Love Hina: Kenshin the Keeper

This is a reconstructed version of Love Hina: My New Weird Life, and it will be told mostly in Kenshin's POV.

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Chapter 1: His First Day in Hinata Sou

9 Years Before Main Story

??? POV


I was running through the halls of the orphanage as fast as my little legs could carry me. I heard the screams and pleads of not only the people who took care of me, but those of my friends, and my fellow orphans. The sreams were short-lived as soon they were replaced by the sound of gurgling, almost sounding like someone trying to talk with water in their mouth, and someting hitting the ground. Though I wasn't sure what these sounds meant, I could feel something telling me to keep running, and to not stop.

My name is Shinto... and I am 6 years old...

During my short life... I have been through things people only experience on weird shows that my caretakers would watch on the TV. My first memory was of my mother and father. My father was a kind man, the red, spikey hair that I got from him along with light blue eyes being the only things I remember of him. My mother had long light brown hair and the violet eyes I gained from her really the only things I remember about her as well. We were a well off family, I don't remember ever starving or being without fresh clothes. From what I remember I was happy for a time.

But then... I remember my parents fighting. My mother calling my father lazy and my father calling her lots of words back. There was one word that made my mother slap my father... I think it began with a c but I don't really remember much else. They kept on fighting for a long time, until they started talking about something called a 'divorce'. I really don't understand it, but I know it had something to do with me not being able to be with one of them. But before this 'divorce' thing could happen... something happened to them.

One day they wouldn't get up out of bed. I ran in and shook them a few times but they wouldn't get up. I shook them more and more... and I still couldn't wake them up. I finally grabbed my mother's shoulders, which were very cold for some reason, and turned her over. When I saw her face... i-it was so pale... and her lips were... and her eyes... I knew something was wrong. I called the doctor people and they came over fast. The day after I found myself in this weird place called an orphanage. There were lots of kids like me who lost their mothers and fathers, so I made lots of friends.

My caretakers took really good care of me, and even took me to school after I lived in the orphanage for a while. Like I said I made lots of friends, on days when we wouldn't go to school we would just play at the orphanage. Everything was going really well for me for a year. Though I wasn't ever 'adopted', or whatever they called it, I was happy with my caretakers and friends. I thought that these were going to be happy days from now on.

... Or so I thought...

Today, these strange men with big knives on their hips walked into the orphanage. There was one of them with a straw hat thing on there head so I couldn't really see him that well. I saw our caretakers look at them, looking very scared... but what was so scarey about them... I was going to find out soon. One of the orphans ran up to the man with the straw hat and stood right in front of him with a smile on his face. The man looked down to see him...

"Hey mister, are you here to adopt one of us?" The ophan asked as I could see the man smirk under his hat. In the next instant I saw him draw his knife... and then nothing happened, he just put it back in. The orphan who ran up to him turned around, looking even more scared than the caretakers. And then... he spat up this red stuff on the ground... and his head fell off. The caretakers screamed and then the men started cutting my everyone. One of the caretakers yelled for me to run before one man stuck his big knife in her back...

And here I am now...

I ran into the kitchen and slammed the doors shut. I looked around and saw a knife on the ground. I picked it up and then ran under a table with a cloth covering on it. I sat there for a few minutes shaking slightly as I held the knife close to me. I shivered for a few minutes before I heard the door open and I stopped. My heart pounded in my chest as I watched a pair of feet walk over to the table. I trembled as a hand grabbed the cloth and a head came down with it, the man had a big knife in his left hand with red stuff on it...

"Hello kid... whach ya' got there?" The strange man asked me as he began reaching for me. I panicked and forced the knife foward, the man seeing this move thrust his big knife foward too... It was a few moments before I opened my eyes, and I didn't like the sight I was treated to. The knife I held had gone through his forehead, he was still and red stuff flowed out of where the knife had gone in. I soon felt something warm going down my left cheek. I looked over to see his big knife going slightly through and across my left cheek...

