Summary: Elizabeth continues on her journey to find Will with Jack in tow. Each of them have done some mending, but times wounds take time to heal. As they persist in finding Will and the Eagle they continue to find peices of themselves along the way. But problems begin to arise as motivations clash and Jack begins to revert to his old ways, some of whihc weren't all that helpful. As they became further acquanted with each other and the world around them they realise that not all changes are for the worst or the best. Through places such as Venice, opium dens in Singapore, and the enemy country itself Spain they continue their difficult search. Conscription, slavery and being shanghaid are the least of their worries as they face the Eagle and face up to their past deeds. "..Have a bit of fun Lizzy.." Jack Sparrow. This is a sequel to my story Changing.

Prologue: Rocks

"…Darlin' I am truly unhappy to have to tell you this but through an unfortunate and entirely unforeseeable series of circumstances that had nothing whatsoever to do with me…"

"So," a man sat at a table, enveloped in a black cloak and hidden by the heavy shadows. His voice was hoarse and rough, with a practiced air; his hands lay upon the table, clenched and tense as if he was stilling them from fidgeting. "You've got nothing for me?"

He addressed an old man sitting at the other end of the table, the man's face was illuminated by a candle flickering upon the rough tarred wood, he was drawn and heavily wrinkled, his eyes black and blank. He was bald on the crown of his head, but seemed to make up for it with a long beard. His nose was unusually large and hooked his lips thin. A woman sat beside the man, her figure well rounded. She had beautiful features, thick lips accented with deep red lip paint. She was a gem among rough stones in this extremely small town with only a few stray streets. She was only remained untouched by younger and more daring men because her husband was the sorcerer, and rumors of his powers had spread far and instilled fear in any fool brave or stupid enough to tempt her with anything better, and be caught.

"No," the man's voice rasped out like a crows. "I have nothing about the Eagle. A fog surrounds it, you would be foolish to try and find it Jack Sparrow."

"Captain," the cloaked figure snapped impatiently, he lent closer so the light illuminated his face. "It's Captain Jack Sparrow, I'd like you to remember." He brushed the cloaks hood off with a suffering gesture. "And how did you know?."

"I am the sorcerer," the old man said, his voice hiding amusement, "Why did you come disguised?"

"Well I just thought, you know," the pirate mumbled, his eyes veiled by his thick black eye lashes, his hands absently tracing patterns upon the wood. "After that whole thing in Venice…"

The old man began to laugh, a croaking thing it sounded dry like him. Jack looked up and grinned, his eyes sparkling with the candle, his gold teeth flashing. The man's laughter turned into hacking coughs which racked his body. The woman beside him quickly poured him some sort of liquid from a clay jug, and held the cup up to his lips. Her eyes met Jack's as she did so and she gave him a small smile, fluttering her eye lashes and looking down, playing the embarrassed maiden. Jack's grin widened in response and he winked at her suggestively. Unfortunately the sorcerer had recovered enough to see this, he quickly moved closer to the woman, putting a possessive shaking and feeble hand upon her arm.

"That is long forgotten Sparrow," he croaked, his voice rather harsher," I managed to find something better then the precious stones, but you are lucky you are not dead for your foolishness. Try and steal from me again though…" he let the sentence trail off, coughing once more, his threat seemed laughable coming from such a feeble old man but Jack knew well from experience it was quite serious.

"I'm just playing," Jack said, pouting slightly as if he was hurt at such an accusation. "So what was it that you found in place of the rocks anyway?" he queried indifferently, though his eyes roved around the rather empty and run down room, ever searching for treasure.

"Stones," the sorcerer corrected, "And I found immortality," he whispered in hushed tones, taking the mug from the woman and raising it, Jack sharp eyes fell upon the liquid within it, it sparkled like millions of diamonds.

"Ah," the breath of air escaped Jack's lips, and he nodded his head. "I see, well mate," he looked slightly uncomfortable and sat back in his seat, taking on a casual attitude; he placed his booted feet upon the table causing it to creak terribly. "I um…hope that goes well for you an all…" he said it rather uncertainly and pointedly gave the old man a once over taking in his feebleness. "But I've rather come on another matter as well, though it is nice to know you are well…" the sorcerer held up his hand, stopping Jack in mid sentence.

"What is it you want Jack Sparrow?" he asked his voice deep, his eyes dark.

"Well mate," Jack said, wriggling and settling in his chair, "Its bout those rocks really."

"You still have them?" the sorcerer croaked, this time ignoring Jack's title for the precious artifacts.

"Course," Jack scowled. "Their bringing me some…unwanted attention you see, so I can't really get a good buying price."

"Ah, the Spanish and the East India Company, hm?" The sorcerer queried, "I may be old but I am not blind, I know what is going on in the world around us, the terrible war, the changes…"

"Aye," Jack said his voice rather grave. "Well then," he said after a silence his tone brightening some what. "Then you know I got to hide the great blooming rocks somehow, can't have them in plain sight you may say, or maybe it would be more correct to say I should have it in plain sight if you get my drift."

"And you want me to help you hide them?" the sorcerer's voice was derisive, his croaking laugh emitted again, with hacking coughs. Once they had subsided he looked up at Jack, who was giving him a smile though his eyes were serious. "You have a reputation for being bold Sparrow," he croaked, Jack inclined his head as if to accept humbly what he thought of as praise.

