milling on the streets in the bright sunlight. Now AncientGarurumon knew that he couldn't have been in the digital world anymore. There may have been human-type Digimon here and there,but there weren't actual humans there. Wherever he was, he was on a human world. Was this his heaven? To be stranded in a world of humans?

"Well," the Ancient Warrior of Light grunted as he got to his knees. "No point laying around here feeling sorry for myself."

AncientGarurumon grabbed his swords and used them to help him stand up. After getting to his feet and catching his balance, AncientGarurumon started walking or the end of the alley. He was slow at first, but he soon picked up the pace. He got closer to the exit of the alley. No one seemed to notice him but when he stepped into the light, letting it gleam off his white armor, did people quickly took notice to him. Everyone grew silent as they stared in silent shock. People were muttering to each other about creatures called youma or something.

"Youmon?" AncientGarurumon grunted as he heard the word. Somehow, his speaking caused more of a stir. "What is that?"

"Not Youmon silly," a child's voice broke through the muttering. "Youma!"

AncientGarurumon looked to where the voice had come from and saw a small girl that had waist length blonde hair. She wore an orange dress with a large red ribbon in her hair. The Warrior of Light personally thought that it looked a little big on her. The appearance of the little girl seemed to cause even more gossiping. AncientGarurumon leaned down to the girl on one knee. His wolfish face didn't seem to be scaring her at all. The girl just contnued to smile brightly at him.

"Then what is a youma?" asked AncientGarurumon.

"I haven't seen one myself," the girl confessed. "I heard that they are monsters who suck people's energy for food."

"Ew," AncinetGarurumon grimaced before muttering to himself. "Never heard of them. Just where did I land?"

"Venus!" the small girl chirped happily, thinking AncientGarurumon was talking to her. "The planet of Love!"

"Huh?" AncinetGarurumon gaped.

"That's where you are," the girl explained. "You're on planet Venus."

AncientGarurumon looked at her strangely. He had never heard of anyplace called Venus. Wherever the power of the stars had sent him, it sure wasn't anywhere near the digital world. AncientGarurumon could feel a migrane coming on. It was one of those special ones that were reserved for when AncientGreymon did somethng incredibly dangererous, stupid, or crazy. Sometimes it was a mix of all three. He rubbed his helmeted head as he tried to combat the pan. His musing was cut short however when a gruff voice could be heard over the crowds.

"Hold it right there!" the voice bellowed. "You're coming with us!"

AncientGarurumon whipped his head over to where he had heard the voice and could see several men with spears and orange armor. He couldn't see their faces since the armoured masks were covering their faces. Even if he could he would know that they were upset about something. It was probably because of all the public disturbance that he was causing. He was about to run or it when he felt a small pair of arms wrap around his left leg with a small "Eep!"

AncentGarurumon looked down to see who had snagged him and saw the blonde girl he had been talking to, "Hide me. They're after me!" AbcientGarurumon didn't need any more motivation than that. Scoopng the girl into his arms, despite holding two large swords, he leaped onto the top of a building before running for it, leaving the stunned guards behind.

"Wahooo!" the girl cheered in delight. "This is so cool!"

"I'll bet," AncientGarurumon sighed. "Just who are you anyway? Why were those men after you?"

"My name's Minako," the girl smiled. "Those guys are always after me. They're just poo-heads."

"Such foul language for an eight-year old," AncientGarurumon laughed. "Who taught you that?"

"My momma's kitty," Minako smiled. "I heard him use it when he was telling jokes to her. What's your name mister wolf?"

"Just call me Garuru," AncientGarurumon replied. "My real name's probably a little long for you right now."

"Okay Garuru!" Minako smiled. "Wanna see the city?"

"Sure," AncientGarurumon sighed. 'Might as well know the lay of the land since I'm probably a fugitive now.'