I panicked and pulled away from the big knife in a hurry. I felt my left cheek, and it hurt to touch it, but I could feel the cut. I ran across my cheek in a diagonal fashion, going from down to up. I held my cheek as blodd kept on coming out of it. Then I heard footsteps coming from down the hall. I got out from under the table and began running down a side door, my cheek bleeding all the way. I kept on running, and running, and running until I reached the payroom. There was red stuff, and the still bodies of my caretakers and friends at the other door... I couldn't even look. I ran to a corner of the room and sat there, holding my knees as I heard more footsteps coming.

I gasped as the door opened and several men, including the one that had the straw hat, walked into the room. The man with the hat walked over to me and lifted me off the ground by my shirt. "Hello there child..." The man said in a low tone as he brought out a small knife. "You aren't afraid..." He said slowly as he brought the knife up to my left cheek. "Are ya?" He asked as he put another diagonal cut on my left cheek, combining with the other one creating an 'X', and then licked the blood off of his knife. I looked the man in his eyes, and I froze as I saw one thing...

Madness, unimaginable madness...

Suddenly there were sounds at the other door. They busted open revealing several police officers, one in front had a big knife on his hip, the others had their guns pointed at the other men while the one with his own knife pulled it out and pointed to the man holding me.

"Enishi Yukishiro, FREEZE! You are under arrest!" The man, Enishi, holding me by the collar of my shirt simply smirked. He threw me to the side and ran for a window at the opposite side of the room. He ran so fast... but the police man... he ran so much faster... I thought he was going to catch him for sure... but then Enishi threw his hat off, and spikes fell out of them onto the floor. The police officer stopped before stepping onto them, and Enishi jumped out of the window. The officer looked at the window and sighed, he put his knife back into the wooden thing at his side. The man walked over to me and bent down.

"Hey kid, you okay? The name's Hiko Seijuro, yours?" He asked as I stared at him. Then I did what every six year old would do in my situation...

I fainted...

??? POV

A Bullet Train

I began stirring as the train I was on kept on moving. I slowly opened my eyes in order to get them used to the sunlight. I had been on this train all night, waiting for it to reach Hinata City, my current destination. I quickly checked my person, to check to see if anyone had stolen anything of mine while I was asleep. I had my sword, my pouch with money earned from the last city I was in, travel was costly so I needed money, so every few cities I would get a job to help me with money. And that was basically all I ever really carried on my person.

My name is Kenshin Himura...

After that event at the orphanage the police officer I had come to know as Hiko Seijuro XXVII had taken me out of there and to his house. The man who led the Yakuza thugs in the 'robbery' as it was called... more like slaughter... at the orphange had gotten away, and so the courts saw fit to put me into Hiko's care, should that man ever come back. Ever since then Hiko had served as my guardian for a time, and then as my step-father. He adopted me after a year of taking care of me...

He then began teaching me the sword style 'Hiten Mitsurugi Ryu' (Supersonic Sword Technique), a sword style that Hiko had been taught by his master, and his master, and his master, and so on. After he began teaching me he changed my name to Kenshin Himura, he said that 'Shinto' was not a name fit for a swordsman. After teaching me for all of these years he had taught me all that he had to teach and had given me the name Hiko Seijuro XXVIII. But I prefer my second name better.

But... after the years of teaching me and taking care of me, Hiko had become threatened by Yakuza thugs, and his place had been announced improper for me to live. So sadly I departed from Hikp with simply some money and a sword. I was told to go to a certain house, but instead I chose a different life. I am now a rurouni, and the reason for my travels are simple...

To find a successor to my style...

And to find the man who...

No! I must not think of that now. The train began coming to a slow stop as a man walked up to me. "Well sir this is your stop." A man said in Japanese beside of me.

"Oh thank you sir." I said as the man gained a confused look.

"What sir?" The man said again, very confused.

