Chapter 4

Steve kept his eyes on the still form draped over Ben's shoulder, he had to admit that he admired the kid for his will to fight and stubbornness, he was sure that Dean was a real good hunter to bad that his father was an ass.

He stood in the doorway as Ben lied Dean down on a bed, he nodded to Ben as he walked out of the room and was on his way after him but was somehow mesmerized by the kid's long eyelashes and freckles as he looked closer.

What he had told John was right, the years in prison had changed him and had learned him to see the attraction to beautiful men.

He shook his head like to clear it then he walked out off the room, closed the door and took out Dean's cell phone. He dialed and put it to his ear.

"Hi John."

"Steve! What happened? Where is Dean?." John tried to stay calm but the anger shone thru his voice.

"Deanie can't talk right now. You could say that he is resting." Steve sat down on the porch and lighted a cigarette. "You raised a hell of a fighter, I give you that."

"If you hurt him..."

"A little to late for that, buddy. But we just roughened him up and I'm sure he had been thru worse, knowing you."

"What do you want, Steve?" John asked sounding a bit tired.

"Oh, I'm not really sure, I didn't plan this. You could say that Dean just fell into my lap and right now I'm pretty content in having him here." Steve blew out some smoke and couldn't resist yanking John's chain. "He sure got his looks from his mother."

"Don't you even dare think about it!" John felt his stomach churning at the thought of what Steve was implying. "Your beef is with me, not Dean."

"Yes, but to get to you, hard and cold John Winchester, you use your kids. Your weakness."


"And maybe I like him so much so I want to keep him all to myself." Steve flicked the but away across the small driveway.

"I promise you that I'll hunt you down so fast that you can't even think about that." John's voice was harsh. "Let alone do anything."

"Well that sounds like to much work for both of us. You have 30 minutes to get here and I'll be glad to look into your eyes as Deanie dies."

John kept his mouth shut, listened and writing down the instructions knowing that it had to be some kind of trap but he had to get Dean.

Sam kept looking over his father's shoulder as he wrote and then started to pack their things. He was very unsettled by the way the phone caller affected John and he wanted Dean back.

"Were do you think you are doing?" John asked Sam after putting the cell phone down.

"Don't be stupid dad." Sam said. "I'm going with you and don't think anything else. Dean needs both of us."

"You do as I say because if you get hurt Dean will kill me." John waited until Sam nodded and then they both walked out of the motel room. "Let's get the Impala."

Dean opened his eyes slowly, feeling a bit groggy but he pushed it back and forced himself to wake up. He noticed that he was tied up and lying on a bed, his whole body hurt but his left wrist was hurting like hell.

Slowly he swung his tied legs over the edge of the bed and sat up, dizziness assaulted him and he almost had to lay down again but got it under control and looked around.

The room he was in was small, the bed the only furniture in it and as he looked around he prepared himself to stand.

It took him three tries, he was pretty unsteady, he almost fell flat on his nose as the door opened and Steve walked in.

"I see that you are up." Steve said as he steadied Dean and stood face to face with him.

"Yeah, the room service on this place ain't any good." Dean said trying not to shiver at Steve closeness. "What do you want?"

"Revenge." Steve pushed Dean back on the bed. "And I'll soon get it, your father are on his way here."

"And he is going to kick your ass, if I haven't by the time he gets here."

"Huh, I don't think so. This time John Winchester will learn his lesson." Dean opened his mouth to say something but Steve hit him in the stomach, then shoved him down on the bed and walked out.

John drove carefully on the old and bumpy road, knowing that Dean would probably kill him if the Impala was damaged.

He cast a look at Sam who was lying in the backseat, covered by blankets, turned back to the road as it come to an end and he pulled up at the old house.

The front door opened, John recognized Steve as he walked out do he stopped the car and got out.

"Hi, John." Steve said with a smirk.

"Where is Dean?" John asked ignoring the hello as he walked towards Steve.

"Slow down. Do you have some where else to be?" Steve said as the door opened again and a big man came out dragging Dean with him.

The younger Winchester tried to struggle as Ben dragged him, ignoring Dean and when he saw his dad he became still.

At first he couldn't believe that John actually was there not armed or anything, his father wasn't that stupid and then he wondered were Sam was.

Hopefully he wasn't around, Dean didn't want to see him get hurt because of him and that he felt for his dad also.

John actually felt relived when he saw Dean but the gun that was held to his son's head made his stomach grow cold, not that it showed.

He took a step closer to the house, wanting to show Dean that everything was going to be alright and to check out how injured he was.

"Easy now, Winchester." Steve said and Ben pushed the gun harder against Dean's temple, making Dean close his eyes but his face remained calm as he opened them again.

John raised his arms and stood still,not wanting to aggravate the man holding the gun.

"I'm here, Steve. What more do you want?"

"I want you to suffer." Steve said staring at John and then at Dean. "Let's go inside, don't try anything or Ben will shoot Deanie right here in the head."

John nodded, walked slowly towards them and up the porch steps. Steve opened the door. Ben dragged Dean inside with John and Steve close behind them.

As they stepped inside John was shoved on to a sofa while Dean was pushed down on to a hard chair and Ben positioned himself behind him.

"Why did you come?" Dean asked ad he looked his father in the eyes. "You know that this is a trap."

"Because he knew that I would kill you if he wouldn't come." Steve said with a smile.

"But you are going to try to do it anyway." Dean said, taunting Steve. "But that is not something new, it's one of the risks with that comes with the job. He knows that and I know that."

"Well, let's say that." Steve leaned forward close to Dean so there were only a few inches between them. "I told him what I would do to you before I killed you." Steve smiled big, licking his lips. "I see that you got your pretty looks from your mother and I really am a sucker for pretty faces."