So began AncientGarurumon's tour of the capitol city of Venus. Minako seemed to know her way around pretty well. She showed some of the most popular sights that she knew. She had also mention some history bit AncientGarurumon suspected that she was just trying to sound impressive. Minako also showed the Ancient Warrior her favorite places to hang out. There were a large number of children were there. They were a little wary of AncientGarurumon until Minako insisted that he was okay. That was when the children seemed to think he was the biggest thing since sliced bread. Mnako was pretty popular with the kids as well. Of course, AncientGarurumon couldn't really onder that since kids were on his shoulders ar trying to get there. A few were asking if his swords wwere real or how many youma he's fought. When the kids finally head enough piggybacks, AncientGreymon and Minako stole away for the venusian seafront. They both took a seat in the sand. They just sat down and enjoyed the sound of the crashing waves.

"Garuru," minako suddenly spoke. "What's your world like?"

'"The digital world?" AncientGarurumon asked. "It's nothing compared to here if I have to be honest. There are ten diffrerent continents there. I come from the continent of light. It's fitting since I am the Warrior of Light."

"Warrior of Light?" asked Minako. "What's that mean?"

"For a long time, the digital world was ruled by an evil kind named Lucemon," AncientGarurumon sighed. "He was a good king at first but then he started using his power for selfish reason and tried to force everyone in the digital world to be his servant."

"What a meanie!" Minako pouted. "Is he still king?"

"Nope," AncientGarurumon smirked. "Me and my friends managed to stop him. I am one of ten warriors. Each of us come from one of the ten continents. Furthermore, each of us have a special element to control. I call myself the Warrior of Light because I hold the element of light."

"Ohhh," Minako nodded. "That's sorta like the Sailor Scouts."

"Sailor who?" asked AncientGarurumon.

"Sailor Scouts," Mnako giggled. "There's one for each planet in the Silver Millenium. It's their job to keep the planets safe from stinky guys like youma."

"Hmm," AnicentGarurumon pondered."I guess that sounds a little like me and my friends."

"Uh-huh," Mnako agreed. "Maybe if the digital world joins the Silver Millenium there can be a Sailor Digiworld."

This caused AncientGarurumon to actually laugh. A representative of all the power the digital world held. An amusing idea since there probably couldn't be an individula like that because the power of the digital world was just too diverse to compress into one beng.

"I don't think so Minako," AncientGarurumon smiled. "Ten Ancient Warriors are more than enough."

Minako shrugged as the two friends began looking out to the sea. The large sun was settng over the horizon, making all the water look like it was orange rather than blue. The smell of seawater was pretty new to AncientGarurumon since the continent of light was in the middle of several landmasses and nowhere near an ocean. He was finding that he was enjoying the scent and the scerenity of the view. Maybe this world could be his heaven after all. If the people were as frendly as Minako then he could learn to live here. He just wished that he knew what had happened to the other Ancient Warriors. He was a little worried about them.

"You there! Freeze!" a new voice bellowed.

AncientGarurumon turned and saw the men in the orange suits of armor. Now that there weren't any people getting in the way, AncientGarurumon could see the fulll uniform. The entire uniform was metal orange with shinng steel. Not an inch of flesh could be seen with only horizontal slits on the helmet for the men within to see. Their gauntlets were metal with small joints for the men to move freely. Each of them also weilded a spear. What was different from last time was now they were holding large shields that could protect their bodies. Form the waist down had what seemed to be like an iron cloak of some kind. Their legs were also covered with steel, but it didn't hinder their movements. AncientGarurumon didn't even wait for them to begin marching before he stood up with his swords. He also stood in front of Minako protectively.

"What do you want?" AncientGarurumon growled protectively.

"Release your hostage youma!" the leader of the men ordered. "Or be destroyed!"

"Hostage?" AncientGarurumon blinked. "What hostage?"

"Do you think us as stupid youma?" the leader growled. "Yhe child behind you! Release her at once!"

Ancient Garurumon sighed in agitation. Was this human stupid by nature or was he taking lessons? "Listen pal, I'm not taking Minako hostage and I'm not going to hurt her. Now get that through your thick skull and go away!"

