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Sora hurriedly put her costume on trying desperately to settle the butterflies that fluttered about her stomach. Today was opening day for Kaleido Stage's newest show, Sleeping Beauty. Sora was the lead, of course, but even after having performed many leading roles, she still got nervous on opening day. She took one last look in her mirror and then left the dressing room.

As she ran down the empty hallway, her ruffled skirt billowing about her petite form, someone called out to her; it was Leon, her partner. The tall, handsome Frenchman, who was decked out in prince attire, pointed to her and said,

"Your zipper is coming undone in the back."

"Oh no, could you please fix it," Sora asked, flustered.

Without saying anything in reply, Leon spun Sora around and pulled up her zipper, fastening the clasp at the top to make sure it wouldn't come down again during the performance.

"Thank you so much Leon. I don't know what I would have done if you hadn't noticed that."

Leon nodded stiffly. Lately he had been feeling somewhat uncomfortable in Sora's presence, which wasn't good considering they were partners.

His thoughts whirled around in his confused mind.

Shaking his head, Leon forced those thoughts away and focused on tonight's performance. He followed Sora to backstage and watched her prepare for her first scene.

As he observed Sora, paying close attention to when he was cued to enter, he found himself entranced. He watched dazedly as she performed the scene where she danced through the forest.

Now! Leon pushed off the platform with a speed and power that few to no acrobats possessed. As was choreographed, he swung past Sora and looked at her as if he were entranced by her beauty, which wasn't hard since he already was.

He wasn't sure when it had happened, but somewhere along the way he had gone from enjoying performing with her to needing to perform with her. In fact, he was sure he wouldn't be able to perform with anyone but her.

After the show, Sora stood in the front lobby cheerfully signing autographs. As she signed the autograph of a young girl, she glanced over at Leon, who stood next to her also signing autographs, but not enjoying it quite as much as Sora. She looked at his cold, emotionless features and felt a pang of sorrow.

Leon never truly smiles…

Sora realized she wanted to see him smile. She decided to devise a plan.

Later that evening, Sora waited patiently outside of Kalos' door.

"Come in," he called from within.

Quickly and quietly, Sora slipped into the office.

"Sorry to bother you at such a late hour boss," Sora apologized, "But I had to ask you about something really important."

"Well, what is it?"

"Um…Well, I was wondering if it was possible for Leon to take a little vacation…when we're done with Sleeping Beauty."

"You don't like him as your partner," asked Kalos dryly.

"No! No, no that's not it at all," Sora exclaimed, "I love having him as a partner! It's just…I want to see him…smile."

Kalos looked at her skeptically…or maybe it was knowingly; she couldn't tell through his dark sunglasses.

"I don't see why that would be a problem."

"Oh thank you so much boss! I know Leon will be very happy about this!"

"On one condition," said Kalos.


"You go with him."


"I want you both to go on a well deserved vacation," explained Kalos, "I have a small summer home in Hawaii, right on the beach. It will be very relaxing for the both of you."

"B-but boss…"

"Don't argue with me Sora."


"The two of you will leave in two weeks."

"Two weeks," said Sora, affirmatively.

"The Sleeping Beauty production will be over and you're scheduled vacation time right then anyway. Your vacation is two weeks, but I'm only lending you my house for one. Got it?"


"Good, now get out."

The next day, during morning practice Sora told Leon the news,


"Yes, Sora?"

"The boss says he wants to send us to go to Hawaii for a week," Sora said, tentatively.

Leon merely stared down at her from his position on the balance beam. Gracefully, he jumped off the beam, flipped once, and landed on the mat without a sound. His silver hair fell around him softly as gravity caught up with the silver tresses. Sora gazed at him in awe.

"When will we be leaving," asked Leon.

"In two weeks, when our vacation starts."

"Who else is going?"

Sora blinked several times.

"What," she asked stupidly.

"I asked who else was going."

"Oh, um…it's just me and you."

Leon nodded, seeming pleased enough.

