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Sleeping Kari

Chapter 4: Happily Ever After

By: Koumiko

"Princess Hikari Yagami," the courtiers bowed down to Hikari who entered the palace, escorted by the three fairies.

"The King and Queen have not arrived yet, Princess," Mimi said. "We must leave you in your room until you debut as a Princess in the party downstairs." Hikari was left in a strange room, with a pink bed with a yellow canopy hanging over it.

"Will you be alright by yourself, Hikari?" Miyako asked, as they were about to leave. Kari nodded.

"Yes, I still need to get familiar with my home." She forced a smile which the fairies believed was genuine.

"Okay, but make sure you don't talk to any strangers." Sora added, before she shut the door after her.

"Of course," Kari reassured.

I wonder where Takeru is. I hope he hasn't come back to our cottage. No one would be there to see him. She thought. I wish he knew I was a princess. He'd be able to find me.

A knock came at the door the fairies had just exited from.

"Who is it?" Kari asked, then walked to open the door. It revealed an old woman, wearing a cloak over her clearly hunched back.

"You must be the Princess Hikari." She said in a raspy voice. "I am Juniper, one of the palace's oldest servants. You are more beautiful than what I heard."

"Why, thank you," Kari said, unsure if she should trust the woman. The fairies did tell her not to talk to strangers.

"And it is your birthday, is it not?" Juniper continued. She reached into her cloak and pulled out a fully bloomed blood-red rose. "It is an exotic flower never seen in this kingdom. It is called a rose. Please accept my humble gift to you." Juniper said, holding out the thorny stem of the rose. Kari looked at her. Well, I have to be polite. She is a kind, old woman.

"Thank you, Juniper. You are very kind." Kari reached out to the rose. Before she was even able to touch the stem, a thorn scratched her fragile hands. A drop of blood fell from it, and before it even hit the ground, Kari had already collapsed, in a deep sleep.

Juniper cackled, then transformed into the more youthful Jun, the evil witch. Then in a cloud of smoke, she disappeared, leaving Hikari on the ground, a blood-red rose in her hand.

"Princess Kari?" Takeru was riding his horse towards the cottage he thought housed Kari. He pushed open the front door and found the house empty. He walked back out, and was attacked by Kari's two birds. They were swooping in circles around him.

"Strike! Blitz!" He shouted, happily. "I mean - er, Melody and Aria! Where's Princess Kari?" The birds circled him once more then started flying into the forest. He quickly mounted his horse and followed them.

"Princess Hikari!" Miyako found Hikari on the ground holding a red rose. "No! Jun was here! Mimi! Sora!" Mimi and Sora flew in immediately, and found Kari in her cursed sleep.

"We have to put everyone to sleep, until it's time for her to wake. Let's go, ladies," Sora said. They flew around the castle, putting everyone into a mystical slumber.

They carried the body of Princess Hikari and laid her on her bed, trying to make her as comfortable as possible. They placed the red rose in her hands, which they folded over her chest.

"Might as well keep her comfortable. The prince might take a hundred years." Mimi said.

"We must find the Prince." Sora replied.

"Yeah, but who is it? It has to be a Prince that she loves. We can't just put a random prince in here!" Mimi said, her voice rising in anger.

"We'll just have to hope that she has met the Prince. Her destiny is bound to my spell, and I know for sure she has met someone before falling into this slumber." Miyako said calmly, trying to pacifiy the two fairies.

"We'll just have to wait, I guess," Sora sighed. During their whole arguement, they failed to notice a black dragon flying around the castle.

Daisuke, the black dragon, flew quietly over the castle, and spotted in one of the towers his beloved Princess Hikari. He saw the fairies over her still body, and thought them to be mourning her death.

How dare she! He thought, thinking that Jun had caused Hikari's death. He knew of a spell that Jun had placed on her when she was a baby. He roared angrily, then flew back to his sister's abandoned castle.

He flew threw the doors and broke them, roaring angrily at his sister, who was still sitting on her throne.

