Board….that's what he was….

"You'd think he'd at least have a TV or something around here." Negaduck said to himself as he taped his figure on the table with his one good hand. "Maybe I should go do some mindless destruction to help pass the time…"

Megavolt had been gone all day. QJ was due any second with a phone call. He and Liki still hadn't found a suitable hideout, and Negaduck was growing crazier by the second as he stayed in the lighthouse. "I should've bunked with the plant." He said referring to Bushroot.

A knock at the door suddenly got his attention. 'Strange….' He thought 'QJ and Liki don't knock…someone's here who shouldn't be'. An evil grin came across his face. Another senseless beating, and to a solicitor even. This was going to be good.

Negaduck grabbed the nearest blunt object he could find, an ordinary lamp. It wasn't his usual taste, but it'd get the job done. Slowly he opened the door…. And raised the lamp…

There stood a very puzzled, very wet Rat in suspenders. He had the look of a child almost, and he was hold a note and letter. Negaduck recognized him; of course he'd be the only one of the five to know who this was.

"Megs, what do you think your doing…where's your battery?" Negaduck dropped the lamp.

"Um…Excuse me, do I know you…" He asked innocently.

"Are you kidding?"

"Maybe you can help, you see I found this note in my pocket, it said to come here, to the city's lighthouse, and give this letter to a Mr. Negaduck."

"Did it say anything else?"

"No, just to come here…very puzzling."

Negaduck looked him over, up and down. He was drenched. This must have caused some sort of short circuit in Meg's brain. Negaduck hesitated, something he rarely did. "Do you know who you are?"

"Um…no actually."

"What do you remember?"

"Pain…that's all, then being wet. I woke up and didn't know what to do, and then I found that note in my pocket. Are you Mr. Negaduck?"

"Yeah, I'm him, give that letter here." He grabbed the letter with his free arm and tore it open with his beak. He then began to read.

--Hey Boss,

This was the only solution I could think of. I trust you to see that I'll be set back on my old path with the Five. Do me a favor…There are some things in my closet, some personal things from my childhood…could you…burn them for me. I don't ever want to remember who I am or anything about Drake. Try your best to explain to the guys. –Thanks, Megs

Negaduck looked up. Megavolt was still standing in the doorway, drenched, and looking at everything around him.

Negaduck sighed, it was going to take a lot longer now to get the team back up and running, "Well, just don't stand there, come on in. You want pneumonia or something?"

"Oh I couldn't impose. I have to find out who I am and where I belong."

"You're name is Megavolt, and you belong to the Fearsome Five." Negaduck said with pride.

Megavolt just stood bewildered.

Author's Note: HAHAHAHAHA. Finally done with the story. It only took 27 chapters and an epilog. I feel really bad for Megs, in other versions of the end, I had him having a much happier ending. But this one just felt right. I really enjoyed writing this story, and I want to personally thank everyone who supported me and wrote a review. I have some smaller DW stories coming up, nothing this big in the works yet, please look for them. I will also be updating this story with some major typo fixes. BQ