Naruto placed Satsuki onto his back setting her for a piggy back ride. "Easy...her my sensei!" With that said Naruto jumped up into the trees towards the Uchiha compound. Leaving a stunned Chuunin Sensei, "He Aniki? Then...that means...Uchiha back! Oh Kami, I wonder how Sasuke-san and Satsuki-san will handle it"With nothing more to do, Iruka began to leave the forest to the tower in hopes to report this incident, but not before giving a well placed kick to the Jewels of Mizuki, which got him a very painful groan and squeal from the traitorous ninja.

Chapter 14

Naruto shivered a bit from the chill he suddenly felt as he jumped from tree to tree with a great deal of stealth. He sighed and took a deep breath. He felt the cool air enter his lungs and exhaled a few moments later. "Oh Kami...what a day, never thought when I would return to Konoha I would have to endure crap like this. Well not much crap, the only crap that I see would be Mizuki-teme.. Besides that, this day was pretty great." Naruto quickened the pace a bit as he remembered his passenger on his back. "Better hurry, I don't want Satsuki-san to catch a cold just because I was a slowpoke and took my time."

At that moment, Naruto felt the young girl he carried upon his back shiver. She shivered as a sign of her body starting to feel the effects of the late night temperature. Satsuki shivered once again and this time she unconsciously snuggled into the back of Naruto's warm black jacket. A small smile was now plastered on to the face of the young female Uchiha as a sign of being able to warm up a bit from the cold temperature. A bit of nervousness over came the blond container as he felt two soft mounds against his back. "Why do I feel so nervous? What are those soft pillow like mounds against my back? They feel kind of good, but it makes me nervous..."

Naruto Mind scape

Kyuubi sat quietly under the same tree where both she and Naruto usually met and talk. She watched over Naruto through his own eyes as a smile came across her face. "Naruto-kun is so nice to help her, but I can't help but feel jealous of her." She then noticed a bit of a nervousness in Naruto. "Nani, what's he nervous about?" Kyuubi wondered as she took a quick dip into Naruto's thoughts. "Why do I feel so nervous? What are those soft pillow like mounds against my back? They feel kind of good, but it makes me nervous..."

Kyuubi had just caught that thought from Naruto himself. Her face suddenly reddened from both embarrassment and anger, her fox ears flattened down and her gaze went down to her own chest. "Mine are bigger...Hmph" Kyuubi said very jealously. She slowly calmed down as she couldn't do anything anyway. The normal mature and calm Kyuubi was obviously jealous. "Naruto-kun...I why look at her when you have me to look at when you want!" Kyuubi shouted to the sky of the mind scape of Naruto. "I'm his Hime...his Kyuubi-hime..." Huffed a jealous Kitsune princess.

With Naruto

Naruto jumped from tree to tree, he had gotten a bit used to the nervous feeling he was receiving from the female Uchiha. "Sugoi, almost there..." the sight of the Uchiha Estate cold be seen drawing closer and closer. The sight of this caused Naruto to quicken the pace. Keeping his stealth, Naruto soon landed at the main entrance to the Uchiha property. He stood at the entrance as he looked at the beautiful night grounds. "Its such a hard thing to believe that a place as calm and peaceful as this was littered with bodies and blood just a few years ago"

Memories of the sight of the Uchiha grounds returned after all these years. Naruto shivered a bit from the thought of the mangled, sliced, and skewered bodies of Uchiha clan. But now, the ground which blood had fallen onto, was now a very beautiful sight to see. The fireflies flew around the small lake area in the center of the Uchiha property, many plants and flowers decorated the area making the grounds very colorful and flourish. Naruto could also see that the house was kept in very good condition as the homes looked as if they were just built. "This place is beautiful...Itachi-sensei is lucky to live in a place like this...but I'd rather live at my Otou-san's estate. Can't beat the giant ramen bowl water fountain" Naruto smiled from under his mask at the memory of the ramen bowl fountain as he walked onto the property.

