Chapter 1: Welcome to Everworld

This story uses the world of Everworld, a book about mythology. However I do not consider this a full crossover because it is the only part of Everworld I use. And There is no need to even know what Everworld is to understand this story. All is explained in the story itself.


Thunder echoed in the sky, and lighting could be seen from a distance. Gabriella starred out of the

window of her bedroom, staring at the night sky. She didn't like these harsh storms. The wind was fierce and the branches of the tree outside kept banging on her window. Gabriella looked back at the book laying in her lap. She needed to finish her math homework, but she couldn't concentrate with the commotion outside. She looked out the window and saw a large bolt of lighting coming right for her.

Gabriella screamed and fell out of the chair backing as far away from the window as possible. She closed her eyes tight and heard the lightning hit the outside of her balcony. When she opened her eyes there was a strange field of energy outside of the door. Gabriella approached the energy carefully unsure of what it could possibly be. She reached out towards the doorknob when a blast of light hit her and everything went black.

There was a light breeze on Gabriella's cheek and she brushed her hair out of her face. She opened her eyes and was blinded by the sun. When her eyes finally adjusted to the light she noticed that she was surrounded by trees. Gabriella looked around the area she noticed that she didn't appear to be anywhere near her house. As a matter of fact, she wasn't familiar with the place at all. She felt the urge to scream for help, but without knowing where she was, she didn't want to attract any unwanted attention.

"Hello," she said softly into the forest. The only response she got was a gust of wind. She took a few steps and looked around to see if there was any clear trail she may have been on. "Great," she said out loud to herself. "How did I get way out here?"

"Are you lost my dear?" came a strong voice behind her. She turned around to see nothing but trees. She turned around a few times and she began to think that she was hearing things.

"Um, Who's there?" she said, shakily, wondering if there was anyone there.

"My name is Gil!" came the booming voice. The tree in front of her took a step towards her. She looked up and noticed that the tree had begun to form a face in the top of the trunk.

"Your a tree," was all she could say at the moment.

"Not exactly," said Gil, letting out a mighty laugh. "I'm a Dryad."

"What's a Dryad?" Gabriella asked, starting to feel more comfortable with the strange tree.

"Well, I suppose the best way to describe a Dryad is a sort of living tree," Gil explained. "We can walk and talk, not like other trees you may have seen. And what might your name be?"

"Gabriella Montez," she answered, still not believing what she was seeing.

"Well are you lost Ms. Montez?" Gil asked.

"Yes. I was sitting in my room, during a storm. I remember lightning hitting my balcony and then I woke up here," Gabriella answered. "I don't even know how I got here."

"Well, where is your room?" Gil asked.

"In Albuquerque, New Mexico," she said.

Gil looked at Gabriella confused. He lifted one of his tree branches and brought it to his head. "I'm afraid I don't know where that is."

"Where am I then?" she asked.

"You are in Everworld," said Gil.

"I don't think I know where that is," said Gabriella.

"Its right here. The forest you are standing in is part of Everworld," said Gil. "Though I am not sure I can help you get back to your home. However I can help you get out of the forest."

"Its a start," she said, smiling slightly.

"Hop aboard Ms. Montez," he said, laying one of his large tree branch like arms on the ground. She carefully climbed onto Gil's arm and he lifted her into the air. She could see into a long grassy plain that was not far from where they were. In a distance she could see a dark castle, and on the other side was a vast desert. It was a strange sight since she had never seen anything like it anywhere she had lived before.

"What is all of that?" she asked.

"Well the valley, is mostly belonging to Mother Isis. I would not suggest going to the castle, Loki is not fond of visitors. He has quite a temper and keeps to himself mostly. If you make your way through the desert there will be a large city. It is where Ra resides. He is very kind and will likely help you with your problem. Though if you go too far left in the desert you will run into Sets kingdom and he is not so kind. Most don't escape from his land." said Gil.

"Wait, Set, Ra, Isis. You mean like Gods," said Gabriella, surprised. "Mythology like Gods. The things I have learned about in school?"

"I suppose. Though I don't know what they teach you in your school. Zeus and Hera live on Mount Olympus, they might have the power to send you back home. The only problem is that Mount Olympus is many miles away from here."

They reached the end of the forest and he put her on the ground. She looked around and noticed that everything seemed much further than it did high in the air.

"So where is the safest place to go?" she asked.

"Into Ra's desert, but remember to be careful of Set." he said. "I would hate for you to get imprisoned by him. This is a dangerous place sometimes."

"Gabriella," came a voice in the trees. Gabriella turned around to see Taylor running up to her.

"Taylor," she yelled, exited to finally see someone she knew. They hugged and Taylor didn't even notice the large tree standing next to her.

"Whats going on?" she asked. "I just suddenly woke up in the middle of the woods."

"So did I, but I have no idea what is happening or how we ended up here," said Gabriella.

"I don't mean to interrupt, but I best be going," said Gil. Taylor starred at him in shock, unaware that the tree could speak. "I hope to see you again Ms. Motez."

"Call me Gabriella," she said with a friendly smile.

"Alright then. I hope to see you soon," he said, beginning to walk back into the forest. "And Gabriella, Welcome to Everworld!"

Authors Note: This is a rewrite of a story I started quite a long time ago. I am not trying to change too much, but with my imagination who knows what will happen. Please comment and tell me what you think. ~ Beauty