"What's the matter with you?" She demanded. "You better fix that door later!" Daisuke just roared at her. He reared his head back, ready to breathe flames on her. She saw it coming and held up her wand, creating a shield that deflected his flames.

"You... killed... Hikari." Daisuke couldn't talk, so he spoke to her with low, rumbles in his throat.

"I did not kill her. I simply--" Jun wasn't able to finish her sentence. Daisuke used his strong mouth and crushed her. He spat her mangled body back out, then spat out balls of fire at it, until all was left as ashes. Once again, he roared in anger, then broke out of the roof of the castle.

"Oh you've got to be joking!" Takeru said to Melody and Aria, who led him to a castle. Unfortunately, thick vines served as it's gate, thanks to the fairies. He dismounted his horse, then attempted to pull at the trunk of one vine. It didn't budge.

"Are you sure she's here?" He asked the birds. They chirped madly.

"PRINCESS HIKARI!!!" He shouted to the castle. He hoped she would hear him. In one of the castle's towers, a bright light illuminated the window, then it got larger and closer to him, revealing the three fairies.

"Ah, Prince Takeru, you've grown into a fine young man," Sora greeted. The fairies nodded. They've attended Takeru's Christening a few months before Hikari's.

"Please, tell me where the Princess is."

The fairies did not reply.

"Do you have a sword?" Miyako asked. Takeru felt for his sheath at his hips, but found them missing.

"I guess I left it in my room," he said, awkwardly.

"Now how can a Prince be a hero without a sword?" Miyako said, annoyed. She sighed, and Takeru bowed his head in shame.

"Sorry," he tried redeeming himself.

"Well, it doesn't matter. We will give you a new one, as a gift," Sora said. The three fairies pointed their wands at Takeru's opened palms. Each color of their wand combined into a bright, white light. After the light dimmed, a sheathed sword appeared in Takeru's hands. He pulled out the sword which had a crescent moon with a crystal sitting in the middle for it's hilt. (A/N: Imagine Sailor Moon's moon wand thing.) The straight blade slid out with a slicing sound. It had a gold hue to it, a flame engraved on the base of the sword.

"That is the sword of hope," Mimi explained. "Wield it well, for you are the Prince of Hope. We we're going to give this to you on your coronation, but this is a useful time for it." The three fairies bowed to the prince, then disappeared.

Takeru gripped the sword with both hands and forced it onto the vines. They were cut cleanly and smoothly.

"Wow," Takeru commented. "Thanks."

Within a few minutes, Takeru was able to slice through the forest of vines. Once he got through to the other side, the vines suddenly grew thin and wilted.

"Why couldn't you have done that earlier?" He thought to himself. He looked to the castle and found it dark and quiet. He saw the guards at the front door, and they were asleep under their shields. Suddenly, he heard a roar from behind, and turned around quickly to come face to face with a red eyed, black dragon. Daisuke.

Prince Takeru. Daisuke thought. You are not going to take her away from me again! He breathed fire on the small Prince.

Luckily, Takeru was able to dodge it in time. Daisuke snapped at him several times, but missed.

Using the hilt of his sword, he hit the nose of Daisuke while he was snapping. Daisuke roared in pain.

"What was that?" Miyako asked, hearing Daisuke's roar. They were back in Hikari's room, watching over her sleep. Miyako ran over to the window and found a black dragon snapping at Prince Takeru.

"Hey! That wasn't part of the spell!" She yelled, then jumped out the window. Mimi and Sora saw her fly away, and followed her.

Flames surrounded Takeru, thanks to the wilted vines, and he could not escape. Takeru took his sword and threw it hard at Daisuke's chest, but Daisuke was quick enough to catch it with his claws. He threw it aside, and the blade landed in the flaming vines. Daisuke bore his fangs at Takeru, who stood defenseless. He inhaled.

"Prince Takeru!!!" Miyako screeched, racing towards him, followed by the other two fairies, their wands pointing at him.

Daisuke's mouth exploded with powerful flames, with every intent to kill Takeru. A white light formed in front of Takeru and a shield appeared, a symbol of Hope etched in gold in front, just in time to stop the flames from burning him.

