Second Chances

Chapter 4

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Chichi pulled the cotton blanket over her head as a stray tear fell into her already damp pillow. She sniffed lightly, the taste of the salt from her tears staining her mouth. It had been two days since her kiss with Vegeta and for two days she had been crying. It wasn't that Vegeta had hurt her, or that she had not enjoyed the kiss. That was the problem; Son Chichi, despite years of marriage to her beloved husband, had never been kissed like that in her life. She had never felt such a sense of overwhelming passion, of unbridled desire, of unadulterated need. She wanted to attribute those feelings to lust, that the lack of sexual intimacy causing her nether regions to tremble at the mere mention of his name, but she knew that was a lie. What scared her most was the thought that she could love Vegeta. That she could wake up to him every morning and sleep beside him every night and be not only content, but happy beyond belief. And that knowledge, that sense of awareness made her feel so guilty that she felt as though she were drowning in an ocean of her own shame. What was there to do now? After their kiss, they had swiftly left the arcade and she did not dare look at Vegeta for the entire ride home, for she feared, that in her desperation, she might order him to pull over, send the boys away and end up having sex with her husband's enemy in his car.

She sighed into the pillow as another stray tear dripped from her eyes, tumbled over nose and splashed noiselessly onto the off white pillow covering. She looked to the window and realized it was nearly noon, that Gohan was probably worrying about her and that Trunks and consequently his father, would be there any time soon. Why? Unfortunately Chichi had agreed to take both boys to the fair and Bulma had coerced Vegeta into going along. Quietly she resolved to herself that she would not let Vegeta get under her skin, she would not give him the satisfaction of knowing that he had gotten to her that night. She would not let the prince even think that he was in control of the situation. Chichi was never one to back down from a challenge and keeping her thoughts and hands away from Vegeta today, would be a feat within itself.

"Hi, Ms. Chichi," said Trunks as he ran from the threshold and into her arms. She hugged the small boy and smiled sweetly at him before he rushed off to find Gohan. She truly did wish she had another baby, someone else to love, to look after. But fate had taken her Goku away and now she was alone.

"Hello, woman," Vegeta said, breaking her from her thoughts. She looked to him slowly as he stood in the doorway, his arms crossed firmly over his chest, his eyebrow cocked and his lips formed into that familiar smirk.

"Vegeta," she said grimly, stepping far enough away from him so that he wouldn't brush against her when he walked into her home.

Vegeta however was once step in front of her. Instead of passing by her he practically walked into her, letting his arms brush against her soft breasts, her firm abdomen. He almost groaned from the jolt of electricity that shot through his body. One touch and she could have him on his knees, panting, begging. Although he would never admit it.

Chichi's eyes widened when she felt his fingers brush against her own and for a brief second, Vegeta was holding her hand. She looked down to where they were joined, but by then, he had let go. She frowned. "You know for someone so strong and belligerent, you sure do let Bulma boss you around," said Chichi, putting her hands on her hips and offering a smile of her own. She figured that if she made him mad enough, that he would stop playing mind games with her and leave her the hell alone; something that she wasn't entirely sure that she wanted.

Vegeta smiled before turning his attention toward the boys that had just walked into the room. "Who says she bosses me around?" He scoffed. "Who says she forced me into coming here with you. Maybe I'm here because I want to be. Because you want me to be."

"Don't kid yourself Vegeta the only you're here is because your potential wife nagged you into coming."

Vegeta laughed soundly, throwing his head back, although his voice held no mirth and the laugh did not reach his cold eyes. Gohan looked at Vegeta quizzically while Trunks rolled his eyes.

"Mom, I think it's going to rain," said Gohan grimly, pointing to the graying sky.

Chichi looked out the window as she tried to ignore Vegeta's eyes on her. She felt like she was being devoured alive. "It sure does," she said shakily. "We might have to reschedule."

Gohan looked to his mother, who was staring at the ground, to Vegeta, who was staring at his mother. "Is everything okay, mom?" he asked, glaring at Vegeta. "You look…sweaty."

Chichi's head immediately shot up and a look of fierce embarrassment formed on her face. Vegeta chuckled and this time the laughter did reach his eyes. She looked at him quizzically; he was awfully cute when he actually smiled.

"Everything's fine, sweetie," she said, feigning composure.