"I see," the guard sighed. "You brought this on yourself youma! We are a peaceful ppeople but we are not unskilled when it comes to fighting. Charge!"

The group of soldiers charged forward with a unfied roar. Minako squeaked in fear at their assault. She looked to see what AncientGarurumon was going to do and was surprised to see him change his stance slightly. The guards had already changed their shields and had their spears pointed. AncientGarurumon just gripped his shwords tightly before he called his attack.

"Sharpness Claymore!" he bellowed before his attack began.

Mnako wasn't sure what she saw at this point. What she was sure of was that she saw AncientGArurumon disappear in a blurr of white. It then leaped high into the air before coming back down just as quickly. When it hit the ground, there was a loud crash whch caused the ground to shake. Two deep gouges were also cut into the ground as the force of the blow knocked the soldiers off their feet and into a heap. None of them were dead but their shields and spears had been cut quite cleanly. Minako was just amazed at what she saw as AncientGarurumon stood still again. She had never seen aqnyone beat a patrol fo soldiers in just one blow before.

"Wow!" Minako smiled brightly. "That was incredible! You really are a warrior aren't you?"

"I don't recall saying otherwise," AncientGarurumon snickered as he walked back to his small friend. He looked to the sun again and saw that night was approaching. "Okay you, I think it's time I get you home. It's the least I could do for my new friend."

"Awwww," Minako pouted cutely. "Do we have to?"

"Yes," AncientGarurumon replied, remembering how some of th kids back hom would act. "Your parents will be worried about you by now I'm sure."

Hearing about parents only caused Minako's pout to turn into a sad frown, "I...I don't have a papa anymore. It's only me and momma"

"Oh," AncientGArurumon frowned. "I'm sorry to hear that. Would you like me to walk you home or jump on rooftops."

"Walk please," Minako smiled as she took the humanoid Digimon's hand as he out his swords onto his back. Anyone who was watching the scen would have found it cute in a strange way. The large hulking inhuman warrior and the tiny beautiful little girl walking together hand-in-hand.

Minako enjoyed walking with her new friend. He was really nice and nice to be with. He might have been a little cold but he had warmed up to her soon enough. She was amazed by how strong he was and all the cool stuff he could do. Jumping across rooftops and beating lots of guards in just one attack. Maybe if she was lucky thn her mother would let him stay at her house.

Minako guided AncientGarurumon throuhg the city streets towards what she called her house. AncientGarurumon wasn't sure what to expect from his friend's home, but he sure wasn't expecting what he saw when she pulle dhim into a lone path that had no buildings around it.

Minako lived in a freaking castle! It was all orange with bright yellow rooftops. It looked like it was made of crystal. Banners with a strange symbol on it fluttered from flagpoles. There was also a huge gate made of iron that blocked the way. Though it was very much a sight to see, that wasn't what had captured AncientGarurumon's interest at the moment. What his focus was fixed on was the legion of guards outside the gate and the lady at the front who looked none too pleased with him.

She looked to be a very mature lady who looked to be in her mid twenties. Her hair was blonde and tied back in a ponytail. She was wearing a very odd orange and white outfit that had one of the shortest skirts AncientGarurumon had ever seen. On her head was a gold tiara with an orange stone set in the centre.

"I will only say ths once youma!" the woman called. "I, Sailor Venus, and Queen Aphrodite of Venus, command you to release my daughter and surrender peacefully."

"Huh?" AncientGarurumon blinked. "Your daughter? Doesn't that mean Minako's a princess? Why didn't anyone tell me?"

"You didn't ask silly!" Minako giggled. "Hi momma!"

"Minako, are you alright?" Sailor Venus asked, her worry for her child's safety becoming quite obvious. "Are you hurt?"

"Nope," Minako replied with a smile. "Me and Garuru were walking through town. I was giving him the tour. He didn't know where anything was. I had a lot of fun too. You should have seen him! He beat a whole patrol on his own with only one attack! It was sooooo coooool!"