The moon shined down onto our hero as he drew closer to the main door of the main house of the Uchiha clan. Satsuki once again shivered and snuggle even closer to the back of Naruto, causing another moment of unknown nervousness. "Kuso...its the weird nervous feeling again...Maybe I should talk about this with Kakashi-sensei or Ojii-san."

Normally, Naruto would have gone to Itachi for advice since both were closer in age, but... "Something is telling me that I shouldn't tell Itachi-sensei I like this weird feeling of having his sister's soft...things squished against my back" Naruto thought nervously while picturing what his sensei would do to him.

After a few quick seconds of walking, Naruto had finally made it to the door. "Finally...Kami, why is the door so far?" Naruto complain playfully to himself. He stood in front of the door and began to knock on the door politely. Unfortunately, the door suddenly slide open and revealed...

"YOU!!!!!!!!!" Came a shout from none other then captain Emo himself, Uchiha Sasuke.


Sasuke was not happy, not happy one bit. "Damn that bastard, how dare he? How dare he show me up in front of everyone at the academy! I am an Uchiha, I am to be granted with the greatest power of all! Who the hell does that...that...Dobe think he is!? I must become stronger...I will kill the man who killed my it is this Orochimaru guy or my own Nii-san" Sasuke angrily thought as he looked at his bruised fist from the intense training he gave himself. His dark blue high collared shirt was a bit damp from the sweating he had done. His normally white shorts were now stained with dirt, torn a bit and also burned on the edges.

"Kuso, my kunai pouch...its outside.." Turning around, Sasuke looked grumbled as he continued to think about the cause of his problems. Sasuke placed his hand on the door and began to slide the door open. "All of this is because of..." Sasuke grumbled on as the door was finally open revealing out favorite ramen loving ninja. "YOU!!!!!!!!"

"Uh...Ohayo, good evening?" Naruto said calmly with a innocently smile under his mask.

"Its because of you! You Dobe!! Rawr!" Sasuke suddenly dashed forward not noticing who Naruto was carrying on his back. "I'll beat you and show you what happens to people who embarrasses someone of the Uchiha clan!" Naruto jumped back and began to dodge the kicks and punches being sent his way from the Uchiha. Of coarse this fight would be a peace of dango for the Kyuubi's container, but the safety of his passenger was more important.

"Sasuke-teme! Wait! Baka!!" Naruto shouted as he dodged another kick that was being sent towards his head. "Sasuke-teme, don't you see I have your sister! You might hit her!!" Sasuke instantly stopped and finally noticed Satsuki alseep on the blond's back. Naruto smiled and let out a sigh under his mask."Finally the Teme gets it..."

Sadly for Naruto, he didn't get the reaction he wanted. Sasuke suddenly charged straight forward towards Naruto once again, this time with a kunai in his hand. The ravened emo slashed forward with his kunai, "Now your planning to kidnap Satsuki-nee-chan, I'm going to stop you and show everyone that I am stronger then you!" Naruto leaned back letting the blade of the kunai just swipe pass his face, but making sure Satsuki was far from harm.

"You Teme, what in the the nine levels of hell has gotten into you!? What kind of thinking is that? I was just here to-" Naruto was interrupted by a small barrage of shurikens courtesy of Sasuke. "Kuso..." Naruto said to himself as he jumped back in order to dodge the on coming shurikens. A shuriken was headed towards Naruto's face as he quickly leaned to the side to dodge it, suddenly two came from each side. Naruto sighed annoyingly and lumped into the air to dodge the side coming shurikens. Unfortunately, one more suddenly came for him while in mid-air, of coarse under normal conditions, Naruto would easily shift to the side in mid air to allow the kunai to pass by his side, but Satssuki preverted that. For is he did, Satsuki would have gotten hit by the shurken. "Damn Teme, the only way is to..."

