Two brides but One Choice Chapter Two By Melissa

"Hey Hey, you are my wife, I love you Maddie, Keep faith, we will find our son I promise, besides we are having twin, I hope girls" he smiled,
Madison smiled as she looked to Bowen . "Are you really happy?" she asked.
"yes, I'm very Happy" said Bowen,
Madison now smiled as they now both hugged.

Part Two:
As the year passed, Madison and Bowen found themselves with a few of baby books upon the bed after the visit from the obygn notifying them they were to be proud parents with Twin Girls .
"What about Coralai,?" asked Bowen.
"I like that name , Im writing it down" said Madison.
Bowen laughed as he now watched her. "oh, what about Nicholas," grinned Bowen.

Madison now swatted him with a pillow as he now fell off the bed.
he rose to his knees as he now looked at Madison as she now giggled.
"I was only asking about the name"
"And we already have a Nicholas" said Madison.
"And the same name as me" said Bowen.

a knock was now heard as they both looked at the door. "Enter", they both said in a unison voice.

The door creaked as Lady Udonna entered with a cup of herbal tea.
"Your tea is ready Madison"said Udonna Madison now sat back on the bed as Bowen looked at his mother as he was on his knees.
"Bowen?, what are you doing on the floor?" asked Udonna.
"Oh, uhm Madison threw me off the bed and I decided to stay down here for the night" smiled Bowen.

"oh well alright.Good Night" smiled Udonna.
Udonna turned as she now walked out the door as she closed it.
"You know, this is driving me nuts"
"What is?" asked Bowen.
"Searching for our son, It has been two years Bowen, He be two by now.

Meanwhile Darvian's Castle :

"where are you my son" said Lilliana.

only giggles were heard as she sighed. " You know, Bowen will come for this boy" said Korvac.

"I know, that is what I am hoping for" said Lilliana.