A young boy was running through the streets as far and hard as his little legs could. His torn cloths flapped as he the boy ran, his untamable spiky blond hair flowed with the wind, his breaths was heavy, his bright blue eyes filled with tears flowing down his face, and the boy's cheeks held whisker like birthmarks three on each cheek. This young boy looked no older than six years was running for his life.

As the boy ran down the streets, alleys, and anywhere he could just to live and see the next day. A mob was the cause of all this. The mob was not huge nor was it small. The known mob was looked to be made from simple village folk of this village, Konohagakure, that wielded all sorts of objects in their hands, from sticks to pipes to dough rollers to bats.

"Look there is that demon spawn, down that alley!" yelled one of the villagers as he pointed towards the way with his pipe. The young blond boy looked in fear as he ran even more down the alley. He has been running for a while. "These villagers wont quit, I hope I can make it" thought the young blond. He now ran out of the alleys and now was heading through the park. He looked back as he saw that no one was now following him.

The young boy found a spot next to a bush as he caught is breath. "It's the same every year, every day...but...today...today...t-t-t-they looked like they wanted to k-k-kill me. Why? Why is that I am treated like this? Why am I called a curse, a monster, a... Demon?" The young boy's train of thought was broken when he heard a woman yell, "There he is!"

The blond boy quickly turned to run when he collided into something. He fell to his little bottom and looked up. There he saw a man, a leaf ninja. The man was looking down at him, he had a smile on his face and said "Don't worry, I'm here to help." The blond was taken back by his words, dozens of thoughts ran through his simple young mind, "Is really going to help? Is he one of those few people who will treat me as a person?" The boy was about to speak when suddenly he saw the man's smile again.

The boy looked at the smile, as it turned from happiness to a completely different look from what it was seconds ago. The now smile was very different and gave a murderous feeling, and his eyes, they gave an ice-cold glare towards the young boy. As the boy looked into the man's eyes he could feel the feelings the man had, there where only two, but the two where very powerful feelings. Anger and Hatred, that was what the leaf nin's eyes held.

Finally out of nowhere the leaf nin' s foot collided with the poor blond' s body which sent him a great amount of pain. "Did you really think I would help someone you?" the leaf shinobi scoffed and continued, "The day I help you is the day hell freezes over." The young blond was grasping his stomach which held the most pain. He coughed up a little blood while he listened to the man's rant.

Suddenly the leaf ninja pulled out a kunai. The blond saw the kunai and tried to run the other way. When he did he once again collided into something and fell back. The boy looked up and his eyes widened. There was a man with a bat and behind the man was the mob. The man which the boy ran into looked down to the blond and evilly smirked while tapping his bat in to his left palm.

"Now you shall pay for your sins Demon brat!" yelled the man with the bat. The mob drew closer to the blond. "Get ready to feel the pain we felt every night thinking of the ones you killed." yelled a woman as the mob drew even closer and slow started to surround the blond. The blond turned around preparing himself to run until he saw the leaf ninja twirling his kunai around his index finger, but that wasn't the only think that stopped the blond. On both on the leaf nin's sides where two more leaf ninjas which looked as if they to wanted the boy's life.

The middle shinobi laughed, "Nowhere to run Demon" The blond froze as he now realized, he was surrounded by the angry mob. "Welcome to hell, Demon Monster!" yelled a random villager as the man threw a rock at the boy. The rock connected with his forehead which now left a cut dripping blood down his face. The blond flinch and fell to the ground. "Ah!" was all the boy said until one of the leaf ninjas kicked his stomach. The blond fell to his side as pain was going through his stomach. He coughed up some blood and looked up to see the mob was closing in. The blond was about to get up and try to make a break for it, but sadly a man whacked his back with back with a lead pipe.

"Demon crap, stay down!." said the villager who whacked the boy. The young blond gave a small yelp as he fell back to the ground. Finally the mob started the attack. The small blond was kicked at hit everywhere by sticks, pipes, stones, kicks, punches, and bats. During the beating, the blond curled into a ball and covering his tiny head as he took all the pain while many villagers cursed him and many questions ran through his mind at the same time...

"Take this Demon brat!" Yelled an enraged man as he beat the child with a stick. "Am I really a Demon?" thought helpless blond. "EVIL HELL SPAWN!" yelled a woman. "It makes no sense, what have I done?" again the boy asked himself. "Now do you feel all the pain you caused us to have?" the shinobi with the kunai said as he slowly drew closer to the young boy. "Have I really caused this much pain to these people, but how? I 'm just a 6 year old child?" the blond was now starting to blackout. As his vision faded he heard all the insults of the mob...

"Die Demon!"

"See you in hell bastard!"

"MONSTER! MONSTER! That is what you are, a MONSTER!"

"You took our family for and now we'll kill you in exchange!"

Those where some of the things the young one heard. Is vision still faded and everything was getting fuzzy, he saw the shinobi with the kunai twirling around his index finger slowly approach him. The leaf nin stopped half way and smirked as he said, "Now this is the end, Kyuubi" The blond heard that and saw him through the kunai at him everything slowed down as he thought one last thing before blacking out, "Kyuubi? why did he call me Kyuubi? Like it matters, good-bye old man I am a burden to you and to the village no more." Finally with his good-bye the boy now know as Naruto blacked out.


