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Sleeping Kari

Chapter 1: A Litte Princess

By: Koumiko

Once upon a time, in the Realm of the Crests, there was a Kingdom called the Celestial Kingdom. The Kingdom was ruled justly and peacefully by a King and Queen who longed for a child. One day, their wish came true and a princess was born. They named her Hikari Yagami. On her Christening celebration, the whole Kingdom was invited to view the princess and give her gifts. Three good fairies were also invited, who bestowed the Princess with their gifts.

"I give the princess the gift of beauty of mind and body, to be fit to rule a kingdom, in the most sincere of ways." The first fairy, Mimi Tachikawa spoke, waving her green wand over the pink cradle. An illusion of a green raindrop, the symbol of sincerity, floated over the cradle, spinning slowly. It then lowered into the cradle, Hikari's small hands reaching for it. The next fairy then stepped forward, her red wand already held out.

"I give her the gift of song and grace, with the power to mend wounded souls, and the courage to love." This fairy was called Sora Takenouchi. She crept closer to the cradle, and held Hikari's hand, smiling, as she pointed her wand at the little princess. Just as Mimi's gift, another illusion, this time of a red heart, floated towards the child, disappearing as it was touched by Hikari's hands into her very soul.

There was another fairy other than the three fairies. This fairy, the fourth, was not invited to the Christening since she was known to have a temper and gave evil gifts. Unfortunately, that fourth fairy discovered of the Christening from gossip, and grew angry with the King and Queen for not receiving an invite. In a flash of lightning that struck near the cradle, the evil fairy appeared, in a rage. She arrived in her black cloak swirling around her. Her face was mostly covered except for her eyes, which was looking at Hikari slyly.

"Why hello, little one." The fairy said. "I'm your auntie Jun Motomiya. And I also have a gift for you. Fancy that – I do not get invited, but I still adore you so much that I still would give you a cur – I mean, present." She looked at the King and Queen, who watched her carefully. The Queen was near the cradle, ready to protect the child if the fairy did anything.

"Lady Jun Motomiya, I had no idea of your existence. Please forgive us for not inviting you. Please... have a seat and enjoy the party as well as everyone else." The King spoke, trying to sound calm and in control.

"It's too late for that, daddy." Jun spat, facing the cradle once again. She raised her hand from under her cloak and it revealed a black wand with a skull for a tip. The guests gasped. The eyes of the skull glowed an eerie green. "This princess may grow into a fine young lady with beauty and talent and grace, but to make up for her parents' mistake, she will prick her finger on the thorn of a red rose on her sixteenth birthday, and die!" Green smoke swirled around the cradle and Hikari started to cry.

"NO!" The Queen yelled as she grabbed her daughter and cradled her in her arms protectively. Jun laughed wildly, and in the green smoke, she vanished. The guests had become silent and only the Queen's sobs could be heard echoing in the hall. They all had forgotten about the third fairy. She was a child fairy still, and she looked at the Queen with her violet eyes.

"Your highness, I still haven't given my gift." She spoke quietly, consoling the Queen. "My name is Miyako Inoue, and although I cannot undo my senior's spell, I can make it less terrible." She cleared her throat. The Queen looked at her expectantly. "I give her this: When the princess pricks her finger on the thorn, instead of death she will sleep and wait as long as forever until her true love's first kiss." The fairy touched her blue wand on the princess's forehead and a white star glowed for a moment, then vanished.

The whole celebration sighed with relief at this, but still, the King and Queen commanded that every rose be destroyed. Any who possessed a rose, especially a red one, would be punished. Amidst the bustle of the rose exodus in the Kingdom, the King and Queen gave their only child and daughter to the fairies, for her to grow away from the Kingdom and hopefully hide her from Jun. Unfortunately, the fairies knew that there was no way to stop a fairy's curse. They could only wait until that time.

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