Synopsis: Sequel to 'Dynamic Duo'. After an accident involving one of Quackerjack's toys, Megavolt begins to remember who he was, and soon goes on a quest to find a missing person, Drake Mallard.

Author's Note: Well time for my second fanfic. I've been thinking about this one a lot and I know everyone who fell in love with my last story will do the same for this one. I'm going to be asking a lot of all you Die Hard Darkwing fans. This story assumes that only some of the events in 'Clash Reunion' happened. Mainly the high school stuff and not the reunion part. Also this takes place after 'Life, the Negaverse, and everything else'. Reviews are always welcome and they are really the only thing that keeps me writing. I do not own Darkwing Duck or related characters. This story is intended for recreational purposes and will not be used to gain profit for the author.

Chapter 1

He was dreaming again.

Darkwing strode down the same old foggy street that had plagued him so many times in his subconscious. Only he wasn't Darkwing, his mask and cape had been removed. Now he was only simple Drake.

Drake wondered down the street, knowing all too well where this was going to end, the same place it always ended. The fog cleared and revealed the bridge, his hideout. Standing in the center of the road, a familiar face looked up.

He immediately made a run for the figure, but the road stretched, keeping them at a distance. Nothing Drake could do could get him any closer to the stranger. Drake ran himself into exhaustion. He began to slow down, realizing that he did not have the strength to keep at it. He began to pant and talk to himself…."Elmo….forgive me".

"Who's Elmo" Gosalyn asked as she tried to wake her sleeping father. Drake had fallen asleep on the couch again, too tired to climb the stairs after patrol last night. "Come one Dad!"

"Hmm…what" Drake asked as he began to wake up.

"Dad, you didn't make me any lunch!"

Drake yawned and looked at his watch. "Oh sorry, hunny. I've been too tired. With Negs gone, it's up in the air as too what the rest of the Fearsome Five will do."

"It's ok Dad, just don't kill yourself over this"

"Now when is the daughter supposed to look after the father? Huh?" Drake asked as he stood up.

Gosalyn laughed. "Since her Dad became a superhero"

Drake reached into his wallet. "Buy some pizza today, and what do you say after school, we hit the batting cages!"

"Keen Gear Dad!" A warm embrace soon followed.

"Now get to school kiddo, don't be late again." Drake smiled and watched his daughter leave. He loved her to no end, and everyday was grateful for her being in his life.

For so many years, his life had been empty. He had hoped that crime fighting would have fulfilled it somehow, but ever since the disappearance of his best friend, he was alone. That was until she came along. Now he had more than a purpose. And with his trusty sidekick at his side, he could do anything.

Drake yawned again. He thought maybe he should get some sleep while Gos was at school. However, the thought of the dream came back into his mind. He decided to eat some breakfast and go see if Launchpad had finished with the upgrades to the Thunderquack instead.

Across town, at the city's lighthouse, a certain villain was having his own dreams.

Megavolt was standing in the center of Adonban Bay Bridge. His goggles, battery and jumpsuit had been removed. He was wearing normal, civilian clothing. This was really familiar yet really odd to him. Fog surrounded him. He couldn't make anything out other that the fact that he was at this bridge. Suddenly, part of the fog cleared. He looked up to see down the road. He saw a duck in the distance, running towards him. But the duck wasn't getting anywhere. Megavolt thought this was strange, and decided to approach the stranger. But as he began to move, the duck stopped running, turned around and gave up.

For some reason, this hurt Megavolt. But he didn't understand it. He didn't even know who this guy was and he didn't even get a clear view of his face. Everything was a mystery.

Suddenly the door pounded. Megavolt got up and checked his security cameras. It was Bushroot at the door. Somehow that plant duck always managed to get past his alarms. The thought maybe the trees outside told the mutant duck where all the trips where. Megavolt answered the door.

"Hey Bushroot, any word from the boss yet?" Megavolt showed his colleague in. Bushroot was followed by his pet fly trap, Spike.