"Wait," Sailor Venus frowned. "You mean he didn't kidnap you?"

"Your majesty, I am an Ancient Warrior," AncientGarurumon frowned. "A warrior of great honour where I come from. I would never harm a child. I was merely under the impression that the guards wished to harm Minako somehow. The guards I had defeated had even attacked me first after I specifically told them that I was not intent on harming Minako or kidnapping her."

"I see," Sailor Venus frowned before turning to her guards, the leader of which, a man who had yelow jewels engraved in the helmet, flinched. "Why was I told that this gentleman had kidnapped my daughter?"

"Um..," the captain sputtered. "That was the report in whch my men had given me. This...creature, had taken the princess into his arms and leaped away from us."

"I see," Sailor Venus sighed. "Then it is a misunderstanding then. Tell me then Ancient Warrior. What is you name and which planet do you hail from?"

"My name is AncientGarurumon, Ancient Warrior of Light," AncientGarurumon introduced. "I don't hail from any planet in this kingdom. I come from a place called the digital world."

"You come from outside the Silver Millenium?" Sailor Venus asked in surpise. Mutters from the guards echoed that surprise. "Then I cannot in good conciense let you stay just anywhere. Please, come into the palace where we can accomodate an envoy from a new world."

"B-but your majest!y" the captan sputtered. "We do not know anything about him and he defeated a number of my men! He is obviously dangerous and is possibly a threat to you!"

"Nonsense," Sailor Venus denied while she transformed back into Queen Aphrodite, who was donned in a meautful orange dress which had topaz gemstones woven into the hem. "If he was a threat then he would have harmed my daughter by now. He even could have killed the men he fought yet we found them all with minor injuries and broken weapons. Besides, if my daughter trusts him then I will trust him. Is that clear?"

"Yes your majesty," the captain sighed dejectedly.

Aphrodite nodded before stepping up to AncientGarurumon and smiled brightly, "I hope that we won't let this incident get in the way of a possible friendship."

"You nonor me your majesty," AncientGarurumon smiled.

"So does this mean that Garuru is going to stay with us?" asked Minako.

"It does if he wishes to stay with us," Aphrodite replied.

"I would be glad to stay," AncientGarurumon smiled.

"Yaaay!" Minako cheered as she hugged AncientGarurumon's leg. "You'll love it here Garuru!"

The small princess that grabbed AncientGarurumon's hand and began dragging him to the castle. The rows of guards spilt as Minako ran through with her friend. The queen was close behind. The guards then headed inside as well. The captain watched them go with narrowed eyes. He then seemed to follow the other guards in rather reluctantly.


AncientGarurumon sat in a medatative pose while he mulled over recent events. Somehow, he got blasted to a brand new world that was populated by humans. They weren't unfriendly. Quite the opposite to be exact. His first friend Minako was rather friendly while her mother, the queen, made it quite obvious where most of her looks and attitude came from. Her majesty had welcomed him in with open arms after that nasty incident and gave him a place to stay. He had told his story to the queen and she said she would help him any way she could. Satisfied with that, AncientGarurumon allowed himself to be pulled around by th tiny princess as she showed him all there was in the palace.

"Cute kid," AncientGarurumon smiled as he stood up in his room. It had been a couple of days since he was welcomed in the palace. He had since then gotten used to palace life. Minako and the queen usually had their own affairs to tend to over the day. So to spend his time, AncientGarurumon practised his moves out in the courtyard before looking to the royal library to learn about just where the heck he had ended up.

He had learned a little about the history of the Silver Millenium. At one point the different planets were sparse tribes that each had their own specal strain of magic and expert skill. Mercury was well known for it's ice magic and intellectual schooling. Venus had the light magic, which would explain why AncientGarurumon was setn there, and was very well known for it's romantic traditions and belefs on love. Earth had plant magic and it's own special battle techniques. Mostly it was about using anything as a projectile weapon. The moon was the centre of this Silver Millenium and was strong in purifying magic and was proficient in it's armor and weaponry. Mars was unequaled in fire magic and it's spiritual abilities. Jupiter had the best thunder magic and the culinary skills it boasted were unrivaled. Saturn had dark magics but it had the best healers aside from the moon. Neptune was best at water magic while music was it's special skill. Uranus used wind magic and racing was what it was best at. Pluto had time magic which made it a powerful body. None of these worlds were people to mess with.

