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What if I could go back and start over? Suzee stood alone in the engine room, trying to keep her mind busy. Lately it had been filled with thoughts, messily splattered everywhere, uncompleted. She didn't like confusion. Suzee liked logic, everything neatly stacked and easy-to-read. But her mind wasn't going to respect her wishes.

When Suzee first boarded the Christa, she was instantly seen as an amazing, beautiful, smart girl. Back on Yensid, everyone had the gills and telepathy powers she possessed, and high intelligence was as common as blowing your nose. She relished the attention she received from the crew, especially Harlan and Radu. Boys had never paid much attention to her- she was always too quiet and focused on her work. Of course I would never date Harlan-that would be a horrible thing to do to Catalina.

But it wasn't like she could really date anyone at the moment. She was going to return to Yensid whether she like it or not. It wouldn't be fair to keep Catalina stuck in her dimension- she didn't belong there. Catalina had enrolled in the Starcademy to become a Stardog and travel the universe. There was no way getting that kind of education on Yensid. Suzee's planet was focused on technology, medicine, and nature, not piloting a spaceship. But I want to travel the universe too. Suzee had always been destined to be a Guide- her brainwaves were connected to Catalina. Her career was chosen for her by Fate. Shortly after accidentally switching dimensions with Catalina, Suzee discovered that THIS was what her mundane life had been missing. She loved engineering the ship, battled quicksand monsters, running away from Spung, and actually putting her intelligence and powers to use. The thrill she got out of it, the sense of belonging with the crew—she had never experienced that feel of completion before. But she always reminded herself that it could never happen. Catalina deserved to be here, and her and Suzee could never be in the same dimension.

So, to avoid getting hurt when it was time for her to leave, Suzee built a wall around her heart. At first, she flirted with Harlan and Radu because she had never done it before. But when real, strong feelings for one amazing guy, erupted in her heart, she became terrified of what would happen when she would never see him again. Abruptly, she stopped the flirtation in hopes that her feelings would subside. But her heart wouldn't listen, and her love for him seemed to grow stronger by the minute. His eyes seemed to look into her soul, her lips screamed for his kiss, and her body ached for his gentle hug. When she thought of him, and how terrified she was to let him in, Suzee's arms actually twitched—she desperately wanted to beat down that heavy stone wall she had built. She had built it herself, but it had taken on a life of its own and she couldn't destroy it. I want to tell him. I want to blurt it out so much. Words leapt into her mouth, ready for when Suzee launched her secret. Maybe if I just say it, the wall will collapse and he'll catch me. He'll finish the confession and I won't have to worry.

Suzee sighed a long heavy breath and turned back to her work. Suddenly she felt a breeze as the doors behind her opened with a whoosh. Turning, she saw the one guy she had been puzzling over—the one guy she loved.

"Hi Radu."