"I said..." As I realized that I was speaking in English, I had learned it over my travels with tourists. "Sorry sir, you see I learned English during my travels and I just simply prefer speaking it. Sorry for the trouble, that I am." I said while smiling at the sir. I was glad Hiko had also home schooled me during my time living, there were many instances in which I would have looked very, VERY, stupid had I not learned from him.

"Oh absolutely no problem sir, anyway this is your stop." The man said with a smile.

"Thank you." I said as another thought came to my mind. "Hey are there any hotels nearby?" I asked the man behind me.

"Well there was one hotel... it isn't far just go down the street, take a left at the second turn and you should get there... but I should tell you that..." The man said as I ran off the train.

"Thank you!" I said as I got out of earshot of him.

General POV

"Well I tried to warn the poor kid... (Sigh) well there goes another one." The man said as new passengers boarded the train, many of them whispering words along the line of 'dead kid walking'.

The Stairs to the Hotel

I reached the stair to the hotel that the man on the train told me about as I walked up them. As I walked up the stairs I saw that there was an old Tea House on the way up to the top. I stood there considering possibly getting some tea, or maybe some Sake... but I decided against it so I continued my way up to the top of the stairs. I got to the top of the stairs and looked upon one of the grandest buildings I have ever laid eyes upon. It looked like a ancient Japanese palace almost. I made my way to the front door, slid them open, and then walked in.

As I entered I looked around to find a place where I could put my shoes. I found that place and slipped off my sandals and then walked further into the area. "Hello, is there anyone here?" I shouted as I stood in there. After a few minutes of noone answering I laid my bags down, sat down, and then got into a lotus position. I wouldn't dare walk into this place without the person, or persons, in charge knowing, after all that would be rude... at least according to Hiko... he still berates me for that time I walked in on him while he was in that drunken stupor...

I sat there for a few minutes before... "Hello? Anyone.. oh hello who are you? Do you work here at the inn?" I heard a voice say behind me as I stood up. I turned my head to see the stranger behind me. He was a few inches taller than me, but had really no muscle on him to speak of. He had short brown hair that was rather flat compared to mine, and wore big, square glasses. He was in a white button-up shirt with a pair of blue jeans on and tennis shoes. He also sported what appeared to be a man-purse of some kind... I could tell the man was not of the malicious kind, his eyes couldn't lie.

I stood and faced him completely as I smiled. "Hello there sir, my name is Kenshin Himura. What is yours?" I said in a happy tone as I held out my hand.

"Oh, my name's Keitaro, Keitaro Urashima." Keitaro said as he extended his hand and took mine.

"Nice to meet you." I said as I shook his hand.

"Nice to meet you too, I guess." He said as he released my hand. "Are you so happy all of the time?" He said in a slightly amused tone.

"Oh not all of the time sir, sometimes I am quite serious. But most of the time, yes I am very happy, that I am." I said as I scratched the back of my head.

'That I am?' Keitaro thought to himself as he questioned my vocabulary.

Keitaro noticed my sword, and immediately became interested. "Oh, are you a swordsman.. or samurai?!" He said sounding excited.

"Well sort of, I guess you could call me a rurouni." I said as I chuckled.

"Cool." He said as he looked over my attire. "So, do you work here or not?" Keitaro said sounding curious.

"Well no to be honest, I was just looking for a place to stay for the night." I said truthfully to the guy, afterall what reason would I have for lieing to this kind man.

"Oh, pretty cool, anyway I was just coming here because my parents kicked me out of the house, and my grandmother lives here so I figured I could just live here." Keitaro said as I shook my head.

"(Sigh) Why would someone, especially a person's parents, kick them out of the house." I said in a lower tone of voice.

"Well you see I've been trying to get into Tokyo University, but I've failed the entrance exam two times in a row. So my parents kicked me out, saying that I was just an extra cost for them..." Keitaro said as I got a shocked look.

"How terrible! Well Keitaro-san, I know that if you keep on working hard that you will be able to get into Tokyo U." I said while Keitaro got a suprised look on his own face.

