Title: Firsts
Summary: Takes place shortly before The Long Halloween begins.
Disclaimer: Batman and Catwoman belong to DC Comics and each other!

"Excuse me. Mind if I cut in?" Selina turned to look into the blue eyes she had been avoiding all evening.

"Of course," Ted answered begrudgingly, giving Selina a kiss on the cheek before handing her over to Bruce.

The band continued to play and they danced in silence.

Bruce had been looking forward to this moment, yet dreading it all the same. He wanted to know if he'd made a mistake with her. Perhaps he had made much more out of their night at the museum than there actually was.

He glanced down at her; she had not looked at him since they started dancing. Her green eyes were focused on something or other over his shoulder.

Maybe that night was a mistake, he thought. She looked up at him then and smiled. Maybe not. Unconsciously, he spread his fingers to cover more of the small of her back, pulling her in closer.

"How have you been?" Bruce asked.

"Busy. And you?"

"The same, I suppose."


Selina looked up at him again. She should have accepted at least one of his various dinner invitations.

He returned her gaze and he seemed to be thinking the same thing.

It unnerved her. Intrigued her, too.

They continued to dance in silence. Their eyes never left the others face. Green eyes wandered from his eyes to his lips. She remembered how hard, yet soft they were, ravenous, but tender, and she couldn't help bite her lower lip.

Bruce began feeling warm despite the cold breeze blowing. He didn't like how she made him feel, he had to remind himself to stay in control.

"Do you want to...?"



By the time they reached her bedroom on the second floor, he was only wearing his slacks. She had lost her coat and was about to lose her dress.

Bruce unzipped it and she let it fall to her bare feet.

Selina leaned up to kiss him as she removed his belt. She quickly undid his pants and pulled them down with her foot. She ended their kiss, but kept her eyes locked into his. She sat down on the edge of the bed and reached to unclasp her bra.

Bruce stopped her, a smile playing on his lips, "Please...let me."

Selina laughed, "My, what a gentleman."


Selina woke up when she felt Bruce get out of bed. His playful demeanor had disappeared and his jaw was noticeably tense.

"Everything all right?" she asked, sitting up and not caring that the sheet fell leaving her exposed breasts suddenly cold.

"Yes," he attempted a smile, but failed, "I'm leaving on a business trip tomorrow. Thought I'd get an early start. I won't be back until Saturday."

That was the lie he'd come up with while he watched Selina sleep in his arms. He wanted to get as much intel on The Roman before his nephew's wedding. He'd heard rumors about something planned, but he had not discovered what was supposed to happen that same evening. He couldn't let Selina distract him, no matter how good she felt, how good she tasted. He knew that if he saw her during the next few days, his resolve might weaken and he could not let The Roman get away with anything else. He wouldn't. Bruce would stay hidden and Batman would have more time to do his job.

He glanced sideways at Selina and saw a hint of anger flash across her eyes, but she forced a smile and only said, "Have a safe trip."


Catwoman landed silently on the roof. She pulled out a pair of binoculars and spotted something interesting. Grinning she put the binoculars away. He was just the thing she needed to clear her mind.

She jumped over to the roof he was on. Instantly, his posture changed.

"No need to tense up...at least, not yet," she purred and walked up to him.

"I don't have time for this," he said dismissively and turned away from her.

An angry hiss escaped her lips. Batman wasn't the first man to blow her off tonight, but he would be the last. She lunged at him.

He was surprised by the attack. His guilt over his treatment of Selina didn't help. Rather, it seemed to aid Catwoman in her intent to cause him serious harm. His reaction time was slower and he wasn't listening to his instincts.

Finally, Catwoman threw a round house kick, full of the rage she felt. It landed on his temple knocking him down onto the roof.

His head was spinning and when he tried to get up, nausea threatened to overtake him. He decided to remain on his back looking up at the dark sky.

Catwoman didn't stay to enjoy her victory like she normally would. She gave one last look at the masked man and spoke, "You shouldn't play with what you can't handle," not caring if he heard.

He did.


It was only ten in the morning, but Selina woke up refreshed. She had been upset with Bruce last night, but Batman helped her deal with her frustration. She smiled at the recollection. Batman on his back. It wasn't exactly what she imagined when she set out to find him, but it would do for now.

After she left him lying on the roof, she broke into the Roman's compound looking for some kind of proof, but she didn't find any then either. She could wait until the wedding to try again.

Still, these men… Selina sighed. Batman had always fascinated her. He was a mystery. One she desperately wanted to solve, but now there was Bruce as well. She knew Bruce wasn't going out of town and it was obvious he enjoyed spending time with her. She just didn't know what he was up to. She thought she had him figured out, but now he, too, turned out to be an enigma.

Bruce wasn't an ordinary man and an ordinary relationship with him wouldn't work, that much was clear now. But as she contemplated their status, she smiled...she was no ordinary woman either. Perhaps there was a chance...

Selina shook her head. Bruce and Batman...she sure knew how to pick them.


Bruce woke up in pain. Catwoman had never fought him like that before. She had been incredibly angry, but not only at him. Something else was bothering her and she took it out on his face. His left eye and the surrounding area were swollen and dark purple from that last kick she landed. He was going to need this made-up week off to let his face heal. Makeup could only cover so much.

He considered going to Selina's, but he couldn't. He was supposed to be out of the city. He could call, but he might be tempted to "cut short" his trip. He still wasn't sure how he'd become so attracted to her in such a short time. It wasn't like him at all.

He should send her some flowers for leaving so abruptly last night and for lying to her. Perhaps buy her something nice. Anyway, he would have to wait for the wedding to see her again. Then, another thought entered his mind; Catwoman might show up, too. She'd been near the Roman's the previous few nights.

Bruce shook his head. Selina and Catwoman...two women was definitely more than he could handle. He wasn't sure how he would manage, but he'd find a way. He always did.


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