Dean's eyes widened just a little as he understood what Steve was implying and he felt John tense but he wasn't impressed by the threat.

"Sorry, Steveo. You are not my type but I can see why you can't resist me." Dean said with a big sassy smile. "Big lump behind him isn't much to look at."

John groaned out loud at his comment and then Steve hit Dean hard in the face, making him see stars and almost black out but Dean fought to stay conscious. He won against the blackness and met Steve's stare.

"You raised a hard kid, John." Steve said as he turned to the older Winchester. "Not many men brushes away threats about rape."

"Well." John tried not to sound nervous about the threat now spoken out loud, making it more real. "Dean has always been the tough one in the family."

Outside, inside the Impala Sam looked up over the seat carefully, he saw two men outside it and he got down again. He listened as they talked between themselves and he heard as they moved away from the car and the house. Slowly and carefully he opened the door, eased himself out and followed them.

Phil and Tim never knew what hit them and were an easy match for Sam, who knocked them unconscious and tied them up, not even breaking a sweat. Then he moved carefully towards the house and kept an eye out for more men.

He sneaked up to a window, peered thru it and let out a big sigh of relief when he saw Dean and their dad.

His brother looked roughed up but he was still alive and that made Sam a little more confident about the situation.

Dean tried to keep up with the conversation between Steve and John but it was getting harder for him to do so, mostly because of the pain in his injured arm but he pushed it yet again away.

He refocused on the voices but he grew more tired, his eyes heavier and he really hoped that his dad had a good plan, so he could get them out of here.

Sam kept looking thru the window, his eyes mostly on Dean and he became more uneasy. His brothers head kept dropping, like he was falling a sleep from time to time and Sam knew that Dean had to get out of there soon.

Steve glared at John, furious, the man was unbelievable. Here he was with a gun pointed to his son's head and he still refused to apologize for turning them in.

Suddenly he heard and engine roar outside, he looked at Ben who moved from his position behind Dean and went outside.

Steve took out his own gun, placed himself by Dean, laid a hand on his shoulder and kept his eyes between John and the door.

Feeling a hand on his shoulder, made Dean a little more alert and he met his father eyes. John looked into his son's eyes, trying to tell him that everything was going to be alright.

The door flung open and Sam busted in, imidietly John was on his feet, catching the gun Sam threw to him and pointed it at Steve at the same time as Sam.

Steve had hauled Dean out of the chair, using him as a shield and held his gun to Dean's head.

"Let him go, Steve." John said anger clear in his voice as he tried to get a clear shot. "It's over."

"It's not over until I say so." Steve said with a smirk. "I still have Deanie in my arms."

"Let him go." John said.

Sam kept his mouth shut, even if he wanted to scream to the bastard that held his brother, and kept his eyes on Dean, who met his eyes.

Sam could see that Dean was exhausted and in pain, but he also saw the trust in his brothers eyes and he raised an eyebrow, like asking if he was okay.

Dean shrugged a little, earning a hard squeeze from Steve, and made a small nod,but then his eyes rolled back and he went limp.

Steve was completely unprepared by the whole of Dean's weight as he went limp and was shocked when he heard a gunshot.

The thud of two bodies hitting the wooden floor were followed by a couple of seconds of completely silence.

Then Sam rushed to Dean's side, John not far behind him.

"Dean!" Both said out loud as they took a loom at their fallen family member, Dean was still out cold and Sam started to check him for injuries as John looked at Steve, who was dead by a shot to the head.

"How is he doing?" John asked as he turned back to his sons.

"Bruised." Sam said as he loosened the ties on Dean's wrists, noticing the bandage on his left arm. He took it carefully so he could get an better look at it but Dean started to wake up.

"Sammy.." Dean asked, sounding a bit groggy as he looked at his brother and then father.

"Hey, kiddo. How you doing?" John asked, glade to see Dean's eyes.

"I'm fine." Dean said, trying to sit up and take is arm from back from Sam. "You two?"

"We are fine Dean but you are not!" Sam said as he held on to Dean's arm and started to unwrap the bandages, showing it to their dad.

"Let it be, Sammy. It can wait." Dean said trying not grimace from the pain.

"Humor us." John said as he looked at his oldest.

Dean rolled his eyes but knew better than to argue with his dad and one look from Sam, showed him that his younger brother was in nurse mode.

"I think it needs stitches, but it doesn't look broken." Sam said. "Just badly bruised."

"I could have told you that." Dean said annoyed.

"If I haven't seen it?" Sam said snorting. "I don't think so, how did you get it?"

"..." Dean mumbled something unhearble.

"What did you say, Dean?"

"Are you going deaf, Sammy?" Dean said trying to change the subject.

"Answer him, Dean." John said with a don't-mess-with-me-tone.

"At the haunted house." Dean said keeping his eyes downcast. "The ghost threw a big vase at me, it shattered and a piece of it got stuck but I got it out."

"And why didn't you tell us about it?" John sounded angry.

"It wasn't a big deal."

"Uhu, right." Sam said as he helped Dean to stand up. "We need to have a conversation about this. But let's get out of here first."

"I'm down with that." Dean said and the three Winchesters made their way out of the house, to the Impala and they drove away.

"One thing is for certain..." John said as he drove the Impala. "You are never going to the bank alone, Dean."

"But, dad..."

"No buts Dean. I don't think we are going to let you go out alone from here on. You always get into trouble."

Dean opened his mouth to protest but Sam's and John's snickering made him shout his mouth.

"But I always save your asses anyway."

The Impala were filled with roaring laughter as it drove off.


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