"Hey!" someone shouted. "What are you doing here?"

AncientGarurumon looked up from his book to see two guards staring at him angrily. He idly remembered them being part of the group he had defeated earlier. He could recall them because of he had heard their voices before.

"Reading a book," AncientGarurumon answered. "What does it look like?"

'You know, animals shouldn't be in places like this," sniggered the first guard.

"That might be true," AncientGarurumon replied, continuing with his reading. "But I'm a Digimon. Not an animal."

"You look close enough to me," the right guard frowned.

"My armor looks animalistic," AncientGarurumon sighed in agitation. "If you are so blind to be unable to tell the difference then maybe you sould do soemthing about your eyes."

"What?!" the right guard growled. "You'd better watch out beat. Being the queen's guest isn't going to protect you forever!"

"I don't need protection from anyone," AncientGarurumon remarked as he turned his page. "I am a proficient warrior if you would recall. I defeated your entire patrol."

"That was luck!" the left guard snapped before they left.

AncientGarurumon sighed, "Good Goddramon, what is wrong with the guards here?"

This hadn't been the first confrontation with the palace guards. For some reason they didn't like him. They often tried to intimidate him but that proved to be a bust. Not much could intimidate someone after they had to face the likes of Lucemon. Soon they tried being tough guys and keep him from going to places he needed to go by saying the queen said he couldn't go there. AncientGarurumon just shoved past them and said if the queen had a problem with him being soemwhere then she could tell him herself. AncientGarurumon just couldn't understand them soemtimes. It was like they were part of some gang or something.

Deciding that he had enough reading for one day, AncientGarurumon set the book back where he got it and went to see what was going on. Wandering down the hallways, he found himself in the courtyard, he found some kind of competition happening. The queen and Minako were both watchng with interest. In an arena of some sort there was a match going on between the captain and one of th other guards. It seemed that the captain had just won.

"Victory is mine!" the capatain bellowed for all to hear. "The prize is mine!"

The queen looked less than pleased about this outcome. AncientGarurumon felt rather queasy at the captans skills with the sword. True, they were nothing to be careless about, he still had a long way to go before he could boast about his skills like a Mammothmon would trumpet. He walked out into the open air of the courtyard and stood next to the queen.

"Just what is this contest about that our dear captain seems so happy to have won?" he asked curiously.

"Oh," Aphrodite sighed. "It is the yearly swords tournament that my mother the previous qeen felt the need to begin. The prize is a wish for whatever the winner desires. Within reasonable limits of course. It keeps the men's morale high and allows them to sharpe their skills so that we will be able to defend ourselves in times of strife. Venus is more of a loving planet than a warring one."

"I see. What did you mean by reasonable limits to the wish?" AncientGarurumon asked.

"He can't ask momma to kill someone," Minako replied. "He can't ask for other things like to be married into the royal lne or something."

Attention was tuirned back to the captain as he stared intently on the queen through his armor, "Your majesty, I have made my wish."

"And what wish would that be?" asked Aphrodite?

"I wish to see that ...FREAK, banished from the galaxy!" the captain spat while pointing his blade at AncientGarurumon. The Digimon's eyes narrowed as he steped forward. Minako had gasped while the queen had blinked. The absolute loathing in the captain's voice was unnerving.

"And why would you wish that?"asked Aphrodite intently. She was now consideringon denying his wish, if only she could.

"He is a mar on the beauty of our planet!" the captain spat. "He comes from a world that will no nothing of probably filled with monsters like him! I keep saying that he is a threat so I had my men watch him and try to keep him from going anywhere that he may cause trouble but he just refuses to do what he is told, the filthy animal!"