"Your mother's fine brat, now go upstairs so we can figure out what to do about the weather," he said shortly. With one last glance Gohan looked to his mother before retreating to his room with Trunks.

"There's nothing to figure out," said Chichi. "It does look like rain. I think maybe you and Trunks should go home."

"Wanting to get rid of me so soon, demon? Why? Do I frighten you?"

"For the hundredth time, no you don't Vegeta!" Chichi said, turning on her heel and walking into the kitchen where she opened the refrigerator. She wasn't particularly in search of anything to eat, but she needed a distraction from him. Besides, Gohan was right. She was sweating.

She stared awkwardly into the refrigerator that was practically bursting with food. She was just about to suggest that Vegeta leave again when she felt a pair of strong arms encircle around her waist. She almost melted against him. "What are you doing?" she asked, her voice hoarse. "Let me go."

"Is that what you really want?" Vegeta asked, his breath warm against her ear. She shivered.

"Of course it is," she said.

"You're shaking."

"I am not!" she cried, grabbing Vegeta's hands as she tried to pry them away from her. "Let me go, I'm serious!"

"Don't yell, you're going to scare the brats, demon!" She opened her mouth to protest as Vegeta gripped her by the shoulders and spun her around to face him. She tried to back away but felt her bare arms slam into the cold refrigerator door. He had trapped her. She looked to the floor and up to him and the look in his eyes surprised her. She expected to see his sneer, his cold unwavering glance, his stern glare. But instead she found yearning, wanting, and maybe even a bit of fear. "Is that what you really want?" he asked, his voice soft. He had never taken that tone with Bulma. At least not when she was around. "If you ask me to leave, if you tell me you don't want this I'll leave you alone. It will kill me, but I'll never come to you again."

She looked at him earnestly. Her body was tense and she could feel the lump forming in her throat. She had been struggling with this decision for the last forty-eight hours. Should she do what was right? Should she turn away the man that belonged to her best friend? Or should she do what felt right? Should she wrap her arms around him? Should she kiss him and let him touch her? Should she throw away all the knowledge of what he had done to her husband, to her son and family?

"I know what you're thinking," he said grimly. "I can't change what I did. I regret it, every single day of my life." He turned away from her and rested his hands on the sink. "I killed thousands of people without so much as a thought about it and I…regret it. More than you can imagine."

"Vegeta you tried to kill my husband, and you sent someone here who actually did. You hurt my baby."

He looked at her. "So this is still about Kakarot?"

"No," she said honestly. "This is about Bulma. Just because you broke up my family, doesn't mean that I'm going to break up yours."

Vegeta chuckled grimly. "Family? I don't even know what that means anymore. I haven't had a family in years. Not after Frieza killed my own," he said bitterly, as if the words burned his mouth.

"Regardless of what you say, Bulma loves you. You have a child with her, a child that deserves to be with both of his parents. I'm not going to do that. Don't ask me to."

"Who says she has to know?" Vegeta said cocking his eyebrow.

Chichi rolled her eyes. "You talk about regret Vegeta, but you haven't changed at all. You're still willing to hurt someone else just to get what you want."

"No," he said. "I'm willing to hurt someone else just to get what we want," said Vegeta, reaching out and touching her cheek. Chichi closed her eyes as his rough, calloused fingers dipped below her chin, onto her collarbone, and right above her breast before letting his hand drop idly to his side. "Tell me, woman. I need to hear it from you."

"Hear what?" she spat. "That I'll let you hurt Bulma, hurt Trunks, just because I…because I want something from you that I can't have."

She turned to walk away from him as Vegeta lunged towards her and grabbed her by the wrist. He spun her around and pulled her against him so tightly that her breasts were digging painfully into his solid chest. He inhaled deeply taking in her scent, smelling her fear and her desire for him. She opened her mouth to speak as Vegeta swooped down to kiss her, tangling his hands in her blanket of hair. This time, Chichi did not pull away. This time, she surrendered into him completely as his lips danced roughly against hers. He gripped her waist and pulled her up so that her legs wrapped around his torso, so that her center was rubbing against the erection that was quickly forming in his pants. He pushed her against the counter as his assault on her mouth continued. He pressed himself against her and she cried in pleasure, wanting more of him, needing more of him. She wished Gohan and Trunks were gone, she wished he could take her on the kitchen table, she wished he would never let her go. Quickly, he released her, letting her legs fall to the ground and pulling his arms away from her. Chichi's lips were swollen and bruised, her hair was askew, her clothes wrinkled, her cheeks rosy. He needed her; he needed to feel her beneath him, writhing, moaning as he gave her his all.

