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'It had been a couple of weeks since that incident with me and Kyuubi.' Naruto thought while looking out the window, not paying attention to his teacher. 'Sure, he is a little more open with me and glares a lot less; but, I still wish we could have gotten closer.' Blushing at what closer could mean, Naruto shook his head of the perverse thought. 'I think our gym teacher is rubbing off on me! Damn pervert!'

The bell had finally rung to signal the end of their class and the beginning of his lunch. Naruto walked out into the hallway easily finding his red headed friend. But as soon as he spotted him he saw his friends clinging older brother with him.

"Shukaku! When are you going to go back to your friends!?" Naruto glared at the taller blond.

"Aw, Naru-chan do you hate me!" Shukaku pounced Naruto with a hug.

"No! You're just the most annoying thing I've met since Sasuke-teme!" He pushed the tanuki off of him and glared with more force.

" I would if Kyuubi didn't throw me away from the table as soon as I sat down! So I blame you for what's happened and therefore will bother you until you convince Kyuu to let me sit with everyone again!" Shukaku pouted to the shorter blond while walking next to Gaara. "Besides! I love spending time with my younger brother!" Shukaku was about to hug Gaara but received a death glare from the other tanuki.

"Gaara! Get rid of him!" Naruto pleaded to his friend.

The only response Naruto received was a look that clearly said "your fault." Sighing as the walked into the cafeteria, his blue eyes scanned the area. He saw Kyuubi and the others sitting at their usual table. Looking at Shukaku he could tell how much he really did want to sit with his friends; and considering it was his fault too for getting the tanuki kicked out of the group.

"Fine, I'll talk to him after school."

"Really! Arigato blondy!" Shukaku hugged Naruto again.

"Yeah yeah, now put me down!"

The rest of the school day seemed to go by in a blur, and then the kitsune hanyou had to find Kyuubi. Running out the building as fast as his legs could carry him he made it outside and waited for the red head to show. Everyone went by, some waving to Naruto, others glaring at him, but he still hadn't seen Kyuubi.

'Maybe he already left? No, I made sure I got out way before most of everyone.' Naruto thought while scanning the crowd some more. He spotted Sanbi and Yonbi coming out though, 'I'll ask them where Kyuubi is! Sanbi is really nice and especially since I saved him!'

Naruto ran up to the two demons, "Have either of you seen Kyuubi? I need to talk to him."

"Oh! Hello Naruto-kun, It's nice to see you again. I think Kyuubi is in the library." Sanbi smiled kindly at the young boy.

"Arigato! It was nice to see you as well!" Naruto smiled brightly and then sped off to the library.

"That kid is weird." Yonbi said grabbing Sanbi's hand.

"Hai, but he is nice and Kyuubi does seem a lot happier now." Sanbi looked into Yonbi's strangely colored eyes.

"True." Yonbi smiled to his shorter boyfriend.

Naruto ran down the hallway almost running people over, causing lots of shouts of "oi!" and "gomen!" Finally reaching his destination Naruto slowed his pace and started to look for the familiar red hair. Ten minutes had passed since he started looking and he tried to sniff him out but the dusty smell of old books was to overwhelming. Letting out a sigh he trudged to the back of the library hoping that the nine-tailed kitsune would be there. Peeking from behind the bookshelf he saw Kyuubi surrounded by books and currently reading one. He gave a mischievous smirk before sneaking behind the chair the red head was currently sitting in.

"Oi Kyuubi!" Naruto shouted.

Kyuubi jumped in his seat and made an undignified squeak. Of course that made Naruto fall to the ground laughing his ass off. But once he calmed down to look at Kyuubi he was met with a red in the faced raging kitsune. Naruto made a "eep" noise before fleeing from the onslaught of books being thrown at him. All Kyuubi did was keep muttering "how irritable and annoying the blond was" and "how dare he sneak up on me" among with a lot of cussing.