Naruto, now laying down on his back slowly opened his eyes only to see nothing but a light shinning down on him. Naruto laughed as he talked to himself, "So this is what happens when you die...BORING!" Naruto slowly stood up as he looked to his left and to his right. "Kuso, nothing. I guess there really isn't a giant bowl of infinant Ichiraku Ramen, damn I guess I should apologize to Hokage-jiji-san for yel..." Naruto suddenly stopped mid-sentence and started to cry. "Ojiji-san, Ichiraku-jiji-san, Ayame-chan, I'll never see them again" Naruto was now sitting with is knees to his chest and hugging them as he continued to cry until he heard as whisper.

"Naruto" the whisper was soft and a little creepy. Naruto looked to both of his sides quickly.

"Naaaarruuuutooo" the whisper continued but was a little louder this time. "W-w-w-who's there?" Naruto replied as he was slowly getting scared.

"Naaarrruuuutooo." The mysterious voice continued and ended with a low laugh. "If this is a joke it's not funny!" Naruto was now standing up and preparing to run.

"Naruto...I'M COMING FOR YOU!!!" the voiced echoed and at that point Naruto sped right off in any direction.

"Leave me alone!" Naruto cried out as he ran with his eyes shut. "Why?" the voice asked back. "Cuz your scaring me, OOF!" At that point Naruto ran full speed into something, it felt like a fence.

"Aw damn it even in death I feel pain. What, the dead are going to beat me too?" Naruto said out loud as he rubbed the side of his skull.

Naruto suddenly heard laughter only this time it was coming from in front of him. "W-what?" he asked himself. In front of him was a giant cage and on the bars was a piece of paper with the words "SEAL" on it.

Naruto stood up and looked at the seal for a couple of seconds and asked himself "What in the hell is this?" He had a confused look until he walked up to the bars and grabbed a hold of a bar in each hand then looked closely into the cage.

"Boo!" a giant red orange fox's face with a evil grin appeared in front of his face and sacred the HOLY SHIT out of the poor six year old. Naruto fell to his butt and looked back at the Fox with pure fear in his eyes. Naruto was frozen in his spot as wanted to scream but was unable to move anything. The Fox noticed this and decided to slowly move it's claws towards Naruto. Through Naruto's eyes, as the claws drew closer he started crying and curled into a ball and screamed to the fox, "Leave me alone! I haven't done anything wrong, sure I pulled a couple of pranks but it was for the attention. Please I haven't got anything. Don't hurt me." Naruto was now in a full blown tear fest. He let out everything in the tears, all the pain he had, the lonely feeling, the anger, sorrow, and the empty feeling he had.

As Naruto cried, the claw stopped and went back into the shadows and out of the shadow came a giant fox slowly walking towards the crying boy. As it got closer, red flames quickly engulfed the fox for a couple of seconds and when the flames disappeared there stood a beautiful woman. The woman had long red-orange hair which looked silky smooth all the way down to her waist, her eyes were light red that glowed with the intensity of a flame, she wore a white kimono which had falling sakura leaves design on it, and even though she wore the kimono, you could tell she had a very beautiful, slender, and sexy body.

The woman finally reached Naruto and noticed that he was still crying. The woman had a look of regret on her face. She crouched down, stuck her hand out, and touched the boy's hair, lightly stroked it, and said "I'm sorry, Naruto-kun I guess I got carried away." Naruto instantly stopped crying and slowly looked up.

Naruto looked up and gasped. "B-beautiful" He suddenly blurted out and blushed pink from embarrassment. The woman stopped stroking him and smiled as she took her arm back into the cage, "Why thank you Naruto-kun." He blushed a deeper shade of pink because he never expected the woman to thank him. "Huh? Why is she being nice to me? Isn't she going to run or scream or something? Wait, what is a nice woman like her doing here?" Naruto thought. The woman giggled, "Why wouldn't I be nice to you Naruto-kun and why would I run away from a sweet person as yourself?" Naruto looked back at her confused. "What? How did you do...who are you, are you Kami?" Naruto asked the woman before him. The woman giggled. She got on her knees and gave Naruto a quick stroke on his head and began to explain things.

"Hello Naruto-kun, I guess you want some answers now huh?" the woman asked. Naruto nodded quietly.

"Well for starters I guess I'll tell you where we are. This may sound crazy but we are in your mind." the woman explained as Naruto just looked at her.

"Okay...WAIT...WHAT!!!!" Naruto's expressions changed from unmoving to thinking to a full blown Donkey face(confused).

The woman laughed out loud at Naruto's antics. "Yes Naruto-kun it is very shocking, we are in you mind or as how I call it Naruto's Mindscape!" the woman said in a cheery voice. Naruto just looked back at her with slight confusion, "Okaaaaay then...who are you and why are you here?" Naruto asked the woman back. When the woman heard the last question she tensed up, luckily Naruto did not notice her reaction. "Oh-boy, how am I going to explain this, I am a Demon Queen, SHIT! Well I'm still not married nor have I even made any actual attempt to even find a mate. DAMN IT I HAVEN'T HAD MY FIRST KISS YET, WHAT IN THE 9 LEVELS OF HELL?" as the so called Demon Queen continued her inner rant she was oblivious of the young blond lad trying to get her attention.

