Summary: For as long as she can remember, Lily Weasley has wondered about her father's identity. Her mother, Ginny, has always refused to talk about him. Nevertheless, Lily has grown up happily with her mother and her large extended family. Little does Lily know, though, she has a twin brother living on the other side of the world.

James Potter knows nothing about his birth parents. When he was a few days old, he was abandoned on Harry Potter's doorstep in San Francisco. After discovering the boy's magical powers and unable to find his parents, Harry decided to raise James as his own son with some help from newly-found relatives, strongly believing the baby was left on his doorstep for a reason. As James grows older, however, Harry can't help but question the boy's true parentage, especially as James begins to resemble Harry more as each day passes.

The two have grown up in totally different worlds, never knowing that the other exists. But when they both turn eleven and are accepted at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry everything will change.

The Parent Trap

Chapter One

She was being paranoid. Really, she was. What would the harm be in sending her daughter to Hogwarts?

He could be there.

But he doesn't even live in Britain.

That doesn't mean he couldn't get a letter.

No. He wouldn't get a letter. There were other magic schools besides Hogwarts.

He was born here. His name has been down for Hogwarts since birth.

He might not be allowed to come.

Not be allowed to come to Hogwarts?

Shut up, Ginny responded to the voice in her head. She would send her daughter to Hogwarts. And she would not meet her twin brother there, because he wouldn't be there.

Believe what you like, Her inner voice said, But remember that I warned you.

"Dad! It came!" James hollered down the stairs.

"Bring it down here," His father responded from the kitchen.

James ran down the stairs as fast as his legs would carry him. When he came into the kitchen, he found his father sitting at the table, reading the morning paper.

"Look dad," James brandished the letter in his father's face. "I'm in; I got into Hogwarts! When can we go get my stuff?"

Harry Potter looked up to see his son grinning at him like a maniac. Ever since he was a little boy and Harry had told his son bedtime stories about all of his school adventures, James had dreamed about going to Hogwarts just like his dad. Harry had done his best not to crush the young boys dreams, but he knew the chances of James being offered a spot at the British boarding school were rather slim since he'd lived his entire life on the other side of the world and most Hogwarts students had been set to attend there since birth.

"I suppose we could go tomorrow," Harry said slowly.

"Yes!" James shouted.

"But we'll have to bring Wyatt and Chris with us," He added quickly.

James nodded. "When are Piper and Leo going to be back anyway?"

"Another week or so," Harry replied, "You know they wanted some time to relax before the baby is born. You don't have to worry though, they'll be back long before you leave for school."

"Okay," James said happily, then rapidly changed the subject, "You know what's kind of odd dad?"

"What?" Harry said aimlessly. He was looking at the paper again.

"Well, you're a wizard, and so am I. And I just happened to be left on your doorstep. Weird, huh?"

"I guess. I always thought there must have been some kind of reason that you were left on my doorstep. Whoever left you could have been watching me and they purposely left you with me because they knew I am a wizard."

"But still," James persisted, "Even you have to admit that it's kind of weird how I even sort of look like you."

Harry put down his paper once more, looking thoughtfully at his adopted son. It was true that as James grew up he looked more like Harry every day. And then there was the fact that James just so happened to have the same name as Harry's father. But it was useless to dwell on thoughts like that, Harry told himself with a slight shake of his head. James was a common enough name, and besides, it was simply impossible for the young boy to be his biological son.

"That's probably just because you refuse to comb that mop you call hair," Harry informed him with a grin. "I stand by the belief that your hair is unmanageable by choice."

James shrugged. "Eh…you might have a point. Anyway, I'm going to go spend some quality time with my adoptive third cousins, or whatever we are."

"Wyatt and Chris are watching cartoons in the living room," Harry responded, before immersing himself in his newspaper once again.