Hello peoples! I hope you like my one-shot that I made This is another story that has Kyuubi in it and sorry, Kyuubi is a guy in this one to. I always make Kyuubi a guy. This is yaoi and your going to have to guess who our little Naruto-chan is going to be paired up with. This took forever to finish! Sorry if the chapters are pretty short.



The main character is Naruto and this is a high school fic but they're demons and humans in the school. Naruto is a hanyou kitsune but has a fluffy fox tail with kawaii kitsune ears along with it. Naruto is 15


It was a peaceful morning and for our young kitsune hanyou it was his first day in high school. His alarm clock beeped and beeped until Naruto crushed it and slowly went back to sleep.

It wasn't until a half an hour later that he woke up to find his alarm clock crushed. He got up with a yawn and sat there thinking for a minute and realized he was going to be late for his first day of high school. His eyes widened in horror wondering what the teachers would do to him since practically all of them are demons. He jumped out of bed and rushed to get dress.

"I'm going to be late! It's also my first day to!" struggling to put his pants on and fell on his ass for rushing.

After dressing and wrestling to put his shirt on he went to grab his pack and tripped over the coffee table and landed on his face.

'Great. First I land on my ass, I wrestle with my shirt, and now I've landed on my face.' Naruto thought quickly bouncing back, grabbing his pack, and running as fast as he could out the door.

He was only three minutes late so far. He ran down the hall not paying attention to where he was going and ended up colliding into someone and landed on his ass yet again with an "oof" along with the other person.

"Watch where your going moron!" the person yelled irritably.

Naruto's ears twitched in annoyance at the rude man. "Well sorry bastard but if you don't mind I'm late an-" Naruto stopped talking as he looked up into the saddest eyes he's ever seen.

The man of course was taller than himself, blood red eyes, moon light pale skin, wide dark whisker marks, full light pink lips, long kitsune ears with black on the inside(A/N: You know what Kyuubi's demon ears look like), nine long crimson tails, wild spiky crimson hair, black nails, black choker necklace, black long sleeve shirt with the words suicide on it in red, black baggy jeans that goths wear with all those chains, and black sneakers with red laces.

In other words he was HOT! Well to Naruto he was hot but the stranger still looked dangerous and deadly. Naruto just kept staring at the teen in front of him curiously but found he was starring, blushed, and looked away.

"S-sorry I wasn't paying attention and I'm late so if you don't mind I'm going to leave." Naruto said not looking at the teen and brushing off the invisible dust particles from his clothes. He smiled, "Oh, and my name is Uzumaki Naruto."

The teen gave him a dangerous smile that promised pain in the near future and narrowed his eyes, "Well Uzumaki congratulations, you have just made your first enemy and I'll be seeing you later."

The mysterious teen walked away leaving Naruto standing there mouth hung wide open. But Naruto realized he still needed to get to class and ran as fast he could to the room. As always tho, Naruto was late. When he reached the classroom he looked to the teachers desk and gave a sigh of relief to see the teacher not here yet and found his best friend with an extra seat beside him.

"Hey Gaara." Naruto said greeting his friend with a smile like always and Gaara gave his same old high to which had the red head nodding in acknowledgment.

Gaara was a Tanuki demon with tanuki like ears and a strange looking tail. He wore a red T-shirt, black jeans, and red sneakers.

Gaara and Naruto had been friends since they were in sixth grade. Naruto liked being around Gaara and Gaara the same. They went everywhere with each other they even live with each other which made Naruto start thinking.

"Gaara... WHY DIDN'T YOU WAKE ME UP!" Naruto shouted eye twitching in anger.

"I didn't feel like it." Gaara said showing no emotion.

"WELL THANKS TO YOU I NOW HAVE AN ENEMY BECAUSE i ACCIDENTALLY RAN INTO HIM!" Naruto heaved and huffed out his breath in anger but calmed down and found the entire class staring at him.

"Great Naruto, who'd you get mad this time you baka." Sakura, the cotton candy haired girl with a huge forehead said.

"Yeah baka who was it." Sakura's friend/rival said, her name was Ino and she was just as annoying.

"For your information I don't know who the hell he is and I just ran into the guy." Naruto gave the two girls a bored look his ears drooping down.

"Well can you at least tell us what kind of demon he is. My brother does know everyone in the school and I will probably know who it is dobe." a raven, Sasuke, said giving Naruto a smirk that said you-know-I'm-better-than-you smirk.

Naruto gave a pout but said with a glare, "He's a nine tailed kitsune demon with red hair and blood red eyes."

Sasuke's eyes widen with shock but quickly went back to his stuck up look and said," Well your lucky to even be alive, that's Kyuubi. He's one of the strongest guys in the whole school. He's in a gang called Bijuu and they don't get along with anyone but themselves and kill people who get in their way or just for fun."

Naruto widen his eyes in realization that he could have been killed and he was to stupid to sense the evil demonic aurora coming from him. Naruto slumped in his desk wishing he was at home in his comfy orange bed.

Gaara looked at his friend worried for his safety. Naruto saw the worried look in his friends eye's and gave him a reassuring smile. Naruto was just about to start a conversation with his quiet friend but then the teacher just came in.

Naruto looked at his teacher and kinda was freaked out. The man before him had mismatched eyes and the left one had a scar over it, grey hair that stood out towards the left, a mask, white button up shirt, blue jeans, a wolf like tail, and elf shaped ears.

"Hello class, my name is Kakashi and I'm going to be your history teacher." Kakashi said his eyes turning upward in a smile.

Kakashi made his way towards his desk and started taking attendance. Once that was over he sat down and took out a little orange book that you usually see weird men carrying. Everyone just stared at their weird teacher and said weird teacher looked up and smiled at them through his mask.

"Oh, first day we don't do anything because I don't feel like it so talk amongst yourselves." then he went back to reading his dirty book giggling like a perverted old man here and there.

'This is going to be a weird year. Hopefully my other teachers wont be as crazy as this one.' Naruto thought but then decided to chat with his friend for the rest of the class time.


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