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I stood nervously in front of the altar, my hands shaking for some completely unknown reason. This was the day I had been waiting for. This was the day Meredith and I had been planning for the last year. This was the day I was going to finally make it official with the woman I loved. The woman that Dill's teacher called Mrs. Shepherd. The woman who had completely forgotten about ever being Ms. Grey.

The last two years had been everything I had ever dreamed of. Somehow we had made it all work, the family, the job, everything balanced perfectly. There was nights of pure joy sitting around the dinner table, yelling screaming fights and long passionate nights in bed. It all worked. Everything worked for us. Even though it sometimes didn't feel like it. And today it was all going to be official.

I looked over the many people in the congregation, shocked by how many people I was actually related to. And how many people on Mer's side weren't actually her real family, but family all the same. My mother would be ushered in at any moment and taken to her seat, and my eyes filled with tears at that thought. So far, the cancer hadn't returned. And my mom was here. She was at my wedding.

Meredith's mom wasn't. Meredith's mom had never even met Megan. But her dad was there. She refused to let him walk her down the aisle. She was too stubborn to dream of that, and he hadn't raised her. But after finally reconciling last year he was there. And that was good. Because Meredith needed something of her own, something that wasn't Shepherd.

The doors opened and Mark clapped me on the back, a huge smile on his face. Mark. The man who had once sworn he would never get married. The man who had slept with half of Seattle. Mark Sloan was now officially off the market. He had proposed to Addison in front of the entire family at Christmas, and now they were planning their own wedding.

Callie's smiling face was on the other side. About a year ago Meredith and I had decided George needed someone and Callie had been it. And now she was one of Meredith's bridesmaids. Izzie followed close behind. And Cristina, smiling despite the fact she hated weddings, followed. Dillon followed behind Cristina, taking his job as ring bearer very seriously. I couldn't help but smile at the seven year old who had thought it was ring bear, and that he had to be an actual bear. Dillon was nine now, and he had grown so much it was almost scary. Gone were the innocent "surgeon Mommy to fix her" days. Even Sam had taken a backseat to my nine year old's busy life of soccer and hockey. Though he pretended Sam didn't matter anymore, Meredith and I both knew the boy couldn't sleep without the teddy bear.

Tallulah and Megan followed close behind, both carrying baskets of flower petals and wearing tiny white dresses. Tallulah had to be part of our day, she had gotten me Meredith's phone number when nothing else had worked. That felt like eons ago now. And my daughter. Her hair was long now, full of soft brown curls, her eyes a reflection of my own. I loved her more now than the day she had been born. She put flowers down carefully, just the way Tallulah had taught her, a huge smile on her face as everyone looked at her. At two, she believed the world revolved around her, and in reality, it did. My world, anyway. She was my little princess and she knew it. She could do no wrong in my eyes, which is why Meredith usually ended up being the one to stop the terrible twos tantrums. "Daddy!" she squealed when she saw me.

"Shhh," I whispered, smiling widely as I pressed a finger on my lips. And then suddenly the music changed, as my head snapped up from where it had been gazing at my children. Meredith.

My wonderful, beautiful Meredith. She wore an ivory colored halter gown, as she had pointed out that white was a little ridiculous at this point. Two children and one on the way. Or at least, that's what she had told me the night before as we were leaving the rehearsal dinner. "I'm two months along," she had whispered softly when I had asked why she wouldn't have champagne.

Just like I had then I smiled smugly. I knew we weren't going to last to our wedding day without slipping at least once. Even now, three years after we first met, and she still couldn't keep her hands off me, or maybe I couldn't keep my hands off her. It didn't matter. No hand would have to be kept off tonight anyway. Which was good, considering how amazingly beautiful she looked.

She moved carefully, a soft smile on her lips, as she looked directly at me. Her hair fell in soft waves down her back, and she wasn't wearing a veil. She had refused to do so, saying it was too girly. But she looked beautiful anyway, the way the dress hugged her curves so beautifully. My heart swelled with pride as she finally came to me, taking my hand gently.

I gave her hand a tight squeeze and mouthed I love you. Raising a 9 year old together had helped us perfect the art of mouthing entire conversations. She mouthed it back as we turned towards the priest. "Hi, Mommy!" Megan giggled before the priest could even speak. Meredith giggled slightly and raised her finger to her lips just like I had minutes before. "Sorry," Megan giggled. She had Mer's giggle, there was no doubt about that. Mer's nose. Mer's mouth. Mer's giggle. It was that giggle that caused my heart to swell with love for my girls.

I gave them both a tiny smile as we both turned to the priest. It was time. It was beyond time. This day had been in the making since the second my eyes had found her at the bar all those years ago. I hadn't realized it then, but that one night had changed everything. That one night had brought me here.

"Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to celebrate..." the priest began in the usual boring voice that would have put me to sleep as a child. Dillon was standing next to me and Mark, trying not to fidget in his tuxedo, Mark's hand lightly on his shoulder as he stared straight ahead, trying his best to act like a big boy.

I couldn't concentrate on the words. I knew I should but I was too happy. My brain was too happy to actually function properly. Which was silly, the neurosurgeon in my knew it was silly. But the fact remained, I couldn't concentrate. Meredith was smiling at me when I turned to look at her briefly. She looked relaxed and happy. Not at all the panicked woman I had had to plead with for a chance. Not at all the panicked woman who had run out of my trailer after I had told her I loved her. This was a new Meredith. Or maybe the real Meredith. But it was happy Meredith. Bright and shiny Meredith. And god, I loved her.

She was going to be my wife. This was going to be the rest of our lives. That realization had come to me years before, before I had ever slipped any ring on her finger but this was making it official. I knew we were both in this for the long haul. I knew that when we said our vows soon we would mean every word and that we would stand by those words forever. Because for us there was nothing else.

Suddenly, I realized it was time for the vows, my heart raced as I turned to Meredith. I took her hands and swallowed deeply. "Meredith," I began, surprised by the shakiness in my voice. I took a deep breath, trying to keep my voice in check. "I, Derek Shepherd, take you Meredith Grey to be my wife, my partner in life and my one true love. I will cherish our union and love you more each day than I did the day before. I will trust you and respect you, laugh with you and cry with you, love you faithfully through good times and bad, regardless of the obstacles we may face together. I give you my hand, my heart, and my love from this day forward as long as we both shall live."

Meredith smiled at me through the tears that I was hoping weren't completely hormonal and then said loudly, completely sure of herself, "I, Meredith Grey, take you, Derek Shepherd as my husband, my friend, and my own true love. I will trust you, love you, and grow old with you. I will celebrate our successes, build on our failures, and cry during the good and the bad times. I come today to give you my heart, my love, and my promise of forever, until death do us part."

I smiled and squeezed her hands, feeling some tears in my own eyes. I didn't want to cry, I wasn't that guy. I refused to be that guy. If I cried Mark and Cristina would never let me live it down. Dillon, who was far too much like his Uncle Mark, would never let me live it down. "The rings," the priest nodded at Mark, who bent down to take them from the pillow Dillon had been holding carefully through out the entire ceremony. Mark handed one to Meredith and the other to me and the priest nodded. "Derek, repeat after me. This ring is a symbol of my undying love and affection, of my faithfulness, and of my commitment. With this ring, I take you as my wife."

I cleared my throat again as I held the ring in a shaky hand. "This ring is a symbol of my undying love and affection, of my faithfulness, and of my commitment. With this ring, I take you as my wife."

The priest nodded as I slipped it onto Meredith's finger, amazed by how the white gold band seemed to fit so perfectly on her thin fingers. "Meredith, repeat after me. This ring is a symbol of my undying love and affection, of my faithfulness and of my commitment. With this ring, I take you as my husband."

My brother in laws had jokingly teased me about the weight of the ring, the way it fit on your fingers, and how much came with it. They joked the ring felt heavier than any ring ever could. And they were wrong. Nothing felt wrong or heavy or daunting about the ring now on my finger.

Meredith had repeated the words so softly, I could barely hear her, but as I stared at the rings on our fingers, my heart swelled with love for the woman in front of me. Three years ago, I had been ready to give up. Three years ago, I had been drinking in a bar and I had met a petite blond in a Dartmouth t-shirt. Three years ago, I had thought this day would never come.

"You may now kiss..." I'm sure the priest finished the sentence, I just didn't bother listening. My lips were on hers, holding her tight and kissing her much more passionately than I should have. But she was my wife, so that was okay.

"Ewwww," Meggie giggled from beside us, causing the clapping that surrounded us to be mingled with laughs.

"I love you, Meredith Shepherd," I whispered as I pulled away.

"I love you, Derek Shepherd," she smiled, her face a little flushed.

"Ladies and gentleman, I present to you Mr. and Mrs. Dr. Derek Shepherd," the priest said.

"Daddy!" Meggie came rushing over to me, holding her arms up to be held as the applause rose to an almighty roar.

I picked her up and rested her on one hip as I firmly took Meredith's hand in my other. "Mrs. Shepherd," I smiled, gesturing to the aisle that lay before us.

Dillon came around us, taking Meredith's free hand and she nodded at me. "Come on," she smiled as we took our first steps down the aisle as an official, though slighty dysfunctional, family.

"So take me don't leave me, take me don't leave me. Baby, love will come through, it's just waiting for you."

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