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Harry Potter and The Power of The Heirs

Chapter 1

The Funeral

Rain pounded on the massive windows of The Great Hall. Black banners draped down from the enchanted ceiling which mirrored the weather outside.

Sirius Black sat there, in the center of The Great Hall, covered in black robes. To his left sat the Weasley clan dressed in similar attire. To his right sat the ghostly pale Mr. and Mrs. Granger.

Sirius glanced at Ronald Weasley. Ron just sat in his chair and staring at the wall behind Professor Dumbledore. He looked completely lost. Just a few days ago he had his two best friends. Today he had nothing.

A short cry from Mrs. Weasley tore Sirius' gaze from Ron and direct it to the two coffins in front of him. Ron Weasley and the Granger's weren't the only people to lose someone close to them. By far Sirius lost the only person he ever had that was like a son to him. He also lost a girl that was as much a daughter to him as the boy was his son. He lost the last link that he had to Lily and James Potter. He lost his will to live.

Ignoring the eulogy that Professor Dumbledore was giving his mind began to wonder. Thinking back to the events that occurred just a few days ago. Wondering why it had to happen. Why did his godson give up?

Start Flashback

Neville Longbottom quickly crawled out from under the desk to witness Dolohov casting the killing curse. The bright green light blinded him and forced him to shut his eyes. He didn't see to whom the curse was directed at. But he knew it was to late. They were gone. When he opened his eye's he turned to stare his friend. His leader. His idol. What he saw would haunt him for the rest of his life. Those once radiant green eyes now held nothing but coldness. Devoid of emotion and sense.

He was staring at something. Neville turned his head to see what he was staring at, and there she was. Laying on her stomach. With her hand stretched out. As if she was reaching for something or someone. Her eyes where empty as well. Empty of life.

In the background he could make out the image of Dolohov casting a counter jinx on himself. With a maniacal smile he turned to face Neville. He slowly raised his arm, and pointed his wand at Neville. The most feared spell in the wizarding world was about to leave his lips. But he stopped short and his eyes widened in surprise.

He quickly dropped his wand and closed both his hands around his throat. Gasping for air he stumbled backwards and slammed into the wall. Neville turned around and saw a sight like no other.

There he was standing, with his head turned towards Dolohov. His eye's had an electric blue fire coming out of them. A blue aura surrounded his body. Neville could feel the magic coming off of him in intense waves. His arm was streched out and his hand was closed in a tight fist.

Neville turned back to face Dolohov and saw him slowly slump down onto the floor. He continued to stare at Dolohov, long after his movements seized. He was in shock at what just happened. He never even noticed his friend pick up her body and leave.

End Flashback

Sirius looked down at the coffins again and stared at the plate on the coffin to the left. "Hermione Jane Granger. Beloved Daughter, Beloved Friend." He closed his eyes shut wishing that everything would just go away. The pain, the death, the anguish. What was life if this was all he had.

He then turned his head and stared at the coffin to the right. It was almost to much to bare. He knew his godson had been through a lot but he never thought in a million years that this would happen. Anything but this.

Start Flashback

It was unexpected to say the least. Sirius had been battling his cousin Bellatrix Lestrange when he saw his godson walk out into the battlefield carrying the limp form of Hermione Granger. He seemed to have a fire in his eyes. But the fire was dying. Even from the distance he could make out tears streaming down his cheeks.

Sirius turned back to Bellatrix and cast a fierce stunner at her, knocking her back into a wall and rendering her unconscious. He turned quickly back towards his godson and ran in an all out sprint towards him but was stopped short by a pair of menacing red eyes behind his godson. Fear enveloped him. Fear of what was about to happen.

Slowly his godson turned with Hermione still in his hands and faced the man who made his life a living hell. He rose his chin defiantly and stared him straight in the eyes. Voldemort seemed unfazed by his bravery. He slowly leaned forward and whispered in his ear. What he said seemed to have no effect on him as he continued to stare Voldemort straight in the eyes.

With a slow purposeful motion Voldemort took out his wand and pointed it at the boys heart. And in a bright green flash his life ended.

End Flashback

Sirius felt the tears coming to his eyes as he directed his gaze towards the head of the coffin. He barely noticed Dumbledore step down from the podium as he ended his eulogy. The inevitable sense of loss overwhelmed him as he read the plate on the second coffin. "Harry James Potter. Beloved Son, Beloved Friend."

He saw out of the corner of his eye that the Weasley's started to walk towards the coffins. He joined procession behind them as he thought about saying goodbye. It wasn't supposed to be like this, He thought. When I got my freedom you were supposed to be with me Harry. Why? He thought painfully.

As he approached Harry's coffin a single tear fell as he kissed her coffin. He watched the tear as it fell onto the plate and then turned to Hermione's coffin. He bent down and kissed it as well. Slowly he stood up straight and stared at the coffins.

"Goodbye Hermione. Goodbye Harry."

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