Title: The Tournament
Author: Zhiole
Fandom: Eragon/Inheritance
Disclaimer: Not mine, I make no money with it
Beta: / (Someone who wants to?)
Language: English
Pairing: Eragon/Murtagh (main), mentions of Arya/Nasuada
Warnings: Slash, M/M-Relationship, Femslash, F/F-Relationship, Incest, Angst, Sex, Fighting, Swearing, Smut, Fluff, Cuddling
Rating: From G to NC-17 for (mild) violence, sex and language
Short summary: Eragon and Murtagh are together, but hide their relationship to the Varden. But when Ajihad wants Eragon to marry Nasuada, he hasn't the courage to tell them about his lover. Instead, he arranges a Tournament, and the winner will become his wife(/husband). Murtagh is angry, but has to fight for his love and for it's survival.
Author's comment 1: This fic was requested/suggested by DanielSky who wanted a fic where Murtagh and Eragon have to stand side by side as couple, with lots of „cuddling, loving, etc". I hope you all will like it.
Author's comment 2: This fic is also some kind of symbol for me. It's a) the first fiction which is longer than a one-shot that I've written, and b) it's the first fic that I do because of a suggestion and not because I had the idea. It also shows how much comments can affect me and my work: I've already written the sequels to my first fic about Eragon, „Trying to Forget" because a few people wanted me to write these sequels. Otherwise, they wouldn't exist. And I'm planning on writing a sequel to „Midnight Harmony", also because it was requested. I want to thank my dear reviewers with this fic! You give me the power to write this stuff and help me to write better fanfictions! hugs them Enjoy!
A/N: There will always be an overview for the warning of every chapter!

Chapter 1: Awakening
Rating: NC-17 for M/M-Sex
Words: (about) 1825

It was early morning, and the first few rays of sunlight creaped over the country, slowly waking the people and telling them to get up and work or do whatever they were supposed to do. On the fields, the first few farmers appeared, chatting and laughing. A few kids ran through the empty streets, waking up the neighboorhood by playing loudly. In the houses of the richer families, the butlers got up and woke the rest of the house. The bakers already baked breads, because since Galbatorix' death, the request for fresh bread and cake was greater than ever.

In the chambers of Eragon, it was still quiet, the owner of the chambers lying in his bed and snoring softly. A black coat, carelessly thrown over a shoulder a few hours ago, hid the blonde and other one who laid within his bed, known by the name Murtagh, from the sunlight.

Both were barely covered by the white linen-covers, which Murtagh had pulled over them before they fell asleep after showing their love for each other. While Eragon had barely moved in the night – he still had his head laid in a very unhealty position, still drooled on his favourite pillow and had his right arm and leg thrown over Murtagh – but the raven-haired had tossed and turned the whole night, accidently slapped and kicked the blonde a few times and also nearly fallen out of bed four or five times. Now he was hugging his pillow to death, had the covers caught between his legs and his head hanging out of the bed, so the blood ran into it but had no chance running back in the rest of his body.

A loud scream that sounded like „GEEEET UUUUPP!!! IT'S MOOORRNIIIING AAAALREAAAADYYYY!" and came from Nasuada – who was a morning-type an up for two hours now – finally woke the two boys, or at least one of them. Eragon blinked a few times, wondered why his pillow was so wet and raised his head, then his upper body and finally sat up. His hair pointed in very kind of direction and his eyes were tiny and glassy. He rubbed them and stared at Murtagh, who hadn't moved. He grinned and poked his lover a few times, until said one made a growling sound in the back of his throat.

"Stopit, don't wanna to gettup..." he mumbled, which should probably mean "Stop it, I don't want to get up..." Eragon laughed and poked Murtagh again, only this time, the raven-haired caught his hand and pulled the blond on top of him, while raising his head and blinking slowly. Eragon smiled and held his lover's head up whilst kissing his chest. Murtagh moaned quietly and grinned. "You look like you ran into a lightning, Eragon..."

"And you look like you laid like this for too long. You're all red in your face." He kissed Murtagh again, this time on his nose. With another unexpected movement from the raven-haired, said one flipped the two over and pinned the blond beneath him. "Well, maybe you can help me to make it move somewhere...lower..." Murtagh whispered and kissed Eragon passionately. When they broke the kiss again, he thrusted his hips softly, which caused the blonde to moan. "I would love to...help you..." he said, pulling Murtagh's head down for another breath-taking kiss.

This kiss lasted longer and wasn't as passionate as the last one, it was sweeter and somewhat softer. Loving. When Eragon broke the kiss again, Murtagh went to kiss Eragons cheek, to his ear, on which he nibbled a few seconds and then moved lower, towards the blonde's neck. Eragon squirmed and sighed, his fingers digging in Murtagh's back.

"Murtagh...stop teasing...they'll soon...ahhh...come and...get us...ohh..." he huffed, because Murtagh had already left his neck – which was now covered with a(nother) purple lovemark – and had begun to tease his left nipple, biting and sucking it until it became hard. He looked up and grinned again. "You are way to impatient, love. You know I love teasing you." At that comment, Eragon raised his head and glared at Murtagh. "Stop with that speech, Murtagh! 90 of the day, I'd love to be teased and caressed, but I don't want to lie here with a hard-on when Nasuada ,or even worse one of the dwarves, comes to wake us up! So do me already!" he demanded, shoving Murtagh off of him and then grinning wickedly. "Or should I do it on my own?"