"Thank... thank you Kenshin-san, I never had anyone who believed I could get into Tokyo U before, thank you." Keitaro said as he bowed.

"Not a problem Keitaro-san, now then do you know where we can find the owner of this hotel, I would like to be able to check in." I said as I looked around.

"Oh yeah sure, just follow me, I think I know where my grandma's room is... I think." Keitaro said with an uncertain tone in his voice.

"You think, Keitaro-san?" I asked.

"Well I haven't been here for so long so my memory is kinda fuzzy." Keitaro said as he led me to the stairs.

"Oh I know how that feels Keitaro-san." I said as I followed him up the stairs. We kept on walking until we reached room 205 and Keitaro stopped.

"I'm pretty sure this is it." Keitaro said as he walked into the room.

I nodded and followed Keitaro into the room. I looked around and I almost immediately thought. 'This sure doesn't look like a room that would belong to an old grandmother.' Several Sake bottles littered the floor around the room, as well as old clothes and the like. It looked more like a drunk's, or perhaps a college student's room.. Keitaro looked disgusted as he began picking trash up off the floor and putting it in the trash can.

"What are you doing Keitaro-san, we don't need to do this, afterall this doesn't look like an old woman's room." I said as Keitaro kept on picking up trash.

"Well, I know that, afterall grandma wasn't an alchoholic, but I just don't think that someone's room should be forced to look like this." Keitaro said as he kept on cleaning the room.

'Just as I thought, a man with no malice in his soul.' I thought as I began to help Keitaro pick up the loose trash around the room. As we finished Keitaro gave out a sigh and wipped his forehead.

"There, now doesn't it look like it's good as new?" Keitaro said proudly.

"Well I have to admit it is much cleaner than before we came, that it is." I said as I through the last of the trash into the can. I walked around before I felt a board go loose underneath my feet I pulled it out and saw a secret stash of Sake underneath. "Oh wow Keitaro look here." I said as I pulled out a few bottles of Sake.

"Hey wait, aren't you a little young to drink?" Keitaro asked as he looked at the Sake.

"Meh, I've had alchohol before." I said as I remembered drinking with Hiko on some nights when we were both, just well bored to death... somehow he was never arrested... maybe it had something to do with the Christmas Party, afterall everyone at the office always blushed when he mentioned it.

"Really, well... okay... I guess grandma would like a drink too." Keitaro said said as I put the bottles of Sake into a part of my sash that was not occupied.

But then all of a sudden I sensed something coming down the hall, it was someone, possibly the owner of the room.

'Someone is coming down the hall... we may wanna get out of here.' I thought as I grabbed Keitaro's arm.

"Keitaro-san, I think we should be getting to your grandmother's room." I said with a urgency in my voice.

"What's the hurry?" Keitaro asked as he stood up.

"Well I would like to check into this hotel so I can get my room." I said as I began pulling him out the room.

"Oh good point." He said as we exited the room, ran down the hallway, and into the right room as I sensed the Ki signature walk into the room we were in.

General POV

Kitsune walked into her now clean room, and gained a confused look on her face. "Didn't my room look like it had been hit by a typhoon about a half-hour ago?" Kitsune said as she walked over to the loose board. She lifted them up and saw her Sake was gone. "And whoever cleaned it up has taken my Sake stash... hmmmm must've been Haruka." Kitsune said as she tore off a section of the wall, revealing another Sake stash. "Well at least she didn't find this one!" Kitsune said as she laughed and began drinking large quanities.

Kenshin POV

As we entered the manager's room I saw that it was completely empty, not a soul in sight. "Well I guess she isn't here Keitaro-san." I said as I sat down.

"Maybe if we wait for her she'll show up." Keitaro said as he sat down right beside me.

I began popping the tops off of the Sake, I needed something to pass the time while Keitaro and I would wait for his grandmother. "Keitaro-san, want some." I said as I offered a bottle to him.

"Oh, well I guess, sure thanks." He said as we both took our first drink. "Wow this stuff isn't bad." He said as he took another drink.

