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Summary: Angel and his group took out the Thorn, but they opened up a whole new can of worms.

Pairings: Spuffy, Fresley, D/OC. Others might present themselves.

Warning: There will be cursing, violence and a smidgen of sex in this story.

Chapter Thirteen: Don't go breaking my Heart


Nina let her chair fall back to rest and stood; casually walking over to the window and studying Angel's face. When he got all pensive it actually made him kinda hotter, not that she enjoyed his broodathon. She understood that he was in pain over Buffy's death. She'd heard enough gossip through the grapevine to know that they had been uber-serious at one time. Knowing that he hadn't died or abandoned L.A. she felt the anger she'd saved up over the last two months dissipating.

"I'm sorry Angel, I know she meant a lot to you."

His face stayed straight, though his eyes shifted her way for a second his voice was soft as he replied.

"Yeah she did, after over two centuries of existence; she was the first person I ever really loved."

Nina bowed her head somewhat at that, because there wasn't really anything she could add to that. She regarded him curiously as he continued.

"But you see she died once before, saving the world; and she went to heaven. Her friends brought her back because they thought she was in some hell dimension. And I don't think she ever really got over that. So, yes I'm sad that she's gone; but I'm glad she's at peace."

Nina put a hand on Angel's shoulder and smiled reassuringly.

"Just from what I've heard about her, I'm sure she's in a better place; and that she's happy."


"Oh god!"

Buffy slammed her fist down violently on the mattress as her last orgasm swept over her. The bed creaking from the force of the impact. Breathlessly she tried to call Spike's name, but her heart was beating so fast and her throat was dry. Casually she dropped her hand down and rubbed the nape of his neck where his platinum hair ended. He stopped his ministrations and stared at her face; seeing the sweaty glow she was in he smiled like a Cheshire cat.

"You saying uncle slayer?"

Buffy took a long second to gain her breath before she lifted one eyebrow and smirked.


No sooner than the word escaped her lips did Spike's thumb brush over her extremely sensitive clit. She bucked wildly, laughing and slapping at his hands as he tried to pin her thighs. She got out from under his grasp and backed herself up to the headboard.

"Have I ever told you how great it is having a boyfriend who doesn't need to breathe?"

Spike calmly rested on his honches, turning round he dipped his hand over the side of the bed and grabbed his smokes out of his duster, unable to locate his zippo he crawled up the bed and grabbed one of the candles on the nightstand, using it to light his fag he set it back and wrapped an arm around Buffy. Instinctively she scooted down the bed somewhat so she could lay her head on his chest. Running her hand lightly from his belly button all the way up to his neck. Spike blew the smoke away from them as he used one hand to stroke Buffy's hair.

"Just because I don't need oxygen luv, doesn't mean I wouldn't wanna breathe in every bit of you."

Buffy rolled her eyes even as the smile made it's way to her face.

"That's sweet in a "Spike" kind of way."

"That it is pet, although not as sweet as your dainty lit..."

Buffy slapped him lightly on the chest.

"You really are way too infatuated with my parts."

Spike smirked good-naturedly and patted her on the head as he put out his cigarette.

"It's called love Buffy, adore you from your ears to your fingertips."

Buffy looked up into Spike's eyes as she placed a light kiss directly over where his heart was. Placing her cheek against his chest she sighed as her contentment coursed through her.

"Have I told you how much I love you today?"

He remembered then that it wasn't real, somehow over the last half hour he had forgotten everything but this place, the feel of Buffy under and around him was all he could feel or taste. Moving to get off the bed he lightly squeezed her shoulder. He tried to keep his voice light as he blinked back tears.

"No need luv, already know how you feel about me; don't I?"

He went around the room, grabbing his discarded clothing and putting it back on. He had to keep himself grounded until he woke up. This isn't his Buffy and if she knew the pathetic little fantasy he had dreamed up for them; she'd probably bop him on the nose. Buffy rolled onto her stomach; tossing the sheet over her lower half and propping herself up on her elbows.

"I don't know how you could when I didn't for so long."

Spike glanced at her as he sat on a chair not six feet away from her.

"What do you mean luv?"

Buffy kind of scrunched up her face and her eyes turned upward as she searched for the right words.

"It's just, everyone knows what love feels like you know, cause that first time you feel it it sort of gets ingrained on your heart; this is love, look here in case of future relationships; even if it's someone else that feeling you get at your core is sorta the same, you know?"

Spike kept his face neutral, he did understand what she was saying, better than even she did. Even though his feelings for Cecily had only bordered on infatuation, that tug on his heart was mostly the same when he fell for Dru as it had been when he realized his feelings for Buffy. He smiled approvingly as he finished tying his boots.

"I do luv, although I'm a bit fuzzy on how your confused about what you feel for me?"

'Don't be a ponce, it's not really her so what she says doesn't mean anything.'

Buffy sat up, pulling the sheet with her; wrapping it around her body she shuffled over to him in a way that made his heart and jeans tighten at the same time. She stood up on her tiptoes and gave him the lightest peck on his lips.

"I think it's cause before I never felt that same feeling with you, I felt something, but I couldn't associate it with what I felt before; so I told myself that maybe it wasn't love. Now that I've lived with it a while I realize the truth."

Spike raised his hand and stroked her cheek, absent-mindedly brushing his thumb over her lips.

"And what's the truth?"

Buffy smiled so sweetly he was afraid she might turn into the bot for a second. It faded into something far more human though as she repositioned the sheet around herself and turned away to gather her clothes.

"What I felt before with...it was real, I'm not saying it wasn't; but now I understand love more than just feel it I guess. So when I say I love you it's not as some girl who assumes love will conquer all. Now when I say it I do it knowing what might happen. I know how love can hurt when it goes bad, and somehow I'm not afraid, because that's the point of love I think. To find someone who's worth the pain that might come. So I don't love you like Buffy the teenager. I love you like Buffy the woman, and I didn't recognize this feeling cause I'm still getting use to how she loves. I'm just sorry it took me so long to realize it"

Spike's eyes had gotten slightly misty during her speech, her confidence had wavered once or twice and her voice had broken a little. But she'd gotten through it while mostly maintaining eye contact. If only it was really her saying these things. As she dropped the sheet and went about putting on her undergarments Spike turned away and tried not to fall back into believing any of this mattered.

"That's well put luv."

Buffy smiled sheepishly as she looked for her shoe, seeing it behind Spike she strolled past him as she ran her hand over his abdomen.

"Yeah, at least I didn't resort to the whole cookie analogy."

Spike just shook his head, this fantasy kept getting weirder and weirder.

"W'as that pet?"

She stumbled slightly then, as if she'd just realized a mistake she made. But when she turned around that smile was back on her face and she laughed as if she didn't have a care in the world.

"Nothing, guess my brain is still swimming in afterglow, and don't think I've forgotten about you mister, my slayer senses tell me a certain vampire is in dire need of a little release."

With that she sauntered over and ran her fingertips over the front of his jeans, letting her fingernails scratch the denim. Spike gasped in a way that made her proud to be a woman.

"Okay, maybe some not so little release."


"Yes Spikey."

"If you don't stop that I'm liable to take you against the wall right here and now!"

Buffy's face became dark as she cupped the source of his frustration and squeezed just enough to show she was the one leading for the moment; she leaned in slowly as she punctuated each word with a bite on his neck.


Spike opened his eyes as he felt Buffy move away, when he saw her she was already moving up the ladder as she playfully blew him a kiss. As she started to disappear upstairs she whispered one last word to him.


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