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Chapter 1

The three Winchester men got out of the parked Impala, Dean and John walked back to the trunk to grab the weapons while Sam leaned against the car and looked at the big house.

"Are you sure about this, dad?" Sam questioned, ignoring the look from his older brother. "Shouldn't we do some more research before we do this?"

"Don't start with me, Sammy." John said his voice irritated as he walked towards the house.

"But dad, I think…" Sam said as he followed his dad.

Dean sighed to himself thinking: kill me now, as he closed the trunk and followed them into the house.

He and Sam had met up with their dad to hunt a pack of werewolves last week, the hunt had gone relatively smooth and they had planned to spend some time together, no hunting involved.

But as they checked into the motel a few miles outside a big city John heard about a haunted house and he wanted to check it out before they even had moved their things into the room.

Of course Sam was against it and John didn't care so they got into the Impala and drove to the haunted house.

As Dean followed his father and his little brother, he wanted to say that Sam was right because this didn't feel right but he knew that it was useless, their dad had already made his mind up. He caught up with them as John kicked the door open and all three went in together.

It was an old house, very dusty inside, filled with heavy and old furniture. They walked further into the house with senses alert.

"Sam take out the EMF and sweep for anything." John ordered.

"Dad…" Sam was cut off before he could say anything more.

"What now, Sam?" John turned to his youngest, eyes on fire.

"I forgot it in the car."

"Didn't I learn you anything?"

Dean blocked out Sam and John's voices, he really hated when they argued but he tried to keep an eye out instead of listening to their argument.

Suddenly the room grew colder, mist formed as Dean breathed and the uneasy feeling in his stomach multiplied.

"Dad! Sam!" he called out but the other two were too engrossed in their fight to hear him or notice the sudden coldness.

Dean looked around, his shotgun loaded when something grabbed him and threw him across the room into a big book case. He hit hard and the landed on the floor, left side down, with a loud thump.

"Dean!" Sam and John yelled at the same time as they made their way to the fallen Winchester.

Suddenly things started to fly around them, John turned to try to see what was throwing things at them but he was grabbed and thrown into a wall.

"Dad!" Sam yelled but bent down to check on Dean first and he let out a sigh as his brother's eyelids fluttered when Sam laid a hand on his forehead.

"Sam?" Dean said as he looked at his brother.

Sam opened his mouth to say something when he was hit on the head by something and tipped forward falling onto Dean, unconscious.

With a string of curses Dean rolled Sam off him gently, checked his pulse and when he felt it beat strongly he felt relived.

He looked around for their dad and found him on the floor a few meters away so Dean forced himself to standing and limped over to him while dodging the flying things. He ignored the pain and kneeled beside his father.

As he checked on his dad he saw a big vase in the corner of his eyes flying towards him and in reflex he threw his left arm up to protect his head.

The vase shattered against his arm and the pain became nearly unbearable, but he clawed his way out of the fog trying to take deep breaths and push the pain away.

After a minute or so he got the pain under control and saw that a big piece from the vase was imbedded in his left arm.

Without thinking he ripped it out, making the wound bleed pretty badly and he mumbled curses to himself as he looked around to find something to wrap around it. Seeing a table cloth not far away, he reached for it and wrapped it around his arm.

Then he turned back his attention to his father feeling a steady pulse and he tried to rouse John but the man stayed out cold.

Things were still flying around but suddenly it came to a stop, the calm made Dean uneasy but he knew that he had a window of opportunity and if he let it slip by he was sure that it wouldn't come back.

So he forced himself to stand up, looked around the room and his eyes rested on Sam, who also was still out cold. He took a few steps towards his brother but a groan from his father made him turn back and then he saw it.

There was a big hole in the wall from where John had hit it and something in the wall caught Dean's eyes.

He limped towards the hole as fast as he could and smiled big when he reached it. He bent awkwardly to pick up his dad's bag, rumbled thru it and his smile grew wider as he found what he was looking for.

Then he dragged his father a few meters from the wall, turned back to the wall, poured the whiskey he found in his dad's bag over the wall and the bones in it.

"Burn in hell." Dean said as he lighted a match and threw it on the soaked bones.

They immediately caught fire, he kept his eyes on it for a second before turning back to his father and little brother.

Both were still out cold, that made Dean a little worried and he dragged his father closer to Sam. He stood over them trying to decide which one he would take outside first but his thoughts were interrupted by a loud crackling noise and he turned back to the burning hole.

"God damit!" He exclaimed out loud.

The fire had spread over the whole wall making it crumble and he saw an old gas pipe close to the ceiling. Knowing that he hadn't got much time, he hauled Sam up over his left shoulder and grabbed his father by the collar, he pushed back his own pain and made his way towards the door.

His brother was heavy against his bruised shoulder and his left arm was burning but he couldn't shift him to his right shoulder because he couldn't drag John with his left.

Biting his bottom lip and in his mind he apologized to his dad for dragging him down the few porch steps. John's feet thumped down the steps and Dean took a couple of more steps as the house exploded sending the three Winchesters flying.

Dean groaned out loud as he hit the ground, untangled himself from Sam, rolled over to his back and lied there for a moment breathing heavy.