"This is some pretty high quality Sake, the person who lived in that room must be pretty rich." I said, taking another drink of the tasty, yet expensive Sake.

After a while, we had gone through all three bottles of Sake, I had to thank Hiko for all of the years of allowing me to drink Sake. It had made my body very resistant to Sake. As Keitaro began bumbling around the room I took a quick smell of myself, and I had to admit, I reeked.

"Say Keitaro." I said getting Keitaro's attention. "Did your grandmother have any baths around this place, I've been traveling for a while without being able to take a good bath so..." I began saying when Keitaro cut me off.

"Shhhay no more." He said slurring his words, apparently his body wasn't very tolerant of alchohol. "My granny hassshh the bessshht bath housshhe in the world, follow me." He said as he stood up and began stummbling out he door.

"Okay then, I guess I'll leave our stuff here." I said as I walked out, leaving our bags behind... but I brought my sword with me, afterall Hiko taught me that in an unfamiliar place, a swordsman should never go walking around without his sword.

So we walked down the stairs, I didn't exactly keep a close look on ki signatures, afterall it isn't like someone woukld hurt us if we were here (Yeah keep dreaming Kenshin), but we eventually made it down the halls and now we were at a pair of sliding doors, and after Keitaro stummbled with the door for a little while we entered. We took off our clothes in the little 'locker room' type place before the springs, put a towel around ourselves, and walked into... dear... God... this place...

"My... God... this place is..." I said out loud as I saw the springs, they were amazing, the place looked like the baths of the Gods. The use of plant life in order to further the beautiful atmosphere surrounding it.

"I know it'sshh pretty good isshhn't it?" Keitaro said, still drunk.

"Yes, it is magnificent, that it is." I said as I started walking towards one of the pools of water.

I first put one of my feet in, to check the temperature of the water, the second my foot touched it, it literaly went numb from the soothing warmth of it. "Oh... my God. The temperature is even perffffeeect..." I moaned as I dipped my entire body into the water. Keitaro followed soon afterward, and his blush, caused by the alchohol, seemed to disappear and was replace by one of shear pleasure that only a hot spring of this caliber could bring.

"Yeah, and it really helps get the alchohol out of your system." Keitaro said as he began lowering his body even deeper into the water.

"So Keitaro-san what field will you major in at Tokyo U?" I said as I got a bucket of hot water and poured it on my head.

"Hmmm... well I'm not sure, but I think I'll do whatever I'm interested in." He said with a cheeky smile.

"Yes, I can agree with you there. It is better to seek what you love and are passionate about, than to ever try to choose perfection and power." I said in a sage-like tone while I just went numb in the water.

"Well then why do you work with swords? Wouldn't that count as seeking power and perfection." He said as I held up my hand to stop him.

"Well Keitaro-san, that is one of the things I am passionate about that it is." I said as I poured another bucket of water on my head.

"Hehehe... where did you learn that by the way? It sounds pretty wise for someone your age... wait how old did you say you were again?" Keitaro said as he sat up in the water.

I snickered before talking. "Well Keitaro-san I learned that from my mentor, and to how old I am..." I said as I began getting a feeling from the door... someone was out there... and I could tell by the ki that this person was female. I started standing in the water, I had not seen any signs saying this was a girl's bath.

"Kenshin-san, is anything wrong?" He said sitting up even straighter in the water.

"Keitaro-san." I said with a serious tone. "Get out of the water, tie your towel around you and wait behind that rock formation over there." I said as I pointed to a random rock formation ment to decorate the hot springs that would hide both me and Keitaro from the female presence. Keitaro only nodded as he walked out, tied his towel around his hips, and walked behind the rock, shortly followed by me. "Wait here until I tell you to move." I said as I began taking in the environment, it was misty from the mist rising from the springs, perfect for sneaking away from anyone.

'But how did she get so close without me noticing... I must not have been paying attention while I was soaking...' I thought as I watched the door open.

