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The game called: Careful what you whish…

Chapter 1

A little river, which was surrounded by rock walls, flowed calmly in its space. The sky was blue and clear, there was just a little wind, to make bearable the heat in the middle of the Amazonian jungle. In one world Charlotte was in a little Paradise as she worked on her daily laundry.

Just the calm nature and his hard physical work were the only way not to think always about her problems. Beside that she was trapped in this dangerous place, she felt alone and hurt. She couldn't find the meaning of her feelings toward Redgrave. She was hurt for his reserved behaving and angry at him at the same time.

Charlotte's thoughts were disturbed by the mysterious Miss Krux's curses. Marguerite quickly arrived next to her young friend and in a theatrical way she dropped herself into the grass. Her eyes flashed lightning and she breathed quickly.

"Am I right that Lord Roxton is the cause of your worried mood today?"

"But why do you think that? If not that you know that that stubborn insufferable man can't get over his male pride and that's why he handles me like a toddler. Did you know that he told ME that be more careful and he instructed me about how much ammo must I took with me if I go out of the treehouse? ME? It's a statement that I'm the best survivor in this whole jungle and … and… it's enough from him!" She cried.

The next few minutes went on with a similar monologue and Charlotte did the only thing she could. She listened in silence.

"I ask honestly" Started again the heiress." Why can't he be normal, predictable, calm…?"

"Not stubborn, irritable…" Continued the girl from her heart, but not meaning the same person. They truly knew what the other felt.

"The whole Family!" They finished together aloud with a big sigh.

Suddenly they saw a lightning and everything went white around them. They heard only a tiny voice saying:

"As you whish…"

to be continued...

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