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WARNING: Explicit Sex, use of toys (mmm toys)

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Pairing; Ginny W. / Lucius M.

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Chapter 2; Sexual Education

"You are mine, Ginevra Weasley, forever." Lucius said with a smirk.

Ginny felt slightly dizzy for a split second and then she remembered having read a book Hermione had given her about sex in the wizardry world. If a wizard wish you to be his slave, he takes your virginity in a sexual ritual and the dizziness was not caused by the realization of this, but by the bounding of the spell. Those were not things you learned in school and you cannot be protected against it unless your parents places protection charms on you and it was obvious that Molly nor Arthur had done it with her.

Lucius rose and put his breeches on.

"So I'm your slave now?" She asked as tear made their way down her cheeks.

Lucius turned to her. "Yes you are, love, but you don't have to be afraid, I've always been good to my sexual slaves. I won't hurt you, unless you force me to. You are not to deny me, ever."

"Or what?"

"There's a few spells that can be use to make you change your mind and I'm sure you don't want to experience them." He answered seriously, putting on a shirt. "Take some rest; I will come back in two hours. There's food for you on the table by the door."

Ginny waited until he was gone to come out of bed. She draped one of the bed sheets around her naked body and went to the table where a plate of fruits was waiting for her along with some pumpkin juice. She ate, almost hoping that it was poisoned, but no, Lucius Malfoy had made her his slave, he would not get rid of her like this. He was surely laughing his lungs out now that he had made a Weasley a mere sex-slave.

Those two hours passed very quickly and soon the light began to dim. Ginny heard footsteps coming from the corridor beyond the door and it finally opened. She stood still, in the middle of the room; Lucius was looking at her with obvious lust and desire. She felt filthy under his gaze. She was his whore and it disgusted her beyond belief.

"Afraid of me, my little ruby?" He asked playfully.

"Should I?" She retorted defiantly, making him smirk. He liked her fiery personality.

"Maybe" was his simple answer. "Now lie down, I don't have all day."

Ginevra was shaking from head to toe but in some awkward way, she couldn't tell if it was from fear or from equal desire. She was scared, but she wanted to be fuck so hard it was almost unbearable. It was probably because of the enslavement spell. Slowly, she sat on the bed and Lucius came beside her.

"On all fours." He said huskily in her ear. Ginny's eyes went wide. "I want to fuck you doggystyle sweetheart. You're not ready to be fucked anal just yet. I'm making your sexual education here, so obey."

Ginny did as she was told, holding herself up on her hands and knees, shaking with apprehension. Lucius began to caress her butt cheeks, liking how soft she felt. She turned her head to him and noticed he was already naked. She caught sight of his manhood; it was fully erect and twitching with excitement. She began to feel wet between her legs and it seemed that the blond wizard noticed it as well. His skillful fingers found their way to her neither lips, caressing the folds until he found her clit, making Ginny gasp with delight. He massaged her tiny joy bud as he positioned himself at her opening. Her eyes were closed and her back was arched.

Lucius smirk with triumph. The charm was working just as he expected. She would desire him for the rest of her life. It was perfect and so much funnier than with Narcissa. His dear wife had her slaves too any way. They were an opened couple. They were doing pretty much all they wanted, they were no barriers like fidelity.

Ginny licked her lips as her master continued to play his magic with his fingers and soon, she felt her climax hit but not before he penetrated her. Lucius pushed in, loving the feel of her around his aching erection. She was a delight. Tight, warm, perfect. He pulled out then waited. Ginny whimpered at the loss, just as Lucius thought she would, or expected that she would and he pushed in again, this time harder. He held her hips firmly, pounding into her roughly, groaning and moaning.

Ginny never thought pain and pleasure could coexist but it did. And surprisingly, she wanted more. And she voiced her wish, making Lucius to chuckle behind her. The wizard took hold of his wand (no pun intended) and summoned an egg-vibe. He started it and began to tease Ginevra's anus with the little vibrating object. She shrieked at the weird feeling but it felt good. This was until he began to push it in. It was a real shock when that thing entered her butt hole but once it was inside, it felt incredible.

"YES." She cried out. "More!"

Lucius pounded faster and harder into her tight entrance and increased the vibe's vibrations. For him too it felt incredible. He could feel the vibrations through the thin membrane and it brought him to climax faster than he ever had before. When he was about to come, he pulled out and turned Ginny onto her back. He stroked himself roughly, as Ginny began to climax because of the vibe that still was in her ass. Lucius finally ejaculated all over the redhead under him, loving to see his seed covering the young Weasley. What a humiliation it would be for Arthur when he learns that his precious little girl was Lucius Malfoy's sex-slave.