Keitaro and I watched as a beautiful woman walked out of the locker room, with only a towel hiding her features, and sat down in the hot spring. I noticed heat rising to my cheeks as I watched her and I sensed the same for Keitaro. "Hey.. hey you don't think we ended up in the girl's hot spring do you?" He said quietly in a shakey voice.

"I think that might just be the case Keitaro-san, but for now we should focus on getting out of here without being noticed. Follow me." I said as I began walking around the edge of the hot spring, Keitaro following my every step, as the woman bathed herself. We made it to the door, when I noticed someone else approaching, I quickly grabbed Keitaro, forced both himself and myself behind a rock formation beside the door, as another woman walked out, I recognized her ki as the one that I sensed while in the Sake room, also with nothing but a towel on. I knew that if she would close that door that would mean we wouldn't be able to escape without both of them noticing, I was just going to have to hope that I was fast enough to get through the doors as she closed them.

The woman began walking out towards the spring, throwing the door shut behind her without looking. 'Now!' I thought as I summoned as much speed as my body could, afterall it was still slightly numbed from the bath, and ran through the door while dragging Keitaro with me. We were both fortunate enought that we were able to slip through the door without us hitting it, as we both panted in the locker room area of the hot spring.

"Jeez that was a close one, you were really awesome back there? Are you a ninja too?" Keitaro asked as he began slipping his clothes back on.

"Well I did have some training in stealth, but not enough for you to call me a ninja." I said putting my red kimono over my white undershirt.

Soon both Keitaro and I were out of the locker area and back in the hallways of Hinata Inn. I relaxed figuring that if we were caught wondering the halls we couldn't possibly get into too much trouble... could we? Well the when things were good, there was always the distinct chance that they would go from bad to worse in life, a lesson I learned from Hiko, so I had to keep my wits about me. Keitaro nudged my shoulder, bringing me back into the real world.

"Hey you okay? You seemed kinda lost there for a second." Keitaro said with a bit of worry.

I untensed and smiled at the ronin's kindness. "I fine Keitaro-san, but thanks for the concern. I was just thinking of our current situation." I said still smiling.

"Oh okay. Now that I think about it, we might as well go down to the Tea House, my aunt may be there so she could probably get us settled in." Keitaro said scratching the back of his head.

"Yes that sounds like a good idea Keitaro-san." I said as I began following Keitaro down the halls of Hinata Inn once again. As we walked I noticed Keitaro had a light shade of pink on his cheeks. "Something the matter Keitaro-san?" I asked as Keitaro flinched and began blushing a little harder.

"Well I uh.. you see... did you see anything?" Keitaro said as I too began blushing lightly.

"Well... I didn't see much... I saw her... butt, but that was it..." I said, blushing as Keitaro blushed lowered a little bit.

"Same her, don't worry I won't tell if you won't." He said as my blush also lowered.

"Thank you Keitaro-san, I will remember this." I said to Keitaro, smiling at him as he grinned at me. But what we didn't notice in this moment of gratitude was the giant basket of clothing, slowly but surely walking towards us.


We walked right into the basket, causing all of the clothes to fall everywhere, even two pieces of clothing fell on top of our heads, the sleeves wrapping around our necks.

"Oh I am so sorry!" A tiny voice said in front of us as I saw a little girl, with blue hair, frantically picking up clothes, her back turned to us.

"Oh no problem miss, we weren't watching we weren't watching, that we weren't." I said as me and Keitaro also began helping pick up clothes. As we were I noticed the girl freeze in place as she turned around to look at us, fear all over her entire face. "Ummm... miss is anything wrong?" I said as I began inching closer to her.

All of a sudden she let out a shriek of terror. "THIEVES!!!" She screamed as the two women from the hot spring came out from the corner, they were clothed, they must've been coming out of the hot springs when they heard the girl scream.

"Thieves?!" The short haired one who looked like a fox said as she looked around.

