Hello anyone who remembers the story!

I know it's been two years and this update is really kind of a tease. I don't actually have a new chapter yet but a series of reviews inspired me to take another look at the story that brightened up the last few years of my time in high school. I still love Rebecca, Miss Lovett, Jack and James but decided that an old reviewer SilverSlippers was right. While Rebecca is fun and amusing, she really could use a bit of a fixing up. In fact, I'm going to try to give the whole story a face lift. Hopefully I won't botch it up since I really don't have the time or money to deal with the lawyers I'm sure Rebecca would try to smack me with.

So get ready. Light Up is getting revamped and finished. I swear on my love of pepperoni and Harry Potter that the story will be longer since I think Rebecca deserves some more insight and original dialogue.

Hopefully this works out!

Unless Fate tries to get in the way.

Frickin' fate.

~Remembrance Lane