Hey guys, me Arganaut here, and you're probably wondering where the hell I've been. I'll be completely honest with ya, I've been around the block for a while writing some other stories, and dealing with getting ready for college, so that's taken a lot of my time. Another facet as to why I've been gone is with this story itself.

I started a Kenshin the Keeper for purely amateurish reasons. Instead of coming up with a solid plot where I had some idea of what was going to happen, I just threw my hands up into the air and said 'Hey! Kenshin in Love Hina sounds awesome, how about I toss him and some other characters from the series into this alternate universe to see what happens.' Needless to say, looking back at the story, there's a lot of things I did wrong, a lot of things I rushed, and just a lot of things I never really thought through long enough to come up with any resemblance of a story that had a plot that wasn't made up right on the spot.

So I'm here to tell you the truth of my intentions for this story: I'm closing it for now. That's my final decision. I'll leave it up on the site for people to see, but I can't work with it in its current form. I'll probably re-make it one day, but I don't quite see that day on the horizon, as I have to work out a good plot that would make the story a bit more interesting. I'm sorry it had to happen, I take full responsibility. I appreciate all of you who had reviews with such positive remarks, my only wish is that I had not ended up failing you so egregiously. I do have a different Love Hina story in the works that I actually have plans for, so I'd like it if you all would stop by there and check it out.

Till the next time we meet, adieu, adieu, to you, and you, and you: goodbye.