Murtagh pushed him back down. "90 of the day? Well, maybe I should try it a little more often?" he said while he grabed the bottle of oil next to the bed, pouring some on his fingers. Eragon licked his lips and spread his legs. "Do whatever you want to whenever you want to. But now do me!" he said, throwing his head back and moaning softly.

Slowly, Murtagh crawled back towards Eragon, resting between the blonde's legs. Carefully, he let his fingers slide between Eragon's asscheeks, searching the opening there. When he found it, he quickly entered it with one finger. Eragon hissed, even after this wasn't the first time they were doing this. It almost seemed like a protection he couldn't loose, a shield he couldn't pull down. "Relax, Eragon, you need to relax..." Murtagh whispered, while trusting his finger in and out very carefully.

Eragon hissed "I know. You keep...telling me!" he tried to sound annoyed, but on the way from his brain to his mouth it became pained. Murtagh leaned over Eragon and kissed him again, only stopping to take a breath and whisper calming words of love and affection. It helped, just as it always did, and finally Murtagh was able to add a second finger and then a third.

His own need and impatience had become greater and greater whilst the progress, and when he felt Eragon relax against his touch and trust his hips towards the fingers, he wasted no more time; Quickly, he withdrew from Eragon, who hissed again and spread his legs wider, knowing what was about to come. Murtagh grabbed the bottle again and poured a great amount of the oil over his own erection. It cooled him a little, which was helpful, because only staring at the blond – sweat covered his body, his blond hair hang into the intense blue eyes, the lips were opened and shining with saliva, and his legs were parted deliciously wide – almost pushed him over the edge.

He poured the last bit of oil over his hand and coated Eragon's hole with it, because he knew the preparation was too quick, and Eragon would be in pain if he didn't lubricate him well. And after doing it, he crept back between Eragons legs, laid down, guided his manhood to the blonde's entrance and finally – finally! - pushed in, carefully. He leaned over the younger boy, who hooked his legs around Murtagh's slender hips and tried to pull him into him.

"I...I love you...Eragon...I love you so much..." Murtagh moaned, ignoring Eragon's actions and holding the slow pace. The blonde tossed his head and gripped the sheets. "Speed up, Murtagh...please...I...I can't hold on...I'm going to-" with a quick trust, Murtagh settled himself within Eragon, gasping at the tight fit Eragon had on his cock. Eragon cried out softly, in pain as in pleasure. Murtagh had brushed his sweet-spot, but that wasn't enough to make his muscles loose their spasming, to loose the shields. He bit his lip and breathed slowly, trying to will the pain away.

Murtagh had stopped and looked down onto the blonde, massaging his head and kissing the blonde softly, on the nose, the forehead, the cheeks, the lips. He took his time, knowing it would make the pleasure grow for both of them. He also remembered the hickey he had left on Eragon a few minutes ago, and decided to create another one, next to the first. While he sucked on the skin, he felt Eragon calming down, and when he breathed against the reddened skin, and then even blew some air against it, he felt Eragon shiver and a moan left the swollen lips.

Murtagh didn't waste his time. He trusted into the blonde beneath him, hard. Once, twice, three times. Eragon sighed and moaned, trying to hold his eyes open. Murtagh lifted himself on his hands, which gave him more power for his trusts. The blonde's eyes fluttered shut, the emotions and sensations were just too much for him to bear. He hooked his legs tighter around his lover and burried his hands within the raven hair of the dominant one, who lowered his head and kissed Eragon sloppily.

After some time had passed, Murtagh suddenly stoped trusting, just as Eragon was about to reach orgasm. With all the power that was left within him, he raised his head and an eyebrow. Murtagh smirked, changed his position slightly and did a long, sweet, slow, languid trust forward. His cock didn't go all the way in, but he hit Eragon's special spot dead on. A scream was ripped from Eragon's mouth, full of lust, desire and pleasure, but Murtagh quickly closed his mouth over Eragons, silencing him.

He did another trust, this time a bit harder and faster. The next trust was a bit faster and harder, too, and so he quickened his trusts slowly, until they were hard and fast and uncontrolled. Animalistic. Powerful. Eragon had given up screaming at that time, his mouth hang open – Murtagh had already stopped kissing him, he had his own head thrown back and moaned while he trusted deep and deeper - and his eyes were shut while the sensations slowly overpowered him. He felt his release comming, and he hadn't the power to stop it. "M...Murt...Murtagh...oh my...I'm going...I'm going to cum...oh...Murtagh..." he moaned, and it almost felt like his brain left him with his words, leaving him numb and helpless. Murtagh looked down at him, smiling lovingly. "Then come...for me...Eragon..."

And he did. Endless, spurt after spurt. White light covered his eyes and his thoughts, everything became white and hot and beautiful. The blonde barely felt his muscles contracting and Murtagh hissing a "I love...you!" before he came to. His seed felt like pure energy that flooded his passage, another fantastic sensation amongst the hundrets and hundrets of what he already felt, right now.

Murtagh collapsed onto Eragon, both of them shuddering and breathing heavily.Their hearts raced and burned from it. After a few minutes, the shaking subsided a little, both souls finding back into reality. Eragon lifted his arms, which had fallen next to his body while he was caught within his orgasm, and hugged Murtagh to him, stroking the older boy's hair and breathing in his scent. "I love you too...Murtagh..."