Upside Down Reality


Nicole and PrincessofSaturn

Disclaimer: We don't own Power Rangers we just own the plot and the characters that don't exist.

Summary: Andros was taken years ago and trained to be the Prince of Darkness. Can his sister and the woman who birthed his heir bring him back to the side of the light? Or is Andros of KO-35 lost in the upside down reality of Dark Spector's world.

Upside Down Reality


Andros was running around the house trying to find his sister. "KARONE!" He shouted. He ran around and nearly tripped over his sister, who was sitting in the middle of the floor playing.

"What?" Karone whined.

Andros smiled as he sat next to his sister. "Hey, I found our telekinesis ball," he answered. He held the scrunched up, colorful up to his sister. "Want to play?" He asked. Karone smiled and nodded her head eagerly. Andros smiled and sat across from him. He pulled the ball open and the started playing telekinesis ball in the house. Andros gasped when he accidentally pushed the ball too far, past his sister's head and it crashed into a vase.

"Oh! You're in trouble!" Karone gasped.

"What was that?" Their mother demanded.

Nerissa came up the stairs and saw her vase in pieces. "Andros! Karone! What have I told you about playing telekinesis ball in the house?" She scolded.

"HE DID IT!" Karone accused.

"Hey!" Andros objected.

Nerissa sighed and picked up the telekinesis ball. "I told you, if you two wanted to play telekinesis ball, you play in the park," she reminded.

"Can we go to the park?" Andros and Karone asked in unison.

Nerissa laughed and handed Andros the telekinesis ball. "Yes, you two can go to the park," she answered.

"YAY!" They shouted.

They ran down the stairs, towards the front door. "Karone stay close to your brother!" Nerissa called out.

"I WILL!" Karone shouted back.

(The Park)

The two siblings laughed as they sat at their favorite spot near the shady bushes. Andros smiled as he opened the telekinesis ball again and they started playing again. Karone accidentally pushed the ball past her brother's head. "I'll get it," she told him.

"Hurry back," he answered.

Karone got up to chase the ball. Andros watched his sister with a grin, but then he heard something rustling in the bushes. He went to look over his shoulder when a monster came out and grabbed him. "LET GO! LET ME GO!" Andros shouted.

Karone grabbed the ball when she heard her brother shouting. "ANDROS!" She called. She ran back to the spot to find her brother gone.

"LET GO OF ME!" Andros shouted.

Karone looked in the trees to see only yellow eyes and her brother fighting against the creature. "ANDROS!" She shouted. The fear welled up inside of her and she dropped the telekinesis ball, running back home.

(The House)

"MOMMY! MOMMY!" Karone shouted through her tears. Nerissa ran down the stairs.

"Karone! What is it, where's Andros?" She asked.

"I left him for a minute, mommy…I went to get the ball…he was sitting there…I heard him screaming…and…and…" Karone babbled.

Nerissa held onto Karone's arms. "And what? Karone where's your brother?" She asked. Karone let out a sob.

"A monster took him, mommy, a yellow eyed monster," Karone sobbed.


Nerissa let Karone go and she ran to the park.

(That Night)

That night, Karone was lying in her bed, staring at the empty bed across her room. Her pillow was wet from her tears. She got up, her stuffed animal clutched in her arms as she left the room.

Karone sat out by the railing listening to the conversation downstairs. "Alec, we have to keep searching. He's still out there," Nerissa answered.

"Nerissa, whoever took him must be galaxies away by now," Alec answered.

Karone bit her lip as she listened to her mother sob. "My baby's gone," Nerissa sobbed.

"We still have Karone," Alec commented.

"I want my son, Alec! I want my son!"

Karone lowered her head slightly, the tears falling down her face. She walked down the stairs. "Mommy, daddy," she said quietly. Her parents looked up to see their distraught six-year-old daughter standing there. Tears fell down Karone's face. "I'm sorry I lost Andros," she sobbed. Alec stood up and he picked Karone up.

"It wasn't your fault, sweetie. You came to get mommy, you were a good girl," Alec assured her.

"Andros is gone," Karone sobbed.

Alec sat down with Karone still in his arms and he hugged both his wife and daughter at the same time.

(Eight Years Later)

"God job Karone," Kinwon commented. Karone let out a sigh and stood up, wiping the sweat from her forehead. "Take a break," he added.

"Yeah, thank you sir," she answered.

She sat down in a chair and took a drink of her water and stared at the morpher on her wrist. She jumped when someone covered her eyes. "Guess who?" The person asked. Karone giggled.

"Okay, Zhane, enough," she laughed.

Zhane grinned as he jumped over the back of the chair next to her and sat next to her. "Still training day in and day out huh?" He asked.

"Always," she replied.

"Hey, I have an idea. We haven't gone on an actual date."

Karone sighed and stood up. "Zhane…" she trailed off. Zhane sighed and rubbed his forehead.

"Karone, you'll overdo it," he told her.

"Zhane, I have training to do."

Zhane sighed. "Fine," he answered. He got up and left. Karone bit her lip as she watched him leave and she pulled out her locket. She opened it to see the pictures of her and Andros.

"I promise I will find you, Andros. I will be strong enough and I will find you," she vowed.