The whole time the captain was ranting about how AncientGarurumon was unworthy of being on Venus, the Ancient Warrior had smelled something odd. He had been smelling it ever since he had arrived on the palace. His animal side had been useful in that regard anyway. He at first assumed it to be a bad perfume or simeone needing a bath but it had been getting stronger rather than weaker. It reminded him of the royal knights, how they had been tainted by Lucemon's power and put under his control. The captan was reeking of this scent so there had to be something wrong. Stepping off the podium where the queen and Minako sat, AncientGarurumon walked straight to the captain and stared down at him.

"Do you have something to say monster?" the captain asked, his voice clear but his eyes obviously cloudly.

"I challenge the wish," AncientGarurumon spoke, earning gasps from the crowd. "I formally challenge you to a duel. Should you win, I will leave and never return. If I win then I shall remain here."

"Very well," the captain nodded before turning to the queen. "Do you approve your majesty?"

"I do," Aphrodite nodded. "You may begin when ready."

The captain nodded before he and AncientGarurumon took sepreate sides of the arena. AncientGarurumon drew both hisblades while the captain drew his ownsword. It was made of silver and had several gemstones embedded in the hilt. For brief second, AncientGarurumon thought the stench had increased slightly. He quickly disregardeed it when the captain took a running charge at him. AncientGArurumon reacted quickly by blocking the attack with his own blades before rolling to the side to avoid the full force of the charge.

AncientGarurumon knew that something wasn't adding up. Most of the people on Venus were rather nice and whilemay have been nervous at his looks, didn't outright cal hm a monster. They had only suspected him of it. The guard sentry was rather pleasant to him while the servents were respectful one they knew he wasn't a youma. Even the children of the servants loved him despite his silence. Why was it this captain and his men hated him so much?

As he rolled to the side, he started hearing jeers against him from the audience. He shot a glare at them and they shut up, but he then caught a whiff of something. It was the samesemll he was getting from the captain. It wasmuch weaker,but it wasstill there. Something was very wrong here and t was capturing all the guards with the captain as the source!

"Yaaaaargh!" the captian bellowed as he charged in for an overhead swing.

AncientGarurumon blocked with one sword before taking a swipe with his second. The captain leaped back and charged again for another strike. Yet again, AncientGarurumon blocked the sloppy assault, but this time, he had captured the blade of the silver sword between his golden ones. Without much effort, he used his sowrdsto knock the captain's right out of his hands. The weapon embedded itself nto the ground a foot away. AcientGarurumon prepared to punch the daylights out of the captain when the man suddenly dropped to the ground. The Ancient Warrior was confused for a moment before the scent he picked up started fading. Tryng to fidn it again, he found it wafting around the sword that the captain had lost.

Ths was when the sword started acting strange. A purple aura erutped from it and engulfed the item before anyone could react. For a brief second, AncientGarurumon could see a strange black symbol that had appeared on the hilt before it was engulfed. A horrible cackling had erupted from the smoke which had caused Minako to run into her mother's arms. When the smoke had cleared, a new figure was revealed.

It was a female judging from the obvious curves. It woresilver armor resembling aEuropean knight but olny enough to act as boots, gloves, chest guard, and helemt. The rest was all bright green skin. It's face was covered with a helmet which had six slits for someone to see through. Bright red lockes of hair tumbled from a spot behind the helmet. It also weilded two nasty looking scimitars.

"You...you...BEAST!" it rasped in disgust! "It's all your fault! You ruined everything!"

"Do tell," AncientGarurumon smirked.

"It was a simple mission!" the creature complaned. "Knightra was supposed to posess sword and infect guards. When all the guards were taken then Knightra take over palace becuase no one strong enough to beat all the guards. Then you come along! Knigtra could feel your power! You could beat all the guards! Knightra had to get rid of you but you just wouldn't go away! Had guards try to bully you but you no leave! Knightra then try wish but you challenge and now Knightra can't hide!"