"Stop having a hissy fit just caused I scared you!" Naruto shouted at the pissed off kitsune.

"I am not! Having a hissy fit!" Kyuubi shouted stopping his throwing, "You don't sneak up on people when they're reading!"

Kyuubi sat back down only to realize the books he was reading were thrown everywhere. He sighed and started to pinch the bridge of his nose, feeling an on coming headache, 'I feel older than what I really am, damn brat.'

"Since you caused my hissy fit you can pick up all the books and put them back on the table." Kyuubi sent a glare at Naruto.

"Fine, I guess." He smiled at the still glaring fox. " You know, if you keep furrowing your brow you'll cause wrinkles." Naruto snickered as Kyuubi's glare hardened, "Ok! I'll shut up."

Silence passed between the two for a couple of minutes before Kyuubi spoke up. "So, what did you want?"

"Gomen, I thought the great Kyuubi wanted me to shut up." Sarcasm was dripping from every one of the blond's words.

"Damn brat! Just answer the question!" Kyuubi could feel his head pounding, 'It's always like this when I deal with him, never simple.'

"Ok, wellll… I wanted to talk about Shukaku." Naruto peeked at Kyuubi while setting more books on the table. 'Geez he reads a lot.'

"…What about him.." A loom of curiosity crossed Kyuubi's features, while he cocked his head to the side.

'Kawaii!' Naruto squealed in his head. Not that he'd ever say it out loud. "You see, he's been bugging me and Gaara lately cause you won't let him sit with you cause your mad at him. But you shouldn't blame him for what I asked. So can you let him sit with you again, I'm getting sick of his whining and Gaara already deals with him enough."

"Hmm I don't know. It has been nicer at the table without him there." Kyuubi nonchalantly looked at his nails while smirking. "Why should I let him sit with us?"

"Nani!? I just gave you reasons!" Naruto set the rest of the books on the table and put his hands on his hips, his ears flattening on his head. "Don't act innocent with me! I know you're planning something!"

"Whatever made you think that?" Kyuubi gave him an innocent look, well as innocent as Kyuubi could.

"Cause you're a kitsune and so am I so I know how our kind works!" Naruto pointed at him while glaring. He then sighed in defeat, "What do you want?"

Kyuubi gave him one of the most mischievous looks he had ever seen, it even rivaled his. The next thing Naruto knew was that he was at some restaurant paying for Kyuubi's meal. 'I've never seen someone eat that much tofu in my life.' Naruto just stared on as Kyuubi finished his tenth meal of it.

"Are finally done?" Naruto looked wide-eyed at the fox in front of him.

"Hm, I guess." Kyuubi gave him a lazy smirk while sitting back in his chair. "I'll let Shukaku sit with us again."

"Yosh!" Naruto pumped a fist in the air.

"Don't forget, you have to pay."

That fist quickly went down as Naruto got his wallet out and paid the bill. His poor frog wallet was completely empty.

"Poor froggy, you've become anorexic." Sighing he put the wallet back in his pants as they left the restaurant.

"You have a frog wallet?" Kyuubi gave him a look of disbelief.

"Yeah so! Everyone has weird things they have for no reason!" Naruto puffed out his cheeks, ears flattening back.

Kyuubi gave him an amused smirk, his ears twitching. "Whatever."

Naruto huffed at the smug fox but continued to walk beside him. They walked on in silence until Kyuubi was the one who broke it again.

"You can stop fol-" Naruto interrupted his sentence.

"Let's go to your secret place again!" Naruto grabbed Kyuubi's wrist and tugged him along.

Kyuubi could have easily have gotten out of the kitsune hanyou's grip, but decided to amuse him. They reached their destination in a few minutes since it wasn't far from where they were. Naruto plopped onto the ground and looked up at Kyuubi smiling as big as he could. Kyuubi thought his face would crack from how big it was. He laughed at his dumb thought.

But that caught Naruto's attention, "What's so funny?"