"Arg!!" Naruto shouted painfully, as the shuriken embedded its self into Naruto, luckily for Naruto he had shifted to the side a bit and the shuriken struck one of his shoulders instead of something vital. The blond shinobi landed on his feet and looked at his wound for a bit then at the now smirking Sasuke. "That's right dobe, how does it feel to be beaten by one of the most powerful clan members?"

"Pfft... I already experienced it before...this is far from what I experience" Naruto said with a bit of a smirk under his mask. He pulled the shuriken out from his shoulder and tossed it to the ground. He felt the warm blood flow out of his wound. "Kyuubi-chan isn't healing this one...I guess she thinks that I can win without her healing abilities...well she is right!"

Naruto narrowed his blue eyes and set his glare towards Sasuke while checking to see if his passenger was unharmed. "Sasuke-teme, I'm going to tell you once more...I am not kidnapping Satsuki-san, all I'm doing is returning her home. That is all..." Explained Naruto as he continued to glare at the younger male Uchiha.

"Shut up Dobe! That's what you are! A dobe!! Your nothing compared to me, an Uchiha, a true Uchiha!" shouted the now enraged Sasuke who began to charge towards our hero. "I will defeat you and show that your show yesterday was nothing but a fluke!!!"

Naruto sighed once again as he saw how sloppy his opponent's attack had gotten. "Baka, your letting yourself be clouded by your own judg-"

"I said shut the hell up!" Sasuke shouted once more in a rage while interrupting Naruto's statement. A kunai drawn in his left hand, he drove the kunai towards the chest of the masked blond looking to end this fight quickly.

Naruto could see that attack coming from the moment he saw the kunai being pulled out from its holster. In a very swift and light footed movement, Naruto side stepped and completely avoided the kunai.

"How did he move so fluently!? I never even saw his movements!?" Sasuke thought to himself in a state of surprise. It was that moment that Sasuke was wide open for an attack and he knew it. "I'm open, I need to-" "Gaah!!" Sasuke was suddenly snapped out from his thoughts by the lack of oxygen in his lungs thanks to a very strong and stiff knee by none other than Uzumaki Naruto.

"Why? could our difference in power could be so different? We are both the same ages and yet...he is so much stronger then I. Me, an Uchiha, a pure blooded Uchiha. I should be the one to have that power...not this dobe...he doesn't know what kind of life I had!"Sasuke angrily thought, his anger continued to rise, but his legs felt as if they were ready to give up. "Kuso...only one...hit?" Sasuke asked weakly while gasping for the needed air to flow into his lungs.

"of coarse Teme, only ONE hit from me...and you already feel your legs about to give up don't you." Taking a few steps back, Naruto looked at the gasping Sasuke. A smirk came across his face as he actually enjoyed embarrassing the Uchiha and hurting the pride and ego of the high and mighty Uchiha Sasuke. "...Like I said earlier, before you had rudely interrupted me. You let your rage cloud your judgment, this obviously made your fighting style very very verry very...very sloppy. It was so sloppy that I think I almost shit my pants because of it"

Sasuke coughed a few times before answering very angrily. "Who are you to give me tips about my fighting style is near perfect! You DOBE!!!" In a anoher blinding rage, Sasuke prepared himself to attack Naruto once again. Though, luckily for Sasuke, one of the giant sliding door of a random house slid open and came a very familiar voice.

"Sasuke, that is enough!!!" The voice boomed directly towards Sasuke. The said boy instantly stopped and turned his head towards the voice. "That voice!? It can't couldn't...he better not have..." Sasuke nervously thought.

"Yo, Itachi-sensei" Naruto casually greeted towards the man copying the laziness of another familiar masked person with sliver spiked hair.

Itachi stood at the door way, wearing a simple purple shinobi shirt and black shinobi cargos. His dark ebony hair was hung in its signature pony tailed fashion. Beside him stood the mother of all three of the surviving Uchiha children, Uchiha Mikoto. Still dressed the same as earlier, a warm smile was seen upon her face. "Welcome home Sasuke-kun" Mikoto greeted her middle child.

