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"Hello Radu." Elmira spoke softly, staring back at the blond-haired boy.

Suzee also stared at Radu. It pained her to see that he wasn't returning her gaze. Rather, his eyes were still fixed on the Spung princess, that red-haired fortuneteller. No, please no, not this soon. Don't break my heart this quickly. Please look at me Radu.

But her silent pleas were not heard. Instead, the Commander's voice was what shook Radu from Elmira's spell. "Elmira will be staying with us for a few weeks. Until she can find another place to hide from her father and his army."

"Why did she come here?" everyone was shocked at the frosty tone Suzee possessed. The Yensidian glared at the Spung. Two redheads, both wise and beautiful. The only difference was one was physically weak and vulnerable, and the other was emotionally.

Elmira spoke again, cautiously watching Suzee. "I would not have come if I had another choice. I don't want any of you in danger. I promise that I will not stay long, or require your assistance anymore. I just didn't know who else to go to."

"That's all right Elmira." Another pang slammed into Suzee's heart as she heard Radu's gentle voice…addressing someone other than the girl he had just kissed. "You can stay as long as you need, until we know you are safe."

"Thank you Radu." She smiled a special one for him, a smile that made Suzee feel what she didn't want to feel. Wrath and envy for Elmira, heartbreak and sadness for Radu.

As Miss Davenport led Elmira to the sleeping quarters, the rest of the crew turned to stare at Suzee. She stared back at them, struggling to form an innocent face.


"Oh nothing," Bova answered. "Just wondering what the attitude was about back there."

Radu could hear Suzee's heart beat faster than its normal rate. "I did not have an attitude." The fire that shone behind the ice blue irises betrayed the feisty redhead's attempt at wide and innocent eyes.

"Oh yeah." Harlan piped up. "And that glare was just your way of a friendly hello."

The fire blazed again. Before Suzee could retaliate, Rosie cut in for an attempt to bring peace.

"Well, Elmira is just staying here until she gets back her strength. Then she's gonna leave because she doesn't want the Spung after us too, right Commander?"

Commander Goddard glanced at Suzee. "That's right Rosie. Elmira has helped us in the past against the Spung. This is the least we can do for her. A true Stardog never turns their back against someone in need."

"Well, I'm not a Stardog." Suzee couldn't help but have a final word. "So don't expect me to offer the hand of hospitality. I'm going to the engine room. We may need speed boosters to escape Spung killcruisers when they realize that she's here." With a flounce, she whipped out of the room as the others stared with disbelief.

"Seriously. Radu, man," Harlan slapped the Andromedan's shoulder. "She's a wild one. Hope you can handle that in a girlfriend."

"Girlfriend?" Commander repeated. "Wait a minute, when did this happen? Mister Radu, are you involved in a relationship with Suzee?"

Radu flushed and stuttered when the attention was turned on him. "Well, uh...I mean, me and Suzee…Suzee and I…we, uh…"

"They kissed." Rosie piped in.

"Multiple times." Bova interjected.

"And Suzee dreams about him." Harlan added.

"Oh, uh….um…bye." Radu fled the room before further humiliation could commence.

Commander shook his head and dragged a hand across his face. There will possibly be nothing worse than teenage hormones on a small spaceship.

Deep in the ship, Suzee slammed around the engine room. She hated all of these ugly emotions. Anger, humiliation, jealousy. She was disgusted with her own attitude and immaturity back on deck. Her short temper always got the best of her. As did her jealous nature. Her mother always called her a Christmas tree- red with fury and green with envy.

I have no reason to be jealous. No reason, no reason, no reason. Radu loves me. He loves me, he loves me, he loves me, he loved her, he loves her. He loved Elmira, he may still love her.

Suzee had seen the exchange they had when she had first come aboard, before Elmira was transported back to the Spung ship. But yet a few hours later, Radu gave her the same look.

There they were again- the ugly emotions. They overtook her, suffocated her, and crushed her heart. Her face flushed and she could feel potential tears. She was so confused, so very upset. Suzee twisted the tool she held in her hand and in a flurry of emotion, flung it at the wall. It narrowly missed Radu's head, who had just entered to find his love with tears in her eyes. Her long multicolored hair was whipped over one shoulder as a result of pacing the room, and she was blushing furiously.

"Suzee." His voice came as a gentle note of music. "Suzee, what's wrong? Talk to me."

Every word he spoke in his soft voice calmed her. Her face drained of the excess color, her eyes cleared. Her breathing returned to normal, yet her heart rate remained at its high speed. But that was to be expected when Radu was around her- he could calm her and excite her at the same time.

Radu took Suzee in his arms. His gentle, strong arms encased her in a hug that swelled with emotion- with love and protection and reassurance. Suzee rested her head on his hard chest, brushing her nose against the soft fabric of his uniform.

"Nothings wrong." She whispered. "I just got frustrated at a piece of equipment."

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