Lily sighed as she looked out at the crowd. So much in her life had changed. And all of it was definitely for the better.

Since their marriage six and a half years ago, Lily's parents had had three more kids.

Prudence would be six this August. She was just younger than her cousin Melinda by four months. The two of them were the best of friends and loved playing tricks on their three cousins, Wyatt, Chris, and Henry, with the help of Henry's twin sisters, and their Aunt Phoebe's daughters.

The next oldest was four-year old Megan. After her came three-year old Abby. And lastly, the only other boy beside James, was Jason. At four months, he was the youngest of the Potter children. And the way things were looking with their parents, he certainly wouldn't be the last. In Lily's opinion anyway.

Anyway, all of them were gathered today at Hogwarts to celebrate the graduation of their older siblings. James, who happened to be the older twin, was graduating second in the class. Second only to his younger sister, Lily. Which was something she liked to rub in every few minutes or so.

Along with their parents and siblings, Harry's cousins and their assorted children and spouses had also come for the ceremony.

Leo, Piper, Wyatt, Chris, and Melinda Halliwell-Wyatt were all sitting in a row, next to Harry. Behind them, were Henry, Paige, Patty, Penny, and Henry, Jr. Matthews-Mitchell. And sitting next to them, were Phoebe, Coop, Victoria, and Kari Halliwell.

Lily glanced at the person next to her. James grinned back as Professor McGonagall stood up, to address the class of 2014 as her students for the last time.

Living up to the attitude his grandfather had passed on to him, James totally zoned out during McGonagall's speech, which earned him a glare from his sister. It sure looked like someone else was living up to her grandparent's legacy, and the head badge on her chest. An identical one of which was on James' chest as well, unfortunately in his opinion.

After the headmistress' speech, the head girl and boy both gave their speeches. James basically gave a compilation of all the pranks he and his friends had pulled over the years, and rounded out with a thanks to McGonagall and all the other teachers for keeping Hogwarts running so he could show the Slytherins just how much he liked them. Obviously some people couldn't stray from their namesake's mold.

Then there was Lily's speech. Definitely no straying there. As opposed to her brother, Lily had written an actual speech about 'worthwhile' experiences at Hogwarts. But she, like her brother, ended her speech with a thanks to her almost former headmistress.

"And last of all, I would like to thank Professor McGonagall. If it wasn't for her keeping Hogwarts open all those years ago, I would never have been here today. And I wouldn't be standing beside the person who I regret having to call my older brother. But in short, thank you Professor for giving me the chance to meet the person who I know just has to be your favorite student of all time. Of course, that's favorite student-outside-of-class-because-he-never-does-his-homework." she added as an afterthought.

Even McGonagall laughed at this. From his seat, Harry just shook his head sadly. He turned to his wife.

"Gin, where did we go wrong with those two?" Was all he had time to say before the diplomas were handed out.

Once the official ceremony was over, there was a small reception-type party thing on the quidditch pitch. As soon as she spotted her older sister, Prudence ran up to Lily.

"Oh Lils!" Prudence exclaimed. "I just can't wait to go to Hogwarts. It all sounded like so much fun."

"It was Pru." Lily reassured her younger sister. "Now, how about you introduce me to this younger brother you've told me so much about?"

Prudence grabbed Lily's hand and dragged her over to their brothers and sisters. James had already found his way over to his new, and only, brother. He was sitting on a chair holding the baby, while two of his younger sisters stood next to him telling their older brother all about their new little brother.

Lily walked up to James and smiled sweetly at him. "How about you let your favorite little sister hold Jason now."

James grinned at Lily in much the same way as he had before, right before his, in her opinion, appalling speech. "Hold on one second." He turned to Abby. "Do you want to hold Jason?"

"James Potter! You know that's not what I meant!" Lily exclaimed.

"But I did just what you said." James said innocently, as he carefully gave the baby to Abby. "I let my favorite little sister hold Jason."

"But I meant me!" Lily protested.

"But that's not what you said." James argued. "Besides, how do you know that you're my favorite? Come to think of it, it's kind of a tie between Pru, Megan, and Abby about who I like best, as a sister of course. For a brother, Jason has absolutely no competition. And as for you...Well, let's just say I've known you too long to like you the best."

Lily turned to her younger sister's. "If I'm ever not home and James has Jason, never let the two of them be alone together. He is going to corrupt his mind."

"How?" Megan questioned.

"James is going to make Jason think that James is the best and that he can't have a favorite sister." Lily stated matter-of-factly.

"Oh come on, you've known me too long to know that I would never lie to anyone." James said sweetly.

"Apparently, I've also known you long enough for you to not like me anymore." Lily responded. "Especially now that you have a little brother." Lily turned to her sister's once more. "You know what? I think we should just kick James out of the house."

Pru's eyes lit up. "Does that mean that I can have his room and Megan and Abby can each have their own rooms, cuz then we would have enough bedrooms in the house to not have to always share with each other?"

Lily had to take a moment to think. "Yes...that's exactly what I mean...I think."

"So let me get this straight," James began, "You're all set to kick me out of the house and let the midgety people take over, and you aren't even sure if that's what you're saying?"

"I think you are the one who doesn't know what they're saying." Pru said seriously. "For a big kid, you sure aren't smart. You just said the same thing twice. And we aren't midgets. We're just younger than you by lots of years, and the correct term is vertically challenged."

"Aahh! Lily!" James exclaimed. "You need to stop teaching the vertically challenged people to say smart stuff!"

"I'll do my best..." Lily said sweetly. "...If you let me hold Jason."

From a distance, Harry and Ginny watched this whole scene unfold. They knew the twins liked to joke with each other about James' former lack of a brother and other strange things that siblings just liked to argue about for no apparent reason, so the two parents just smiled at their happily arguing and plotting children.

Right now, looking at their six children, all together for the first time, they couldn't be more glad that they had both chosen the same day to go shopping in Diagon Alley, all those years ago...and that they had two children who had definitely been smarter at the age of eleven than Ginny and Harry had ever been.