Sasuke stood there still in shock for a few more seconds, "...Nani!?!? Kaa-san!!! What are you doing with Itachi!? Get away from him now!!" Getting into a defensive position, Sauske prepared to charge towards his older brother planing to 'save' his mother.

"Onegai Sasuke-kun, you do not have to attack your Nii-chan" Mikoto announced strongly along with her continuing warm smile. Itachi simply looked at his younger brother with a sigh. "Sasuke-itoto...I don't mean any...harm, I never did..." Itachi took a step forward towards his brother.

Sasuke's fingers twitched as they were prepared to pull out a few shurikens out of his pouch at anymoment. "Itachi! Get back...grr...this is just a trick! You were the one who killed our-"

"Sauke-kun!!! That's enough, how dare you speak of your older brother like that! Itachi-kun may be quiet and silent at times, but he would never do something like that!" Mikoto's looked at her youngest son while giving out her lecture. Her face shown anger and a hint of disappointment.

Naruto stood there while watching the scene unfold. He raised a curious eyebrow towards Mikoto, "Silent and quiet? Oh Kami, he has gotten far from being quiet then before...sure, he isn't as loud as I remember Ino-chan and Sakura-chan were but Itachi-sensei was far from being a silent rock." Naruto continued to watch this turn of events with great interest.

"But Kaa-san! How can you trust him just like that!? Itachi...killed our clan, our family!" Itachi took another step forward towards the bawling Sasuke. A monotone looking face was plastered on the face of Itachi as he and everyone listening noticed the vacant brotherly suffix Sasuke had once used towards Itachi. "...Itachi, I remember! I remember that day, I remember seeing everyone on the ground dead! I remember that night! You can't fool me!" Sasuke retorted still talking with his confused rage.

Itachi continued waking towards the enraged Sasuke while keeping a calm expression on his face. "Sasuke-itoto...calm down...and think about that horrible day...long ago. I know I did attack you, but it was required in order to protect you from harm-" "Thats a lie! You kicked me to the side because I was in your way! You where going to kill me just like with the rest of the clan! I know the truth! You can't lie to me!" Interrupted Sasuke.

Mikoto frowned and also began walking towards her youngest son. An angry face came across her face. Rage and disappointment filled her eyes as she stared at Sasuke. "Sasuke-kun! Don't you dare talk to your Nii-san like that! You have to understand what truly happened that night!" Her voice began to calm down as the two Uchihas where at arms length from Sasuke. "I know its hard to understand at the moment but him...onegai...just trust Itachi-kun...he is your Nii-san after all..." Mikoto's voice had toned down to a calm and soothing sound towards Sasuke. A calming smile was faced to Sasuke as he stared at it confusingly, not knowing what to do next.

"...Kaa-san? Why do you...believe Itachi? How could you...just accept him back just like that?" Sasuke looked at his mother and brother who was standing a bit behind of Mikoto. His hand twitched upon reflexes towards his Kunai pouch but did not grab anything. His eyes kept his gaze on both his mother and older brother.

Mikoto smiled even more, her face seemed to brighten as she felt as if they began to progress. "Its real easy Sasuke-kun...I believe him fully because of one reason...its because he son and a part of our family..." Mikoto slowly wrapped her arms around Sasuke into a warm embrace. Itachi also walked up with a surprisingly handsome smile. "Sasuke-itoto...are willing to believe me?"

Sasuke looked at his older brother in silence for a moment. His eyes studied the elder Uchiha as he was still a bit confused with what to believe. "Should...I? Kaa-san seems to believe Itachi...and she has never been wrong about things like this..." "Ouch!" Sasuke was suddenly brought out of his thoughts for a moment by a very familiar pain on his forehead. "Foolish spaced do you believe both me and Kaa-san?" Itachi asked while giving his younger brother another one of his signature forehead pokes.

