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The bar was crowded tonight. I didn't like crowded bars, they got too loud, too warm, too many people. Of course going home wasn't an option, that was too quiet. I looked down at the scotch I had been nursing in my hands, and decided to ignore the jingle of the bell above the door. The last thing this bar needed was more people. I could probably use more scotch though. Then a laugh caught my ear. I couldn't stop myself from turning to look, the laugh was the sort of laugh that captures you and makes you want to laugh right along with it. I looked up and found myself staring at a petite blond in a long sleeved Dartmouth t-shirt and jeans, definitely not usual bar hopping fashion. Two of her friends were practically pushing her into the bar, and she was laughing. The laugh made me forget about the overly crowded bar, the too empty trailer and even the close to empty glass in front of me. Something about the laugh captured me, and that was terrifying. For someone who obviously wasn't trying to look good, she was beautiful. Breathtaking even. Something about the way her blonde hair fell, the way her laugh filled the room, had stopped me in my tracks.

Her friends pushed her onto a bar stool, one a tall blond, the other a short Asian woman. I leaned forward to catch her ordering her drink, a shot of tequila, and was surprised by the lightness of her voice, the laugh still there. She took the shot and knocked it back before asking for another one. Her friends were cheering now, and her eyes were sparkling. I needed to be near her. Gulping back another shot, she turned to the short Asian woman and said something. The other girl rolled her eyes in response and walked away, a disgusted look on her face. Before she got another shot in, the bell on the door rang again, and the perky blonde on her other side got up and all but skipped to meet the guy who had entered. She was alone now. Without even thinking I felt my feet hit the floor as I headed towards where she sat.

"Single malt scotch," I said to the bartender, handing my glass to him, before turning to her. She was looking down at her glass now, the smile suddenly gone. "So, is this a good place to hang out?" It seemed lame. But it was all I could think of to say.

She quietly cleared her throat. Her eyes met mine, she looked skeptical, as if I shouldn't be talking to her. God she was beautiful. "I wouldn't know, I've never been here before."

I thought for a second, realizing I was in a bind. I had been to this bar once before, that night I had enjoyed its quiet atmosphere. But to admit that I had been here before made my lame line sound even worse so I smiled at her, "Can I buy you another shot?" She didn't say a word, she simply looked at the bottom of her empty glass. "Ah, you're ignoring me."

She shot the bartender a worried look. "Ummm..." she said hesitatingly, dragging out the sound in the most erotic of ways. "Trying to," she finished, sounding hopeful that I actually would walk away and leave her alone.

I laughed slightly, amused by the way she was now looking around for her friends. I had a feeling that when I told my sisters this story, they would laugh at me, say that I had been setting myself up for failure. But I couldn't take my eyes off her, off the way her hair framed her face perfectly, but not in a styled way. "You shouldn't ignore me," I smiled at her.

She stopped looking around worriedly and slightly smiled back at me, tilting her head and looking at me interestingly, as if she couldn't wait to hear the next thing that came out of my mouth. At least that's what I hoped the look meant. "Why not?" she asked, making it quite clear she didn't quite believe me.

"Because I'm someone you need to get to know to love," I replied quickly, realizing it sounded stupid well before it had left my mouth. I could hear my sisters adding this to one of the worst pick up lines ever, but this beautiful woman had me completely enthralled. Giving up was not an option.

She looked at me this time, really looked at me. And smiled for the first time. If nothing else had left me enthralled that smile would have done me in. Women had been throwing themselves at me for years, I was a relatively good looking, successful, neurosurgeon, and not one of them had ever smiled at me like that. "Really?" she asked, amusement filling her voice.

"Oh yes," I smiled back at her, completely amazed by the way the room seemed to have emptied around us. At that moment, it was only the two of us.

As lame as my lines had been so far tonight, she seemed just as captivated, her eyes sparkling with interest as she gazed at me, her face relaxed, her friends all but forgotten. "So if I know you, I love you?" she asked, playing along with every lame word that had come out my mouth.

The fact that she was speaking to me seemed to have rendered me speechless, and all I could muster out was another, "Oh yes."

"You really like yourself, huh?" she asked me, not actually sounding that annoyed with my cockiness. Not that I was cocky, but when one is rendered speechless they don't always come up with the best thing to say.

And so for the first time that night, I decided to go with the truth. I decided to tell her why I was at a bar, alone. Why my trailer seemed to be a coffin these days. "Just hiding my pain," I answered, watching as she laughed, and found myself laughing with her. "Derek Shepherd," I said, holding out my hand to her.

"Meredith Grey," she answered, a sly smile stretched across her face. Her hand reached for mine, finding it's place perfectly as I gently shook it. Her hand was soft and warm. Butterflies that had been dormant since high school came back to life in my stomach, as just her simple touch sent shivers down my spine.

"Meredith Grey," I said it carefully, slowly, letting it roll of my tongue. It was a name I could get used to saying, a name I wanted to get used to saying. She drew her hand back and I looked into my drink. "Meredith, could I buy you a drink?"

"You're persistent," she said, giggling softly at me. "I like that in a man," she gestured to her glass, making it quite clear that I could indeed buy her a drink.

"Tequila?" I asked and then turned towards the bartender. "A shot of tequila, please." I turned back to her, amazed as I caught a whiff of a flowery scent. "So, Meredith, what do you do?"

"Seriously, Mer, leave you alone for 5 seconds and you're already picking up," the short Asian woman cut off any answer Meredith might have given me. I recognized the woman from somewhere, work maybe, but didn't bother to ask. She had managed to interrupt just when things were getting good.

Meredith laughed slightly and then turned to me. "It was good meeting you, Derek, but I really should get to my friends. Thanks for the drink." I needed to find a way to keep her with me, a way to make sure I would see her again.

"Can I have your number?" I blurted out, rather less than smoothly. Apparently, this tiny blonde had all but massacred my game. If Mark could see me now, well it was beyond good that Mark couldn't see me now. Our friendship would never be the same.

She turned back to me, panic creeping into her eyes. She turned quickly back to the Asian woman who was looking at me as if she had plans to eat me alive. "Um, I don't, I don't give that out," she said, though her voice trailed off slightly at the last couple of words.

"Oh...ummm..." For some reason it hadn't even crossed my mind that she might not give me her number. We had connected, she thought I was funny, she thought I was charming. Hadn't she? I wasn't even quite sure what to do now, but suddenly my hand was reaching for my wallet and I was pulling out my card. "Here...you can have mine. And you can call me. Sometime. Soon."

She looked down at the card, that same panicked look becoming even more pronounced as she examined the piece of paper as if it would burn her. "Oh, uh, all right," she stammered as she pushed it into the back pocket of her jeans, looked at me once more, and then turned on her heel and headed towards the back of the bar.

Meredith Grey. I had some here tonight looking to not feel so lonely but I hadn't quite expected to find that. Of course, who could expect that? A tiny blonde had walked in and after a brief conversation I had a feeling that she might have just changed my life forever. That is if she called. The 15 year old boy that I had once been was terrified that she wouldn't.

"I don't know why but I can't keep my eyes off of you…"

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