"To show there are no ill feelings," the sorcerer croaked, "I will do this for you, but what do you have for me in return?"

"Ah," said Jack, obviously ready for this. "Now that is an excellent question mate," he reached into his coat, and pulled out a bundle of old papers tied loosely with string, "With an excellent answer."

The sorcerer quickly reached for them but Jack snapped them away. "Are those what I think they are?" the sorcerer settled to asking.

Jack ran his thumb through them, and tapped them against his hand. "Yap," he replied,

"But how?" the sorcerer asked his eyes wide.

"I heard you were having a bit of dispute about precious magical land with the local smithy, so I thought I might relieve him of his deeds, and p'raps give them to you…depending…." Jack shrugged casually, as if he had simply found the precious papers lying upon the street.

"So what would you have me do with the stones?" the sorcerer asked, his aged eyes shining with greed as his gaze was fixed on the land deeds.

"A ring," Jack passed casually.

"A ring," the sorcerer repeated blankly, tearing his gaze form the papers to look up at Jack, but his countenance told he was not jesting, though it was always hard to tell with Jack, there were so many dishonest things about him knotted with truth.

"Aye," Jack said leaning closer, "A ring."

The sorcerer blinked, breaking Jack's gaze, then nodded holding out his aged and shaking hand. Jack placed a small black velvet pouch upon it.

"And mate," he said casually leaning back in his seat as the sorcerer, with the help of his wife, rose. "Don't try and cheat me like last time. I can tell the real from the fake now with the best of them."

It was a subtle threat and by Jack's appearance, as he dusted his boots, it hardly seemed like one, but the sorcerer caught it.

"I am not a mere magician," he replied, "I don't do the same trick twice."

"Good to know," Jack commented, not looking up.

The sorcerer waved off his wife and hobbled into the back room, Jack placed the papers casually upon the table and put his feet back up, his hands behind his neck, waiting.

"I've heard a lot about you Jack Sparrow," the sorcerer's wife suddenly spoke up, casting Jack a side long glance, her voice soft.

"Oh really love," Jack said, grinning and showing his teeth. "Any of it good?"

"Some good," she said, "And some bad." She moved closer to him, lessening the distance between them.

"Ah well it's good to know a bit of bad is going around then too, don't want to be thought of as nice now do I," he replied. But the sorcerer's wife hardly seemed to be listening; instead she threw herself on Jack and began to lock lips to his immense surprise.

"Wait," Jack gasped, managing to push her off, "This is not good."

"Why not?" she asked rather indignant, her eyes flashing.

"No I don't mean it that way love," Jack hissed waving his hand in dismissal, "It's just they say your untouchable, and I'm supposing theirs a reason behind that…namely your husband who can rip someone to shreds. " He nudged his head towards the back room.

"Oh, he can't hear us," she replied dismissively, leaning close once more, "When he works magic he's dumb to the world around him. Anyway, other men have courted me; you just have to make sure that you're not caught." She began attempting to pull off his jacket. "And I've heard you're very good at that."

"Oh," Jack said his eyes widening, as she went to kiss him again, "Well then that's okay," he mumbled.

"It took less time then I thought," the sorcerers croaking voice sounded. Jack's eyes widened and he attempted to push off the woman.

He finally managed to, but it was too late, the old man stood at the doorway, a small ring in hands. He saw his wife dishelved hair and clothes, and then his gaze turned to Jack with red paint smeared over his mouth and his jacket off his shoulders.

"Now mate," Jack quickly said, standing up the chair falling down with his movement. He was attempting to rub the lip paint off his mouth, though he only half succeeded as it smudged on his cheek. He used his hands instead to be calming, putting them up. "There's a reasonable explanation for all of this that is in no way connected to me…" he trailed off as he saw the sorcerer's eyes flash red.

"I know that look," Jack said nervously, "So how bout I just go, hey," he pointed to the door hopefully.

"You always do this," the sorcerer's wife suddenly shrieked at the old man, her lips pouting like a spoilt child. She took the mug from the table and threw it at the sorcerer, it went wide and hit the wall instead, she had extremely bad aim.

"You are my wife," the sorcerer yelled turning his attention to her. "And I will rip anyone to shreds who dares touch you."

"Actually mate," Jack tried to add in, "I wasn't doing any touching." The sorcerer simply ignored him, his concentration upon his screaming wife.

"You never let me have any fun," she wailed.

Jack took the opportunity leaping forward he quickly grabbed the ring from the sorcerer and immediately backed up, slipping the ring into his pocket.

"I'll just be going now shall I," he said rather weakly, stumbling over the chair.

"You can't leave," the sorcerer's wife wailed.

He leapt for the door and attempted to open it, he tugged as hard as he could but it was locked. He turned slowly, hearing a crackling, the sorcerer's attention was back upon him, and in his hand was a ball of flames, all feebleness left as his power coursed through him.

He roared furiously, Jack saw that he was beginning to grow, his skin turning black.

"Not again," he muttered, "Come on mate," he said, attempting to smile, "Do we really have to go through all this we sort things out, one old rogue…to one almost old one…"

"This time Jack Sparrow," the sorcerer roared, "I will rip you to shreds."

He threw the fire and Jack quickly leapt under the table, the fire merely burst against the wall and singed it. Jack caught a glance at the sorcerer and noticed a small detail he had not before, a key matching the brass doorknob hung from the sorcerer's neck.

"Oh bugger," he cursed, it was just his luck.