"Excuse me, Miss?" Naruto quietly called out to the Demon Queen. No answer. "Excuuuuuse me." he continued with on success. "Heeeeey!" Naruto was now a little annoyed at the woman. "Oi Baka!" Naruto was now just plain frustrated. He scratched his head trying to think of a way to get the woman out of her deep thought. Naruto suddenly perked up and remembered something Old man-Hokage told him sometime a ago.


Naruto and the Hokage where sitting outside of the Ichiraku ramen stand. A 5 year old Naruto happily ate his 9th bowl of ramen while enjoying a little life talk. "Now Naruto what you said to my secretary was not a very nice thing to do." the Hokage stated to the young ramen-eating machine. "Why? she was being mean to me, the lady asked if I wanted something to eat, of course I accepted cause free food right? Anyway, right after my answer she told me to shut up and also said that a bastard, whatever that means, like me doesn't deserve food." As Naruto finished his short story he continued to devourer his now 11th bowl. The Hokage looked at the young boy as he thought to himself "why do these people treat the poor child like this. What has he done, he is only 5 and so pure even with all the hate sent towards him." Sarutobi sighed, "Naruto even if she did do that you should show here respect, and I'm sure calling a woman an Old-Fart bag is not a form of respect." Naruto looked back at the Hokage, "Why?" he asked. Sarutobi smiled "Because women are stronger than men." "But all the best shinobi in the world that I know are men and they have really great ninjutsus and taijutsus." Naruto debated. "Ah but Naruto that may be true but in life women goes through more obstacles than males." Sarutobi countered Naruto's sentence. "Like what?" the young blond asked curiously. "Easy, childbirth is one of the obvious and most common thought of..."He paused for a quick 3 seconds "...you do know where babies come from right." Naruto looked back at him " part, I know the women gives birth but I don't know how. Can you tell me?" Sarutobi started to sweat a little then answered back "I do but I'll tell you that later. Anyway since women go through extreme pain with birth you should show them respect, but if you need to get attention of a women calling her old will help. Be warned if you do Naruto, be prepared to feel the wrath of something even more terrifying than the Kyuubi, the wrath of a woman was called old." Sarutobi finished. "Okay I get it old man sheesh, women are special so treat them well." Naruto stated and began eating one last bowl. "Good." the Hokage was about to dig in his ramen when he noticed something was missing, his bowl of ramen. He turned to the blond "Oi you ate my ramen!" Naruto flashed his foxy grin "well you took so long and it was getting cold so..." Sarutobi growled "What did I just tell you about respect?" Naruto grinned "You told me to respect WOMEN old-man!" Sarutobi just sighed.


Naruto took a deep breath preparing him for the wrath of a woman, "Oba-chan! I'm waiting for an answer!" the woman snapped out of her inner rant and looked at the blond with fire in her eyes, literaly, "DID. YOU. JUST. CALL. ME. A. GRAM-" She was cut of but Naruto who continuously bowed in respect while saying, ashikarazu with each bow. "Gomennasai, you where spacing out for a while and I still have some questions. I'm sorry" Naruto bowed at the end.

The woman looked back at the blond with much surprise, "well that was unexpected, wait, no it wasn't he must have remembered that talk with the Hokage, I must have missed the flashback while deep in though about...my love life...damn I need to find a suitable husband." The woman finally took notice of our blond hero again "So, where was I? Oh-yeah, we are in your mindscape." Naruto looked back at her sternly "Arigato already know that, could you please tell me who you are and why you are here?" The woman sighed again.

"Naruto-kun do you know the story of how the Legendary Kyuubi no Kitsune attacked your village 6 years ago?" the woman asked. "Of course I do, it was killed by the Yondaime, but in the process the Yondaime was killed shortly after the battle. Everyone knows the story." Naruto answered back. The woman wasn't surprised when she heard that version of the story "Well part of it was right Naruto-kun." the blond was confused from her answer. "I don't get it? What do you mean by that version and how is this related to anything?" The woman had a serious face as she looked back at Naruto. "This story is important to this situation as the Hokage is to Konoha." Naruto's eyes widened but stayed silent. The woman smiled "Naruto-kun, the shortened version of the real story is...while the Kyuubi was attacking the village the Yondaime appeared. The fought for a short while until the Yondaime suddenly made some seals and a Shikigami appeared. The Yondaime made a deal with the Shikigami, he exchanged his very own life to seal the Kyuubi. The Yondaime seal the Kyuubi into an infant child. Now six years later the holder of the Kyuubi stands before me, yes Naruto-kun you are the child that was used for the sealing. Finally before you ask, no you are not the demon you are just the container no matter what anyone says, Naruto-kun"

Motionless, that's what Naruto was for a couple of minutes until he asked "b-b-but that if all that is true don't I know anything about it and how do you know all this? Who are you?"

"My name is...Kyuubi, Kyuubi no Kitsune"



Mangekyo Itachi