Chapter 7: Here We Go Again

Only about five minutes passed before Dean came walking out of the hotel room, wrapped in about three different over-shirts and jackets and his hands stashed in his pockets. He made his way over to Sam and the Impala and leaned against the fender next to his brother.

Sam smiled slightly.

"She's finishing up in the shower."

Sam nodded.

"She alright?"

"No…but I think she will be. I think it'll be better if she told you what happened though."

"That's cool."



"Shit…you called me Sammy…this can't be good."

"No…it's just…damnit…"

Sam watched amused.

Dean wouldn't meet his eyes.

"Are you…I mean…is it okay…you know…me…and…Monte…I mean…you okay…"

"With you and Monte? Yea." He laughed. "Why wouldn't I be?"

He shrugged and shook his head. "I dunno…'cause of Jess…I mean…I know you were serious with her…I didn't know…I didn't know how you would take it…me…having a girl around……you know I'd never do anything to hurt you Sammy…"

"Dean…shut up. Yea, I was serious with Jessica…but that has nothing to do with Monte. There's obviously something between you two…something that I'm sure as hell not going to stand in the way of just because I lost someone. You deserve to be happy Dean…and I think Monte needs you." He smiled. "Yea…" He nodded. "I'm okay with it…and…thanks…for…you know…asking."

Dean sighed and nodded. "Thanks Sam."

Sam smiled.

"Don't." Dean said.


"Go all mushy-touchy-feely on me."

"You started it." Sam laughed.

Dean looked away. "Whatever." He mumbled.


"Yea…" He asked staring down the road like everything was normal.

"Thanks…seriously…and I'd never do anything to hurt you either."

"I know." Dean nodded. "I…ahem…I…love you Sam." He coughed out, mumbling his words with the cough distorting his voice.

Sam smiled. "I love you too Dean."

Dean met his eyes and smirked, nodding slightly, looking up to see Monte wrapped up in her hoodie walking out of the hotel room door.

She smiled slightly at the boys, the signs of tears still apparent on her face despite the shower.

She walked right over to Sam and hugged him around his neck.

"Thanks Sam…for everything."


Dean smiled.

Monte let go of Sam and stood awkwardly in front of them, catching Dean's eye for a second. She wasn't sure what Dean might have told Sam.

Dean reached out to her and pulled her over to him, wrapping an arm around her.

She immediately rested her cheek on his chest and laughed when she saw Sam's big grin.

Dean smiled too. "I didn't tell him. Wasn't sure if you wanted me to."

She nodded. "Thanks." She whispered. "I'd rather do it."

Sam nodded.

Dean broke the silence by clearing his throat. "Any good place to eat around here? Besides your friend Gladys?" He asked.

She smiled. "Ummm…yea…there's Hudson's Diner up the road about ten miles. Off of Old Dixie Trail."

"Sounds good."

"Wait…" She said, glancing around the parking lot. "Where's Ren?"

"Ren?" Dean asked confused. Sam looked lost as well.

"Ren…Renegade…my car."

"Oh…it's still by the creek…we could go get it if you want."

She went silent. She never wanted to go back to that creek, that cave or anywhere within a ten mile radius, but that car was all she had left. Her dad had given it to her when she was twelve and memories flashed through her head of them working on it together.

She nodded. Like hell that fucker was going to ruin her life.

Dean smirked. "Alright," he said, tossing her the keys to the Impala. "Let's go."

She caught them dumfounded. "Wait…you mean…"


Sam smiled as Dean got in the backseat and Sam took shotgun.

She stood outside the door for a second eyeing the car.

"Come on…I'm hungry!" Dean winked at her.

She smiled and got in, firing up the big-block V-8 and relishing the lope of the camshaft.

"Shit…" She whispered.

Dean caught Sam's eye in the rearview mirror and they exchanged smirks.

Dean then watched as something passed over Monte's face, and she smiled evilly.

"Oh shit…" He said, grabbing the seat belt and barely fastening it before she slammed on the gas and did a reverse 180o, tearing out of the parking lot and slamming her way through the gears.

Dean's muffled "Crap!" could be heard as they went flying down the highway at 120 miles an hour.


After they went back to the creek, and after Monte fought back some tears, they took both cars to Hudson's Diner. Dean was half relieved to be driving the Impala again. He swore each time she took a curve, his and the life of his car flashed before his eyes when she was driving.


During another twelve course breakfast Monte recounted her tale to Sam; leaving no details out. Dean wrapped his arm around her in the booth and pulled her close when she started to get emotional. Sam just smiled.

He was happy for Dean. Sure, part of him felt like it was being stabbed, because when he saw them together he would automatically think of Jessica. But there was no way in hell he'd want it any differently. Monte was one of the family now. He couldn't think about not having her around. And hell, maybe she could finally straighten Dean out he thought jokingly.

When the finally finished and walked out to the parking lot Monte hopped up on the hood of her car as Sam got in the Impala. They had talked about how they should go take care of that job in Tennessee now; the one they had shrugged off because they were helping her.

Dean saw her hesitate and stopped before he got in the car. "What's wrong?"

She shook her head.

"Monte…what is it?"

"We didn't talk about…I mean…me and you guys…I…never mind." She mumbled, dropping her gaze.

Dean walked over to her, placing himself between her knees and lifting up on her chin.

"Talk to me." He whispered.

"I have no where to go."

"Bullshit…you're coming with us."

She looked at him questioningly.

"You seriously think I'm gonna leave you after all this shit?"

She smiled.

He smirked.

"Come on…you're coming with us. I dunno what we're gonna face, probably a lot of shit like we just did, some easier, some worse. But I can't leave you. I won't."

She smiled again, wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him.

Sam smiled as he watched the emotional exchange from the rearview mirror.

Dean broke the kiss and rested his forehead against hers, giving her a wink.

"Come on." He barked, slapping her thigh. "Let's hit the road." He said, opening the squeaky door on his car.

She smiled as she got in her own vehicle.


She followed the black car out of town until they got on the deserted two-lane highway heading north, before she swerved to the left and came up fast on Dean's side.

She held the gas steady for a moment, keeping her even with his car, looking over at him and smiling.

He smiled too until she slammed the accelerator to the floor and left him in the dust.

"Oh hell no." He said, as his foot also made its journey to the floor, the Impala quickly making its way towards the taillights of the Monte Carlo.

"Here we go." Sam joked, resting his elbow on the windowsill and watching as the pecan trees went flying by.

))AC/DC's "Highway to Hell" playing in the background((