Every inch of him hurt, his arm was bleeding again but he couldn't dwell on that because he still had to take care of his brother and father.

So yet again he forced himself to get up and checked on the other two, their condition seemed unchanged and now they were on a safe distance from the burning house.

Dean walked over to the Impala, got in it and drove it close to them, then he slowly loaded them into the car and drove to the motel.

"Dean?" John slowly opened his eyes, looked around noticing that they were in the car and then over to his oldest son.

"Dad? You okay?" Dean asked his father, relief clear in his voice.

"What happened?" John asked but remembered as Dean told him everything that happened, not the incident with the vase, and smiled big when he said that he burnt down the house.

"You okay?" John asked feeling that Dean didn't tell him everything but his head hurt so much that he just wanted to go to sleep. It was so easy to leave things to Dean, he felt that he could let his guard down because Dean always took care of things.

"I'm fine, better than you two." Dean said as he pulled into the motels parking lot and parked the Impala next to their room.

He ignored his body's protests, got out of the car, opened the door to their room and went back to the car to help John.

Who leaned heavily on Dean as they made their way into the room and to one of the beds. He helped John with his jacket and shoes before going back to the Impala to get Sam.

The youngest Winchester was still unconscious so Dean hauled him up over his shoulder again and carried him into the room.

He breathed a sigh of relief as he laid his brother gently down on the bed and as he helped him off with his shoes and jacket, Sam started to stir.

"Dean?" Sam said quietly as he tried to focus on his brother.

"Welcome back, Sleeping beauty." Dean said with a smile. "How are you feeling, Sammy?"

"Head hurts." Sam moved his head and noticed that they were at a motel. "How did we get here?"

"Well, you were driven and carried by me here and let me tell you that you aren't that light as you look." Dean said as he handed Sam two painkillers and helped him drink some water. "And on top of that I burnt down a house!"

"What?" Sam asked but was getting tired.

"I'll tell you about it tomorrow. Get some rest, little brother." After making sure that both his father and brother was resting comfortably, Dean took the first aid kit and went to the bathroom.

Slowly he stripped out of his clothes, stepped into the shower and turned the water on. He stood under the spray of water for some time before stepping out so he could take care of his injuries.

His whole left side was bruised from shoulder down to his thigh, it would hurt like a bitch tomorrow but nothing seemed broken.

The wound on his arm was still leaking a little blood but not much but the whole arm was bruised and swollen, his wrist hurt when he moved it.

Dean bit his bottom lip as he cleaned it, the antiseptic burned so his eyes filled with tears. He blinked them away as he bandaged it and wrapped his wrist hard, trying to immobilize it because he thought that he had sprained the wrist.

Then he put on some clothes, a pair of sweat pants and a long sleeved shirt that was Sam's, he had deliberate took hit because he knew that it would cover his arms and hands so no one would notice the bandages.

Dean stepped out into the room, checked on his brother and father before grabbing his jacket so he could go and get some coffee. Because if he was going to stay up all night doing concussion checks he needed the coffee really bad.

As he paid the cashier for the coffee, he saw that it were the last of his cash and then he remembered that in the motel lobby were a sign that said cash only.

So when he came back to the room he checked both Sam's and John's wallet, none had cash in it. Dean sighed, he would have to go to the bank tomorrow and get them some cash.

The night went by quickly without much sleep for Dean but he was glad that his brother and father seemed alright, bruised and sore but alright.

John woke up, still with a slight headache but got up to grab a shower, Sam was still lying in bed watching as his brother got ready to go out.

"Is that my shirt?" He looked confused at Dean.

"Had no clean ones." Dean said grabbing a hoddie and put it on over Sam's shirt.

"Where are you going?"

"Out, to buy some food and stuff to you two invalids." Dean said as he walked out the door. "See ya later, bro!"

Dean stepped into the bank and walked over to one of the lines, there were two one held two and the other three people.

While standing in line he thoughts wandered back to when he started this account, he had been 11 and he had bribed a homeless man with food so the man could act as his father.

John had been out on a hunting trip, leaving Dean to care for Sammy and at school Dean had hustle some kids for money so he had a lot of cash on him.

There had been some break inns in the neighbourhood, so after he had dropped Sam at school he had made his way towards the bank and picked up the homeless guy on the way.

"Hi. What can I do for you?" The female banker asked interruppting Dean's trip down memory lane.

"Oh, you could do a lot for me." Dean said as he smirked and winked at her, she smiled brightly back at him. "But that is not the reason I'm here, I need to take out some cash."

He handed her "his" id and account number.

"Sure, Mr Kent?" She raised and eyebrow. "Clark Kent…"

"Yeah, mom and dad were huge Superman fans." Dean's smile grew wider and she laughed.

While she was working Dean got an itchy feeling so he turned to look around the bank and something caught his eye.

Damn, he swore in his mind as he turned back to the banker, leaned forward and said in a low voice: "Press the silent alarm button."

She looked at him with confusion written over his face but Dean discreetly showed her towards the entrance and she saw what Dean meant.

Four masked and armed men were silently making their way into the bank and Dean had caught them just as they opened the door.

"Everybody freeze!" On of the men yelled as the other three man spread out.