"Right there!" The long, auburn haired one said as she pointed at us. I could suddenly feel extreme amounts of malice literally jumping off of their aura, and honestly, I was frightened.

"Keitaro-san..." I said in a low voice.

"Y-yes Kenshin-san..." Keitaro said in a voice filled with fear.

"RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!" I shouted in panic as both he and I ran down the hallway, as the other three began running after us. We were running down the hall as we reached a 'fork in the hallway', I wanted to go to the right but I sensed two auras down that hall. So as we reached the fork in the hallway I pulled Keitaro to the left.

"Wait wouldn't the other way lead to the entrance?" Keitaro said as he ran.

"Yes, but I don't think they would allow us enough time to open the sliding door to get out..." I said as I began to grimace.

"Good point..." Keitaro said as he sped up to keep up with me.

"Theives?!" I heard a rather serious sounding voice say at the end of the hall.

'Shit! How did that one catch up already?!' I thought as I saw a young swordswoman at the end of the hall, we froze in front of her as she reached for her weapon.

"You! Prepare to die theives!" The swordswoman said as she drew out her blade. "Shin Mei Ryu: Earth Shattering Strike!" She said as she released a large chi attack towards us.

'SHIT!' I thought as I saw the attack coming.

"Keitaro-san, do you trust me?" I said as Keitaro as he looked at me.

"Well, yes Kenshin-san!" He said as I forced him onto my back. "Why are you doing this!?" He said as I got him on.

"You'll see!" I said as I ran head on towards the attack.

"YOU'RE CRAZY!" Both Keitaro and the swordswoman shouted as the attack drew closer. In that instand I force all the strength I had in my legs and started running towards the wall to my right, I began running ON the wall, but I wasn't finished yet, I began moing towards the ceiling, eventually running on it as well. And as woman's attack passed by us...

"Motoko! You get them!?" The auburn haired girl shouted as she, the fox girl, and the blue haired girl popped out of the other hall, just in time to be hit by the girl apparently named 'Motoko's' attack.

"Naru, Kitsune, Shinobu!" Motoko shouted as she noticed me draw near. I had jumped lightly off the ceiling, twisted in mid-air in order to land on the left wall of the hallway, by then the clothes that were on our heads had fallen off. I looked at Motoko in the eye quickly, making her flinch a bit, and then leapt of that wall, right past Motoko, landed on and support beam in the hallway to the left, lept off that onto the ground, let Keitaro off there, though he was a bit dizzy we kept on running. Motoko stared quietly, while the other three caught up with her, all three of them covered in bruises.

General POV

"Motoko-chan... (Gasp) how did he... (Gasp) go so fast, he was past you... (Gasp) in the blink of an eye..." Naru started saying while gasping for air.

"I... I don't know... I haven't seen someone move that fast since.. my sister..." Motoko said as she saw us going around the corner.

"We can't worry about that now... (Gasp) we have to follow them..." Kitsune said, gasping as hard as Naru.

Motoko nodded as all three of them began to run to try and catch us again.

Kenshin POV

Meanwhile Keitaro and I were ahead, running for our lives, as we turned a corner I heard something bust open behind us. We turned aroun to see a Indian looking girl, dropping from the ceiling, with a giant rocket launcher in her hands.

"Theives eh?" She said as she took aim, while we just froze there.

"HOW DOES A KID GET HER HANDS ON A ROCKET LAUNCHER?!" Keitaro screamed as we watched.

"I honestly don't know how Keitaro-san, that I don't." We watched as Motoko, and the girls named Naru, Kitsune, and Shinobu, rounded the corner.

"What are you waiting for Su? Fire at them!" Motoko shouted as the girl 'Su' nodded.

"Okie dokie!" She said as she fired a giant rocket at us.

"OH SHIT!" Keitaro shouted as I drew out my sword out of its sheath.