"Oh, nothing… just a thought." Kyuubi sat down and leaned against a tree that was a good distance from Naruto but close enough so they could still hear each other.

"Oh come on! Tell me! I bought you food!" Naruto inched closer while giving Kyuubi the puppy eyes.

"You bought me food because of our deal. Also, the puppy eyes don't work on me." Kyuubi turned his nose up on Naruto.

"Please! I wish to hear your holy thoughts great one." Naruto clasping his hands together while looking to Kyuubi like he was a god. 'Bet this will work!'

"Hmmm…. No." Kyuubi smirked at the deflated look on Naruto's face.

Naruto just kept looking to the ground like his world had been crushed from Kyuubi not answering him. It only took a few minutes before Kyuubi finally gave in.

"Fine!" Kyuubi said exasperatedly then looked to the ground and blushed a little. "I just thought your face would crack from smiling that big."

Naruto just looked at the fidgeting fox before he started to snicker. "It's not funny!" Kyuubi's face turned even pinker and his ears turned back in frustration.

"That was a dumb thought!" Naruto laughed even harder from the look Kyuubi was giving him.

"Urusai brat! I'm leaving!" Kyuubi got up and was about to march off when he got tackled to the ground by the little ball of energy.

"No! Don't go! I'll stop laughing! I'll stop!" Naruto looked at the kitsune he was sitting, before he could get up their positions were quickly switched.

Kyuubi looked down at the younger kit, "Stop tackling me to the ground! It does hurt you know."

Naruto looked up at Kyuubi worried that he'd get hit until he saw the humor in the crimson eyes. It made them look softer and Kyuubi more approachable. He really couldn't help it so he leaned up and pecked Kyuubi on the lips.

Kyuubi's eyes widened in shock and his face tinged pink again, "Why do you always do that you baka!" But the anger didn't quit reach his eyes, it was a different look that made Naruto shiver.

Instead of yelling like Naruto thought he would Kyuubi leaned down and kissed him. When their lips connected it felt strange for both of them. It felt, just amazing. Naruto wrapped his arms around Kyuubi's neck and kissed back. The older foxes tongue started to lick at Naruto's bottom lip for entry and Naruto groaned and opened his mouth. To Kyuubi, the younger kit tasted sweet yet salty and a little bit like ramen. But that made Kyuubi sigh in content, he actually liked the taste. Shyly, Naruto started to join in by lightly touching Kyuubi's tongue with his own. This made Kyuubi moan which gave Naruto more confidence in what he was doing.

They pulled away for air, both panting and blushing. Naruto pulled Kyuubi back down and this time he took more control. Kyuubi tasted spicier then he thought yet with a hint of cinnamon, it suited him. Pulling away, Kyuubi started to trail kisses down Naruto's jaw and neck. He kisses and nipped which made Naruto moan in pleasure. Naruto trailed his hands down Kyuubi's back until he felt soft fur at the base of Kyuubi's nine-tails. He gently rubbed at the base cause Kyuubi to moan/whimper from Naruto's caresses. Kyuubi was about to kiss Naruto again when they heard a ringing going off in Kyuubi's pocket. Kyuubi growled but answered his phone anyway.

"Hai, what is it?" Kyuubi asked impatiently. "Yuki, I'm bus-y." Kyuubi had to hold back a groan as Naruto thought to nip his neck. "Yeah fine…. Whatever."

Kyuubi got up and started to walk off, "I have to go home now."

Naruto clumsily got up and ran over to Kyuubi, "W-wait! Um.. um are we d-d-dating?" Naruto said the last part very quietly while blushing.

Kyuubi's face turned a crimson red, "Uh, I don't know… are we?"

"Well… we did make out so I guess we are." Naruto looked up to Kyuubi shyly.

"Ok…. But don't think I'll be any nicer!" Kyuubi started to walk away, a small smile appearing on his face.

"Ok!" Naruto said happily and raced off to his own home. 'I can't wait to tell Gaara this!'


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