Center of the Circle


All creative thoughts and ideas are credited to Ms. J.K.R.

Ch. 1 Prologue

"Ginny, no, Ginny, stay with me just a little longer!" Harry Potter whispered frantically as he held his dying wife's hand. "Just a little longer."

"Harry, it's time. Use the spell." She said back. Her voice was soft and strained and gave Harry the impression that it caused her no small amount of pain to speak.

"No, we could have hours yet. I won't leave you- not yet." Harry told her. The tears started again and rolled down his cheeks.

"Harry, listen to me, when you get back there and you see me you have to remember that I'm only 10."

"I know, I know, but it will be so hard."

"I know. Just remember that in this point I'm in love with The Boy Who Lived, not you. You have to be my friends first and show me what kind of person you are."

"I will, I'll go slow."

"And ask her to the Yule Ball for Merlin sake." She told him in her nagging voice that Harry adored, but in all honesty he adored everything about her.

"I will. Do you think I should try and be friends with her- you right away, or should I wait?"

"No, once she starts Hogwarts you should reach out to me."

"But what about the Chamber?"

"Destroy the diary right away."

"But isn't that what made you fall in love with me- you know, just at first."

"Oh Harry, that's not true. I loved that you saved me, obviously, but I had been completely in love with you since the day I put my elbow in the butter dish and you didn't laugh."

"Okay I'll be sure not to laugh this time either." Harry looked down at her body. Her shivers wouldn't go away and she was turning slightly blue. He looked deeply into her eye's and smile. Her eye's were her power, and her weakness. Since the first time Harry had really looked into them he had started to understand this elusive girl. They could be soft, or joking, or blazing. They told you everything she couldn't say with her words.

"I love you so completely." Harry told her softly. She smiled genuinely at that, though she couldn't hide the wince caused by her final movement.

"I love you now and always, and the next time around I know I will love you again."

"I know. What I don't know is how I'm going to be friends with you. We were never very good at that."

"No, we weren't. You know me, you know me better then anyone. Take me flying, treat me like one of the guys, but make time to remind me that you know I'm a girl."


"Buy me a girly present."

"Something pink?" He teased.

"At least with a pink bow. But you do know that my favorite color was purple, right?"

"Don't start saying 'was'." Harry told her sadly.


"They'll be here soon." Ginny told him calmly.

"I know, but the wards will last another hour or two."

"But I won't."



"You should go. I can't hang on anymore and if the wards collapse and you don't have enough time to get out of here this all will have been for nothing."

"I know."


"Now, Harry. Go NOW."

"I'll see you soon, Wildcat."

"And I'll see you Snidgey."

"I'm not going to let you call me that next time around."

"Oh yes you will. You love it, Cub.

"That's better."


"NOW, GO HARRY" Ginny yelled frantically. Harry stood and walked to the center of the circle. He looked one last time at the love of his life and mouthed the three words he could never say enough. Then he pointed his wand at his chest and said the incantation that would save her. It would save his Ginny, and it would save Ron and Hermione. It was save his unborn child and the Weasley clan. It would save all of Wizarding world.

"Fatum aetas capio rursus aetas novem." For a moment nothing happened and Harry was sure that it hadn't worked. He looked back at Ginny in a panic and her eyes mirrored his. Before he said a word, though, there was an explosion and a blinding light that killed Harry, Ginny and the army of Death Eaters pounding down the door to Godric's Hollow.

Harry took that moment before his death to appreciate how truly beautiful his wife is, or was. With her bulging stomach and bloodied face and chest she was still the most beautiful women he had ever seen.

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