AncientGarurumon growled while Aphrodite stood up to transform before she had numerous spearsaimed at her and her daughter.

"I not get all guards but I get some,"Knightra snorted. "But I kill wolf man first! He ruin Queen Matalia's plan!"

With that, Knightra roared in rage and charged forward with her assault. Unlike the captain, she had much more skill to boast for. Her strikes were ahrd and fast. AncientGarurumon quickly found himself on the defensive. Knghtra was relentless, but AncientGarurumon didn't get to where he was by laying down on the job. Leaping back to give himself some space, he prepared his counterattack.

"Sharpness Claymore!" he roared before jacking up his speed and racing for his target.

He leaped straight up as he got in front of Knightra before coming back down with his blades aimed to cut the monster in three. Knightra held up her scimitars with incrediblereflexes, and the two blades met in a shower of sparks. The ground cracked slightly at Knightra's feet from the impact. Seeing that she had stopped an assault that beat a patrol, she started cackling.

"Ha ha ha!" she laughed. "Knightra going to beat you good!"

"Idiot!" AncientGarurumon smirked. "That wasn't my only attack. Absolute Zero!"

Knightra gasped in surprise before she was engulfed by a light blue blast of light. When it faded, Knightra was frozen in a prison of ice. Blowing chilled ari from his mouth, AcientGarurumon gripped his blades again.

"Now, let's try this again," he smiled. "Sharpness Claymore!"

Leaping back into the air, AncientGarurumon brought his blades down on Knightra to shatter her into hundreds of crystalized pieces before they dissolved to dust.The guards all suddenly passed out after this event. Once Mnako and her mother were free, they ran for the Ancient Warrior of Light.

"Garuru!" Minako shouted to her friend as she glomped him. "Are you okay?"

"I'm fine Minako," AncientGarurumon smiled. "I've faced Numemon stronger than that."

"I'm so glad," Aphrodite sighed in relief. "I see now why the guards were soagainst you being here."

"Yeah," AncientGarurumon nodded. "But it isn't their fault. That monster had posessed them."

"Youma," Aphrodite correected. "What was what we call a youma."

"Oh," AncientGarurumon nodded. "So that was a Youmon. Can't say I'm impressed."

Minako just giggled. AncientGarurumon was just so silly sometimes.


It was a day after the ncident wth the youma. AncientGarurumon was now actually enjoyng his stay now that the guards weren't trying to harass hm. In fact, they had all approached him at least once, begging him to forgive them for their actions. Apparently the shame of knowing they did tha was a heavy cross to bear. AncientGarurumon had easily forgiven them. They weren't the ones in control ater all. Right now though, those same guards were now lining the great hall as he made his way to the steps in front of Aphrodite's throne before he bowed to her.

"AncientGarurumon," she spoke, her voice echoing through the halls as a royal scribe wrote down everything that was happening. "Ancient Warrior of Light. You have shown courage and perseverance thorugh evil that had seeped into our kingdom that even we were unable to find. You put yourself at risk to defeat it and rescue people you had just met. I ca only think of one way toreward your heroics.

She rose from her throne before stepping gracefully towards him. She placed her hands on both sides of her head before placing a kiss on his forehead. Right now, AncientGarurumon was glad that his armor hid any sign of blushing that he made of had. The queen rose again before gently leading him to stand up.

"I now dub thee as Sir AncientGarurumon," Aphrodite smiled. "Guardian of the royal Venusian family and Royal Knight of the realm."

The guards began clapping and whistling their approval for the decision. Minako was cheering loudly whi;a Aphrodite continued to smile. She whispered a whispered 'congratulations' before AncientGarurumon turned to face the rest of the hall and cheering spectators. AncientGarurumon smiled as he thought that he could get used to this.

To Be Continued...

AN: There was AncientGarurumon for the readers. He faced discrimination but he overcame it and kicked some youma butt. Now he's in the same boat as his friend on Mars. Next up is AncientMegatheriumon. Wonder how he'll do?