"Brats!" he roared. "Get down here now!"

Chichi tried to fix her clothes as she heard the boys race down the stairs at lightning speed.

"Is something wrong?" Gohan asked, looking to his mother who seemed to breathing hard.

"Your mother is hungry, she wants a big fish, go get one!" said Vegeta to Gohan.


"NOW!" he yelled. Gohan and Trunks jumped to attention before racing out of the door.

"What's with your dad?" asked Gohan as they flew toward the lake.

Trunks shrugged. "He's just like that sometimes."

Vegeta waited till he felt their respective ki's decrease as they flew to fulfill his request. "Where's your bedroom?"

"What?" Chichi sputtered.

He smirked. "So I leave you breathless, huh?"

She frowned. "No, you don't."

Vegeta grinned. "I'll find it myself." Within a flash she was in his arms again, her legs wrapped his waist as she walked up the stairs and to the left. "Good guess," she said.

Vegeta remained silent as he pushed open the door to her bedroom and laid her on the soft queen sized bed. He crawled on top of her and planted kisses down her cheek and across her jaw line. His gentle movement quickly turned frantic and his lips descended onto hers again. She felt his erection pushing into her and she wriggled against him.

"Kami, woman," he said as she shoved her hips up just as he thrust down against her. She cried out softly. "Tell me what you want."


"You heard me," he growled into her ear.

"Vegeta, please…"

"Tell me," he said, tugging at her jeans before tossing them to the ground and covering her with his body again.

"Please…I want you…inside of me," she said between gasps.

Quickly she pulled at his shirt, pulling it over his head and throwing it to the floor.

"I hope you don't particularly like this shirt."

"Why?" she asked, her bro furrowed.

"Because," he answered, before taking the cotton in his hands and ripping it off her. "I'll get you a new one."

He kissed her roughly as his fingers danced across her skin. He reached behind her and she arched her back so that he could remove the black lace bra. He threw it to the ground before reclining onto his knees and staring down at the goddess beneath him. She blushed.

"Beautiful," he murmured, before lowering his head and taking one of her pink nipples into his mouth. He suckled it gently as he kneaded the other one. Her gentle cries were driving him crazy. Foreplay would have to come later. He looked down and removed the matching pair of underwear she was wearing before removing his pants and his boxers. Chichi reached out to stroke him but he swatted her hand away. "Next time," he said, his tongue darting out and licking her earlobe as he settled himself between her legs. He could already feel her heat and he wasn't even inside of her yet.

He groaned as he settled his tip at her entrance. He lowered his lips to hers before he thrust into her, sheathing himself in her hot warmth. "Oh, Kami," she cried, breathless. Vegeta began thrusting into her with a force so unknown to her that the pleasure was almost instantly too much for her to handle. Her nails dug into his flesh as he pounded into her, hitting a spot inside of her that had not been discovered until now. A spot that sent endless waves of pleasure through her body.

He grunted loudly, his eyes shutting as her tight heat surrounded him. She was a perfect fit, she gripped him as though she were made to be loved and only loved by him. His speed increased, as did the sound of their pleasure and Vegeta found himself near release. Raising his hand, he intertwined his fingers with hers and gave her all his passion, delivered all his desire. She cried his name loudly as she came, her walls quivering and gripping him as he plunged deep inside of her. He rode out her orgasm and groaned loudly into the pillow as he spilled himself inside of her.

He remained on top of her as their breathing returned to normal. Slowly he rolled from on top of her and lay by her side. The room was quiet and the only thing audible was the gentle pounding of the rain on the rooftop. Slowly, Vegeta raised to a sitting position and looked to the brunette beside him. He reached out and tucked a stray strand of hair behind her ears. She looked pensive.

"What do we now?" she asked, looking to him as he stared into her eyes.

He looked away from her and closed his eyes, listening to the raindrops drip from the roof fall to the ground, from the sky onto the windowpane. He frowned to himself before looking to her and then to the sky. "That's up to you," he said.