"Itai! That hurts...Itachi...-nii-san" Sasuke said with the added suffix to his elder brother while rubbing his now red forehead. Mikoto smiled as he released the embrace of his son. "Arigato its getting late why don't we go inside...oh, we forgot about that blond haired boy who was carrying Tsuki-chan!" All heads turned towards the direction of where both Naruto and Satsuki would be.

"Huh? Where'd they go?" Itachi asked. " no...jutsu..." Came a mumble voice of one sleeping Uzumaki Naruto on the enter ace of the Uchiha house. Beside him laid the young Satsuki, leaning on his shoulder while still having the black jacket of Naruto's wrapped around her body for warmth.

"Aw...they look so adorable..." Mikoto said in a very fan girlish way. Itachi looked at her with a raised brow, "Uh...yeah...lets just get them inside..." Sasuke huffed as he still held a bit of annoyance towards the blond, but he decided to just save for later. "Hai...lets get Satsuki in...forget about the blond dobe."

Mikoto went and picked up Satsuki from Naruto's shoulder, she then turned to face Sasuke with a dangerous motherly smile. "Sasuke-kun...that wasn't nice...why don't you set up a nice room for that blond boy while Ita-kun carries the boy...or else..." Sasuke gulped and nodded, but tried to keep his coolness...or what was left of it. "Che...w-w-whatever..."

Itachi smiled at his little brother as he picked up his student and entered the house with his family. A smile was across his face as he looked towards his brother. The once warm smile disappeared and suddenly took a mischievous form. Mikoto saw the change and looked towards her oldest son. "Ita-kun? What's with that look? Is there something wrong?" Itachi looked at her and shook his head as they all entered the main living room. "Nothing its just something I want to ask Sasuke-itoto..."

Turning around upon hearing his name, Sasuke gave a look of curiosity towards Itachi. "What is it? I wanna get to bed..." Itachi's mischievous smiled returned as they continued walking with their mother to both the spare rooms and Satsuki's room. "So...Sasuke-itoto...I heard you kissed that Inuzuka boy..."

"..." Mikoto turned and faced Sasuke the very moment she heard that sudden news about her youngest son.

"..." Sasuke was completely speechless. A blush of embarrassment heated up his face. "Damn..."

"...hehe" Itachi smiled teasingly though inside he felt a bit...uncomfortable with the news he had announced towards his brother. "Oh Kami...what kind of Itoto do I have?" Itachi shook his head just before he returned his attention towards Sasuke.

A few more moments of silence and the sound of a cricket doing its thing with the sound, the silence would suddenly be broken by the rumbling voice of one Uchiha Mikoto. "NANI!!!! SASUKE-KUN YOU DID WHAT!?!?!?"

Itachi instantly began to enter a loud laughing fit as he watched the torture on his Itoto commence. Sasuke on the other hand was not enjoying this kind of attention. He groaned annoyingly and tried to reason with his mother, "Its not my fault!! It was the dobe's fault! He made me do it!" Sasuke pointed towards the sleeping blond while shouting.

Mikoto suddenly went silent once again. Her Uchiah coal black eyes stared at Sasuke for a few moments before... "NANI!! GOOD KAMI!!!! ITS ACTUALLY TRUE!!!?? I THOUGHT ITA-KUN WAS JUST KIDDING AROUND, BUT...OH KAMI, NOW IT ALL MAKES SENSE..." Mikoto's voice soon began to return to a normal volume as she continued to speak. "...hai it its completely makes sense why you avoid and female contact beside me and Tsuki-chan..."

Surprisingly Sasuke blushed at his own mother's words, though trying to hide it, Itachi had caught the blush and rose an eye brow. "So its true!? I was just teasing and didn't believe in that rumor about my brother but...could it be? Could this teasing of my brother's sexuality be true...could he really...could he be just a little bit...could he be...a...a...Fairy!?!?!?"