"We are done with practice for today," said Leon, "Go get ready for the morning show."

"Yes," replied Sora.

Two weeks flew by and before she new it, it was time for Sora to be off. Leon was waiting for her at the airport. The two of them were to take Kalos' private jet, which would take them directly to the Hawaiian island of Molokai.

Sora handed her luggage to an assistant and boarded the jet. The aircraft was very spacious for a small private jet, with plush red carpet, big, reclining leather seats that could turn around in circles, and small tables for every chair. She looked around the empty cabin and decided to sit in a seat in the middle. The seat was smooth leather and cushioned so much she thought she was sitting on a cloud. She looked up as Leon walked in, ducking as he came through the small doorway. He walked, leisurely through the aisle and, to Sora's surprise, sat down in the seat right in front of her. Swiveling around to face her, he pulled out a book and began to read. However, the book held his attention for only the first ten minutes of the hour long flight. After he placed his book back in his small carryon bag, he proceeded to stare out the window.

He still seems so unhappy…Maybe I can get him talking, for starters.

Sora cleared her throat, trying to get Leon's attention, but he paid her no heed and only continued to look out into the clouds.

"Don't you just hate awkward silences?"

She laughed nervously and scratched the back of her head when he didn't reply. The Frenchman slowly turned his head and looked straight at her. His deep violet eyes bore into her, making her flinch. Leon saw the small red head twitch and glimpsed what he could only discern as fear in her normally bright, hazel eyes. Immediately regretting his actions, he tried to soften his features and make her smile again. He actually managed to force his lips into a straight flat line, instead if their usual frown. Anyway, Sora seemed pleased and she smiled, as Leon had hoped she would.

"Yes," he finally answered, "I hate awkward silences."

"Oh, good, because I love to talk, although sometimes I get carried away and I start to ramble and after a while I forget what it was I was originally talking about, but I just keep on going and going and go…"

"You mean like now," Leon asked, interrupting Sora's little rant.


After that, Sora stopped talking altogether and took to simply watching Leon, who had gone back to gazing out his window. She continued to stare at him for quite some time before Leon asked,

"Is there something on my face?"

"What," Sora asked.

"You were staring at me and I was wondering if there was any particular reason."

"Nothing…you're just so beautiful…" said Sora distractedly.

Leon looked at her surprised. His mouth fell open only slightly and his eyes widened just a bit, but Sora was still able to tell he was surprised. She looked like a tomato.

"Ah," she said, placing her hand over her eyes and bowing her head in embarrassment, "You weren't supposed to hear that."

"Hear what?" asked Leon.

He smiled that flat line smile again. Understanding that he meant he would forget about it, Sora exhaled relieved. "Never mind."

Once they landed, the two of them took a taxi to Kalos' summer home. The two story house faced the sea and had two big, bay windows that looked out on the water, a small porch that lead to the front door, and a large balcony with lounge chairs, an umbrella, and a table. Inside was just as beautiful. There was an enormous kitchen with a dining table for four, a spacious living room, and, to Sora's joy, a large practice room on the first floor. And on the second story there was a reading area complete with two very well stocked bookcases. However, both Leon and Sora were shocked to find that there was only one bedroom with one king sized bed and one bathroom, granted it was a large one with an extraordinarily nice bathtub.

By unspoken agreement, the two decided to wait until after dinner to settle who would sleep where.

Sora looked at the clock; it was only noon, so she decided to go for a little swim. She rummaged through her suitcase until she found her bikini. Suddenly, she felt foolish for bringing something so skimpy to swim in.

What was I thinking? I wanted to make Leon smile, not seduce him! But then again, I suppose he would be smiling if we were…Whoa! Bad Sora! Where did that thought come from?!

Sora slipped inside the bathroom and began to change. She had gotten the bottom of her bikini on, but she was having some trouble tying the top. Her fingers slipped and the top fell to the floor. Sighing heavily, Sora bent down and picked it up. When she stood back up, Leon was standing in the open doorway, gaping at her naked form.

Sora screamed.

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