Title: Be Kind, Rewind

Author: Katie

Story Summary: Zack Addy wasn't quite sure exactly how he got to where he was in his life. He thought that was kind of ironic, because Zack knows almost everything.

Ratings: PG I guess

Spoilers: None really, a general understanding of the show. The Man in the Fallout Shelter just to be safe.

Pairing: None

Authors Note: I got this idea when watching the Christmas epsoide of Bones (Season one) and Zack said 'Be kind, rewind', I just thought it was funny and so this story was born. My first Bones fic, please be kind. Right now it's a one shot, I don't love the way it came out.

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Disclaimer: I don't own anything Bones. I wish I did though.


Zack Addy wasn't quite sure exactly how he got to where he was in his life. He thought that was kind of ironic, Zack knew most everything and he could learn anything. At least that's what he was always told.

Zack graduated school at age 14, spending far less year than most at the exclusive private institution. Afterwards he went directly to College, spending only two and a half years there and graduating at age 16. Zack was always smart. He read everything; he remembered everything, photographic memory. Teachers loved him, loved to be able to say that they had something to do with educating the brilliant Zack Addy.

Growing up Zack wasn't cool or popular. He was, however the weird kid, he never had too many friends, always too preoccupied learning everything he could to care much about his schools social life. Girls made fun of him, mocked him. Tricked him into thinking they were interested. He had his first girlfriend when he was 13, they were together for 2 weeks and 3 days and when she broke up with him (loudly and in the middle of lunch) she told him to 'get a life' he spent almost 4 weeks trying to figure out what that meant ('But I have a life' he'd argued and she'd just roll here eyes and walk away) – he's still not sure. Zack's never really been any good with metaphors. Zack had sex for they first time when he was 16. It was his first year of college and one of the senior girls wanted to 'bang the genius kid'. He called the next day, and the next day, and the next day. She never called back. He always called after every sexual encounter. Answers and calls back were rare.

Zack picked forensic anthropology by accident. He and his family were looking over his college's course list while on a break from school and some of his cousins thought it sounded 'cool' so he decided to sign up. Now he's working on two PhD's, Forensic Anthropology and Engineering.

Zack lucked into the Jeffersonian as well. Dr. Temperance Brennan was ready to take on an assistant and she was the best. Zack Addy was the best of his class so they sent him.

"Hodgins, have you gotten everything you need from the remains?" Dr. Brennan's voice broke him from his trance.

"Yeah, I'm working on figuring out what that paper could have been" Hodgin's answered.

"Okay, Zack, you can go ahead and clean the bones, let me know when your done" Brennan said and Zack nodded.

"I've got a picture" Angela said as she walked over.

"Wow, she's very Audrey Hepburn." Booth said sliding his key card and walking over.

"I don't know what that means" Brennan answered. Booth laughed and no one could help but smile.

Zack Addy wasn't quite sure how he got to where he was in his life, but he sure was glad that he got here.


Okay, I took some liberties with ages and what not cause I didn't know the real ones. Please leave feedback!