"Sasuke-kun we need to talk about something tonight..." Mikoto turned to Itachi with an smile, but one could easily see that it was truly an evil smile. "...Ita-kun, could you put both your blond friend in one of the spare rooms for the night and Tsuki-chan in her room..." Though being asked in a sweet tone, Itachi knew instantly knew what kind of tone that meant when a woman used it. "Kaa-san isn't asking...she is telling and making me do it...I better obey or poor Icha Icha Paradise will suffer once again...sniffle..."

Itachi let out a small sniffle before creating a Kage Bunshinthat appeared beside himself and took Satsukiu off of Mikoto's hands. The two Itachi quickly walked towards the rooms of the two sleeping genins. "Better hurry...I don't wanna see what Kaa-san has ins tore for much I don't wanna admit it...Kaa-san is a bit...crazy..."

Itachi thought to himself while tucking in his little sister for the night. A smile came across his face as he walked up to the sleeping form of Satsuki. Handing over Naruto to the Kage Bunshin beside him, Itachi bent down and gave his little sister a brotherly good night kiss on the forehead. A very rare warm smile shined on the face of Itachi, " can sleep peacefully tonight...Itachi-nii-chan is back...and I'm going to protect all of you..."

Itachi then walked out of the room of Satsuki and looked left and right, looking for a door that lead towards an empty room for his student to sleep for the night. "...There are more rooms then I remembered" Itachi said blankly with a sweat drop. With a shrug, both the clone and Itachi simply entered the room beside Satsuki. The room wasn't much, well for an Uchiha's taste, but it was perfect for everyone else. A medium size window allowed the moonlight to shine through. A few expensive furniture decorated the room to a mood fit for a person of middle to low-higher class, a giant fluffy bed laid in the middle of the room as if it was the main attraction for the room.

Quietly entering the room, Itachi gently laid Naruto down onto the bed. A simplar smile came across the features of Itachi. "Naruto-kun...we have traveled and trained over these few years. Slowly I began to see you as one of my own brothers...a little brother I should say. Naruto-itoto, good night and good luck with your team tomorrow..." Itachi gave the sleeping blond a brotherly and family ruffle of the hair before leaving the dorm of Naruto.

"I guess I'll check on Kaa-san and Sasuke before I go to bed..." Itachi thought as he returned to the living room only to find a giant pile of Yaoi Magazines all around with Sasuke being 'forced' to read it by Mikoto. " not denie it, you like yaoi just like your mother...we can talk all about yaoi things and have chats about Yaoi pairs..." Mikoto turned the page of the magazine which she held up, the next photo was revealed to be a very hand some man holding another man's- "AHHHHHH!!!" Two screams where heard at that very moment. One scream came from the obviously in denial gay Uchiha child, Sasuke though if one would listen to the scream, one could find the scream to be a bit force, thus giving ideas on which is Sasuke's true sexuality. The other scream was a scream of terror, a terror so horrible it had the ability to interrupt the author himself, the said scream belonged to none other than Uchiha Itachi.

"...bad...bad...bad...image...must precious..." Itachi weakly and quietly said to himself while walking away from the picture. Soon, the semi-mentally scarred Itachi made it to his old room. Itachi looked around a bit as he noticed nothing had been changed. The room seemed to have been untouched by human and only time, in other was dusty as hell. "...Kuso, I thought my room would be kept in good condition as the others...but I guess I was wrong...I'll clean up later, right now its time for..." Itachi blurred and appeared on his a bit dusty but giant bed with just his shinobi shorts on and a familiar orange book. "...time...its time for...PORN!!!"

Meanwhile in Naruto's Room

Naruto slept peacefully in the very comfortable bed. He tossed a bit as he heard the sound of Itachi scream the unnessisary word 'porn.' A sleepy frown came across the sleeping form of Naruto as he mumbled in sleep as he heard Itachi. "...Ero...Tachi...Ero-Itachi..."

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