Daisuke, sure that it was the killing strike, was stunned to find him still alive. Takeru used this distraction to roll around past Daisuke and grab his sword, the blade heated because of the flames. He threw it again, but this time, Daisuke did not react. It plowed into his chest, burning him inside. His scales may have withstood the heat, but his heart could not. Daisuke froze, then collapsed over the flames, putting them out. Takeru immediately ran into the castle, while the fairies were dumbfounded, looking at the dragon's body.

"This is not a dragon." Sora said slowly.

Takeru raced up the stairs and into the tower where Hikari lay. He dropped his sword and shield then walked towards her quietly.

"Princess Kari?" He spoke, touching her arm gently. She didn't wake up. He touched her forehead, it was cold.

"Are you asleep?" He asked. His voice cracked with worry. He gently shook her enough to wake her. She still didn't wake up.

"Come on, you've got to wake up! I have a great story to tell you!" He said, shaking her again. The fairies finally caught up with the Prince, and they saw him shaking Kari violently.

"Hey! That's not how you wake up a Princess!" Miyako yelled. Takeru stopped.

"Huh?" He asked.

"You're supposed to kiss her." Mimi added. Takeru turned back to face the sleeping Kari. He quickly kissed her on the cheek.

"No, on the lips, Prince Takeru. Do you want us to turn around?" Sora asked, then turned her back. She directed the other two fairies to do the same.

"Okay, Princess Kari, I guess I'm going to kiss you now..." Takeru said politely. He felt weird about kissing without the other person knowing about it. He leaned over her, then closed his eyes, planting a gentle kiss on her rosy lips. He felt her lips move and he immediately sat up.

"TK?" Kari spoke, opening her brown eyes. The fairies gasped with excitement, but still didn't turn around. They were all smiling.

"Princess Kari," he replied.

"Did you just kiss me?" Kari asked. Takeru was embarassed.

"Well, uh, yeah, the fairies told me to." He explained, but before he could finish, Kari threw her arms around him in an embrace.

"Thank you, TK." She said. He hugged her back, patting her back. He felt awkward.

"Sure, Kari, anything for you."

"All right! Let's get this party going! The whole palace is waking up!" Mimi exclaimed. The fairies were all grinning widely at the Prince and Princess. Then they ran downstairs to prepare for Hikari's debut into the kingdom.

Takeru was holding Kari's hand.

"I thought you would never wake up," Takeru said honestly.

"Well, I'm awake now, right? That's all that matters." Kari replied. "How did you find me?"

"Well, it's a long story," Takeru started. "It started when I went to your cottage, and found Strike and Blitz-" He stopped, and saw Kari's glare. "I-I mean Melody and Aria.." Kari laughed.

"Please welcome, Princess Hikari Yagami on her sixteenth birthday, escorted by Prince Takeru!" The announcer yelled. Hikari's parents, the King and Queen were sitting anxiously, waiting for their daughter's entrance at the top of the staircase. The trumpets blasted and the drums rolled, but Hikari didn't appear. The court members started whispering.

"Ahem," the announcer interrupted the people's mumbling. "Introducing Princess Hikari and Prince Takeru!" He shouted louder this time.

Hikari appeared from the right while Takeru from the left. She was wearing the gown the fairies made, while Takeru was wearing a clean set of clothes. When they met, they shared another kiss, while the people applauded. Takeru held out his arm, which Kari took graciously, and they walked down the stairs.

"Will you please give us the honor of leading the first dance?" The announcer asked. Music began to play from the orchestra pit, and the couple began to dance.

"Princess Kari," Takeru whispered in Kari's ear. "I love you." Hikari smiled. She leaned closer to him and whispered in his ear.

"I love you too, TK."

The rest of the Kingdom joined in celebration of Kari's birthday, and the Prince and Princess lived happily ever after. Even Daisuke, who, because of the kind fairies, was turned back into his human form, and was healed. He now spends his days cleaning out Prince Takeru's and Princess Hikari's horse stables. But other than that, they all did live happily ever after.

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