Title:For The Taking

Author: Beck

Pairing: Renji/Rukia

Rating/Warning: R rating

Notes: Written for Rukia's birthday challenge on the renjirukia livejournal community. Thanx for reading!

Neither the slight whisper of the door sliding shut nor the soft rustling of clothing slipping over smooth skin seemed to disturb the red head's slumber, a tiny snore emitting from his lips with each breath of air he inhaled.

Rukia knelt beside him, taking in the moment of watching him sleep as well as the defining shape of his body both uncovered and covered by the sheet. Seeing him naked or even half naked always took her breath away. Her eyes traveled downward to where the sheet stopped and could've sworn that the prominent shape was growing just by her stare. She wanted to giggle at the thought but quashed it within herself as to not wake him up. Instead, she reached out and traced the outline lightly with her index finger, though it took all she had not to palm the fullness of the ever-present hard on.

Pulling the sheet back, she straddled his body and grasped his cock in her hand before slowly lowering herself onto him. Rukia finally got a response from the sleeping man when he moaned deeply, turning his head and cracking an eye open to see what was going on. The sliver of moonlight that shone through his room gave him a view of the person perched atop of him, grinding her hips slowly onto his.

Renji squinted his eyes a bit as if it would help his vision and blurted out the person's name sleepily. "R. . .Rukia?" He smiled at the thought of her really doing this to him. "Am I dreaming?"

A pair of hands drew closer to his sight and pinched his nipples sharply. A harsh breath seethed between his teeth, the shock making his hips jerk slightly, pushing him deeper into her warmth.

Rukia threw her head back and gasped sharply at the sudden movement, though she tried not to let the passion override her senses so she could find the words to speak to him. "I guess that answers your question then."

Renji smoothed his hands up her thighs 'til he grasped her hips, wanting to hold onto her for the sake of her not slipping through his fingers. "What are you doing here so late at night?"

Rukia didn't miss a beat when she locked gazes with him and placed her hands over his when he reached up to cup her breasts. "I'm celebrating my birthday."

Not wanting to ruin the moment, he couldn't help but chuckle lightly at her statement. "I'm yours for the taking then. Anything for my birthday girl."