"No not yet, and Quackerjack's going nuts at the hideout. He says he's building a new toy, one that the boss will be so proud of when he comes back." Spike started to wonder around Megavolt's place.

"If he comes back you mean."

"Yeah, Liquidator has his doubts too. Says he's goon a take a vacation and visit the hot springs of California." Spike found his way into Megavolts' closet where stacks of boxes appeared in the darkness. It looked like no one had touched these things in years. Spike, thinking that there was maybe a toy of some kind was buried within the boxes, decided to do some digging.

"Won't he evaporate?"

"Hey you and I are the scientists of the group, he's just are spokes man!"

They both got a laugh out of that one. Bushroot looked at the rat and noticed the dark circles under his eyes.

"Hey are you ok?"

"Yeah, I've been better, just sleep problems."

"Too bad Morgona is on the good side of things now; she has an inside look at all the dream stuff."

"Yeah, stupid Darkwing always has to ruin a good thing…or in the case an evil thing."

"Well, you should at least go see a doctor or something."

"Doctors ask too many question." Megavolt didn't like that idea.

"About what?"

"Ohhhhh! Not you too. They ask questions about the effects of the electromagnetism that I subject my body too on the brain, particularly the frontal lobe."

"You mean all that electricity you convert and control damages your brain and destroys your memories?" Bushroot was shocked as he took this all in.

"Why do you think I have such a hard time remembering where the new hideouts are and stuff. My mind is a shorted out circuit board half the time."

"Well that explains a lot." Bush root was always curious at Megavolts past. He new Negaduck was from another universe and the double of Darkwing. He new Liquidator's history, at least what he read in the paper about his bottle water factory. And he knew about Quakerjack's toy company that was run out of business by the Wiffleboy corporation; which eventually lead to the toy makers insanity. But Megavolt was always a mystery, mostly because not even he knew about his past.

"You must remember something, like me and the rest of the team."

"Well, Negaduck isn't exactly someone you forget. And to answer your question, I remember bits and pieces of everyday life. But only up to about 9 years ago, before that, it's a complete blank."

"Wow, you mean you don't remember you family, your school, your friends?"

That last statement made Megavolt think. "Well not really. I do keep having dreams, I think, about someone. But I don't know who it is. I think it involved a promise of some kind."

"Something must have happened that caused you to lose your memory."

"I honestly try not to think about it. For some reason it gets me real upset."

"I guess that's reason enough. Anyway I came down for two reasons. FOWL has been getting on our case about what we are going to since Negaduck disappeared. I think there looking for new agents or something."

"Ohh…I HATE FOWL! They use so much unnecessary electricity in all their plots at world domination. Plus that Steelbeak always gets on my nerves for some reason. Something about that guy…"

"Yeah I know what you mean. He's like a snake in the grass."

"I'm wont join them. The boss will be back!"

"That's what Quackerjack said. Like I said, Liki has his doubts but is willing to hold off for a while."

"So we lay low? What do we tell Steelbeak?"

"They can't force us to join. And remember, even if Negaduck isn't here, we're the ones with the superpowers. We've come a lot closer to killing Darkwing than he ever has."

"Yeah you're right"

"Anyway I should get going…SPIKE!" Spike came running from the closet as the sound of his master's call. No one noticed that he held in his mouth an old dusty blue ribbon. "Oh one more thing, Quackerjack needs to barrow your services."

"What does that clown want?"

"Something about power to that new toy I was telling you about. It sounded like it was real important to him."

"Well I guess if he needs me." Megavolt got up and opened the front door. "I'll be there in an hour or so, tell Quackerjack not to blow anything up until we both get there."

"Take it easy Megs, see you later today." And with that Bushroot left with his trusty pet. Megavolt was now alone, and the objects in the room started to speak to him again.

"Hello Mr. Lightbulb" Megavolt said as he started talked to the lamp. "I had that dream again…"

Author's Note: First Chapter done. Hope everyone is like the character build up so far. Reviews are welcome.