"Don't worry Keitaro-san." I said as my eyes narrowed. "Hiten Mitsurugi Ryu: Ryusosen (Supersonic Sword Technic: Dragon's Nest Strike)!" I shouted as I began striking sections of the walls, ceiling, and support beams, in the blink of an eye. As the rocket neared, even though Keitaro should of been screaming he wasn't, everyone was to busy to notice the rocket when they saw how fast I made my movements. They were all wide-eyed as they looked upon me, Motoko eyes being widened the most.

'How... he moved... so fast..' She thought as the rocket drew closer to me and Keitaro.

And a a few split seconds before the rocket was about to hit us, parts of the ceiling, walls, and support beams I cut, fell and the rocket hit them, successfully protecting us from the blow, but in the process it caused the section of the hallway to complex. Keitaro stared wide-eyed, and so did the girls even if they didn't see it, at the destruction I had caused. Then all of a sudden it hit Keitaro and he ran to the rubble.

"Hello! Are all of you okay?" Keitaro said as he approached the rubble. His kindness really never does cease to amaze me. I too walked up to the rubble.

"Yes, are you all okay, I only meant to protect me and my friend here, I hope that no harm was done." I said as we heard movement on the other side.

"No damage! Look at this rubble! This is going to cost us so much to repair!" We heard Naru shout on the other side.

"Yeah!" We heard Kitsune and Motoko shout on the other side.

"Look we are sorry, that we are." I said while everyone on the other side raised on eyebrow.

'That we are?' Everyone on the other side of the rubble.

"And we will be happy to help you all if you (hiccup)." I said as I hiccuped.

"Wait!... That sounded like a Sake induced hiccup..." Kitsune said as she began thinking.

"Come to think of it... I think I did see a few Sake bottles around that one guy's sash." Shinobu said as Kitsune began to become angry.

"WHAT! DID YOU DRINKI MY SAKE!!!" Kitsune shouted as I backed away from the rubble.

"I'm sorry, when we first came we were looking for the manager's room, we thought your room was it so we entered, when we say what it looked like me and my friend cleaned it up to you. But I noticed the loose floorboard. I took it cause I needed a bit of a drink..." I said as I heard Kitsune shout.

"YOU DRANK IT! HOW OLD ARE YOU, YOU CAN'T BE OLD ENOUGH TO DRINK!" She said as everyone got an interested look.

"Yeah how old are you kid?" Everyone on the other side of the rubble asked.

"Yeah how old are you Kenshin-san?" Keitaro asked as I began tapping my chin, and I did something I did not even think I was quite stupid enough to do... I forgot how old I was...

"How old indeed? One, two, three..." I said as I started counting on my fingers while everyone face vaulted into the ground.

"YOU DON'T KNOW HOW OLD YOU ARE?!" Everyone shouted at the same time.

"If you don't mind I would like to finish counting. Four, five, six, seven..." I counted as everyone remained silent.

'Wow they're actually letting me finish counting.' I thought as I continued counting.

"Thirteen, fourteen, fifteen. Yes, I am fifteen years old, that I am." I said while rubbing the back of my head.

"WHAT THAT ISN'T NEARLY OLD ENOUGH TO DRINK!!!" Kitsune shouted as I backed away further from the wall.

"I am sorry, I wouldn't have taken any of your Sake if I knew it belonged to such a beautiful woman." I said as Kitsune began blushing.

"H-hey don't try to patronize us pal!!! That's it, Motoko blast away this rubble!" Kitsune shouted.

Motoko nodded as I grabbed Keitaro and began running.

"What? Why are we running?" Keitaro asked as he eventually picked up the pace.

"I don't want to be there when they get through that rubble!" I shouted as we began running up another couple flights of stairs.

"Good point." Keitaro said as we reached the top of the stairs.

When we got there, a metal door blocked it off, with a lock around the handle. I used my sword to destroy the lock, and then quickly ran through the door, and then sliced into the door, cut around the handle, and then removed it. I backed up a bit and then turned.. I noticed that we were on the annex... we were trapped. Keitaro and I backed up to the railing as we heard banging on the other side of the door...

All right everyone, better or worse than the other one?